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Make the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Your Top Smartphone Choice for Capturing and Sharing Best Moments

Capturing photos of everyday life and sharing them online is now a trending social activity that is said to be able to improve one’s well-being. It encourages people to indulge in every moment and appreciate the little things in life. Little moments are just as precious as the big ones. So, if you would like to join the fun bandwagon and capture meaningful moments easily, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is your best bet!

Tailored to complement the creative use of smartphone cameras to capture unique digital content for social media, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G makes the whole process more streamlined than ever before. Packed with an array of functionalities, the device allows you to capture and share dynamic content hassle free. The Flex Mode [1], in particular, offers you a more convenient foldable experience, allowing you capture unique perspectives hands free. Taking goofy group shots to celebrate the moment with your friends and family is a must. Which is why the Auto Framing feature on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G helps you capture videos and photos of all members in your group, in a frame and at the perfect angle.

Thanks to AI-powered machine learning capabilities, the Auto Framing feature is able to detect the body and faces of the subjects in front of the camera and will automatically adjust the angle of view. And with the rear’s camera AI Face Restoration and AI Face Retouch abilities, you and your peeps can stay flawless without having to spend time retouching the photos captured! Not forgetting how easy and quick it is to share those photos directly to your favourite social apps using the Multi Active Window [2] feature – all you need to do is to open your social app and the Gallery, at the same time, using the Drag & Split function. Say farewell to the constant switching between apps and the confusion of which photos you have selected to upload!

With the ease of capturing and sharing daily events using Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, you’ll discover a million of joyful moments sandwiched between the tedium of everyday life to cherish. Check out the infographic to learn more about the fun features of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G!

From 22 September to 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to receive a RM350 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM699 [3]. Plus, until 30th November 2021, be entitled to enjoy 30% OFF the recommended retail price of up to three selected accessories when you purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G! [4]

[1] Flex mode supported at angles between 75° and 115°. For your convenience, it may be difficult to maintain Flex mode while moving due to shaking or other movement. It is recommended to keep the phone stationary while in Flex mode.
[2] Multi Active Window works with select applications; compatible apps growing through third party developers.
[3] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.
[4] Please visit for more information and the full terms and conditions.

FedEx Express Teams Up With Leading E-commerce Platforms To Empower SMEs In Asia Pacific

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, unveiled a series of new integrations with leading e-commerce technology platforms [1] across the Asia Pacific region which will substantially benefit e-tailers or e-commerce sellers. This development comes at a time when small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are seeing significant demand for e-commerce services [2] and day-definite international express delivery services, especially with the upcoming year-end peak season. [3]

Changing consumer behavior resulting from the pandemic is spurring online transactions and e-commerce growth like never before. The Asia Pacific region is generating nearly two-thirds (64%) of global e-commerce spending. [4]Just as shoppers have switched to purchasing online, so have businesses. [5] More retailers are increasing their investment and engagement in online channels to capture consumer demand [6], resulting in increased demand for logistics support. According to McKinsey, the Asia e-commerce logistics market will account for 57% of total market growth from 2020 to 2025. [7]

FedEx is responding to the increasing needs from e-commerce businesses through the company’s innovative Compatible and Alliances programs. These two programs enable e-tailers to gain instant access to enhanced and affordable shipping solutions, allowing them to sell effortlessly on e-commerce platforms.

Under the FedEx Compatible program, FedEx customers can generate FedEx shipping labels and use additional FedEx features, such as Express Shipping Services and International Shipping Documentation Service, without leaving the e-commerce or marketplace platforms. This

simple and easy-to-follow integration of FedEx and platform/ marketplace accounts enables e-tailers easy and automated access to process orders. In addition, e-tailers on marketplaces will also benefit from exclusive discounts on FedEx rates under the Compatible program. To date, FedEx has integrated with 17 platforms, allowing hundreds of thousands of e-merchants across Asia Pacific direct access to FedEx services, using their FedEx account number, to manage shipments and grow cross-border their e-commerce business.

At the same time, the Alliances program allows all partners in the e-commerce ecosystem, including online shipping providers, to offer their e-tailer customers direct access to FedEx services at favorable rates.

“The e-commerce sector has only gotten stronger as a result of the pandemic, leapfrogging traditional commerce by as much as five times, [8] As the holiday season approaches, consumers are spending even more online. [9] To help e-tailers tap the growing demand, we are making our services more accessible to e-tailers and SMEs globally,” said Kawal Preet, president, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa Region, FedEx Express. “Our collaboration with leading e-commerce platforms is an important step toward building a robust e-commerce ecosystem where small businesses can enjoy the same services as large retail brands, thereby leveling the playing field. We look forward to collaborating with more like-minded partners to provide sustainable solutions at scale and further propel the entire e-commerce value chain.”

Please click HERE to view the technology platform providers who are integrated with the FedEx Compatible program.

[1] E-commerce platforms include Allroot, Aftership/Postmen, Ecommerce Cloud Processing Platform (ECPP), Easyship, EasyPost, eShipZ, Mabang, MangoERP, JianYing, Kuaidi100, QAD Precision, Ruiyun, Shipstation, Ship&Co, Tongtool and WallTech
[3] FedEx Q3 FY21 Earnings Call Transcript – FWS

Kempen “Vaxxed To Go” Agoda beri insentif kepada rakyat Malaysia yang lengkap vaksinasi

Kempen ‘Vaxxed To Go’ Agoda menjanjikan tawaran dan faedah percutian eksklusif kepada pelancong yang lengkap vaksinasi

Rakyat Malaysia kini mendapat sedikit kelonggaran untuk melancong semula dan dapat meninggalkan keresahan akibat duduk di rumah sekian lama. Pelancaran program rintis "gelembung pelancongan" baru-baru ini bukan sahaja memberikan harapan kepada industri pelancongan tempatan, malahan individu yang telah menerima vaksin turut akan mendapat pelbagai manfaat penginapan dan tawaran yang eksklusif di bawah kempen “Vaxxed To Go” oleh Agoda.

