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3 Key Features You’ll Want for Your ‘Kereta Raya’

Hari Raya is just around the corner and as you wrap up your preparations, you might have considered making the purchase for a Raya car, or a Kereta Raya as we like to call it.

However, we understand the frustration of not being able to balik kampung and you might be questioning your decision to buy a Raya car in the first place. However, with the many Hari Raya promotions floating around, it may be a strategic move to finally get that car upgrade you’ve been wanting, or to buy another car that fits your lifestyle needs.

Plus, you’ll eventually be able to travel back to your hometown and it’s nice to know that you have a new car ready for that road trip. Of course, buying a car itself is a large financial commitment which is why we have outlined three simple features to look out for when buying a car.

Count your seat spaces
When it comes to cars, there are various makes and models to look at. While it may be overwhelming, one way to narrow down your search is taking a look at seat space. To do that, just decide the maximum number of people you will need to fit in your car - remember, you will also need to factor in your extended family, or even friends that may ride with you in the future.

Once you’ve decided the maximum capacity you require, you can pick a car type (as we have listed below) to shortlist your car choices.

  • Hatchback: Hatchback cars usually seat up to five people. However, because of the rooflines that sweep down to its rear bumpers, it can be quite compact especially if you seat three passengers in the back row.
  • Sedan: Sedans also usually seat up to five people, including the driver. However, compared to hatchback cars, sedans offer more legroom and can seat passengers comfortably.
  • Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV): MPV models range in terms of seats from five-seater makes to larger, seven-seater models. MPVs are known for their spacious interiors and ample legroom for comfortability, especially during long drives.
  • Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV): Similar to MPVs, SUVs offer five-seater car models to spacious seven-seater rides as well.

Check the boot space
Boot space is incredibly important, especially for long drives or even a trip to the supermarket to grab your Raya groceries. Although we may substitute the passenger seats as additional storage space, it is not practical in the long run when you balik kampung with your family in the future.

So, think about your lifestyle - do you often find yourself running out of boot space for your items such as bulky baby strollers? Will it fit all your family's luggage without having to compromise seat space for comfortability? This is why we would suggest viewing the car in person to have a better grasp of what you can, or cannot fit.

However, these days, car e-commerce platforms such as Carsome include a close-up view of their cars in their online listings, including a still shot of the boot space.

Map out your driving roads
Especially on your Raya drives (or future Raya road trips), you’ll need to consider the terrains you’ll be driving on because your car’s performance will vary depending on the road you drive on.

If you tend to drive on bumpier or rocky roads, you may want to consider an SUV as these are built for the outdoors. An SUV’s driving performance caters largely to scaling different terrains. However, if you are looking for an easy city drive and only stumble across rocky terrains occasionally, you can opt for a hatchback, sedan or an MPV.

Always test drive before you book & buy
Different drivers have varying preferences which is why it is best to avoid impulse purchasing a car. You’ll want to get a feel of the car first-hand to ensure you’re satisfied with its overall driving performance or build.

If you are going the affordable route and looking to buy a used car, you should check for additional factors such as dents, squeaks or rattles during the test drive as it may indicate a potential issue. You can always direct your queries to the consultant or dealer immediately if you spot anything during the test drive.

However, when buying a used car, it is important to have transparency in the process from start to finish. So, do your research on used car platforms online to understand their services and narrow down on a car that suits your needs, as well as affordability.

If you are not sure on how to select a good used car, look out for the inspection report - this report will detail everything from scratches to the undercarriage condition. Additionally, if you hate price haggling, there are car platforms that offer an all-inclusive price with no hidden fees, while some even issue a one-year warranty and a five-day money-back guarantee.

Nowadays, buying a car is as easy as buying groceries online. Plus, this Raya, Carsome is giving out discounts up to RM8,888 and up to RM1,000 duit Raya.

If you haven't heard of Carsome, it is an online used car platform that lets you buy and sell used cars, hassle-free - their online car listings come with complete transparency as you can check out the car with a 360-degree view and see the full inspection report.

With that, we wish you Selamat Hari Raya and all the best in your car-buying journey!

From Trash to Treasure

Four local communities weave environmental sustainability into their crafts, upcycling MILO stick packs to divert plastic waste away from landfills

UPcycled Shack founder Tressie Yap (left) shares her upcycling skills with B40 women in her home state of Sabah.

Upcycling is on the uptrend. Not only is the more creative, younger sister of recycling surging in popularity especially as a passion project during the Movement Control Order, it is steadily gaining importance in terms of its value in waste reduction and reduction in virgin material production, tipping the scale towards our shared environmental sustainability goals.

Turning waste into a material or product that is of a higher quality in a creative way, upcycling gives otherwise useless or unwanted products a new lease of life and purpose. While the concept may be new to the average Malaysian, local communities have begun embracing upcycling in their effort to not only protect the environment but also improve the livelihood of members of their own community through income generating upcycling activities.

Four such communities have recently joined forces with MILO to tackle the problem of plastic waste by upcycling MILO stick packs and sachets that are being collected through MILO Stik Pek X-Change. This initiative is part of MILO Sayang Bumi, a pledge that MILO has taken to embrace sustainable practices in improving its products and processes for the good of the planet.

One of the impact goals of MILO Sayang Bumi is reducing plastic waste in landfills and waterways, which are major sites of plastic pollution. Working together with the upcycling communities will add to efforts to achieve this goal, on top of measures to ensure that the rest of collected plastic packaging is recycled or disposed of responsibly.

However, the impact of this collaboration stretches beyond its environmental as well as socioeconomic benefits. Upcycling the MILO stick packs and sachets into practical handicrafts also contributes towards the conservation, appreciation and pride of homegrown arts and crafts.

Follow the creative process behind the upcycling initiatives of these four local communities and how the MILO Stik Pek X-Change partnership is enabling them to play their role more significantly on each of their own sustainability journey.

UPcycled Shack
UPcycled Shack is the brainchild of architect Tressie Yap, whose passion for green architecture led her on a path to fighting environmental pollution especially in the rivers and beaches of her home state of Sabah. Established in 2014, UPcycled Shack empowers rural B40 communities with upcycling skills to turn everyday household waste such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and packaging into artisanal crafts and wearables, including jewelry and homewear.

