Grab your FREE LG Air Purifier with LG’s Air-Resistible Deal!

From now until 31st March 2021, LG is giving all Malaysians the opportunity to receive free air purifiers with every purchase of its award-winning products.

Hygienic indoor air has never been more important, especially given current circumstances. To provide the opportunity for Malaysians to breathe clean, fresh indoor air, award-winning consumer electronics brand, LG Electronics Malaysia (LG) is running a promotion for Malaysians to get their hands on LG PuriCare™ 360˚ Air Purifier [1]!

From now until 31st March 2021, with every purchase of any of selected LG home appliance and home entertainment products, Malaysians can stand to receive either a free air purifier or purchase it at an amazingly discounted price. This promotion will be held across Senheng, senQ, Harvey Norman, TBM, Best Denki and LG Brand Shop outlets nationwide. For those who wish to remain indoors, fret not – we’ve got your covered. This promotion will also be available on LG official stores on Lazada and Shopee [2].

“With the increased awareness among consumers on the importance of having clean, quality air within the confines of their home, we firmly believe our lineup of LG PuriCare™ 360˚ Air Purifier is able to provide consumers with clean, hygienic air that they are looking for,” said Kim Kyutae, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia. “On top of that, this initiative is a good opportunity for our customers to complement their homes with LG’s lineup of sophisticated products that will make their lives easier.”

With all these amazing deals and awesome freebies in place, head over to your nearest Senheng, senQ, Harvey Norman, TBM, Best Denki and LG Brand Shop outlets, get a brand new home appliances and redeem yourself the amazing air purifier!

A kind reminder to not forget to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP) outlined by the government! For those who don’t want to leave their homes, fret not! You can also get these amazing products online [3], which includes LG official stores on Lazada and Shopee [4]!

[1] All air purifiers (Free/PWP) does not come with any complimentary service package.
[2] Applicable for only FREE Air Purifier, not PWP.
[3] Participating outlets with online stores, Applicable for only FREE Air Purifier, not PWP.
[4] Applicable for only FREE Air Purifier, not PWP.

MILO® energises over 50,000 SPM students to take on the homestretch

More than 50,000 students sitting for the long-awaited Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2020 examinations were treated to a week’s supply of MILO® UHT. MILO® surprised students all over the country with the energising MILO® UHT as they returned to school to embark on the first week of examinations after months of home-based learning and postponements due to the Movement Control Order. 

SMA Rawang: Students of SMA Rawang, Selangor show their excitement over the free MILO® UHT delivery to keep them going for their SPM 2020 examinations.

Students faced a tough year in 2020, having to navigate their way around online classes interspersed with very brief periods of face-to-face learning and guidance from their teachers. Form Five students particularly were not able to spend their final year in secondary school with their friends and make the most of this important time in their lives.

To cheer these students on as they take on the homestretch, MILO® has stepped in to provide its nutritious UHT beverage with a unique combination of nutrients to help deliver the energy they need to stay focused and alert during the examinations. 

SMK Bukit Indah: The principal of SMK Bukit Indah, Selangor receives the shipment of free MILO® UHT for SPM 2020 students from a MILO® field promotion officer.

According to Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, “These remarkably unprecedented times only underscore the importance of maintaining good nutrition. Thus, we continue to play our role in offering the nutritious goodness of the MILO® energy to help our students stay the course as they race towards the finishing line.”

She further remarked, “The unique situation is also proof of the perseverance and tenacity of these students in enduring the delays without ever losing the never-give-up spirit of champions. These values will undoubtedly help them go far in achieving their best in the examinations and in life.” 

SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1): Students of SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1), Putrajaya feel energised with their week’s supply of MILO® UHT at the start of the SPM 2020 examinations.

Tuan Haji Izmi bin Haji Ismail, Director of Education, Selangor State Education Department applauded MILO®’s initiative to distribute free MILO® UHT to 25,000 selected students in the state. “This is an exemplary corporate social responsibility by MILO® in providing its nutritious beverage to our SPM students to help them stay healthy and active,” he added.

Meanwhile, a recipient from SMK Seksyen 8 Kota Damansara, Adrina Sophea binti Ahmad Fadzil said, “Sitting for exams on an empty stomach is not advisable. Therefore, I drink my MILO® for breakfast as it helps me to improve focus on my papers. I really appreciate MILO®’s support.” 

SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1): Representatives of SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1) thank a MILO® field promotion officer for delivery of the free MILO® UHT supply for SPM students. 

Easy and convenient to pair with wholesome meals, MILO® UHT is made from the goodness of barley malt, milk and cocoa and contains a nourishing blend of essential vitamins and minerals to help release energy from the food you eat. Guided by its purpose, MILO® is committed to supporting Malaysians on leading healthy, active lifestyles through its various grassroots sport initiatives.

Massimo Lancar Pembungkusan Roti Tamper-Evident Pertama di Malaysia

Untuk memberi pengguna lebih keyakinan dan jaminan keselamatan makanan dalam tempoh pandemik dan di kemudian hari

Massimo, jenama yang terkenal dengan produk roti menyihatkan dan selamat untuk dimakan, hari ini melancarkan pembungkusan roti tamper-evident yang pertama di Malaysia bagi memberi lebih keyakinan kepada pengguna menerusi standard keselamatan makanan yang lebih tinggi.

Pembungkusan inovatif yang merupakan satu kemajuan besar dalam industri pembuatan roti komersil ini diperkenalkan sebagai respons kepada kebimbangan yang kerap disuarakan oleh pengguna mengenai keselamatan produk makanan semasa wabak Covid-19.

Pembungkusan pengedap keselamatan tamper-evident yang baharu ini akan diperkenalkan pada kesemua produk roti Massimo bermula hari ini.

The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd telah melabur RM1 juta ke dalam teknologi pembungkusan pengedap keselamatan laser-seal tamper-evident dari Amerika Syarikat bagi memastikan produk-produknya selamat untuk pengguna. Teknologi ini memberi amaran kepada pengguna jika sesuatu produk makanan itu sudah diusik, dan ia boleh dilihat dengan jelas pada produk.

Pengarah Urusan The Italian Baker Sdn Bhd Encik Jeremy Goon menerangkan, pembungkusan pengedap keselamatan tamper-evident Massimo yang baru diperkenalkan ini akan meningkatkan lagi integriti produk, keselamatan makanan dan jaminan kualiti. Ini dibuat supaya pengguna lebih berpuas hati dan untuk memelihara reputasi jenama.

Jeremy Goon
“Pengguna produk Massimo terutama sekali penggemar roti kami kian bertambah semasa wabak ini kerana rakyat Malaysia jarang keluar rumah dan lebih banyak makan di rumah. Kebimbangan pengguna mengenai makanan yang sudah diusik sama ada yang disengajakan atau tidak disengajakan juga turut meningkat semasa pandemik ini. Pengenalan pembungkusan pengedap keselamatan tamper-evident yang pertama di Malaysia oleh Massimo ini menjadi jawapan dan mengurangkan kebimbangan ini serta memberi lebih keyakinan menerusi peningkatan integriti produk dan dan keselamatan makanan,” jelas Encik Goon.

“Massimo amat mementingkan kepuasan pelanggan. Menjadi tanggungjawab kami memperkenalkan pembungkusan yang meningkatkan tahap jaminan kualiti bagi memastikan pengguna benar-benar yakin dengan produk kami. Sebagai jenama yang inovatif dan boleh dipercayai, kami mengambil berat hal menjaga kebajikan pengguna,” ujar beliau.

Pengenalan pembungkusan roti pengedap keselamatan tamper-evident ini sejajar dengan komitmen Massimo dalam menyediakan produk berkualiti yang enak, menyihatkan dan selamat serta baik untuk dimakan. Beg roti yang ditutup menggunakan laser ini mendedahkan sebarang cubaan pengubahan pada saat pembelian. Pengguna seharusnya memastikan pateri pengedap keselamatan tamper-evident berada dalam keadaan baik kerana ia dipateri untuk keselamatan. Jika pateri bukan dalam keadaan asal, pengguna seharusnya memilih bungkusan lain supaya lebih yakin dan bagi mengelakkan pencemaran yang tidak disengajakan.