Kempen ‘Vaxxed To Go’ telah dilancarkan untuk mempromosikan percutian vaksin atau “vaxications” untuk rakyat Malaysia yang telah menerima vaksin dan sedia untuk keluar melancong semula. Kempen ‘Vaxxed-To-Go’ ini menawarkan pelbagai pakej unik yang boleh digunakan apabila kawalan pergerakan dilonggarkan kelak. Setiap pakej percutian disertakan dengan tiga atau lebih faedah dengan nilai tambahan, menjadikan pakej penginapan tersebut suatu tawaran yang amat berbaloi dan hebat. Faedah tambahan membolehkan pelancong yang telah menerima vaksin untuk menikmati percutian yang lebih santai dengan kemudahan seperti keutamaan daftar masuk, daftar masuk lebih awal atau daftar keluar lewat; pelbagai diskaun harga untuk makanan dan minuman; dan tawaran pengalaman unik di dalam hotel seperti pakej spa dan kesejahteraan.

Tawaran dan faedah istimewa ini boleh didapati melalui platform Vaxxed To Go, dan hanya dikhaskan kepada pelancong-pelancong yang boleh membuktikan ketika daftar masuk bahawa mereka sudah menerima vaksin yang lengkap mengikut peraturan yang telah ditetapkan oleh kerajaan Malaysia untuk melindungi warga kerja dan juga pelancong lain. Setakat ini, Badan Bertindak Imunisasi COVID-19 (CITF) mentakrifkan individu yang “lengkap vaksin” sebagai mereka yang telah menerima dua dos vaksin Pfizer, AstraZeneca dan Sinovac dan melepasi hari ke-14 dari tarikh suntikan dos kedua. Sementara itu, individu yang menerima vaksin satu dos seperti Cansino dianggap sebagai lengkap vaksin apabila melepasi hari ke-28 dari tarikh suntikan.

Tempoh penginapan ‘Vaxxed To Go’ untuk tawaran istimewa ini bermula dari sekarang sehingga bulan Jun 2022, dan para pelancong boleh mendapat jaminan tempahan yang fleksibel melalui pilihan ‘EasyCancel’ Agoda, yang membolehkan individu membatalkan atau menukar tempahan penginapan mereka sehingga 24 jam sebelum daftar masuk.

Di samping menggalakkan pelancongan yang bertanggungjawab, Agoda juga menghulurkan bantuan secara langsung kepada inisiatif kemanusiaan untuk meningkatkan kadar vaksinasi di dalam negara. Untuk setiap tempahan yang dibuat di bawah ‘Vaxxed To Go’, Agoda akan menyumbangkan RM 50, dengan jumlah maksimum RM 125,000 kepada program vaksinasi Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia (MRCS) yang menyantuni masyarakat yang terpinggir di dalam negara. Menerusi sumbangan ini, Agoda berharap dapat menyokong objektif MRCS dalam memastikan tiada yang tercicir dalam usaha vaksinasi ini.

“Kami berharap dapat memainkan peranan untuk memulihkan industri pelancongan tempatan — antara sektor ekonomi yang paling teruk terjejas ekoran pandemik Covid-19 — dengan memberikan tawaran yang menarik dan berbaloi untuk menggalakkan mereka yang lengkap vaksin untuk keluar melancong semula dengan selamat,” kata Mr. Cleland Robertson, Pengarah Negara, Malaysia dan Brunei, Agoda.

‘Vaxxed To Go’ merupakan satu program lanjutan dari tawaran ‘Agoda Special Offers’, yang telah dilancarkan pada bulan Mei dalam beberapa pasaran. Dengan Malaysia sebagai pasaran rintis untuk kempen tersebut, Agoda mensasarkan untuk melancarkan ‘Vaxxed To Go’ ke lebih banyak pasaran lain dalam beberapa bulan akan datang.

Setakat bulan September 2021, kira-kira 57.1% daripada populasi Malaysia telah lengkap dua dos vaksin COVID-19, dengan 67.7% telah menerima dos pertama vaksin. Dengan kadar vaksinasi yang memberansangkan, kerajaan telah memulakan program rintis "gelembung pelancongan" dengan Langkawi pada 16 September yang lalu dan lebih banyak destinasi akan dibenarkan beroperasi apabila kadar vaksinasi tempatan mencecah 80%.

Start Your Journey as a Content Creator with Galaxy A03s’ Versatile Cameras

Camera gears for filming and photography can be pretty expensive, costing up to thousands and thousands of Ringgit. But don’t let it discourage you from achieving your dream as a content creator. If you have been thinking about starting your own platform to create fun, insightful content but are not willing to invest in professional equipment yet, then you are in good hands. Not only the Galaxy A03s is affordable, but the versatile cameras on this device is perfect for those who are just starting out too.

Whether you’re taking a shot of your cooking or OOTDs on Instagram, record tutorials for YouTube or sharing your dancing skills with the world on TikTok, capture high-resolution photos and videos with the 13MP F2.2 main camera. If you want to take close-up shots of your creations like cupcake decoration or nail art, rely on the 2MP macro camera to capture sharp details with clarity. To minimise distractions or highlight the subject of your image, you can take stunning shots with the adjustable blur effect with the 2MP F2.4 depth camera too.

The device’s wide 6.5” Infinity-V display comes in handy when it comes to editing too [1]. If you’re worried that your tasks will drain the battery quickly, don’t. Since it’s packed with a powerful 5,000mAh battery, you can create and edit your work for hours and hours [2]. You can also add up to 1TB worth of storage with a microSD card [3] to save more photos and videos without having to worry about deleting all of your hard work.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Galaxy A03s only at a retail recommended price of RM559, here.

[1] Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.5” in the full rectangle and 6.3” accounting for the rounded corners.
[2] Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4,900mAh. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
[3] MicroSD card not included.

Spritzer Joins Hands With NGOs And Pledges Aid For Vulnerable Groups Affected By COVID-19

Company, which turns 32, affirms commitment to help communities in distress

Spritzer Malaysia (“Spritzer” or the “Company”), which produces Malaysia’s best-selling natural mineral water, is committed to the wellbeing of the community and has endeavoured to send aid to the vulnerable and less privileged in society during these challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is especially poignant for Spritzer as the Company turns 32 today, that the best way of celebrating another milestone in its corporate journey is to continue the commitment to support fellow Malaysians, especially those who have been marginalised by society and lack the basic necessities such as food, shelter or even safe drinking water.