Over and above the upcycled handicrafts, the UPcycled Shack team of 70 artisans and seamstresses also contributed to the COVID-19 response by producing personal protective equipment (PPE) and reusable 3-ply masks for our frontliners.

MILO fans will be delighted to know among the daily items that are reused for upycling, MILO packs and sachets are favoured for accessories such as clutches, laptop cases, phone cases, placemats and coasters.

The partnership with MILO provides UPcycled Shack a national platform to bring greater awareness on harnessing the power of, in Yap’s own words, “turning trash into treasure” for the good of the planet.

Inspirasi Kreatif
Saharuddin Basri and Norsidah Masri, the husband and wife team behind Inspirasi Kreatif initiated the community outfit in 2009 as a supplier for schools, sourcing goods that were related to the subject of Kemahiran Hidup (now called Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi), such as gardening tools, sewing kits and cooking utensils. 
When COVID-19 impacted the community in 2020, they shifted their focus to helping those affected, including a group of B40 women who were micro-loan beneficiaries under the non-governmental organisation Women of Will, by providing the tools and skills to upcycle everyday household waste, from plastic rice bags to cloths, into practical handicrafts.

Egg basket made of MILO packaging
Woven bags, egg baskets and water bottle bags are among the more popular upcycled handicrafts produced by Inspirasi Kreatif which, depending on the scale of the project, require a team of up to 20 artisans to make. Each product is uniquely designed using durable materials, ideal for everyday use.

Crafting upcycling solutions that last, Inspirasi Kreatif hopes to showcase to the wider community the benefits of upcycling on the environment and how upcycling should not be a novelty but a norm.

Helping Hands Penan
Social enterprise Helping Hands Penan is on a mission to empower the Penan community in Sarawak through the art of weaving since 2007. Penan women are naturally skillful weavers. Through various projects, their inherent weaving skills are being put to good use to help generate income for their family. Funds raised from the sale of the woven crafts are also channeled towards protecting the welfare and safeguarding the education of Penan children and youth.

The skillful Penan women weavers of Helping Hands Penan.

The initial stage of the collaboration with MILO posed a creative challenge to the Penan weavers. While they are accustomed to weaving bags from rattan and PVC strips, weaving used plastic packaging is a completely different experience, which they quickly overcame with some training. A team of 6 weavers are now undertaking the upcycling project, transforming used MILO stick packs and sachets into practical tote bags and coasters.

Efforts to do good for the community and for the planet go hand-in-hand at Helping Hands Penan. One can look forward to more upcycling endeavours for this social enterprise in the future.

Nerine Ong
As bringing your own grocery bag is now the new norm, why not use an upcycled one made by the creative hands of Nerine Ong? A remisier by trade, Ong began her sustainability journey 2 years ago by upcycling food packaging to help her local community create practical handicrafts such as baskets and bags.

Having honed her handicraft skills on her own for the past 20 years, she believes she can create a bigger impact by sharing her knowledge with the community.

Nerine Ong’s grocery baskets using upcycled MILO packaging. 

The MILO soft packs are one of the most commonly used items in her designs. Through this partnership, she is flexing her creative muscle even further by exploring new ways to incorporate the various MILO stick packs and sachets in different sizes into her grocery basket designs.

To Ong, upcycling is an exercise in self-expression and a good way to nurture creativity in the community while also doing good for the environment. Every upcycled handicraft is unique because it is handmade by an individual in the community based on their own creativity.

To support these four local upcycling communities and do your bit for the environment through MILO Stik Pek X-Change, go to: As many as 500 lucky participants will each stand a chance to own one of the upcycled handicrafts. Campaign ends 31 May 2021.

6 Ways To Bringing More Meaning To Your 2021 Eid Celebration

A Different Eid Celebration, yet May Still be Meaningful

Muslims in Malaysia will have to brace another different Eid this year due to the Covid-19 virus. The Malaysian Government recently announced, visits during Eid, as well as both interstate and inter-district travels will not be permitted until June 7th. Therefore, celebrating Muslims are unable to “balik kampung”, which was a usual practice pre-Covid. Eid may be a tad gloomy this year, but you can still celebrate with your loved-ones living in the same District. Here, Tourism Selangor lists out 6 ways to make this year’s Eid memorable and joyful for you.

Recite Eid Takbeer
Eid should be celebrated with open arms to express gratitude to the Almighty. Reciting the takbeer is a sunnah that can be performed with family members led by the head of the family at his repective house. Even you are celebrating Eid at home, you can always get into the spirit by reciting takbeer with your loved ones!

Perform Eid Prayer with Your Loved Ones
We used to see colourful clothes entering mosques early in the morning for Eid prayer but it is not the same anymore. Although some mosques are open, but not all Muslims get the opportunity to perform Eid prayer in the mosque. Don’t be sad - since it is sunnah to perform Eid prayer, you can do so at home with your loved ones. It is the intention that matters. 

Wear your Best Baju Raya
It is a usual practise to put on new clothes on Eid. Even no Eid visits are allowed this year, it shall not stop you from wearing your baju raya. Eid is a joyous occasion; therefore, you should dress your best to elevate the spirit of Eid. In addition, do not forget to seek forgiveness from your family members; either physical or virtual, and do miss duit raya out!

EnjoyTasty Dish Synonym with Eid
Enjoying Eid-synonym food is definitely one of the favorite parts during this festive season. Lemang, Ketupat and Rendang are among the best menu that no one could ever resist. In addition, a variety of kuih raya can enliven the Eid atmosphere. You may also enjoy a selection of Selangor’s traditional dish such as Nasi Ambeng, Satay and Pecal. Enjoy all the food and kuih while watching nostalgic movies at the comfort of your home. For more infomation on Selangor’s traditional dish, log on to

Snap-Snap Raya Photos!
Looking gorgeous and smart in baju raya; do not miss to capture a lot of pictures for memories. It is always a thing to look forward to during Eid each year. Make Eid a great memory despite being-celebrated differently this year. Find the best spots in your house for family Eid photos with different fun poses, or simple screen-capture whist you are video-calling on Eid!