“Sentiasa pastikan pembungkusan tamper-evident roti sandwic Massimo anda masih dalam keadaan baik semasa membeli. Jika tidak dalam keadaan asal, pilih bungkusan lain. Setelah dibuka, gunakan tag untuk menutup beg roti bagi mengekalkan kesegaran dan perisanya,” tambah beliau.

Sejak diperkenalkan pada tahun 2011, Massimo telah menjadi makanan harian Malaysia, memberikan kebaikan menyeluruh dari pelbagai roti termasuk roti sandwic, roti sandwic dengan germa gandum, roti gandum penuh 100%, roti fine wholemeal, roti Ricco Chocolato dan roti Kurma dan Susu. Roti Massimo diperbuat menggunakan bahan-bahan berkualiti dengan jaminan kualiti yang ketat untuk kepuasan pengguna dengan rasanya yang enak lagi berkhasiat dan memberi ketenangan kepada mereka dengan pengedap keselamatan Tamper-Evident.

Roti sandwic dengan germa gandum Massimo yang terkenal disemai dengan kebaikan semula jadi germa gandum yang dikaitkan dengan kesihatan jantung yang lebih baik. Germa gandum kaya akan vitamin E, asid lemak Omega-3, serat semula jadi, protein, B1, B2, B6, magnesium, fosforus dan zink. Rangkaian gandum penuh dan wholemeal dipenuhi dengan khasiat serat, nutrien dan mineral penting, serta tekstur lembut dan gebu, yang disukai rakyat Malaysia.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing and Review: The Premium Earbuds From Samsung

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We all can agree on one thing. Smartphone has become a necessity for any human being, especially during this time. Be it kids to use it for their online distance learning, teens to participate in their online Zoom or Google Meet class, seniors who use Zoom to keep in touch with their kids and grandkids, and many more. We are now communicating more often, listening to songs with a different genre, watching videos on social media for a long time, and more through our smartphones than in the past, making earbuds more necessary in this day's age.

Earlier this year, on top of launching the new S21 series, Samsung has also unleashed the new Galaxy Buds Pro, which they said is a true wireless earbud, with pro-grade technology for an immersive sound you never heard before. Earlier this month, thank you to Samsung Malaysia; we managed to get the black Galaxy Buds Pro and spend almost a month experiencing this beast. But, before that, in case you missed out on our article on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can read the unboxing article here and in-depth review here.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with its compact charging case along with the charging cable (USB-C to USB-A), Warranty Card, Quick Start Guide, and three extra ear tips (small, medium, and large) on top of the tips that already on the buds so that you can find one that suit you the best.

Upon pairing your Galaxy Buds Pro with your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the Samsung Wearables app will be automatically run and install the app for the Galaxy buds Pro. Once you successfully paired and installed the Galaxy Buds Pro app on your Samsung Wearables, you will now able to navigate and use the fantastic features that these earbuds offer, such as Noise Control, Ambient Sound Control, 360 audio, and many more. First-time pairing is effortless on Samsung devices with the Galaxy Wearable app pre-installed. You can also pair it with other Android or IOS devices via a Bluetooth connection.

Samsung's new wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds Pro, have changed from a bean type shape to a canal type and have dramatically improved noise canceling performance. It is also functionally updated features, such as supporting 360 ° audio, and many people are quite excited about this new earbud from Samsung. The earbuds body has an IPX7 grade water-resistant design. The outside is streamlined to minimize wind contact when worn.

A new feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro is the voice detection feature. If you turn this on, for example, when you start a conversation with someone, it will recognize your voice. It automatically lowers the noise-canceling level and raises the volume of the environmental sound. At first glance, it's a modest feature, but it's a huge hit. For example, even if you enter a convenience store while listening to music, if you talk to the clerk at the cash register, the earbuds will automatically lower the volume and raise the environmental sound level. You don't have to remove the earbuds or adjust the volume yourself.

The Galaxy Buds Pro itself is equipped with the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. This feature can reduce noise around the user. More specifically, these earbuds can also add the ability to raise the sound up to 20 decibels. ANC features in Galaxy Buds Pro can be considered excellent, as when we tested it, the indoor air conditioners, washing machines, PC fan noise, etc., can be almost silenced.

The earbuds consist of an 11mm woofer unit and a 6.5mm tweeter unit. Sound tuning is handled by the AKG brand of Harman International Industries, an audio equipment manufacturer under Samsung's umbrella. It also incorporates three microphones (two outside / one inside) and a VPU (Voice Pickup Unit) to provide high-quality voice even when making hands-free calls.

A touch sensor is placed on the outside of the earbuds. You can perform operations such as "play / stop the music" and "forward / backward music" with simple gestures such as tap and tap & hold to the earbuds (without using a connected smartphone).

The built-in battery capacity is 61mAh for each of the left and right earbuds, while the charging case stores up to 472mAh power. The playable music time using the earbuds is approximately 5 hours with the earbuds alone (with ANC enabled). Combined with the charging case, it can be extended for a total of 18 hours. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro supports quick charging. Charging case After about 5 minutes, you can play music for about 1 hour. The charging case itself supports wired charging using an external input/output terminal (USB Type-C). In a nutshell, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the best of the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live. The soft silicone ear tips inherited from the Galaxy Buds+ fit your ears perfectly, have high sound insulation (passive noise-canceling function) and are comfortable to wear. It's relatively lightweight but feels so firm, so you don't have to worry about it coming off your ears when jogging or exercising.

The woofer responsible for the bass is set relatively neutral so that the bass is not too heavy. So, if you want more deep bass, you can choose your favorite sound quality from the preset equalizers (bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear, and treble boost). Overall, we would say that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is one of the best kinds of earbuds that we have ever tested.

There are three colors available which are Phantom Violet, Black, and Silver. In summary, we would say that it is an entirely wireless earphone unique to Galaxy, with sufficient sound quality, powerful noise-canceling, easy-to-use external sound capture, and automatic voice detection with exceptional performance. Get yours now from here.

R2K Team Win The Top Spot in PUBG Mobile Club Open

Four Malaysian and Singaporean Semi-Pro teams will advance to professional stage

The PUBG MOBILE esports program kicked off 2021 with the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO). The PMCO Spring Split is the entry gate to a range of PUBG MOBILE tournaments. In the PMCO MY/SG Spring Split 2021 Grand Final (21/02), the Malaysian R2K Team was crowned as the champion. They took home a prize of $4,000 and successfully secured their position in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) MY/SG Season 3. Overall, R2K Team was able to achieve a total 130 points with 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and 61 kill points from total 12 matches on this final stage.

R2K’s battle to the top spot was very tight and intense against TRX Legends with a difference of only 1 point. In addition to the R2K Team, the top 4 teams in PMCO MY/SG Spring Split Finals included TRX Legends in second place, MPX RedLine, and Homebois. These teams will directly enter PUBG MOBILE Pro League Season 3 (PMPL S3) to compete and face Malaysia’s best teams in the next stages. The TRX Legend squad, who finished second, showed consistent performance from the qualifying round and solid skill that took them to the top two. The Homebois team which came in fourth place in this tournament, also won the title of ‘Most Favorite Team’ during the PMCO MY/SG Spring Split 2021.

The final round of the PMCO MY/SG Spring Split 2021 Grand Final, was streamed live on the official PUBG MOBILE Malaysia Youtube channel and Facebook Gaming pages, and this first-class esports event has entertained millions of fans and the PUBG Mobile community.

The contestants in the upcoming PMPL Season 3 event, which will include the four Malaysian semi-pro teams who just qualified from the PMCO Spring Split, have the opportunity to advance in PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC). The PMGC is PUBG MOBILE’s most prestigious tournament with a prize pool almost trebling that of the previous edition ($5,000,000 to $14,000,000)!