Spritzer Malaysia recognises that the pandemic has been especially hard on those in the Bottom-40 income bracket, the Orang Asli, the homeless and those living in rural areas. The Company escalated its community outreach programme in April 2021 by working through non-governmental organisations (“NGOs”) to send them aid in the form of clean drinking water amid the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Company has, to-date, sponsored more than RM60,000 in aid nationwide that has been distributed through NGOs, food banks and restaurants on top of the other donation outreach activities, and will continue to support initiatives and community outreach programmes that targets marginalised or vulnerable groups.

Wellness Starts Today from Your Wrist with the Galaxy Watch4

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Samsung Malaysia Electronics recently announced that the Galaxy Watch4 Classic and Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth versions, along with Galaxy Buds2 will be available for purchase in Malaysia, starting from 22 September 2021 onwards. These new devices have been redesigned to provide us with the best tools to manage our wellness.

We all strive to be the best version of ourselves – fitter, happier and healthier. Small changes to our daily routines, including changes to diet, sleep habits and exercise, go a long way in helping us get the most out of work and play. While the path to wellness is different for everyone, there’s nothing more important than to start focusing on our health from young.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch4 series takes health and fitness data tracking to the next level, featuring a groundbreaking 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor, which uses a single chip to run powerful health sensors, including measuring blood oxygen levels [1], and for the first time – calculating body composition [2].

Read on to discover ways you can make the most out of the cutting-edge data presented by the Galaxy Watch4.

Get a good night’s sleep, every day
Are you guilty of revenge bedtime procrastination? If so, is there a nagging thought in your head that it might be affecting sleep quality? You can now find out with the Galaxy Watch4’s sleep analysis function.

The sleep analysis function has been a fan favorite for users of the Galaxy Watch series, and rightly so – a good night’s sleep is fundamental to our overall mental and physical health. In fact, in the past year, Galaxy Watch users have checked their sleep patterns more than 800 million times [3]!

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of your sleep quality, the Galaxy Watch4 tracks both your snoring and breathing patterns – so you can make informed decisions about your sleep to help you sleep longer and better.

The Samsung Health App [4] on your smartphone detects the sounds of your snores, while the Watch4 checks your blood oxygen levels once every second [5]. This data collectively informs your overall sleep score.

If you find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep based on your Watch4’s readings, you can consider following these steps [6] to improve your sleep score:

  • Establish a daily bedtime routine
    • You sleep best when your body is used to falling asleep and waking up at a fixed time every day — even on weekends or holidays.
  • Watch what you eat and drink before
    • Avoid big meals, alcohol, caffeine, heavy, spicy or sugary foods four to six hours before bedtime, as these foods stimulate the system, making sleeping difficult.
  • Create a good sleep environment for yourself
    • Block out all distracting noises and lights. A room that is too hot or too cold can keep you awake. A cool environment is often the most conducive setting for sleeping.

Accurately track fitness and health goals through body composition
Many of us may be more familiar with relying on weighing scale readings as a general indicator of health – but there are limitations to this. Such readings do not consider the amount of muscle, fat and water in your body tissues [7], unlike a more comprehensive body composition analysis.

For the first time in a Galaxy Watch, the body composition measurement tool on the Galaxy Watch4 brings a technology more commonly available in smart scales at the gym or at the clinic to your wrists!

This is enabled by Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA), which captures 2,400 data points, delivering results in about 15 seconds. Quality isn’t compromised either – with a correlation of 98%, the Galaxy Watch4’s BIA measurements are as accurate as those from dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans [8], the gold standard of body composition measurements trusted by industry experts.

With these insights, you can now adjust your diet and activity levels to get your body composition measurements to a healthier range.

Ease your day with multi-device experience
On top of advanced sleep and body composition tracking, we’ve made the smartwatch and Galaxy experience even more seamless. Pair the Galaxy Buds2 with your Galaxy devices, and using Auto Switch [9], go from listening to music on your tablet to picking up a call on your smartphone in an instant as your earbuds switches audio between your devices, depending on usage. With Buds Controller, you can conveniently access and control your earbuds via the Galaxy Watch4 series, interchanging between Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient sound mode with just a tap on your Watch.

The new Wear OS Powered by Samsung platform allows you to tap into an expansive ecosystem right from your wrist – with popular Google apps like Google Maps, and Galaxy services, like Samsung Pay, SmartThings and Bixby. It also supports third-party apps [10], like Adidas Running, Calm, Strava, and Spotify that is available from Google Play. So that you can enjoy smooth and convenient unified experiences everyday with your Galaxy Watch4.

Ultimately, the simplest routines and habits can go a long way in helping us optimize our personal health and fitness. With the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2, Samsung brings years of R&D and cutting-edge technologies to you, providing advanced insights distilled into an easy-to-digest interface, guiding you towards making informed decisions that optimize your health, fitness and overall wellness.

Galaxy Watch4 Series and Galaxy Buds2 Availability
Showcasing a sleek, iconic silhouette with a variety of straps [11] and customizable watch faces - Malaysians can purchase the Galaxy Watch4 series nationwide starting from 22 September 2021 onwards. And from 22 September to 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Buds2 to enjoy a free Galaxy Buds Water Resistant Cover worth RM99! [12]



Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm)

Black, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm)

Black, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm)

Green, Black, Silver


Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm)

Pink Gold, Black, Silver


Galaxy Buds2

Lavender, Olive, Graphite, White


[1] The Blood Oxygen (SpO2) feature is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Availability of this feature may vary by market.
[2]Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical condition or disease. The measurements are for the user’s personal reference only. Please consult a medical professional for advice. Do not measure your body composition if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices. Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant. Measurement results may not be accurate if you are under 20 years old.
[3] Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021, at 5:20:
[4] Availability of Samsung Health app differs across markets
[5] Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021, at 5:40:
[6] Adapted from Ministry of Health, Singapore: 3 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality:
[7] Steven B. Heymsfield, M.D., Professor, Metabolism & Body Composition, Pennington Biomedical Research Center – 0:44 onwards:
[8] Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021, at 10:00:
[9] This feature is available on Galaxy Buds+ and later models, paired with Galaxy smartphones and tablets with One UI 3.1.1 or above. Certain applications may not support Auto Switch. Galaxy devices must be logged in to Samsung Account to enable Auto Switch.
[10] Subscription fees may apply for third-party apps.
[11] Select interchangeable watch straps sold separately.
[12] While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.