Dream Now, Travel Later
Due to both interstate and inter-district travel bans, Eid ambience this year may be a tad gloomy to some. However, this is the perfect time to “Dream Now, Travel Later”. Make the most of your free time by watching Tourism Selangor’s videos on its official YouTube channel such as #PusingSelangorDulu Campaign videos, VR and Aerial View Experience videos featuring 9 of Selangor’s Districts, or simply browse Tourism Selangor’s official website at to attain some inspirations for your future travel plans to the State.

The celebration might feel different than usual; for two years in a row now, but it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Utilize virtual opportunities during MCO and connect with your relatives and friends through video calls. Stay safe during this festive season!

TOP’s Commitment to Continuous Detergent Technology Innovation Delivers Breakthrough 99.9% Virus Removal In Time for Pandemic Recovery

Breakthrough Formulation Proven to Remove 99.9% of Viruses Including The COVID-19 Virus [1]!

Advanced Micro-Clean Tech TOP liquid laundry detergent comes in 6 variants

The COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. While the immunisation roll-out is progressing, Malaysians are responding responsibly to the government’s call to protect self, to protect all by taking precautions to bring down transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

While staying home, practising physical distancing, usage of face masks, hand washing or sanitising, and temperature checks are part of our new norm, Malaysians in the spirit of #kitajagakita have embraced TOP’s latest detergent technology innovation that is proven to remove 99.9% of viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, and Influenza A [2].

Social media posts with the hashtag (#TOPcaresforYOU #TOPsayangisemua #TOPneversettles) have inundated feeds as people who have headed back to work, to school and out of their homes share their spin on the new norm by laundering with TOP’s anti-virus detergent to protect those who are staying home.

TOP, the No 1 [3] detergent brand in Total Malaysia, introduced TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech™ as a direct response to consumer insights on concerns that the deadly virus could still cling on to laundered clothes, posing a risk to their loved ones. TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech can remove 99.9% of viruses, not just bacteria.

Advanced Micro-Clean Tech low foam detergent is for front-loading washing machines.

TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech with Lion Japan’s Anti-Microbial Tech deploys next generation detergent technology that effectively removes 99.9% of harmful viruses (SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as COVID-19 & Influenza A) and bacteria1. This specially curated multi-tech formulation works immediately upon contact by locking the viruses & bacteria, then removing them off clothes with one powerful wash.

TOP’s Advanced Micro-Clean Tech builds on the strength of existing formulation that comes with all the functionality that TOP is famed for including its anti-sebum, anti-malodour, anti-mite dust, added with the assurance that it removes 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria for optimum protection that cleans deeply by penetrating into each fibre core to dislodge trapped invisible stains such as dirt, sebum and sweat, preventing them from redepositing onto laundry, keeping it really clean every time. Your clothes will smell fresher for longer and remain hygienically clean.

TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech with Anti-Microbial Tech is launched just in time as those who head out desire the peace-of-mind that they have taken steps to reduce the risks of inadvertently spreading the virus to their loved ones and community.

According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior General Manager, Ms Carmen Foo, Malaysian consumers have wisely selected TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech for its 99.9% anti-virus removal functionality, that can remove the COVID-19 virus from fabrics, a responsible choice for themselves, their families and their community. This formulation has been tested via independent lab in Japan and is proven to effectively remove up to 99.9% of virus especially COVID-19 & Influenza A.

Advanced Micro-Clean Tech TOP powder laundry detergent comes in 5 variants.

“Even before the pandemic, Lion Corporation of Japan had been researching anti-virus detergent technology to give our users a more hygienically lifestyle. We introduced this innovative and essential detergent technology to Malaysia only after exhaustive formula development to ensure it works against viruses, and the SARS-CoV-2 virus in particular. Malaysians appreciated our innovative product offering as it is relevant to our new normal, and gives them greater peace of mind. For TOP, we are glad to do our part as part of #kitajagakita by providing this innovative detergent range.”

Wenny Soon, who works as a
hairdresser, keeps her family safe
with TOP Anti-virus detergent
which can get rid of 99.9%
of viruses on clothes.
“Consumers’ trust and confidence have propelled TOP to be the number one detergent brand in Malaysia for many years. Our thanks to them is through our commitment to continuously innovate based on consumer insights with the objective of making their lives and lifestyles better and more hygienically clean,” Ms Foo explained.

“We are proud to be empowering Malaysians from the community level to be aware and to care through TOP’s breakthrough innovation. Each of us can play an important part by taking small steps such as using face masks, sanitising hands and washing our clothes with a detergent that can remove the virus.”

“Since I have been back at work, I have been worried that I may have brought the virus back with me on my clothes as my mother lives with us. We need to be careful. When I saw that TOP could remove 99.9% of viruses including COVID-19, I got it immediately for my family. Our routine when we get home is to remove used clothes, put them in a laundry basket with a close-fitting cover, and have a shower. We do laundry every evening to reduce the risk of transmission. I feel happy to use TOP because it can remove 99.9% of viruses,” said Wenny Soong, a hairstylist and mother of two.

Muhammad Syahidee, who works as
an e-hailing driver took precautions
to reduce thespread of the virus by
using a liquid type detergent,
TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech
Muhammad Syahidee, a delivery driver felt it was his responsibility to use a detergent that could remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as his effort to reduce the risk of transmission.

“Before the pandemic I didn’t know the difference between virus and bacteria. I was anxious as I may inadvertently spread the disease to my family, friends, customers & co-workers as I am a frontliner. I found that TOP removes 99.9% of viruses including the COVID-19 from my clothes, and this gives me assurance and peace of mind. It is the responsibility of every one of us to safeguard the health of all of us. It’s #kitajagakita. I’m extra careful about cleanliness and hygiene even more now than before. None of us should be a super-spreader,” he explained.

For long time loyal TOP user, Syakirah Yusof the new TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech 99.9% Antivirus range is timely.