“We are proud of all teams that have participated and have shown a remarkable performance along this tournament, starting from the group stage qualification up to the grand finals. PMCO Spring Split 2021 is an ecosystem that we designed to grow new and talented players. Through this program, PUBG MOBILE dedicated to provide opportunities for every team from each country to show up their skills, win the tournament prize and advance to be a professional player in the world of mobile esports,” said Gaga Li, Head of PUBG Mobile SEA Esports.

The PUBG MOBILE esports ecosystem began in 2018 with grassroots events across the world, and 2020 saw the completion of the amateur to pro circuit with the introduction of the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC), PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL), and the major expansion of the PMCO. In 2021, the PUBG MOBILE esports ecosystem will expand to more regions with more professional esports support and bigger prize pool. The program now supports competitors of all levels from amateur to semi-pro and pro across multiple countries and regions, ensuring a clear path for talented players to progress.

Tun Dr. Mahathir: More Time Must Be Spent on Developing the Character of Students

Malaysia’s former premier speaks his mind on Malaysia’s education landscape

As conversations surrounding the education landscape grow in volume – with schools reopening soon, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, former 4th and 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia spoke his mind on the state of Malaysia’s education landscape – at the most recent edition of world’s foremost international youth and education focused conference – School of Tomorrow: A World of Tomorrow: From Darkness to Light.

In conversation with Beaconhouse CEO Kasim Kasuri, the iconic leader touched on a variety of topics including landscape of learning in Malaysia, the nation’s handling of the pandemic and the role of values-based democracy in propelling the nation to success amongst other topics.

Tun Dr Mahathir sharing his thoughts on education during SOT 12

Tun Dr. Mahathir emphasised that educators and policy makers needed to relook their approach and objective of educating children. “In education, we concentrate on giving information, but we spend little time on developing the character of students. Yes, the information will help them in later life but if their characters are bad then they cannot benefit from the information. I think schools should have a proper system of imparting good character, good values to the students because only good values will give good result from the knowledge that you have acquired.”

Meanwhile, commenting on the highly debated topic of the core teaching language, Tun Dr. Mahathir said, “Every nation wishes to impose their identity, and language of course determines a nation’s identity. But while we want to promote our language, we also have a need to acquire current knowledge and the current knowledge comes to us not in our language, it comes to us in English. To keep up with the times, we have to learn that knowledge in the language in which it is presented.

The conversation occurred as part of the 3-day virtual conference featured a series of one-on-one conversations, panel discussions, presentations, workshops and parliamentary-style debates. The sessions were aimed at answering difficult questions for a world facing challenges of the COVID-19 impact on education, economies and a safer, balanced future in general.

This most recent edition of SOT also featured other prominent thought leaders and industry shapers including Mr Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, former Foreign Minister of Pakistan; Lord Jim Knight, Former UK Minister of State for Schools; Professor Dr Ger Graus OBE, Global Director of Education, KidZania and Dr Bo Stjerne Thomsen, Vice-President and Chair, Learning through Play, LEGO Foundation amongst others.

Other topics that were touched on over the course of the 24 live sessions were artificial intelligence, gender-based censorship, climate change and child mental wellness.

Alister Barthlomew
Speaking about the Conference, Alister Bartholomew, Regional Director Southeast Asia for Beaconhouse School, said School of Tomorrow has once again proven to be an incredible success and towards the school’s overall mission of building life-long learners., “We are honoured to have been able to host so many iconic and important speakers during this edition of School of Tomorrow. Their influential views and opinions have already reached out to millions across the globe and will have the power to shape the very future of education.”

“These educational and insightful thoughts and opinions shared at SOT will trickle down to Beaconhouse schools all over the world, such as the Malaysian Beaconhouse group of schools, in our journey to build a global community of lifelong learners,” he added.

Now in its 12th edition, School of Tomorrow was first held in 2000 for the benefit of the global education industry, organised by Beaconhouse as part of its on-going commitment to its social responsibility. Over the years, the series has evolved and grown, featuring a total of close to 600 speakers including heads of nations and heads of states as well as educators, futurists, technologists & scientists, environmentalists, political & business leaders, performing & visual artists, writers & poets, journalists & filmmakers, social activists and others from around the world.

Samsung Electronics appoints New President for Samsung Malaysia Electronics

Edward Han

The leading technology brand in the nation has welcomed a new head to its helm. In his new role as President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Mr Edward Han will be responsible in maintaining the brand’s strong reputation in Malaysia, lead business strategies and operations, and further drive business and sales growths.

Mr Han is an established leader and brings a wealth of experience in the Samsung environment. Having worked with Samsung for the past 20-plus years, Mr Han has been a core part of the brand’s growth on an international level over the past two decades. He comes to Malaysia after a successful stint as Managing Director of Samsung Electronics New Zealand.

“Words cannot truly express my excitement and gratefulness for this new journey I am embarking on. Malaysia is a beautiful country with even more amazing potential for business growth, and I cannot wait to get started on this new chapter of my career with my new colleagues. I look forward to solidifying Samsung’s position as one of the best brands and workplaces in Malaysia!” said Mr Han.

Mr Edward Han is a long-time Samsung veteran, having began his employment at Samsung back in 2000. Since then, he has held senior leadership positions in several global markets in Samsung, such as Romania and India, Director at Samsung Headquarters in Korea, and Managing Director in New Zealand.

Mr Han is a results-driven leader with a particular interest in improving business cultures through talent development and employee engagement programmes with a personal touch.

TransferWise rebrands to Wise, enters new phase of growth in Malaysia

  • The tech company has created a cross-border network that works to meet international banking needs for people, businesses and banks
  • Bolstering of local team with appointment of country manager, Ms Lim Paik Wan
  • Money transfer availability expanded to foreign workers in Malaysia

TransferWise today announces its rebranding to Wise [1], and the appointment of local country manager Ms Lim Paik Wan.

Originally launched in 2011 as a money transfer service for people, the company has expanded to build a cross-border payments network helping to make international banking cheaper, faster and more pleasant for its 10 million customers.

The company processes £4.5 billion (RM25.2 billion) in cross-border transactions every month, with customers saving themselves a total of approximately £1 billion (RM5.6 billion) a year compared to making the same transaction with their bank.

The money transfer service, now a feature of the Wise account, is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to send and receive money around the world at up to 4x cheaper than banks.

Lim Paik Wan
The company also announces the bolstering of its Malaysia presence with the appointment of Ms Lim Paik Wan as the Malaysia country manager for Wise — who will be responsible for leading and expanding Wise ’s presence and growth in the country.

Foreign workers in Malaysia can now also use Wise to send remittances back home [2] to their family members’ bank accounts and e-wallets without paying costly fees and markups by other service providers — saving money which can stay in their pockets or go towards sending a bigger remittance volume.

As a profitable, sustainable company with a long history, Wise is here to serve Malaysian consumers for years to come.

Ms Lim Paik Wan, Malaysia Country manager, Wise, said: “I am excited to be a part of the team working towards the Wise mission — to make cross-currency payments as fast, easy, transparent and cheap as possible. Based on a recent survey [3] that we commissioned, we know that 50% of Malaysians are keen to save on remittance costs and 57% would appreciate transfers reaching its recipients more quickly, and we are determined to meet their concerns.

“We are also thrilled to expand the availability of international money transfer services to foreign workers, who can also benefit from a low-cost, secure and completely online option for their remittance needs.”

Kristo Käärmann, CEO and co-founder, Wise said: “Today our name catches up with who we’re already building for - a community of people and businesses with multi-currency lives. That community now even includes the banks themselves. We’ve evolved to fix more than just money transfer, but the core experience of using Wise will remain faster, cheaper, and more convenient than anything else. Our mission remains the same. We’re still making — and always will be making — money work without borders.”

From today, customers can opt into the website in its new home: The final switchover for all customers to the Wise brand will take place in March 2021.

[1] Wise is the trading name of TransferWise Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
[2] Total transaction limit of RM5,000 per month, with funds remitted to the individual’s home country only and with a limit of 5 beneficiaries.
[3] Independent survey conducted by Ipsos from 27 Nov to 3 Dec 2020, collecting 1,000 respondents targeting both citizens and expatriates living in Malaysia who have sent an overseas remittance in the past 12 months.

