Home Automotive Hamel Malaysia Driving in Style and Comfort: A Comprehensive User Experience with Hamel Malaysia Ultimate Car Care Services
Home Automotive Hamel Malaysia Driving in Style and Comfort: A Comprehensive User Experience with Hamel Malaysia Ultimate Car Care Services

Driving in Style and Comfort: A Comprehensive User Experience with Hamel Malaysia Ultimate Car Care Services

If you recall from a previous article, we explored the process of purchasing your Perodua car, and discussed in detail the differences between tinting, coating, and Paint Protection Film (PPF). Now, allow me to introduce you to my personal journey with Hamel Malaysia, a well-known and a frontrunner in the vehicle care industry.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of my experience with Hamel Malaysia, right from the initial decision-making process, the wide array of products and services offered, the convenience in arranging an appointment, to the after-sales service. It aims to offer an authentic review of the company's operations, workmanship, the quality of their products, and most importantly, their customer service, based on my personal account.

Hamel Malaysia has carved a niche for itself as a trusted name in the vehicle care sector. Specializing in car window tinting, coating, and Paint Protection Film (PPF), Hamel Malaysia sets the benchmark in the industry, delivering unparalleled service quality and customer experience. Let's delve deeper into my experience with Hamel Malaysia, and understand what makes them the top choice for vehicle owners.

My journey began with the purchase of a brand new Perodua Ativa, a compact yet powerful SUV designed to navigate through the busy city streets of Malaysia with ease. Buying a new car is an exhilarating experience for everyone, and as with any investment, it's crucial to ensure its protection and maintenance. This is where my experience with Hamel Malaysia began.
The day I drove off the dealership lot with my brand-new Perodua Ativa was one of pure exhilaration. The smell of new upholstery, the shine of the freshly waxed paint job, and the feel of the sturdy grip on the wheel were all intoxicating. However, there was a decision to make, a crucial one for the long-term well-being of my new ride: protecting it. After considering various options, the choice was crystal clear - Hamel Malaysia.

Hamel Malaysia, in operation since 2012, is a front-runner in the automotive care industry. Their high standards, stringent adherence to quality control, and superior customer service distinguish them as a reliable and trustworthy provider. As a new customer who was thoroughly impressed by the superior quality, outstanding workmanship, and exceptional services offered by their Setapak branch, I can attest to their commitment and dedication.

Making the Ultimate Choice: The 3-in-1 Package
After thorough research and consultation with their knowledgeable staff, I decided on Hamel’s 3-in-1 package, the ISO Class 2 worth RM5,899, which provides comprehensive car care, including tinting, coating, and Paint Protection Film (PPF). It felt like the most holistic solution to cater to my SUV's protection needs.

Understanding the Breakdown of the Package
So, what exactly does this package offer? To break it down, the 3-in-1 package essentially includes the following:
  • Tinting: I opted to upgrade my tint to the multiple-layer nano-ceramic sputter tint, which comes with three variations catering to different sections of the vehicle. For the front screen, a 2 mil solar film with an IRR of 97% and TSER of 71% - 85% is applied. The side screens are fitted with a 5 mil safety film that has an IRR of 95% and TSER of 63% - 77%. Lastly, the rear screen receives a 2 mil solar film with an IRR of 97% and a TSER of 71% - 85%.
  • Coating: The coating process is two-tiered. First, a layer of glass coating is applied for protection. Following that, M1 Nano Ceramic Coating is applied as a softener. The package also includes a free full surface maintenance service and offers a five-year coating warranty.
  • PPF: The package covers PPF application for various high-impact areas of the vehicle, including door cups, door edges, the front bumper, the front hood, and trunk edges.

The added bonus here is the additional protection and detailing provided to the vehicle exterior (head lamp, tail lamp, tyre rims, window panels) and interior (dashboard, leather seats, door panels) and premium polishing. What makes this package stand out, however, is its long-lasting gloss and shine which give the car a brand new look even after months of usage.

Arriving at the Hamel Malaysia Setapak Branch
I opted for the Setapak branch, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The outlet was very conveniently situated at Platinum Walk, a place bustling with activity and easy to find. As soon as I arrived, the Hamel team welcomed me warmly, assuring me that my car was in safe hands. The staff had a deep understanding of their work and were able to explain the process of applying the window film in detail.
Before visiting the branch, I had already established communication with the Hamel Malaysia team via WhatsApp. I must commend their responsive and highly efficient customer service team that walked me through the process of setting up an appointment seamlessly. This proactive approach to customer service assured me that I was dealing with a professional outfit even before I set foot at their location.