“My parents use TOP, and I use TOP for many years too as their anti-malodour and anti-sebum function help tremendously for sweaty laundry that is dried indoors. I’m glad that all the functions I love about TOP detergent are still in the new detergent that removes 99.9% of viruses including those cause COVID-19. TOP really cleans deeply and well, both visible and invisible stains and I can feel it. I love the fragrance of laundry washed with TOP,” said Syakirah, a lawyer. 
TOP's loyal user, Syakirah Yusof is impressed with the Advanced Micro-Clean Tech low-foam detergent from TOP which is able to remove 99.9% of viruses.

The new TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech 99.9% Antivirus is in powder, liquid and low suds for your detergent preference. Consumers can reap the benefits of the existing TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech in their laundry, which is available in TOP Powder detergent of Super White, Super Colour, Super Hygienic, Blooming Freshness and Silky Miracle. For TOP Liquid range consumers, they can opt for its extensive range of Brilliant Clean, Colour Protect, Odour Buster, Stain Buster, Blooming Pleasures and Silky Miracle. TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech is also available in Super Low Suds and Super Low Suds Blooming Garden (powder) and Smart Clean Liquid in Low Suds Formula that are specially developed for front loading washing machines, for a gently efficient and effective wash. TOP detergents are available at retailers, nationwide and online via the Shopee Official Store and LazMall.

[1] Coronavirus diseases 2019(COVID-19) is a contagious caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SAR-CoV-2) - "Covid-19". Oxford English Dictionary (Online ed.). Oxford University Press. April 2020. Retrieved 15 April 2020.
[2] Test conducted by independent lab in Japan.
[3] Based on Retail Index Service for Detergent category for the 12 months ending December 2020 in Total Malaysia (Copyright © 2020, The Nielsen Company (M) Sdn Bhd)

Local Consumer Electronic Giant A&S Opens Their Concept Store and Service Centre with DC Comics Theme

Get Your Favourite DC Superheroes Electronic Products with Up to 83% Discount

Take your love of DC to the next level and explore the furthest corners of the multiverse as a new adventure is about to begin. DC Comics fans can now physically experience the DC comics multiverse in the form of a concept store that is decorated with life-size Batman and Wonder Woman figurines located at A&S Concept Store and Service Centre (A1.01.05 Sunway GEO Avenue).

Furthermore, DC Comics fans and interested buyers will be able to try and purchase a variety of consumer electronic products branded with their favourite superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many more at the concept store. They can also find limited edition items such as A&S’ innovative WW84 Cordless Automatic Hair Curler which has been recognized and honoured by the world’s largest consumer electronic trade show CES Innovation Awards program at the concept store.

“A&S’s key vision is becoming the industry’s No.1 lifestyle electronic brand. A&S is known throughout the industry for our quality, value and service. In today’s retail environment where very little is constant and clients’ expectations are ever-evolving, one thing has remained true for A&S: there is no better way to create meaningful connections with clients than through personalized experiences and a customized approach”, said YC Ng, Chief Executive Officer of A&S Distribution Sdn. Bhd.

YC Ng also revealed that local consumers can expect many more products featuring different DC Comics characters to be found exclusively at the concept store.

Back to Nature for Health & Wellness with Herbalmeds

Mega Lifesciences & BiO-LiFE® produce Herbalmeds, a range of clinically tested herbal medicinal products to help Malaysians stay on top of their health

Mega Lifesciences & BiO-LiFE® have produced its own range of herbal medicinal products inspired by Western, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese herbalism. Made with active ingredients from quality raw materials, the new Herbalmeds range, comprising of Femosa, Curcure Phyto and Echinax is backed by science and clinical evidence for their benefits.

For thousands of years, nature has been the source of medicine and families around the world have relied on traditional herbal medicine to meet their healthcare needs. The study of plants for its natural healing properties has its roots in every culture worldwide, with herbal supplements commonly found in our households such as turmeric, echinacea and black cohosh. Turmeric is a widely known and revered spice throughout Asia and the Middle East for culinary and medicinal purposes.

“As a healthcare company engaged in wellness with more than 30 years of existence in Malaysia, we are committed to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of quality and safe health products based on scientific evidence. We believe that prevention is the best medicine and based on this belief, we have formulated and developed a range of health supplements and herbal remedies for the well-being of our customers,” said Mr. Balaji Rajagopal, General Manager Malaysia & Singapore of Mega Lifesciences & BiO-LiFE Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

“Herbalmeds Femosa, Curcure Phyto and Echinax are our products to help our customers take charge of their health and keep their loved ones healthy. We also know that many Malaysians rely on herbal supplements to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing. Therefore, we are proud with our Herbalmeds range, that is backed by science and clinical evidence to help Malaysians stay on top of their health,” added Mr. Balaji Rajagopal.

Relieve pain with Herbalmeds Curcure Phyto
  • Herbalmeds Curcure Phyto contains Curcumin, which is a key bioactive compound found in Turmeric. The product is traditionally used to relieve pain caused by inflammation e.g., pain caused by osteoarthritis.
  • As most of the plant extracts are poorly absorbed in the body, Curcure Phyto utilizes Meriva®’s patented delivery to improve the bioavailability and absorption of Curcumin.
  • Recommended dosage: One tablet of Herbalmeds Curcure Phyto twice daily with meal or as recommended by the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Recommended retail price: RM99.90 for 30 tablets

Relieve symptoms of cold and flu with Herbalmeds Echinax
  • Herbalmeds Echinax contains Echinacea purpurea.
  • It is a natural, non-drowsy herb which is traditionally used to provide relief to the symptoms of cold and flu.
  • It uses soft gel formulation.
  • Recommended Dosage: (For adults) One capsule three times daily with meal or as directed by the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Recommended retail price: RM99.90 for 30 capsules.

Reducing menopausal symptoms with Herbalmeds Femosa
  • Women will likely experience natural menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, averaging around age 50. Some of the common symptoms include irregular period, night sweats, sleeping disorders, hot flashes, loss of libido and vaginal dryness.
  • Herbalmeds Femosa contains standardized extract of Black Cohosh (rhizome of the medicinal plant Cimicifuga racemosa), a traditional plant native of North America through High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) which is a method of analysis.
  • This product is used by women to reduce menopausal symptoms especially hot flashes. Women with menopausal symptoms may consider taking Herbalmeds Femosa to alleviate the discomfort cause by the symptoms.
  • It uses soft gel formulation.
  • Recommended dosage: One capsule of Herbalmeds Femosa daily with dinner, or as advised by the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Recommended retail price: RM79.90 for 30 capsules.