Richworks Launches Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar

Platform to equip entrepreneurs with knowledge, training, and consultation to build successful businesses

Richworks International Sdn Bhd has launched the Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar, a pioneering platform to equip entrepreneurs with knowledge, training, and consultation to weather the impact of Covid-19 and at the same time build successful businesses during the Movement Control Order (MCO). A total of 65,000 participants from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei have been following the Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar that is held every weekend.

The launching ceremony featured a special appearance by Mentor Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman and the announcement pertaining RichWorks’ next program, Bina Bisnes Berjaya - Your First Million Summit, which will be organised for the public at no charge. Furthermore, RichWorks will also be sponsoring a total sum of RM250,000 for 10 aspiring entrepreneurs for the Richworks Mentoring Program, an intensive business mentoring program. Applicants would be required to write in their business ambition and selected applicants will be called for an interview session. RichWorks aims to train and consult more than 1.8 million entrepreneurs in 2021.

According to Radz Mohd, Assistant Senior Vice President, Richworks International Sdn Bhd, “Today's launch ceremony is testament to how RichWorks believes in the importance to Inspire, Educate & Add Value to the community and continue supporting entrepreneurs to emerge from the impact of Covid-19 and MCO. Doing business in this day and age is indeed challenging with the volatile economic environment and major economic indicators painting a bleak picture. Nonetheless, through the Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar, our main objective is to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship and promote business capability.”

The Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar featured an array of successful TITANS, an appellation for the enduring entrepreneurs and industrialists who were cultivated through RichWorks such as Sabella and Mamasab, from across the region. The TITANS shared their personal and professional journey to inspire confidence and guidance to the participants. A total of 30 millionaire entrepreneurs shared with the participants the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journey today.

Most participants who participated in the Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar have given positive feedback on the effectiveness of this programme on their social sites. It is with the intention and effort to help more Malaysians that RichWorks continue to provide business knowledge that can better the lives of many, especially participants, traders, and entrepreneurs who are experiencing stagnation in their businesses. For those who choose to start a business, or who already have a business but are sluggish, the Bina Bisnes Berjaya Seminar is the best start for you.

Richworks invites you to join us to become a successful entrepreneur. Join our free seminar on 26-28 February 2021 to foster your entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate your business acumen at

Qatar Airways to Become the First Global Airline to Offer Passengers 100% Touch-Free ‘Zero-Touch’ In-flight Entertainment Technology

  • Passengers travelling on board the airline’s Airbus A350 fleet will soon be able to access the award-winning Oryx One in-flight entertainment system through their own personal electronic devices, minimising the risk of COVID-19
  • The award-winning airline will also become the first airline in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa to offer passengers the option to pair their personal Bluetooth headphones with the seatback IFE system in all cabins on the Boeing 787-9 fleet
  • Qatar Airways was recently the first global airline to achieve the prestigious 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating by Skytrax for its COVID-19 safety precautions

Qatar Airways is pleased to soon become the first global airline to offer passengers 100 percent Zero-Touch technology for its award-winning Oryx One in-flight entertainment system across the A350 fleet as part of the airline’s latest COVID-19 safety measures.

The Zero-Touch technology, introduced in partnership with the Thales AVANT IFE system, will enable A350 passengers to pair their personal electronic devices (PEDs) with their seat-back IFE screen by connecting to ‘Oryxcomms’ Wi-Fi and simply scanning a QR code displayed on the screen. They can then use their PEDs to navigate and enjoy more than 4,000 options on offer through the airline’s award-winning Oryx One in-flight entertainment system, limiting the frequency of on board surface contact and providing greater peace of mind throughout the duration of their journey.

Qatar Airways is also set to become the first airline in Europe and the Middle East and North Africa region to offer passengers in Business and Economy the option to pair their personal Bluetooth headphones with the on-board seatback IFE system in all cabins on the Boeing 787-9 fleet.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “As an industry leader in the fight against COVID-19 and the first global airline to recently achieve a 5-Star rating in the coveted Skytrax Airline Safety Rating, Qatar Airways is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene on board its aircraft at all times.

“The introduction of the state-of-the-art Zero-Touch technology, and enabling passengers to use their personal Bluetooth headset on board is an important step in taking our already rigorous and stringent COVID-19 precautions to another level, limiting passenger surface contact and preventing any possible spread of infection on board.

“We hope it provides yet further assurance of the safety of air travel, as well as offering passengers on board increased confidence that they are enjoying the most consistently advanced customer experience available in the sky.”

Qatar Airways recently became the first global airline in the world to achieve the prestigious 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating by international air transport rating organisation, Skytrax. This follows HIA’s recent success as the first airport in the Middle East and Asia to be awarded a Skytrax 5-Star COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating. These recognitions provides assurance to passengers across the world that airline health and safety standards are subject to the highest possible standards of professional, independent scrutiny and assessment. For full details of all the measures that have been implemented onboard and in HIA, please visit

The national carrier of the State of Qatar continues to rebuild its network, which currently stands at over 130 destinations. With more frequencies being added to key hubs, Qatar Airways offers unrivalled connectivity to passengers, making it easy for them to change their travel dates or destination if they need to.

A multiple award-winning airline, Qatar Airways was named ‘World’s Best Airline’ by the 2019 World Airline Awards, managed by Skytrax. It was also named ‘Best Airline in the Middle East’, ‘World’s Best Business Class’, and ‘Best Business Class Seat’, in recognition of its ground-breaking Business Class experience, Qsuite. The Qsuite seat layout is a 1-2-1 configuration, providing passengers with the most spacious, fully private, comfortable and social distanced Business Class product in the sky. Qsuite is available on flights to more than 45 destinations including Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London and Singapore. It is the only airline to have been awarded the coveted ‘Skytrax Airline of the Year’ title, which is recognised as the pinnacle of excellence in the airline industry, five times. Oryx One, Qatar Airways’ in-flight entertainment system offers passengers up to 4,000 entertainment options from the latest blockbuster movies, TV box sets, music, games and much more. Passengers can also stay in touch with their friends and family around the world by using the award-winning airline’s on-board Wi-Fi and GSM service.

For The Love Of The Job: Agoda Salutes Hospitality Champions

Nominate your “Hospitality Champ” to win a well-deserved break for your nominee and yourself.

Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day and leading up to the upcoming Chap Goh Mei celebrations (often regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s Day), love is certainly in the air! To get into the spirit, Agoda is celebrating love of a different kind – the love for the job, specifically for those in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries.

As a global digital travel platform, Agoda, presents travellers with easy access to a global network of over 2 million properties across the world, and is saluting the tens of thousands of “Hospitality Champs” in Malaysia - those who go over and beyond their call of duty, to make your stay, meal or trip extra memorable, and all for the love of their job. You know who they are, it might be the concierge that found you the perfect romantic dining spot, the housekeeping staff that laid out extra treats or helped with extra amenities to make your family stay more enjoyable, or the chef who created the perfect breakfast omelette or the hotel General Manager, who adds that extra level of service that makes your experience sublime – the ones who make us feel like a million bucks; like we are the most important people in the world.

“There is a notable maxim among those in the hospitality and tourism sectors, that it’s not necessarily the big things, but rather the little things that hospitality staff do to make their guests’ day, that really make them stand out and get noticed. These staff champion our industry through good and bad times by going above and beyond their roles and responsibilities, with one mission in their minds – to make their guests happy and their stay memorable,” said Mr. Errol Cooke, Vice President of Partner Services, Agoda.

“At Agoda we want to pay tribute to these Hospitality Champions, who display this zeal and passion, all for the love of their job and their guests via the #AgodaHospitalityChamps campaign, which invites travellers and industry patrons to nominate their Hospitality Champ, outlining what they did to make their stay so memorable, so we can send them on a well-deserved getaway,” he explained.