Signature Market Empowers Women To Be A UNIQUECORN

Partners with international and local brands in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Malaysia FMCG Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand Signature Market is spreading its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign known as “Be A Uniquecorn: Embrace Your Uniqueness, Be Your Own Unicorn” to the local community in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Signature Market is collaborating with the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) and leading lifestyle brands.

The social stigma associated with cancer can be devastating, with losing hair, fear, rejection, isolation, and others. Regardless of what one may experience, it is important to encounter it while seeking the right support. Learning to be comfortable with one’s body during and after breast cancer treatment is a personal journey, one that is different for every woman. Change of mindset is pertinent for every brave woman to stand up, fight the disease and continue to live life like normal.

Edwin Wang
Realising the importance of having the right support and the need to emerge stronger, Signature Market with its vision to spread the teaching of conscious living will play a vital role in its ‘Be A Uniquecorn’ campaign. This is aimed at empowering women to accept the differences in shapes and sizes that make each and every one unique and beautiful in their own way. Hence, all women deserve to be a ‘Uniquecorn’, which Signature Market truly believes in since day one.

“The campaign is designed to enforce the message that it is important for every woman irrespective of the challenges she goes through to acknowledge her condition and embrace herself in all her uniqueness knowing that she is not alone. Signature Market signifies the importance of reaching out and being a strong support in every way possible especially to women who are fighting breast cancer. We hope this campaign can increase the self-awareness among our customers, thus providing unconditional care and love from our side,” said Edwin Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Signature Market.

Any woman will find it difficult to accept the fact when diagnosed with breast cancer. But cancer fighters like Aimi Yusoff, diagnosed with advanced breast cancer stage 4, have never been discouraged from fighting cancer. Throughout her 7 years of undergoing treatment until now, she has been fighting it and does her very best to endure it even though sometimes she feels like giving up. Blessed with valuable support and love from her family and friends, she continues to stand up and confronts it in the strongest way possible.

Aimi Yusoff
“As a breast cancer survivor, I want to remind everyone that it is so important for us to listen to our body and go for regular checkups. Because I truly believe that early detection can save lives. In everything we do in life, it’s all about mind over matter, that's my motto that drives my spirit to keep on fighting. Even though you are physically drained with the chemotherapy, your mind will always be strong and keep you in a fighting spirit. More campaigns and initiatives about breast cancer should be held as it can make a difference in the lives of thousands of women out there,” said Aimi Yusoff, Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Ambassador.

Meanwhile, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Dr. Mastura Md Yusof emphasized that cancer has a high cure rate if it is detected early and given the correct treatment, at the correct time, and by a dedicated team with a special interest in breast cancer. It is important for women to check their breasts regularly to look out for any irregularities because we should know how our breasts feel or look better than anyone else. However, there are also some lifestyle factors such as poor diet, being overweight or obese, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and taking supplements that contain hormones that we can do something, to reduce the chances of getting breast cancer. Furthermore, having a history of breast or other cancers in close relatives or within the family may enhance our chances of developing it, which is becoming an increasingly important fact in breast cancer.

Dr. Mastura Md Yusof
“This October, being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will continue to show our support not just on the importance of raising awareness but also to promote a call for action towards women, local community, government, and corporate sectors to advocate for early detection of breast cancer. This is the right time to connect, provide moral support and aid them in the right direction by sharing experiences and giving hope to others who are going through the same journey. We want them to accept their challenges, look deeper within themselves and embrace their uniqueness,” added Dr. Mastura.

As part of the ‘Be A Uniquecorn’ campaign, Signature Market is introducing a special edition, ‘Be A Uniquecorn’ gift box priced at only RM35 that will be available from 1st October until the end of the month. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be channeled to the BCWA. A total of 12 lifestyle brands will be part of this campaign. Among them are Marc Jacobs fragrance, ChloĆ© fragrance, Philosophy, Hair Atelier, XIXILI, Benefit Cosmetics, Agrain, Alcosm, Mis Claire, Neutrovis, Machine, and Under Armour. The public are encouraged to support this cause and celebrate the uniqueness of women. For more information on activities held throughout the month, visit Signature Market’s official Instagram, @signaturemarket.

Leading The Future with Foldables: Galaxy Z Series the first to bring IPX8, S Pen, and Under Display Camera Capabilities

In recent decades we saw mobile phones drift away from their quirky designs of the 2000s, where foldables phones of all shapes and colours were a staple icon that defined the era. In a bid to preserve this creative and highly personal expression, Samsung is breathing new life into foldable designs through the latest entries in their Galaxy Z Series.

With the Galaxy Z Series, Samsung showed their drive for innovation by creating foldable phones for the future – through merging modern hardware and intelligent features to create an experience of many firsts in the history of foldable devices, which includes pushing boundaries to make this generation’s Galaxy Z Series the world’s first Foldables, to earn an IPX8 [1] water-resistance rating, ensuring that the devices are equipped to handle accidental spills or worry if users get caught in the rain. Both devices are also built with the new Armor Aluminum—one of the strongest aluminum ever used on a Galaxy smartphone—along with one of the toughest Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ to protect against scratches and accidental drops.

Samsung takes pride in providing a true 2-in-1 experience with foldables in the Galaxy Z Series by giving users the feel of owning both a mobile phone and tablet under one package. While users of the past had to choose between one or the other, Samsung has closed the gap by enabling the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to be the first foldable device with S-Pen [2] support, propelling productivity to new heights while opening new possibilities for creativity.

Providing an immersive experience was also an important factor for the Galaxy Z Series and a large part of that was achieved through the excellent display screens of both the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G. Samsung took immersion a step further with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G by making it the first foldable device with an Under Display Camera. Thanks to breakthrough engineering, Samsung was able to achieve sliding the camera in-between the phone’s glass panel to create an uninterrupted display without compromising the quality of its camera.

With the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G coming in a range of colours, and even more personalisation options from Galaxy Z Series catalogue, Samsung is putting personality back into phones and setting the standard for foldable devices of the future. So, what are you waiting for? Pick boldness today by switching to the Galaxy Z Series!