The new Herbalmeds range is now available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

KKLIU 1042/ 2021

The future of aircraft maintenance arrives in Malaysia

Asia Digital Engineering set for further expansion with CAAM base maintenance approval

ADE performing maintenance on a Myanmar Airways aircraft in the hangar at KLIA

Asia Digital Engineering Sdn Bhd (ADE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AirAsia Group Berhad, is well on its way of becoming Asia’s leading provider of aviation engineering services as it obtained base maintenance approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

With the approval, ADE will now not only perform regular line maintenance, but also base maintenance (hangar or C-checks) for the AirAsia Group’s airlines, and will also be available to support third party airlines for aircraft maintenance repairs and overhaul (MRO).

Mahesh Kumar, CEO of ADE said: “ADE has made great progress since it was launched in the midst of the pandemic in September last year. We are thrilled to expand our services now to support AirAsia Group and other airlines in the region. AirAsia Group have been sending aircraft to other MRO operators for scheduled base maintenance, which will now be able to be serviced locally in Malaysia delivering significant efficiencies including reduced maintenance costs. Furthermore, ADE has received approvals from the Directorates-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India and Indonesia and we will continue to work with other aviation authorities in Asean as well as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for further approvals to support more local, regional and international operators with leading edge technology, innovation, and great value services at the highest quality.

“We always believe Malaysia should be the strategic hub for aircraft maintenance in the region and beyond, creating jobs and economic benefits for the future and we thank CAAM for assisting to make this a reality. Based on demand, we are looking to expand our aircraft maintenance facilities and services in KLIA, Johor and other airports in Malaysia by either utilising existing hangars or building new hangars.

“With this base maintenance approval from CAAM, ADE is now poised to become not just the biggest MRO in Malaysia, but also one of the biggest in Asean and beyond. Importantly, as ADE continues to drive digital innovation, our base maintenance division will continue to enable ADE to deliver industry leading, cost effective and high quality solutions through cutting edge technologies, which previously were not possible.

“Our operations are highly driven by big data and state-of-the-art digital technologies. Being a fully integrated digital company, we strive for operational excellence through enhanced visibility, intelligence, and decision making enabled by data. By combining data from our daily operations with other external data sources, we can provide our customers with the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions to meet their needs.”

“With our experienced team of more than 19 years supporting AirAsia Group's airline operations, our qualified technical workforce will ensure best in breed services tailored to any operation. As every aircraft is unique and every situation requires a tailored solution with an optimum outcome, we will always ensure the best, tailor-made solutions in supporting our clients.”

Samsung Announces Global Expansion of Bespoke Appliance Lineup at ‘Bespoke Home 2021’

Bespoke Home celebrates the global expansion of Samsung’s customizable refrigerator lineup, serving as a new platform to showcase an expanded Bespoke product portfolio including new lifestyle appliances and connected solutions.

Samsung Electronics today hosts Bespoke Home 2021, a new virtual platform and global showcase for Samsung Home Appliances. The event highlights the global expansion of the Bespoke refrigerator lineup and nods to the upcoming global launch of the Bespoke Kitchen package, along with new lifestyle appliances and integrated IoT solutions — all of which can make home life more personalized, flexible, and intelligent.

“We are delighted to announce the global expansion of our Bespoke lineup, offering comprehensive lifestyle solutions to empower consumers who are exploring their emerging lifestyle needs,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “It is our mission to develop products that help consumers manage and run their lives better.”

The Customizable Fridge Goes Global
The Bespoke refrigerator lineup is expanding to North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS, the Middle East, and selected regions across Asia and Africa. Bespoke comes in over 20 original colors and seven finishes worldwide, providing a generous number of combinations to choose from. The Bespoke refrigerator also offers Samsung’s trademark large capacity, convenience, and powerful cooling performance.

In North America, consumers can choose from a 4-Door Flex, a 1-Door Column, or a 2-Door Bottom-Mount Freezer. Samsung created a variety of unique metal colors for the region, including Champagne Rose Steel, Navy Steel, and Matte Black Steel.

In Europe, Bespoke is available in 1-Door and Slim 1-Door options, and Bottom-Mount Freezer models
in 1.8- and 2-meter options with six different finishes and a broad palette, ranging from classic white to soft pastels and statement colors.

A Kitchen Packaged for You
The new Bespoke kitchen package is Samsung’s first global expansion of Bespoke products beyond refrigerators, bringing the philosophy of customized appliances to the entire kitchen starting with markets in the U.S. and Europe. Launching in the second half of this year, the North American offering centers on the company’s flagship Bespoke refrigerators and expands to include a Bespoke range, microwave oven and dishwasher, exquisitely built in the same look-and-feel as the refrigerator.

The package allows customers to unify or mix and match their kitchen aesthetic around their favorite color and finish, with choices of Matte Black Steel, Navy Steel, Champagne Rose Steel and White Glass.

Appliances that Plug Right into Your Lifestyle
Samsung will also launch its expanded lineup of purposeful lifestyle appliances in North America and Europe this year, including Bespoke AirDresser, Bespoke air purifier, and Bespoke Jet™ stick vacuum cleaner. With homes doubling as offices, gyms and classrooms, these new Bespoke Home appliances address day-to-day needs by providing more flexibility, automation and hygiene.