The #AgodaHospitalityChamps campaign launches on 18 February 2020, inviting Malaysia residents to nominate their hospitality champions and share their story. The Agoda Hospitality Champ nominee could be anyone working within the hospitality industry, be that in hotels or holiday accommodation, transportation including airlines, buses, car rental or tour guides.

Visit and share your nominations now for the chance to win a break ($750 AgodaCash) for each of the top three nominees, plus $250 AgodaCash each for the nominators.

Nominations and entries will be judged on the inspirational power, with a clear demonstration of how the nominated Hospitality Champ has excelled in their service or gone above and beyond to showcase exceptional standards in hospitality, plus clarity of story - the ability to convey the story in an interesting and engaging manner.

Each participant is only entitled to submit one entry. However, the nominated Hospitality Champion can be nominated by more than one entrant.

Here’s what’s up for grabs. The three best heart-warming stories will win the respective Agoda Hospitality Champ a getaway in the form of RM3000 (USD 750) in AgodaCash, which is valid for accommodation bookings on Agoda.. Meanwhile, the winning entrants will themselves win RM1000 (USD 250) in AgodaCash.

So what are you waiting for, Malaysia? Reciprocate your love this season for our Hospitality Champs. This is essentially your platform to pay tribute to our Hospitality Champs all across the country. Do it soon, however, because entries will only be accepted until 4 March 2021. Make your voice count!

More information about the #AgodaHospitalityChamps campaign can be obtained in the Google entry form link: ttps://

Find Love, Friendship And More Through Valentines Event In PUBG Mobile

A “Dream Team” campaign, sharing player’s stories - including marriage proposal via PUBG MOBILE in-game surprise

Set in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, PUBG MOBILE encourages the community members to express their feelings for the special one through in-game surprises. Debuting a heartfelt video about love and friendship between squad mates, this exclusive recap showcases several instances of PUBG MOBILE players expressing their gratitude towards one another, including multiple guest appearances from popular content creators in Malaysia and around the world.

Earlier this month, PUBG MOBILE united players around the world to create unique in-game surprises for their cherished teammates. As part of the content update Version 1.2 “Dream Team: My Heartfelt Message” event, players can collaborate with PUBG MOBILE for confessions of love, birthday wishes, and expressions of gratitude to squad mates - even marriage proposals! By sending a request form and writing their short story, players with the best messages will have the chance to implement customized pop-up banners, advertisements and aircraft cards for their friends, team mates or loved one to see in-game.

This is also the first of its kind in mobile games to express the hearts of players in such a special way. During this event, PUBG MOBILE expressed its care, attention, and respect to its players. Players also expressed their appreciation, support and trust in their teammates through this event. Check out each “Dream Team Surprise” and even see how popular influencers such as ManParang from Malaysia, Bennymoza and Bangpen from Indonesia, Powerbang and ZooTay, United States and more expressed their gratitude to those closest to them. Below are some of the surprise stories that players can tune into:

Story from ManParang, a Malaysian PUBG MOBILE pro player and a loving husband. He prepares an in-game surprise and invites his beloved wife, Umara, to play PUBG MOBILE together on Valentine's Day. In this surprise, ManParang expressed his love and gratitude for Umara support in his Esports career. A romantic yet emotional moment for both of them. “On this occasion, I’d like to say thank you to my wife who always accompanies me during tournaments and streaming. We also really appreciate PUBG MOBILE support and involvement which help make my husband what he is today, a professional esports player.”

Lucas and Natalia's surprise story from South America who met during a PUBG MOBILE live stream and gradually became a couple. On the eve of Valentine's Day, when they were in-game as usual, Lucas gave a heartfelt confession to his love, Natalia, and surprised her with a marriage proposal. With PUBG MOBILE as a witness, they had a successful engagement and spent a very meaningful Valentine's Day. "I just want to say that I love you, and you are the most special person I have nowadays in my life. I thank God for you showing up on my PUBG MOBILE live stream. Since then, you have become my partner in duo games and also my partner in life. Bringing you from Rio Grande do Sul to Minas was the best choice I've made. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me and what you are still doing, and say that you are an amazing woman. I have this special surprise for you. I hope you like it!"

Additionally, there are more and more stories from fans which can be watched on the official PUBG MOBILE YouTube channel here. For instance, Powerbang, a popular streamer in PUBG MOBILE and his wife Courtney that have been together for over thirteen years. Rami and Rima are a pair of siblings from the Middle East. Asad and Nimra, a young couple from Pakistan and a popular streamer couple in the Pakistani community. Egoist and Kızıl, a Turkish couple who met and got to know each other in PUBG MOBILE, and the game is an important bond for them from which they build their understanding and trust. ZooTay and Sakuma from North America that plan to pursue gaming and Esports together and many more!

Quick Tips to Achieve Decoration Freedom with Your TV

In the ‘new normal,’ people are spending most their time at home. One of the outcomes of the current situation is that interest in interior decorating has never been higher, especially when it comes to redesigning the living room – the centre of daily life in most households. Interior designer Katharine Pooley suggested that the crisis will impact how we design our home [1]. At the centre of most living rooms is the TV, which has undoubtedly become more important as of late given its ability to deliver entertainment, information, and virtual interaction. That is why it comes as no surprise when Malaysian total TV viewing time had a staggering increase of 49% early this year [2]. The TV is also inextricably linked to one’s décor, with today’s large screen-sizes often forcing design concessions and using up a good deal of space in the process. The real question is, how would it be possible to achieve freedom in decoration with your TV?

Find yourself a TV with versatility capability
Whatever you envision for your space, a modern TV should help you to make it a reality. The versatility of a TV with understated minimalist design is perfect at home, irrespective of texture or colour around it. On top of that, a TV with slender and sophisticated form looks sublime from every angle – as do images displayed on its stunning OLED screen, which uses self-lighting pixels to deliver sumptuous colours and incredible contrast.

Not just a great TV, LG OLED GX can be a good example that guarantees true decorating versatility, bringing elegance and artistry to the living room and allowing homeowners to follow their own decorating tastes without making compromises. Integrating seamlessly with any lifestyle, LG OLED GX enables you to create the living space you want, no matter if you prefer minimalism or bold use of colour, traditional or contemporary style, or anything else.

Wall-mounted TV is a great choice
A wall-mounted TV may take a little bit more work to disguise as a frame. While it does not necessarily act as a piece of art, you can at least hang other pieces around it to create a very fancy gallery wall. All the framed photos or artwork will lay flush with the TV, so it won't look super awkward.

Wall-mounted TV can provide more room to move, resulting in decoration freedom. One of the most obvious benefits of a wall-mounted TV is the amount of space it opens up in the room itself. Without the need for a TV cabinet, shelf, or entertainment unit, you can unleash the potential of your space in whatever way you choose.

A standout example from this growing category is the LG Gallery Design TV. Sporting the LG’s gorgeous Gallery design, the advanced TV combines a slim form factor that saves space; a minimalist aesthetic that fits with and elevates any decorating style along with the first-class picture quality and state-of-the-art features LG OLED TV is known for.

LG OLED GX saves even more room than most wall-mountable models as it does not require a separate box – its slender frame cleverly housing all necessary components and its specially designed wall mount. The flawlessness of its flush-to-the-wall design instantly adds value to your environment, improving flow and fitting in effortlessly with the way you like to live. It comes with a mount that allows it to hang completely flat on the wall. You know, as opposed to the clunkier wall mounts that cause your TV to unattractively stick out.

Caters your entertainment needs
It is not a real TV if it does not carry the basic entertainment features, which covers its ability to bring movies, TV shows, sports, and games to life like never before. You can always opt for a TV with OLED panel with self-lighting pixels that be turned on and off individually, resulting in more natural colours, greater contrast, and detail so real you can practically touch it. For instance, LG OLED GX is packed with features that enrich the home entertainment experience, such as Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos and Filmmaker Mode, and diverse selection of streaming apps [3] that supply an amazing array of premium content.