From 22 September to 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to receive a RM500 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM799 [3]. Consumers who purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G within the same promotional period will receive a RM350 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM699 [4]. It does not stop there! Until 30th November 2021, purchase either the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G or Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and be entitled to receive 30% OFF the original price of up to three selected accessories! [5]

[1] IPX8 is based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use. Not dust-resistant.
[2] S Pen sold separately. Only Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Main Screen has S Pen capability. Compatible only with the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro. All other S Pens or stylus pens not designed for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (including those by other manufacturers) may damage the screen.
[3] Delivery/collection date for the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is from 5th November 2021 onwards based on stock availability.
[4] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.
[5] Please visit for more information and the full terms and conditions.

Shopee launches ShopeeFood in Malaysia

Shopee earlier this week, expanded its services with the latest addition of ShopeeFood in Malaysia, accessible via the ShopeeFood icon on Shopee’s homepage. Through this, users can shop for all their needs, including food delivery, on Shopee.

The service, which will be rolled out in batches, will be made available to over 8 million Malaysians living in the Klang Valley starting 24 September, offering access to a variety of eateries from popular joints such as A&W, Burger King, Nando’s, Starbucks and Tealive as well as local street food stalls.

Terence Pang
Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee said, “We are delighted to include food delivery as part of the Shopee experience. Malaysians can now shop for all their essentials online, enjoy entertainment on Shopee Live, play their favorite game on Shopee Prizes and satisfy their cravings via the app.”

Pang added, “This new service will also enable food and beverage merchants to move online and reach out to more customers, driving long-term growth. We hope that our users and merchant partners will enjoy using ShopeeFood. We will continue to improve our platform and services to better serve the needs of everyone.”

As part of its launch, ShopeeFood will be giving new users Free Delivery vouchers with RM0 minimum spend and discount vouchers worth up to RM8. From 24 to 28 September, ShopeeFood will be offering RM10 and below meal deals for even more value, while stocks last. More ShopeeFood promotions will be announced through their Instagram page, @shopeefood_my.

Users visiting the Shopee App to check out ShopeeFood will also get to experience the festivities of Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival that is happening till 10 October, with more deals and promotions on September 25 Payday Sale and 10.10 Brands Festival day itself. The shopping festival offers Free Shipping Vouchers with a minimum spend of RM10 and 50% off Big Brand Discounts. Users also stand a chance to Tap and Win a Toyota Vios. 

On top of that, shoppers can expect a string of entertainment when they tune in to Shopee Live and Astro Ria on 21 and 28 September, and 5 October at 9PM to catch MeleTOP Bersama Shopee 10.10 hosted by Nabil Ahmad, Shiha Zikir, Issey Fazlisham and Zulin Aziz. On 9 October at 9PM, users will see the Shopee TV Deals - 10.10 Brands Festival Show taking place on Shopee Live and TV3. Here, shoppers will have 3 extra chances to Tap and Win a Toyota Vios as well as claim 10.10 Only Vouchers of up to 95% off from their favourite brands.

Making the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival even more exciting are three local brand ambassadors, starting with artist Alif Satar who will kick off the shopping festival, while the other two will be announced in due time.

Adding cheer to the shopping festival, ShopeePay users are entitled to receive up to 10,101 Shopee Coins every time they top up their mobile wallets from 2 till 9 October - which will be tripled during ShopeePay Day on 1 October. Better yet, users can use the Shopee Coins to offset when they pay for their ShopeeFood orders.

For more information on ShopeeFood, visit

PUBG MOBILE Update Brings New Gameplay Mode, Flower Menace

PUBG MOBILE 1.6 version features new gameplay mode, the comeback of fan-favourite modes and Vikendi, also revealing upcoming partnerships with DUNE and more

PUBG MOBILE Version 1.6 update has arrived and it features the all new gameplay mode Flora Menace together with the return of the best of PUBG MOBILE game modes. The Version 1.6 update comes with new and exciting collaborations with KartRider Rush+ and the upcoming star-studded blockbuster DUNE.

Experience an alien plant invasion, spaceship battles and a new combat supply drop system
In Flora Menace game mode, Alien Yarilo plants have invaded the Erangel map, creating Rejuvenation Barriers that boost and regenerate player’s health. Erangel will also host the Cell Matrix, an alien spaceship flying high above the map. Players can board the ship by finding Cells spread throughout the map, then fight other players once onboard for awesome random weapon drops, while simultaneously earning Nacore Chips.

Nacore Chips allows players to order combat supplies to a specific location. There are limited respawns on the Cell Matrix, so players who run out will be ejected back down to the ground. After a designated amount of time, the Cell Matrix will begin docking. Those who managed to survive will continue battles with others among multiple spaceships.

The Flora Menace invasion will begin on Erangel map, and then continue its incursion into Sanhok on September 18th followed by Livik on September 22nd. The Cell Matrix will only appear in Erangel.

Seven favourite game modes have been added back into the game for a limited time
Version 1.6 update will also begin re-releasing seven beloved game modes back into the game! Starting with the chilly terrain of Vikendi map, who will return from October 8th. Continued by Metro Royale: Reunion, to travel through underground tunnels filled with danger, survive and reap rewards. Followed by Titans: Last Stand, a mode where players can join the Monarch Expeditionary team and use heavy weaponry to help defeat Mechagodzilla. Both will be available from September 28th.

Other modes including Survive Till Dawn (a Zombie onslaught mode), Payload 2.0 (an explosive combat mode), Runic Power (an ancient runes mode with element power) and the Infection Mode that offers a gameplay to choose to be Defender or Zombie will be available starting from October 15th.

More collaboration: JUJUTSU KAISEN, Zaha Hadid Architects, KartRider Rush+ and DUNE
Recently, PUBG MOBILE announced new partnerships with world-famous anime JUJUTSU KAISEN and cutting-edge architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects. Now, the game is pleased to announce additional partnerships in Version 1.6 with KartRider Rush+, a high-octane mobile kart racing game enjoyed by over 25M players worldwide (excluding Chinese Mainland) and the highly anticipated blockbuster film directed by Denis Villeneuve, based on Frank Herbert’s classic 1965 sci-fi novel, DUNE.