New lifestyle appliances that are launching in North America and Europe include:
  • Bespoke AirDresser delivers a range of clothing care solutions to ensure that garments are kept in tip-top shape and does it with upgraded Bespoke style. It launches in Europe and in the U.S. in the second half of 2021.
  • Bespoke air purifier draws air from five directions to purify the air rapidly and intensively, even in large spaces. Its ultrafine purification system can remove 99.999 percent of 0.01µm dust,* while the 3 Way smart discharge circulates clean air in various directions. The unit is available in a range of designs and colors and launches in the U.S. during the third quarter.
  • Bespoke Jet™ comes with a Clean Station™ and charging station attached, offering users a comprehensive cleaning solution. Once done vacuuming, the user simply docks the vacuum and it’ll empty and charge on its own. The new Bespoke Jet™ will be available in three colors and launches in U.S., Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.
  • Jet Bot AI+ is the first robot vacuum to come equipped with an Intel® AI solution. The smart vacuum leverages its object recognition technology, along with its LiDAR and 3D sensors to identify objects and determine the optimal cleaning path. Also outfitted with a camera, Jet Bot AI+ is integrated with the SmartThings app to assist with remote home monitoring. It will be available in U.S., Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.

Other new lifestyle appliances include:
  • Bespoke ShoeDresser pampers your favorite shoes so they feel fresh after each wear. The unit deodorizes, dehumidifies, and dries shoes based on their material and shape, ensuring they are maintained with proper care.
  • Bespoke Cube refrigerator provides modular storage for items other than groceries, such as wine, beer and beauty products. This device is quiet enough to have in the bedroom or next to the sofa, or wherever one prefers to hold special items that need to stay cool.
  • Bespoke water purifier is available with a single faucet or multiple faucets. It is equipped with a four-level filter system and can filter up to 2,500 liters of water, which is enough for a four-person family to drink for a year. Water volume and temperature can be set by voice control using Bixby.

SmartThings Support Your Connected Life
Samsung’s vision for the Bespoke Home also emphasizes connected living through AI and automation. Driving this vision is Samsung’s SmartThings, which provides users with a centralized and effortless home management platform.

  • SmartThings Cooking provides personalized meal plans and recipes that reflect user preferences and fridge inventory, automatically applying cooking temperatures and modes based on each recipe directly to synced cooking appliances. The service is already available in North America and select countries in Europe.
  • SmartThings Pet syncs with home appliances like the Bespoke air purifier and Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum to let users check on their pet when not at home. The service is set to launch globally in Europe, Latin America, and Asia during the second half of 2021.
  • SmartThings Clothing Care syncs with the Bespoke AirDresser as well as smart washers and dryers to make laundry days more efficient. The service recommends device cycles and settings for optimal care, taking the guesswork out. The SmartThings Clothing Care service is currently available in the U.S. and Europe. The update to connect the new Bespoke AirDresser will be available in the U.S. and select European markets in the second half of 2021.
  • SmartThings Air syncs with Samsung’s air purifier and air conditioner to monitor air quality in and outside the user’s home in real time. It launches in the U.S. in the second half of 2021.

* Disclaimer: Based on internal testing in accordance with the Korea Air Cleaning Association indoor air purifier test and evaluation (SPS-KACA 002-0132:2018). Reduced the amount of 0.01µm dust by 99.999% after 13 minutes using the High mode. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
Disclaimer: All products mentioned are available in Korean and selected countries. Products specifications may vary by country.

DATA Asia To Help Overcome Digitalisation Challenges Faced by SMEs Face Amidst Pandemic

DATA Asia 2021 to help Malaysian SMEs remove barriers to digitalisation

Despite the surge in digital adoption rate among Malaysian consumers since the first movement control order in March last year, small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are slow to catch up.

According to Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) founder Jason Low, a large portion of SMEs have yet to digitalise their business. As such, over 30,000 SMEs have closed in 2020 alone following the decline in business and inability to cope with high overhead costs.

As more businesses are adopting digitalization to ease the impact of the pandemic, those who are left out are finding it difficult to survive. The main challenges for SMEs in digitalization are insufficient technology, skillset, and funding. Many SMEs owners also find that they do not know how and where to digitalize.

Jason Low
Low, who has worked as SME digital enablement specialist for 5 years said, “packaging digital enablement tools to SMEs requires a different pitch all together.

“Typically SMEs are run by owners who believe and have been successful in using the traditional methods of reaching out to customers. Cloud computing, data analytics and internet-of-things (IoT) are big words which they may not understand.

“For these owners, adoption means having to spend time and resources that they may not have to learn new skills. There is also the worry that these technologies will be expensive to implement,” said Low.

To help simplify the process of digitalisation and remove barriers for SMEs, VTF will be organising a DATA Asia 2021 virtual exhibition between May 24-30, 2021. DATA Asia virtual tech exhibition was curated to help SME owners discover the right digitalisation tools for their business in an interactive virtual environment, instead of hearing pitches in silos.

“We have incorporated gamification technology, business matching tools etc to make the experience more immersive and easy to participate even for those with little technology knowledge,” Jason said, adding that DATA Asia aims to accelerate the process of SME digitalisation by bringing together digitalisation enablers and matching them to SME owners based on their digital needs.

Barriers like lack of understanding and lack of funds will be removed, he said, given that DATA Asia has customised the user interface and experience to make it simple for SME owners to use and connect with digital ecosystems such as cloud computing, e-commerce and payment solution providers..

“At the expo, these SME owners will be able to learn about ways to get their digital transformation journey funded. They will also get the chance to mingle with industry leaders through keynote speaker sessions,” he said.

According to one of the exhibition sponsors, Exabytes, e-commerce adoption among SMEs in their database had seen a 70% increase between March and December last year compared to the same period the year before.

Exabytes, which is one of the local digital enablers that qualifies SMEs for MDEC 50% matching grants for digital solutions costing up to RM10,000 now has over 160,000 SMEs in its database.

“The more popular packages that SMEs opted for were eCommerce Starter, an eCommerce website with the capacity of listing up to 1,000 products with 6 products pre-inserted during our setup. And for solutions, our Managed eCommerce Solution is the most sought-after. This solution includes the building of an eCommerce store, managing businesses' eCommerce operation plus marketing activities, digital advertising, data analysis and more.

“We believe that the demand surge for these packages were due to the shifts in shopping behaviour among customers. Covid-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the transition to a more digital environment and sparked shifts in the eCommerce industry that are likely to have long-term consequences. Following the pandemic, more than half of the survey’s respondents now shop online more frequently and rely on the internet more, so it is a huge plus to the online retail industry. Ordering food, delivering things to others, buying clothes and even stocking up on wet groceries are made online because people want to stay at home. SMEs who are now online retailers are doing their very best to retain their customers by ensuring a more comprehensive online store setup and appropriate marketing” said Exabytes CEO Chan Kee Siak.