A great TV will not just boost your viewing enjoyment, but also gives you more interior design options and lets you reclaim the living room. And whether it is the new normal or back to normal, a TV that can do all that has to be a good thing.

[1] The Future of Design: 10 Ways Interior Design will Change Post-Pandemic.
[2] Movement Restrictions Are Driving TV Viewing, But Malaysia’s Marketers Must Adapt to Take Full Advantage.
[3] LG GX 65” 4K Smart SELF-LIT OLED TV with AI ThinQ® (2020):

Samsung Develops Industry’s First High Bandwidth Memory with AI Processing Power

The new architecture will deliver over twice the system performance and reduce energy consumption by more than 70%

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has developed the industry's first High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) processing power — the HBM-PIM. The new processing-in-memory (PIM) architecture brings powerful AI computing capabilities inside high-performance memory, to accelerate large-scale processing in data centers, high performance computing (HPC) systems and AI-enabled mobile applications.

Kwangil Park, senior vice president of Memory Product Planning at Samsung Electronics stated, "Our groundbreaking HBM-PIM is the industry's first programmable PIM solution tailored for diverse AI-driven workloads such as HPC, training and inference. We plan to build upon this breakthrough by further collaborating with AI solution providers for even more advanced PIM-powered applications."

Rick Stevens, Argonne’s Associate Laboratory Director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences commented, “I’m delighted to see that Samsung is addressing the memory bandwidth/power challenges for HPC and AI computing. HBM-PIM design has demonstrated impressive performance and power gains on important classes of AI applications, so we look forward to working together to evaluate its performance on additional problems of interest to Argonne National Laboratory.”

Most of today's computing systems are based on the von Neumann architecture, which uses separate processor and memory units to carry out millions of intricate data processing tasks. This sequential processing approach requires data to constantly move back and forth, resulting in a system-slowing bottleneck especially when handling ever-increasing volumes of data.

Instead, the HBM-PIM brings processing power directly to where the data is stored by placing a DRAM-optimized AI engine inside each memory bank — a storage sub-unit — enabling parallel processing and minimizing data movement. When applied to Samsung's existing HBM2 Aquabolt solution, the new architecture is able to deliver over twice the system performance while reducing energy consumption by more than 70%. The HBM-PIM also does not require any hardware or software changes, allowing faster integration into existing systems.

Samsung’s paper on the HBM-PIM has been selected for presentation at the renowned International Solid-State Circuits Virtual Conference (ISSCC) held through Feb. 22. Samsung’s HBM-PIM is now being tested inside AI accelerators by leading AI solution partners, with all validations expected to be completed within the first half of this year.

Happy 'Niu' Year

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Hope the rising sun will bring with it bundles of joy, happiness and luck. Happy Chinese New Year!

Huat-A-Deal! foodpanda Brings Joy & Prosperity This CNY

New Promotions, Vouchers and Discounts to Usher in the Festivities 

This Chinese New Year, foodpanda brings the joy and prosperity with instant fortune through a variety of special promotions, vouchers and discounts whether you’re looking for a meal for the family or your last-minute festive necessities.

Speaking about foodpanda’s Chinese New Year initiatives, Sayantan Das, Managing Director, foodpanda, said, “We know that this year’s celebrations will be different due to the on-going pandemic but at foodpanda we are committed to helping Malaysians adapt to this new normal and celebrate as best as they can. We believe our efforts this festive season will not only help bring joy but also connect more Malaysians during this time.”

“Whether it is special savings on pick-up orders, limited edition food options, festive foodpanda shop promotions with our partners or free goodies, foodpanda is happy to be unleashing joy in a variety of ways that would be relevant and meaningfully impact Malaysians from all walks of life,” added Sayantan.

foodpanda has enlisted the help of the revered God of Prosperity to shower all Malaysians with the following promotions: 

Yee Sang-sational savings
Nothing says prosperity more than getting great savings on your Yee Sang. Loh hei to good health and fortune to your hearts content with up to 25% off Yee Sang pick-up orders from Madam Kwan, Lettuce & Rise, Sushi King outlets in the Klang Valley 
Campaign valid from 27 Jan – 14 Feb

Food (Pick-up & delivery)
Get a taste of Boostperity
Enjoy the refreshing flavours of celebration this CNY with special limited edition Boostperity drinks from Boost. Enjoy the creamy Strawberry Mango, crisp Berry Melon and tangy Raspberry Lychee Crush 
Campaign valid from 1 – 28 Feb 

What’s on at Watsons
Bring on the prosperity with storewide free shipping for orders above RM40 at any Watsons outlet Campaign valid from 1 – 28 Feb

Keeping gifting alive
Stay safe at home whilst still keeping the gifting spirit of Chinese New Year alive with RM68 mixed brand festive hampers from Watsons 
Campaign valid from 1 – 13 Feb


A prosperous surprise
Looking for last minute Chinese New Year hampers to send to family and loved ones? You’re in luck! Now when you order hampers from pandamart they will come with special limited edition foodpanda Angpao packets. 
Valid while stocks last

The generosity does not stop there either, the prosperous panda is spreading even more joy with on-going vouchers that allow users to enjoy greater savings when they order through foodpanda.

These vouchers include:

Platform wide
Enjoy daily prosperity with the HUATSUPCNY voucher code that gives users an RM9 discount for orders over RM39 
Campaign valid while stocks last - daily redemption limit applies 

foodpanda has got a special festive gift to all new users. Simple use the CUBAPANDAMART voucher code to enjoy a RM10 discount on any pandamart order of RM25 and over.
Campaign valid for first time pandamart users
Campaign valid until 2 March – while stocks last 

Hungry and new to foodpanda? Then foodpanda has got just the deal for you with the CUBAPANDA voucher code. You will enjoy a RM10 discount on any order of RM20 and over. 
Campaign valid for first time foodpanda users
Campaign valid until 31 March 

Richworks Membuka Tirai Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya 2021

Menyediakan platform kepada usahawan untuk mendapatkan ilmu, latihan & bimbingan untuk membina bisnes yang berjaya

Richworks International Sdn Bhd telah membuka tirai Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya 2021, sebuah platform perintis bagi menyediakan usahawan dengan ilmu, latihan dan bimbingan untuk bangkit mengatasi impak Covid-19 dan pada masa yang sama membina bisnes yang berjaya sepanjang tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP). Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya akan berlangsung setiap hujung minggu pada hari Sabtu sepanjang bulan Februari hingga Mac 2021 selama 1-hari bermula 6 Februari 2021, dari jam 9 pagi hingga 10 malam secara maya melalui aplikasi Zoom tanpa bayaran.

Menurut Radz Mohd, Timbalan Naib Presiden Kanan, Richworks International Sdn Bhd, “Matlamat utama kami adalah untuk memupuk semangat keusahawanan dan menggalakkan daya kemampuan perniagaan. Ini adalah sebahagian daripada tanggungjawab kami untuk membantu mendorong ekonomi dan memastikan pembangunan sosioekonomi inklusif dan bermakna. Maka, kerana itulah tema Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya ini berpaksikan pada kebangkitan perniagaan pasca Covid-19.”

Melihat kepada pencapaian RichWorks pada tahun 2020, kami telah berjaya bantu lebih 400,000 peserta melalui pelbagai program yang dianjurkan. Musim PKP bukanlah penghalang untuk RichWorks terus membimbing usahawan-usahawan dan peniaga di luar sana. Tahun 2021, negara digemparkan dengan PKP 2.0 apabila kes jangkitan Covid-19 semakin meningkat setiap hari. Memahami impak ini kepada usahawan dan peniaga di luar sana, RichWorks sekali lagi melancarkan program untuk membantu rakyat Malaysia dengan pelancaran Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya 2021.

Pada kali pertama seminar ini dilangsungkan (30 Jan – 1 Feb 2021), RichWorks mendapat sambutan hampir 46,000 pendaftaran dalam tempoh satu minggu dari tarikh pelancaran. Melihat dari statistik yang dikeluarkan oleh Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (PERKESO) lebih 800,000 orang hilang punca pendapatan pada tahun 2020. Oleh itu, RichWorks kini mensasarkan untuk membantu lebih 1 juta rakyat Malaysia yang ingin belajar dan mendalami ilmu perniagaan pada tahun ini.