Upon my arrival at the Setapak branch, I was welcomed by a well-organized, clean facility, which was quite impressive. It was clear that Hamel Malaysia places a high value on maintaining a professional and comfortable environment for its customers. The reception area was neat and tidy, with comfortable seating and informative brochures available. 
The entire place was buzzing with activity, yet it maintained a level of serenity, which was quite comforting.  Immediately upon entering, I was greeted by one of the service advisors who welcomed me with a warm smile. His demeanor was professional yet friendly, and he seemed genuinely eager to assist me. This was a wonderful first impression and it set a positive tone for the rest of my experience at Hamel Malaysia.

Discovering the Hamel Products

The one-stop solution that Hamel provides is extensive, yet every product they offer adheres to the same high standards of quality. Each product is ISO, SIRIM, SGS, and IAQ certified, which speaks volumes about their commitment to safety and longevity.

The Multiple Layer Nano Ceramic Sputter Tint
The key attraction in the package was undoubtedly the multiple-layer Nano Ceramic Sputter Tint. With an impressive heat rejection rating of up to 97% and thickness of 2 mil for the front and rear screens and 5 mil for the side screens, the nano-ceramic tint was a clear standout.

What's fascinating about this technology is its ability to adapt to different light conditions. In bright daylight, the tint darkens to shield the interiors from harsh sunlight. As the day turns into night, the tint lightens, ensuring improved visibility for safer driving. This auto-adapting feature is known as the 'Naturechromic effect.'

The beauty of this tint lies in the detail. Its manufacturing process involves a state-of-the-art method of metalizing nano-ceramic particles onto a polymer substrate. The film's robust and reliable material assures durability and longevity, which is fundamental in maintaining the car's aesthetic appeal.

The Dual Coating Service
The second component of the package was the dual Coating service. The unique combination of Glass Coating for protection and M1 Nano Ceramic Coating as a softener significantly enhances the vehicle's appearance and safeguards it from external damages.

The Glass Coating forms an impregnable, hard shell over the vehicle's paint surface, ensuring optimal protection against environmental elements. By forming a transparent, smooth, and glossy layer, it helps keep the vehicle in its best form for an extended period.

The M1 Nano Ceramic Coating, on the other hand, provides a soft, velvety layer that enhances the vehicle's shine. This flexible, water-repellent layer also prevents minor scratches and swirl marks, keeping the vehicle in pristine condition.

Additionally, the coating process also covers other external areas such as the headlamps, tail lamps, tyre rims, and window panels. As a testament to Hamel’s comprehensive service, the coating is also applied to the interior sections, including the dashboard, leather seats, and door panels.

The Paint Protection Film
The third part of the package involves applying the Paint Protection Film (PPF) to protect the vehicle from chips and scratches. The PPF is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to the car's painted surfaces, providing a strong protective layer against potential damage.

PPF is an excellent addition to any vehicle, especially when it comes to an SUV like my Perodua Ativa. It helps maintain the original paintwork of the car and shields it from small rocks, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

The PPF application process involved in the package includes the door cups, door edge, front bumper, headlamp, front hood, and trunk edges. The skilled technicians at Hamel ensured that each of these sections received meticulous attention to prevent any possible areas of future damage.

The Hamel Service Experience
Hamel Malaysia's dedication to superior customer service is truly remarkable. From the moment I walked into the Setapak branch, I was met with a team of professionals who were not only knowledgeable about their products but also passionate about their craft.

Each member of the team provided me with clear and concise information about the services I was availing of. They took their time to explain the different options available and helped me choose the best package that would provide comprehensive protection for my vehicle.

One aspect of their service that stood out was their commitment to delivering top-notch quality. During the application process, their team meticulously inspected every inch of my vehicle to ensure that the coatings and films were applied perfectly.

Their attention to detail did not stop there. After the applications were complete, they took the time to explain how to properly care for and maintain the coatings and films to ensure they last for years. They provided me with a care guide that detailed step-by-step instructions on the dos and don'ts of car maintenance, covering everything from washing and drying to polishing and scratch removal.