New details on Royale Pass Month 3: Chef’s Special and Royale Pass Month 4: Temporal Warriors have also been revealed with awesome new themed items. These passes begin in mid-September and mid-October respectively. Players who buy RP during these Royale Passes will automatically enter the RP Server Golden Chicken event, where a free Royale Pass Month and exclusive title are up for grabs for three lucky winners.

The Best of Its Kind: Say Hello to Your ‘Next-Level’ Galaxy A52s 5G

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All amped up with a high-res OIS camera, super smooth AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, fast charging speed of 25W, and a new processor.

Samsung Malaysia Electronics today announced the release of Galaxy A52s 5G, the best smartphone of its class that gives users the opportunity to leverage on functionality, performance, durability and style without having to worry about breaking the bank. This time around this smartphone comes with a 6’5” Infinity-O FHD+ Super AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a 4,500mAh battery that supports 25W Fast Charging, and four rear cameras with a 64MP main camera amongst others. So switch it up with the latest Galaxy A52s 5G and say goodbye to mundane day-to-day affairs!

Visually Pleasing Adventure with Smooth Display
Elevate your visual escapade with a 6’5” Infinity-O Super AMOLED display [1] that not only delivers vivid, realistic colours to the viewer but also gives bright and enhanced visibility even when you are outdoors. Whether you’re playing games, streaming movies or watching your favourite artist’s music videos on YouTube, the full-screen image and a refresh rate of 120Hz give you a buttery smooth and undisturbed viewing experience. Equipped with a Snapdragon 778G chipset, overall performance, speed and functions are enhanced too – especially for heavier games that need to render details better. Thanks to the new Stereo Speakers topped with Dolby ATMOS, viewers can immerse themselves in a richer and louder 3D audio for a surround-sound experience when listening to their favourite tunes.

With its 5G capability, you can quickly download large files – like a whole TV series – and data in a snap once 5G becomes available in Malaysia. With its ultra-fast speed and low latency, you can play games with your pals, watch live streams of your favourite sports or upload your creative content without a glitch [2]. If you’re worried that all of your downloads will take up space in no time, fret not. Although the Galaxy A52s 5G is already equipped with 8GB RAM and internal storage of 256GB [3], you can always upgrade your storage with a microSD card up to 1TB [4].

Convenience and Functionality Uncompromised
Whether you’re a busy college student or just started working, this device is packed with a powerful 4,500mAh battery [5] that can last you through your day [6]. If your battery dies in the middle of the day due to high-usage, don’t worry about it. The 25W fast charging [7] ability allows the device to recharge quickly – get 50% charge in just 30 minutes! – and lets you get back on track with your day-to-day tasks. With Power Saving Mode, the battery will analyse your routine, optimize CPU resources and disables background data to conserve battery.

If you live an adventurous life and is always out and about trying new sports and different hobbies, you don’t to worry as much since the Galaxy A52s 5G is water-resistant, rated IP67 [8]! Now you can spill, splash and even submerge in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes – we do however recommend you to use a waterproof housing to further protect your device in extreme conditions. Besides that, the Galaxy A52s 5G is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 for superior durability and is resistant to scratch.

For those who like to stay organized, the UI Core 3 gives you a dynamic Quick Panel and Home Screen that lets you swiftly go through information and notifications all in one place. To make it more fun, you can also customise call backgrounds to any photo or video of your choice. As for your lock screen, you can select up to five images at once that change automatically every time you unlock your phone. To store private documents even securely, Samsung Knox’s multi-layered security platform protects your data and detects tempering. Besides that, you can also store private and confidential documents in an encrypted space that can only be accessed with your password or fingerprint with Secure Folder.

Production-level Result with High-Res OIS Camera
The 64MP F1.8 Main camera will not disappoint any photography enthusiast – whether you’re into street photography, landscape or just taking stunning portraits, the camera will make your experience easier thanks to OIS (optical image stabilization) that helps to reduce movement, allowing you to capture detailed and sharp images. If you’re a fan of taking pictures at night, then you’re in luck! The OIS camera allows four times longer shutter speed for bright shots when in low-light conditions while Night Mode combines 12 frames into one image to create a stable shot. To capture in more light, the Tetra Binning technology also combines four pixels into one.

Besides that, the 5MP Depth and Macro cameras lets you include as much texture and ultra-fine details into your shots – perfect if you’re taking close up shots of your skin, food or details on your clothes. Due to its low aperture number of F2.4, you can also achieve a bokeh effect with a natural background blur. Even better, you can also adjust the intensity of the blur effect on the Depth camera with Portrait Mode, making the subject of your photo stand out beautifully.

Get creative and have fun with lens effect. In partnership with Snapchat, Fun Mode allows users to take pictures and record videos with different Snapchat effects directly from your native camera app. You can also personalize your images with customs filters. Find your creative identity and create up to 99 customized filters with colours, tones and aesthetics you’d like to achieve with your photos. Don’t forget to try it with the 32MP F2.2 front camera while you’re at it.

It comes with two stylish colours – Awesome Black and Awesome White – with a matte finish at a recommended retail price of RM1,899. It is also available at just RM79.13/month with 0% instalment plan on Samsung Online Store [9]. If you make the purchase from now to 31st October 2021, get free clear standing cover worth RM109 too [10].

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the new Galaxy A52s 5G today by clicking this link.