Rata-rata peserta yang menyertai seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya memberi maklumbalas positif tentang keberkesanan program ini di laman sosial peribadi mereka. Mereka dapat merasai sendiri aura berada bersama komuniti usahawan disamping mendapat ilmu serta tips berguna yang dikongsikan sendiri oleh MenThor Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman dan anak didik beliau yang telah berjaya hasil bimbingan RichWorks membimbing ramai daripada mereka dari kosong hingga menjadi jutawan. Ini merupakan satu pengalaman yang bernilai bagi peserta BBB dan mereka sangat bersyukur dipertemukan dengan MenThor Datuk Wira yang memiliki lebih 18 tahun pengalaman dalam bisnes dan pemasaran dan RichWorks sebagai penganjur program dan platform pembelajaran telah menyedarkan mereka untuk bangkit berniaga dengan ilmu yang betul.

Pada minggu ini, RichWorks mensasarkan lebih 35,000 peserta bakal mendaftar untuk menyertai Bina Bisnes Berjaya. Semoga niat dan usaha untuk bantu lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia ini dapat memberikan manfaat serta membawa peningkatan hidup yang lebih baik terutamanya buat para peserta, peniaga dan usahawan yang tengah stuck dalam perniagaan kerana bisnes tak jalan. Bagi mereka yang memilih untuk mulakan perniagaan, atau yang dah berniaga tapi bisnes masih stuck, Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya adalah permulaan terbaik untuk anda.

Seminar Bina Bisnes Berjaya akan menampilkan TITANS, gelaran untuk usahawan-usahawan seperti jenama Sabella dan Mamasab Bakery yang telah berjaya dengan latihan dan bimbingan daripada RichWorks, dari segenap rantau ini; Indonesia, Brunei, Singapura dan personaliti perniagaan tempatan. Mereka bakal berkongsi pengalaman dan perjalanan peribadi dan profesional mereka dalam membina bisnes berjaya kepada peserta yang akan hadir ke seminar ini. Daftar sekarang untuk belajar ilmu Bina Bisnes Berjaya dalam seminar 100% Percuma pada 13 Februari 2021 di


“Kesukaran hidup sebelum ini sehingga tidak mampu membeli susu anak telah menjadi Big Why kenapa kami ingin berubah. Selepas menyertai Program Mentorship Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman, kehidupan kami mula berubah daripada sebuah mesin jahit sehingga memiliki warehouse sendiri bagi memenuhi permintaan pelanggan. Kejayaan Sabella ini diperoleh daripada hasil didikan dan bimbingan MenThor yang tanpa henti ingin membantu dan mengubah hidup ramai masyarakat di luar sana.”


Sabella Holding Sdn Bhd

“Perkara paling magik sekali dalam hidup saya adalah bila saya berjumpa dengan Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman. Kalau dulu kita tak tahu pun marketing ni kena buat macam mana dengan cara apa. Kita just post gambar kek dan buat copywriting. Bila dalam program bimbingan RichWorks dan Titanium, Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman ajar, sebenarnya bila you nak post gambar kat media social, yang paling penting kena tahu sasarannya siapa. Dalam Program Mentoring ini juga, anda lebih jelas tentang siapa sasaran dan pelanggan anda, dan ini akan menjimatkan masa dan tenaga. Datuk Wira ajar saya The Power To Attract people sebab bila kita berbisnes, kita berurusan dengan orang – pelanggan, ejen, stokis. Datuk Wira memberi kita ILMU dan formula yang terbukti berkesan untuk membantu kita membina bisnes berjaya.”

Sabrina Bakery Sdn Bhd
Mamasab Bakery

In Depth Review: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

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There are only two reasons why you are here. First, you are considering to buy the new Samsung S21 Ultra and now looking for an explanation on why you should buy it. Second, you already have the S21 Ultra and want to find out more about what makes S21 Ultra the best investment that you make for your smartphone gadget this year. Well, you are lucky as we will be sharing our experience after using the S21 Ultra for several weeks now. But, in case you missed out our unboxing article earlier this year, please read it here to find out what you get when you purchase S21 Ultra.

S21 Ultra has the perfect dimensions for us. We can easily access both buttons on the right, and we can even use the keyboard only by using one. With the size being 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm, S21 Ultra 5G is the largest than other variants under the S21 Series.

The weight of the device is only 227 grams, which is surprisingly lighter than we expected. As looking at their virtual launching event earlier this year, we are assuming the device to be at least slightly heavier than standard device as it comes with a lot of unique features. The Galaxy S21 Ultra dimensions are large, but the width of 75.6 mm keeps this phone comfortable in our hands. But those with small hands might have a hard time grasping them.

With the aluminium frame, the Galaxy S21 Ultra also has two Exclusive Colorways - Phantom Black and Silver and offers better durability with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus ™, the toughest Gorilla Glass yet. According to Corning statement in July 2020, Samsung is the first one to adopt Gorilla Glass Victus in their device. In their statement also, Corning claimed that their Gorilla Glass Victus significantly improves both drop and scratch performance for the first time in the Gorilla Glass family, addressing consumer demand for improved durability.

Same as previous S20 Series, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G are also rated with IP68 dust and water-resistant (up to 1.5 meters for 30 mins). On top of that, Samsung S21 Ultra 5G supports the everyone favourite function, 'S Pen' for the first time in the Galaxy S Series. The S Pen, which used on the previous Galaxy Note or Tab, can also be used on S21 Ultra 5G to write, draw and edit photos. However, you will need to purchase it separately, and there is no compartment to insert your S Pen on this device, but you may buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Silicone Cover with S-Pen compartment here.

Samsung released two versions of the S Pen specifically for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, namely the standard S Pen and S Pen Pro. Currently, only available standard S Pen sold as a package with a special casing Smart Clear View Cover and Silicone Cover. In the future, Samsung will present the S Pen Pro, which will be much bigger and supported by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to use the Air Actions feature like the Galaxy Note20 Series.

Moving on its unique and bold camera design, Samsung called it a Contour Cut camera. The rear camera module perfectly blends the left frame to the smartphone body, allowing you to feel a new sense. With this design, the rear quad camera looks unique, sleek, yet striking. The likes and dislikes may differ depending on the user. We love it as it makes the smartphone and the camera itself looks more bold and brave. The front screen has an Infinity-O Display design, where the front camera is in the form of a punch-hole in the middle with a resolution of 40MP.

Speaking of Samsung, it uses an edge display with curved sides, but the lower model has a flat display, and this Galaxy S21 Ultra is not as too curvy as the previous model, it is only slightly curved. Due to its wide width (75.6 mm), edge displays are more comfortable to grip than flat displays. The curve on the side of the backside has a more rounded shape, making it easier to fit in the palm of your hand.

The S21 Ultra has a 1.7x larger on-screen fingerprint sensor than the S20 Ultra and is much faster. It's not often talked about, but this is an excellent featured to be mention. Today, when face recognition no longer can be used effectively as you sometimes will be wearing a face mask, having a fingerprint sensor for us is very helpful. Every time we go out, we are so glad we had these features.

In terms of display, we don't find any problem using the device under bright daylight. Thanks to its Dynamic AMOLED 2X. It automatically amps up to a super-bright 1,500 nits when necessary, thanks to its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. It means that you no longer have to cover your screen with your palm when showing your photos or video with other people outdoors under bright sunlight.

On Samsung S21 Ultra, you no longer have to decide between the smoothness of a 120Hz refresh rate and a Quad HD+ display as you can choose both. The S21 Ultra display size is the largest among the other S21 Series, 6.8 inches with 1440 x 3200 pixels. When watching a video, it fits perfectly with each video's frame rate, and when playing a game, you can play at 120Hz.

Given that crispness and responsiveness are the best display requirements, we can't think of a smartphone that can beat the image quality and refresh rate of the S21 Ultra. The 120Hz screen is already commonplace for high-end models, and without it, it won't be a match.