An essential part of maintaining a vehicle's aesthetic appeal and functionality involves regular check-ups. This is where Hamel Malaysia's commitment to service really shines through. They offer an extensive follow-up service that includes routine inspections and necessary touch-ups, ensuring that your car always remains in peak condition.

Hamel's Comprehensive Car Care Range
Beyond the 3-in-1 package, Hamel offers a range of other products and services aimed at enhancing and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. For example, their advanced car waxing services use top-quality products to provide your car with a lasting shine and an added layer of protection.

They also offer a range of interior detailing services, including deep cleaning and sanitizing of car seats, carpets, and other upholstery. This not only improves the look and feel of your vehicle's interior but also helps to eliminate bacteria and allergens, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable driving environment.

Hamel’s premium polishing service is another worthy mention. This service can be a game-changer for older vehicles showing signs of wear and tear, and can rejuvenate them, making them look almost new. The polishing service helps remove minor scratches, dullness, and imperfections on the surface of the car, restoring its original luster and shine.

Staying true to their comprehensive approach, Hamel’s service doesn't stop at just cars. They extend their services to other vehicles such as motorcycles, offering specific protective coatings that keep them in optimal condition.

Impact on Resale Value
One of the notable aspects of getting a high-quality protective coating for your vehicle is the potential impact on its resale value. A well-maintained car that has been kept in excellent condition through a comprehensive protective coating is likely to have a higher resale value than a similar vehicle without such protection.

By investing in Hamel's 3-in-1 package, you're not just protecting your vehicle against immediate threats; you're also preserving its value for the future. The package keeps your car looking newer for longer, which can be a major selling point if you ever decide to upgrade or trade-in your vehicle.

The Eco-friendly Aspect
In today's world, where environmental consciousness is of paramount importance, Hamel Malaysia stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly practices. They use water-based, non-toxic, and low-VOC products that are safe for both their customers and the environment.

Furthermore, their high-quality protective films and coatings help prolong the lifespan of a vehicle's paint job, reducing the need for frequent repainting, which in turn contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

Hamel's Commitment to Excellence
In conclusion, my experience with Hamel Malaysia was nothing short of exceptional. The comprehensive protection and maintenance provided by their 3-in-1 package have kept my Perodua Ativa looking as good as new.

The Hamel Malaysia team's commitment to excellence, both in terms of the quality of their products and their customer service, has truly impressed me. They have proven that they are not just in the business of selling products, but in providing complete solutions that cater to every customer's unique needs.

If you're looking to invest in the protection and longevity of your vehicle, I wholeheartedly recommend Hamel Malaysia. Their range of services and products, coupled with their dedication to customer satisfaction, truly sets them apart in the automotive care industry.

While their 3-in-1 package was the perfect fit for my Perodua Ativa, they offer a variety of packages to cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you own a compact car, a luxury sedan, or an SUV, you're bound to find a package that fits your vehicle's needs and your personal preferences.

In the long run, investing in your car's protection and maintenance can save you from future repair and restoration costs, and helps retain its value, which is a key factor if you ever consider reselling. So, next time you buy a new vehicle, remember to prioritize its protection and maintenance, because a little investment today can save you a significant amount tomorrow.


Combo (Tint + Coating)

2 in 1 (Coating + PPF)

3 in 1 (Tint + Coating + PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

For more information or to book your appointment with Hamel Malaysia, or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to their dedicated team across their various branches: 

Kompleks Otomobil
Lot 13-54-G, Jalan Pahat J 15/J
Persiaran Selangor
Seksyen 15
40200 Shah Alam
Contact: Mr Bu : 012-749 1351 

No 8, Jalan Setia Murni AG U13/AG
Alam Nusantara
40170 Shah Alam
Contact: Mr Adnan: 012-902 1351 

11, Jalan Remia 4
Bandar Botanik
41200 Klang
Contact: Mr Hamid: 012-737 1351 

3, Jalan SS 4D/2
SS 4
47301 Petaling Jaya
Contact: Mr Peter: 019-979 1351 

Bandar Baru Bangi
Seksyen 9
Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 4
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi
Contact: Mr Damon: 019-676 1351 
17-0 Block B
Jalan Langkawi
Platinum Walk
Taman Danau Kota
53300 Kuala Lumpur 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 
Contact: Mr Sam: 012-925 1351 

 No. 33, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/2
Setia Tropika
81200 Johor Bahru
Contact: Mr Hafizul: 016-701 5581

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