Galaxy A52s 5G Key Specifications

Galaxy A52s 5G


6.5" FHD+ (1080 x 2400)

Super AMOLED 120Hz

Infinity-O Display



Main: 64MP, F1.8

Ultra Wide: 12MP, F2.2

Depth: 5MP, F2.4

Macro: 5MP, F2.4


Selfie: 32MP, F2.2

Dimension / Weight

159.9 x 75.1 x 8.4mm / 189g


Octa-Core (Quad 2.4GHz + Quad 1.8GHz)




256GB Internal Storage

MicroSD (up to 1TB)

SIM Card

2 Slots (SIM 1 + SIM 2 or MicroSD)

Battery Capacity [11]

4,500mAh, 25W Fast Charging


Android 11.0


Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, RGB Light Sensor, Virtual Proximity Sensing

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth v5.0,  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2.4G+5GHz, HE80, SISO, 1024-QAM , Wi-Fi Direct, GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS


Recording: UHD 4K (3840 x 2160)@30fps



Biometric Authentications

On-screen Fingerprint


Awesome Black, Awesome White

[1] Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.5" in the full rectangle and 6.3" accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and the camera hole.
[2] Actual network speeds may vary depending on your network service provider.
[3] RAM and internal memory capacity may vary by country. Actual storage available may vary depending on pre-installed software.
[4] MicroSD card sold separately.
[5] Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4,370mAh.
[6] Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, numbers of times charged and many other factors.
[7] 25W charger sold separately. (In-box charger: 15W).
[8] Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach, pool use and soapy water. In case you spill liquids containing sugar on the phone, please rinse the device in clean, stagnant water while clicking keys. Safe against low water pressure only. High water pressure such as running tap water or shower may damage the device.
[9] Terms and conditions apply.
[10] While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.
[11] Typical value tested under third-party lab conditions. Rated (minimum) capacity is less.

Digitalisation of airasia portfolio companies provide robust platform for growth in the future

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Surge in cargo demand, shopping deliveries drive expansion during pandemic

As airasia’s rapid transformation into a digital travel and lifestyle group continues to gain strong momentum, the group’s engineering arm Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), ground handling division Ground Team Red (GTR) and logistics venture Teleport, are set to soar to new heights, leveraging the new technology revolution through digitisation and data.

AirAsia Group Berhad (AAGB) President, Aireen Omar, who oversees digital operations, said embracing the digital revolution and driving innovation is a core focus across the entire airasia portfolio of companies.

“While the pandemic has undoubtedly adversely affected our airline operations over the past 18 months, it has also reshaped consumer behaviour and we are really excited about the future of all of our digital businesses.

“We’re a group that continues to evolve based on consumer demand. A silver lining of Covid-19 has caused a huge surge in demand for cargo and online shopping deliveries and this is driving many new business opportunities and revenue streams. As a brand that has always had innovation in its DNA, we see huge potential, not only in our super app and fintech solutions, but also in our logistics, aircraft maintenance and ground services divisions.

“While our airasia Super App is already on track to become the platform of choice for everyday travel and lifestyle needs in Asean, ADE, is set to revolutionise the airline Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry in Asia, our logistics venture Teleport is experiencing significant growth in line with overwhelming demand for cargo and online deliveries and GTR is preparing for strong regional expansion including with third party airlines as soon as travel restrictions ease and international borders reopen.

“What we have built in a short period of time is a complete digital marketplace for travel and everyday lifestyle services on our airasia Super App. Logistics, aircraft maintenance, ground handling services and fintech are equally important to complete our ecosystem. They all work in tandem symbiotically, to meet increasing demand in the e-commerce and distribution space.

“What we now deliver is stronger competition and better value and choice for consumers' everyday needs, which is what the airasia brand is all about. Importantly, we are not just an airline anymore. Our goal is to become the most prefered, profitable and lowest cost digital distribution group in Southeast Asia and we believe we are on the right track to get there soon,” she said.

With state of the art infrastructure, superior quality services at the lowest cost with and fastest turnaround time for third party airlines as well as for AirAsia airlines, ADE is gearing up for a major resurgence in the post pandemic world.

ADE performed and completed Teleport’s first A320 cargo plane conversion earlier this year and expects more aircraft modifications of passenger to cargo aircraft in the future as regional demand for delivery continues to soar. The MRO business division has been conducting base maintenance checks since June and has completed its first wifi installation on an AirAsia aircraft. Wireless connectivity will be rolled out progressively across the fleet in the near future as AirAsia and airlines worldwide move towards delivering fully digital inflight experiences.

“The Southeast Asia aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) market alone was valued at over USD 4 billion in 2020 and the industry is expected to rebound very fast when things return to the new normal. Over the past few decades, leading MRO providers in the region, including in Malaysia and Singapore, have established themselves as dominant providers in the industry, positioning Southeast Asia as an important hub for aircraft MRO globally.

“With an experienced workforce of more than 15 years managing AirAsia’s fleet, strong supplier, lessor and regulatory relationships and through industry leading automation and streamlined operations, we foresee that ADE will soon become the next major MRO player in Asean, delivering a significant new revenue stream for airasia Group.”

Teleport, which was launched in 2018, has experienced strong growth off the back of the burgeoning digital economy and has recently refocused its strategy with the introduction of cargo only flights. Two modified former A320 passenger jets and a dedicated freighter aircraft will serve to bolster Teleport’s ability to meet the region’s rapidly increasing demand for deliveries.

“With direct access to the unrivalled Airasia Group network in Southeast Asia, best in class technology and a commitment to enabling last mile, door to door commerce anywhere in Asean within 24 hours, Teleport has put in place the right foundations to truly disrupt the cargo industry in Asean.

“Furthermore, Teleport’s partnership with Freightchain, the world’s first digital air cargo network running on blockchain, is a game changer for Teleport and the industry, making the online booking process as easy as buying a flight ticket on AirAsia. Importantly it also links AirAsia airlines with other innovative interline partners to ensure maximum efficiency and lowest cost for clients,” she said.

As a testament to the company's goal to shift from a pure air freight logistics provider to a complete multi-modal operator, Teleport's recent acquisition of Delivereat has also helped accelerate its network expansion and growing the fleet of riders. That, along with the use of SmartKargo in the company’s operations - an all in one digital system for cargo management which provides a seamless end to end tracking system - helps propel Teleport’s air cargo business forward.


To feed into AirAsia’s logistics and distribution ecosystem, GTR has embraced digitisation initiatives across the process pipeline to enhance air cargo movements, communication exchanges and logistics processes in and between its KLIA Cargo Terminal and AirAsia’s aircraft. GTR will continue its efforts to support and supplement the Group’s ecosystem by working hand in hand with other AirAsia affiliate airlines while expanding its range of services and capabilities including across other airlines.

“Similar to our super app ambitions, alongside ADE and Teleport, GTR aims to be the ground handling services provider of choice in Asean and with the easing of movement restrictions and return of air travel globally, GTR is anticipating more business collaborations with foreign airlines in major airports across Malaysia, further delivering service excellence and superior Asean hospitality to its business partners and travelling guests.”