Eye Comfort Shield is a nice feature. It adjusts the screen's colour temperature according to the time of day and how you use it. If you've used the nightshift feature or something similar, you know what it is. This function slowly shifts the screen's white balance toward the yellow direction, reducing blue light and preventing the body clock from being disturbed. This feature is turned off by default, so you'll need to change the setting.

It’s definitely not a new and better smartphone if it’s not with a better camera upgrade. One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera is a 108 MP f / 1.8 (Wide) primary camera sensor rarely found in other flagship smartphones. Samsung has also brought technology improvements to this 108 MP camera. S21 Ultra camera sensor packs the Super PD Autofocus Plus feature for more accurate autofocus. The Super PD Autofocus Plus feature can help improve photos of fast-moving objects in low light situations. The camera sensor can capture a sharper, more vivid image in ultra-high resolution with faster autofocus.

The second significant improvement to the 108 MP camera sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the Smart ISO Pro technology which simultaneously captures photo frames in high and low ISO, then combines them into one image in 12-bit colour depth and with noise reduction.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 108 MP camera also has 100x zoom capability, which improves than the previous generation. There is a Zoom Lock feature with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can lock the frame and stabilize photos and videos. The new sensor design has also optimized energy consumption, offering additional power efficiency to the overall Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G device. 

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One surprise factor of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G camera is the presence of 2 telephoto cameras, 10 MP f / 4.9 (periscope telephoto) and 10 MP f / 2.4 (Telephoto). This is the first time that Samsung has applied dual Tele-Lens to smartphones. Both have Dual-Pixel technology capabilities and support 3x and 10x optical zoom features. Both Telephoto lenses from Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G supported by Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology help overcome stability problems when shooting or recording video.

The fourth camera of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, 12 MP f / 2.2 (Ultra-Wide) also features dual-pixel PDAF technology and Super Steady video features. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G users can record video with an Ultra-Wide lens that can run the Super Steady feature so that the captured image remains stable.

Samsung also supplies the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with a larger 40 MP f / 2.2 (Wide) selfie camera compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21 + 5G resolution of 10 MP. This Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G selfie camera features Dual video call support, Auto-HDR and 4K @ 30 / 60fps and 1080p @ 30fps video recording.

Another camera feature of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G that users can use, among others, is Director's View which allows the user to view the video recording results from each lens, then change the camera used without stopping the recording process. You can also use the Vlogger View feature to capture every moment using the rear camera and record the reaction's expression from that moment using the front camera simultaneously.

One of the camera's features that we love so much is their Single Take mode. Users can take multiple styles and versions of photos simultaneously with one click. To use this feature, users only need to spend about 10 seconds to take a picture. If the user cannot decide which version of the photo they may like, the artificial intelligence in the Galaxy S21 Series 5G will choose the image it thinks is the best for you.

Not only photos, but Single Take can also produce three kinds of video styles in addition to the original video, which consists of the best image curation videos, time-lapse, and boomerang. For Single Take featured on the Galaxy S21 Series 5G, Samsung has equipped it with pro mode features such as Dynamic Slow-Mo and Highlight Video, increasing the variety of image content produced simultaneously.

On top of that, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Portrait Mode makes it easier for Galaxy S21 Series 5G users to photograph an object. Thanks to enhanced artificial intelligence technology, users now don't have to bother with focus and light for maximum portrait results. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes the device automatically separate objects from the background, so users can easily remove or whiten the background, including creating a bokeh effect where the background becomes blurred. It is suitable for users who want to capture their pets in epic portraits.

In addition to 8K shooting for video from the primary camera, S21 Ultra 5G is also supported 4K / 60fps shooting. Colourful night mode photography is also possible.

S21 Ultra 5G is equipped with stereo speakers. AKG, a Harman International Industries brand, an audio equipment manufacturer under Samsung's umbrella, was in charge of sound tuning. It also supports the 3D sound technology "Dolby Atmos", which is well known in the video industry. You can enjoy three-dimensional and realistic surround sound with earphones/headphones or speakers.

On top of being 5G ready, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is one of the world's first phones to support Wi-Fi 6E with more bandwidth and four times faster internet connection so that you can stream and share content in the blink of an eye. S21 Ultra 5G built to provide quick video downloading, smooth video conferencing and streaming for your comfort.

Apart from the camera features, two things could be the decision-making factor for smartphone buyers: the brand-new chipsets and the OneUI 3.0 interface tied into Android 11.

As of you might know, one of the keys to the superiority of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in the processor, namely the Exynos 2100. This latest chipset made by Samsung claimed to beat the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. The Exynos 2100 on the Galaxy S21 Series brings many improvements; for example, the chip is 5 nanometers (nm) smaller than the previous 7 nm generation.

Apart from making the transistor space wider, this new 5 nm chip can also make the device much more efficient in power consumption. The increase from the previous generation for CPU (central processing unit) reached 20 per cent, GPU (graphics processing unit) 20 per cent, and NPU (neural processing unit) twice as fast. Then, the Exynos 2100 also carries a 5G mm-Wave (millimetre wave) modem with a speed of 7.35 Gbps, which is available in S21 Ultra, but to all range in S21 Series.

They also have upgraded their RAM technology that now uses LPDDR5 which can read data up to 51.2 GB / s. This chipset is also the first in the industry to support the AV1 Decoder for 8K. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped with a 108 MP camera to display more precise and more detailed images.

One of the often annoying things when running multiple tasks simultaneously on a cellphone is that the RAM capacity is almost full. As a result, we are forced to close some applications so that their performance is more stable. Problems like that are no longer a problem on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G as it comes with two RAM and internal memory options which is 256 GB with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB with 16 GB RAM.

This massive RAM and internal storage will undoubtedly support productivity ability to operate various applications. The large internal memory will also be handy for those who like to store lots of photos, applications or games with heavy capacity. However, you won't be able to expend the storage capacity as there is no MicroSD slot for the Galaxy S21 series.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra are also compatible with UWB (Ultra Wideband Wireless System), which makes it possible to use smartphones instead of smart keys for your automobiles. It seems that it can be used for automobiles such as BMW and Audi. Details of compatible models will be announced at a later date, and it is expected that more cars will support UWB in the future.

In terms of security, all S21 series models are equipped with the original security platform "Samsung Knox Vault". A special layer of protection is provided by adding secure memory to the secure processor. In addition, a dedicated tool that protects privacy has been introduced, and it also has a function to delete metadata before sharing photos. With the privacy sharing function, it is possible to control the users who can access the content and the publication period of the content. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gives you dual sim, there’s no need for you to think about choosing one data plan when you have the power to choose two. And what’s interesting about Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra dual sim? The other sims are using e-sim where no physical sim is needed. Check with your telco provider for more information on e-sim.

As a smartphone user, consumers nowadays are looking forward to having a device that can be used whenever they need it to create content. Battery power can be a problem in itself if your cellphone suddenly lowers when the content idea appears. To solve this problem, Samsung provides a jumbo 5,000 mAh battery in the Galaxy S21 Series 5G.

Samsung claims all three variant under S21 Series has "all-day battery life" which mean your device now can accompany you all day long without the problem of running out of battery. And if we look back at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G processors in terms of how they can save power consumption, you don't need to worry anymore about the battery being wasteful when used daily.

It also supports wireless charging that complies with the Qi standard. It also has a function "Wireless PowerShare" that can supply power to other devices that support wireless charging. Fast charging is available for both wired and wireless charging. Charging time can be shortened by using compatible charging devices.

For us at, choosing a smartphone is an investment that you need to consider carefully. Each one of us has a specific specification when it comes to buying a smartphone. Some may buy from a brand that he or she are used to. Some may buy because of camera performance. And some might buy the smartphone just because it looks fantastic and premium.

Whatever your reason is, if you look for a smartphone with impressive camera features, long-lasting battery life, and a whole load of great smart features while maintaining your device's premium look, you should consider investing in Samsung S21 Ultra 5G.