Entice Yourself with the Possibilities of HUAWEI MeeTime and Pre-Order the HUAWEI Vision S 55” Before 12 May for RM200 Instant Rebate¹

Buy the HUAWEI Vision S 65” now and enjoy free gifts [2] worth up to RM698*!

The launch of HUAWEI Vision S Series in Malaysia marks the first market outside China to launch this product. The Smart Screen is the key pillar invention equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that strengthens the Seamless AI Life Strategy and “1+8+N” concept.

From now until 12 May 2021, you can purchase online the brand-new HUAWEI Vision S 65” priced only at RM3,999 and walk away with free gifts worth up to RM698 [3]. If you think the 65” is too big for your liking, the HUAWEI Vision S 55” is also available for pre-order online at RM2,999 until 12 May, where you stand a chance of winning amazing gifts with every pre-order. However, if you want to give it some more thought, you can purchase the 55” Smart Screen in-store starting from 13 May.


55” HUAWEI Vision S

Pre-order Gifts

1. RM200 Instant Rebate[4] (only applicable on HUAWEI Store online & Huawei Official Store on Shopee)


1Huawei Store Online

2. Shopee

On top of all the awesome gifts, HUAWEI wants to celebrate Raya together with an exclusive gift* worth up to RM189 when you purchase any of the HUAWEI Vision S variant in the whole month of May.

Not only that, between today until May 16, HUAWEI is also offering you a chance to win another HUAWEI Vision S 65” with any purchase of selected HUAWEI products. Click here for more information.

The Versatility of HUAWEI MeeTime
The HUAWEI Vision S Series is fitted with high definition 1080p HUAWEI MeeTime, giving you a crystal-clear high-definition video calls between you and your loved ones. What’s more interesting about the HUAWEI MeeTime, you can make a video call between two HUAWEI Vision S models or between a Vision S and other supporting devices such as HUAWE smartphones or tablets.

That is not all! Not only it works between the Smart Screen and HUAWEI smartphones but also with smartphones operating on Android 8.0 and above. All you need to do is download the HUAWEI Vision app and you can enjoy the 1080p video call feature. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. HUAWEI Phone: From AppGallery;
  2. Non-HUAWEI user with smartphone operating on Android 8.0 and above: Download the app by scanning the QR code:

Endless Possibilities with HUAWEI Vision S
The Smart Screen is also packed with limitless content at your fingertip. The HUAWEI AppGallery gives you access to plenty of applications for you to enjoy from karaoke and games. Besides that, there are also utility applications such as Doc2Us, Kaodim and Kuali at your service. You can also plug-in your HDMI devices or TV box and access to those popular content that you usually watch.

Indulge Yourself in the Limitless Features of the HUAWEI Vision S Series
As an entertainment piece, the Smart Screen guarantees buttery-smooth visuals and sumptuous audio for every content. Fitted with the 120Hz 4K Ultra High-Definition display coupled with the Quad-10W Speakers, the Smart Screen elevates your visual and audio experience to a cinematic level at the comfort of your home.

The HUAWEI Vision S Series comes with OneHop projection which eases interconnectivity between your devices. With one tap of your HUAWEI smartphone against the HUAWEI Share icon on the Smart Screen remote control, you will be able to view your smartphone’s content on the screen’s larger display, almost instantaneously.

New Way of Shopping via the HUAWEI MeeTime

Introducing a new way of shopping as we bring video calling to the stores! From today, stores empowered with HUAWEI MeeTime can make voice or video calls with online customers. Just click here to find out which stores you can call to.

Also, stand a chance to receive a mystery free gift* when you head over to the selected HUAWEI Experience Store (HES) to experience the HUAWEI Vision S Series!

[1] Applicable on HUAWEI Store Online and Shopee, first come first served; while stocks last.
[2] Free gifts available, first come first served; while stocks last
[3] Free gifts available, first come first served; while stocks last
[4] Applicable on HUAWEI Store Online and Shopee, first come first served; while stocks last.

IKHLAS charts new milestone with introduction of mobile app

(2nd right) Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Executive Chairman AirAsia Group together with (2nd left) Yang Berbahagia Datuk Dr. Luqman bin Abdullah, Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, (Right) Muhammad Afiq bin Zainal Abidin, Special officer of Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur  and (left) Ikhlas Kamarudin, Head of IKHLAS for the introduction of IKHLAS mobile app.

IKHLAS, airasia Digital’s Muslim-friendly line of business continues to grow in strength with the introduction of its mobile app, making IKHLAS an even more convenient and accessible platform for the Muslim community in Malaysia and the region.

The brand new app offers greater convenience with features like prayer time info and notifications, Qibla compass, Shop with IKHLAS e-commerce platform, payments for Sadaqah, Fidyah, Zakat, Aqiqah and Qurban. Users will also be able to get the latest updates from participating mosques and Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) as part of a community feature, with other engagement activity options coming soon called ‘Sahabat IKHLAS’.

Apart from being a standalone mobile app, IKHLAS will continue to be accessible via the airasia super app.

Ikhlas Kamarudin, Head of IKHLAS said, “The introduction of our mobile app in the holy month of Ramadan marks another milestone for IKHLAS as we continue to innovate and provide an enhanced experience for our customers. With the recent Movement Control Order announcement, this mobile app will help to provide an easy, seamless and accessible Muslim-friendly platform for the community to fulfil their religious obligations, but also to purchase their daily needs from Halal-certified vendors. We strive to be an all-in-one preferred platform for the Muslim community nationwide and will be introducing more exciting features, products and services in the near future.

“We are very happy to update that our ‘Road to Ramadan’ Campaign that started in March has raised over RM580,000 and we have been actively distributing necessities and meals nationwide, benefiting at least 2,200 families. This is on top of our regular distribution of over 10,000 hot meals to frontliners across the country. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contribution and wish everyone a blessed Eid Mubarak,” added Ikhlas.

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Dr. Luqman bin Abdullah, Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur said, “Congratulations to for introducing a new mobile app which can assist the Muslim community to perform their obligations at their fingertips, which complies with the Shariah. I hope IKHLAS will continue to evolve in carrying out more exciting and great initiatives through the brand, Insyallah.”

The IKHLAS mobile app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. IKHLAS currently offers numerous services such as Zakat, Sadaqah - Give with IKHLAS, Fidyah, Aqiqah, Qurban, e-commerce platform - Shop with IKHLAS and will be introducing Thanksgiving, Ziarah and Umrah services in the future.

McDonald’s Malaysia and Astro Collaborate to Give Back to the Community During Ramadhan Through McDelivery Berbakti

A bike convoy – consisting of McDelivery riders – on standby to deliver food to the frontliners. McDonald’s Malaysia collaborated with Astro through McDelivery Berbakti, an initiative that saw the delivery of food and daily essentials to asnaf families and the country’s frontliners during the holy month of Ramadhan.

McDonald’s Malaysia collaborated with Astro through McDelivery Berbakti, an initiative that saw the delivery of food and daily essentials to asnaf families and the country’s frontliners during the holy month of Ramadhan.

McDonald’s Malaysia and Astro, alongside representatives from Pusat Pungutan Zakat-MAIWP (PPZ-MAIWP) provided cash donations, daily essentials, and McDonald’s buka puasa meals, during a visit to 10 asnaf families, as part of the Ziarah Ramadhan programme.

In April, McDonald’s and Astro participated in the Ziarah Ramadan programme organised by Pusat Pungutan Zakat-Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (PPZ-MAIWP), where 10 asnaf families each received cash donations, daily essentials, and McDonald’s buka puasa meals.

“The holy month of Ramadhan is a time of reflection and giving back to the less fortunate. In these trying times that we are living in, it is important for us as an organisation to remind the community that they are not alone,” said Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director and Local Operating Partner, McDonald’s Malaysia.

Several charitable activities were carried out by McDonald’s and Astro during Ramadhan, including handing out meals to 1,000 frontliners at Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Kuala Lumpur (IPK KL) and Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) with singer-cum-host, Alif Satar, to show gratitude towards these frontliners who are unwavering in their dedication towards playing an active role to keep Malaysians safe.

Through the McDelivery Berbakti initiative, McDonald’s Malaysia and Astro handed out meals to 1,000 frontliners at Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Kuala Lumpur (IPK KL) and Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) with singer-cum-host, Alif Satar, to show gratitude towards these frontliners who are unwavering in their dedication towards playing an active role to keep Malaysians safe.

“We are pleased to partner with McDonald’s this Ramadhan in reaching out to the community. We are glad that despite the restrictions in place, we still managed to carry out the activities we planned out together, while still strictly adhering to the necessary standard operating procedures (SOPs),” said Wong See Wei, Director, Media Solutions, Astro.

Apart from its collaboration with Astro this Ramadhan, McDonald’s Malaysia continued its food sponsorship to selected mosques nationwide for after-prayer meals (moreh).

Apart from its collaboration with Astro this Ramadhan, McDonald’s Malaysia continued its food sponsorship to selected mosques nationwide for after-prayer meals (moreh).

McDonald’s charity of choice, Ronald McDonald House Charities also organised buka puasa sessions for 5 orphanages in the Klang Valley and Kelantan, and contributed RM5,000 in cash to each home.

Engaging with the community underscores McDonald’s commitment in creating a positive impact in society. Last year alone, more than 7,000 community programmes were initiated by McDonald’s that brought joy to the lives of millions of Malaysians.

Celebrate Award-Winning Movies at Home with LG’s Critically Acclaimed OLED TV and Dolby Magic

For movie buffs who are pining for the opportunity to head to their local theater and check out the latest award-winning films, the last months have been tough. Thankfully, there’s truly immersive cinematic experiences to be had right at home on the living room sofa, courtesy of LG’s darling of the movie industry, the critically acclaimed LG OLED TV.

Blockbusters, film festival favorites and laugh-a-minute comedies are all brought to life thanks to the top-class combination of LG’s next-gen TV and Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies. LG OLED TV is itself an award winner, honored earlier this year at the Engineering Emmy® Awards. Along with this official recognition, LG OLED is also considered to offer the best viewing experience by many of the world’s top producers, directors and cinematographers. A genuine ‘star’ in several Hollywood movie studios, LG’s TV is prized for its exceptionally accurate color reproduction and unsurpassed contrast – enabled by the precision of its self-lit pixels and unique backlight-less structure.

The rich, sharp details and perfect blacks of LG OLED make even the darkest of scenes come alive, helping to draw the viewer into an immersive world of movie magic. Able to reveal the creative intent and vision behind each frame, LG’s exceptional TVs are also the choice of professional content creators.

One of its many supporters in the movie industry is world-renowned South Korean cinematographer, Hong Kyung-pyo, best known for ‘Parasite’ (2019), the first South Korean film that won, among numerous accolades, four awards at the 92nd Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film. It became the first South Korean film to receive Academy Award recognition, as well as the first non-English-language film to win Best Picture.

Hong Kyung-pyo, cinematographer of ‘Parasite’ (2019), and ‘Snowpiercer’ (2013)

Hong recently shared his thoughts on LG OLED, calling it the best TV for the most cinematic experience, joining other high profile Hollywood creators who, along the time, praised OLED TVs’ capacity to bring the story to live.

And if that isn’t enough, LG OLED TVs come equipped with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. Dolby Vision IQ makes entertainment come alive with ultravivid picture quality – incredible brightness, contrast, color, and detail – while Dolby Atmos will blow away what you thought a TV’s built-in speakers could sound like through rich audio quality that envelopes listeners in a wave of sounds. Together with LG OLED’s stunning screen, viewers will be drawn closer to the movies they love. For a list of movies brought to life in Dolby that can be enjoyed on LG’s premium TVs and soundbars, click here.

What’s more, LG TVs come with Filmmaker Mode, whose importance has been stated by the high profile Hollywood names. LG has been a constant supporter of the Seventh Art over time, across the globe, with numerous initiatives dedicated to bolstering the creative industry.