Chow Tai Fook “Hyun Bin 925” Collection

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Reinterpreting the Actor’s Motto “That’s Life” and Birthday 25th September with Cool 9°C and Charming 25°C Jewellery Celebrating His Multifaceted Personality and Beauty of Life

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited (‘CHOW TAI FOOK’, or ‘the Company’; SEHK stock code: 1929) is a listed company on Hong Kong Main Board with over 90 years of heritage.

Chow Tai Fook collaborates with famous Korean actor and well-loved heartthrob Hyun Bin to present the Chow Tai Fook “Hyun Bin 925” Collection. Showcasing his creative vision of art and fashion, and his life philosophy, Hyun Bin was involved in designing the pieces that reinterpret his motto “That’s Life” and birthday “9.25”, revealing his multifaceted charm.

Crafted with utmost sincerity and creativity, every jewellery piece manifests the personality of Hyun Bin and his inspiring motto “That’s Life”. Believing that a simple piece of jewellery can change one’s mood completely, he would like to inspire the wearers to enjoy life to the fullest and show their elegance and charm through the new collaborative collection. This collection features Pure Gold, 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. Some items are enchanted with sparkling diamonds. It comes in a range of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants set. Some designs reflect Hyun Bin’s confident and sharp appearance by reinterpreting his initials “HB”, and a selection of exquisitely crafted pieces inscribed with his signature and motto “That’s Life” also encourage us to stay true to ourselves and live a vibrant life.

The Chow Tai Fook “Hyun Bin 925” Collection will be launched on 25 September exclusively on Chow Tai Fook’s Official Shopee Store. The launch of “Hyun Bin 925” Collection is in conjunction with the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival, treating shoppers to 50% Off Big Brand Discounts, free shipping with RM10 min spend and a chance to walk away with a Toyota Vios when they shop during the campaign.

MyMy supports Malaysia’s arts community with its #MyMalaysia campaign

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Malaysia’s art scene has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. With live music banned, entertainment precincts closed and galleries shut, many artists have been put in a compromising financial position.

This is why MyMy - short for ‘My Malaysia’ - came up with the #MyMalaysia campaign; to help empower these hard-hit artists to continue doing what they love. Through #MyMalaysia, MyMy is encouraging artists to share Malaysia through their eyes (or lens, in this case) and reward the best entries with money and a feature on the MyMy Instagram page. Instagram users can see some of the brilliant work already submitted via @mymy, or by searching #MyMalaysia, on Instagram.

“MyMy sees Malaysia’s underground art scene as a symbol of our country's progress. In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, we wanted to play a small part in helping these incredible local artists survive and thrive, whilst also sharing their works to remind fellow Malaysians just how beautiful their country is,” said MyMy’s CEO, Kishore Samuel. “It has been a tough year for all of us, yet Malaysians are steadfast and the love for our country remains strong. We hope that with #MyMalaysia, we will be reminded of the wonders of our nation, the strength of our people and the uniqueness of our local culture.”

“Starting with the #MyMalaysia incentive, MyMy wants to empower all Malaysians to see their country with fresh eyes, and be part of the country’s progress. Which is also why we’re building a product for all Malaysians. One that’s intuitive, easy-to-access and has Malaysia at its very core”, continues MyMy’s Co-Founder, Joe McGuire.

MyMy wants to see how all Malaysians view their beautiful country, and welcomes participation from any Malaysians who’d like to share their artwork showcasing the beauty of Malaysia. Do follow and be sure to tag @MyMy on Instagram and hashtag #MyMalaysia. Selected entries will be rewarded.

You can also pre-register for early access to MyMy and become a Beta tester at

Who HONOR is right now?

We’ve heard stories about HONOR, so what’s the real deal with them?

With the increasing needs of gadgets with the lifestyle we have today, the birth of various brands for smart devices is on the rise. This is the story of HONOR, from the original source. Born in 2013, HONOR always has the aim for the top – being a lead provider for smart devices globally. With high commitments to be a global and iconic tech brand in the minds of people, HONOR has dedicated in developing technologies around the globe for people to enjoy its innovative capabilities and forward-looking technology.

By November 2020, HONOR has grown apart from its comfort shell to be an independent brand. Today HONOR has become one of the largest start-up companies. The process has developed into the high number of employments, with above 50% of the team are R&D professionals, as they devote to develop groundbreaking technology across the four R&D centres and over 100 laboratories worldwide.

HONOR now proudly declare of their growing more than 3,000 numbers of service centres, with 2,000 service representatives, giving premium and efficient services to fans across 100 markets. The numbers get better with 10,000 sales representatives placed in over 30,000 retail and experience stores across the world. With the focus on enabling a reliable user experience across HONOR’s products, services and purchase for fans, the Net Promoter Score is valued highly to ensure qualities are met – to give fans a sense of belief in HONOR.

HONOR strives to provide the best experience across product, service, and purchase for all consumers. We value Net Promoter Score and believe good products speak for themselves.

Announcing the Tab S7 FE in Malaysia, a Fan Favourite for You to Do More of What You Love

Samsung Malaysia Electronics recently announced the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, bringing together fan favorite features including a large display for entertainment, creative work, and multi-tasking, while at an affordable price.

“Tablets have become a household norm for people that need the right tools for both work and entertainment. Samsung strives to offer the right device to suit every Malaysian consumers’ needs and with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, they can continue to elevate their performance with an improved device,” said Edward Han, president of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE is all about giving customers the features they love at an affordable price. Reflecting customers’ most wanted feature of all, Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes built with a large 12.4 inch [1] display, perfect for taking entertainment, productivity, and creativity to the next level. When it’s time to get back on the daily grind, you can count on your Galaxy Tab S7 FE to stay productive. An S Pen is included in-box, so you can make the most of that large display and power through your tasks with even greater efficiency. With Samsung Notes, you can easily convert your on-screen handwritten notes to text. Keep your notes organized with automatic tags, and use Intelligent Search to find the exact note you need in an instant — no matter if it’s typed or handwritten.

Plus, if a research paper or work project has you opening multiple tabs or applications at once, no need to worry: Galaxy Tab S7 FE handles multi-tasking with ease. With Multi-Active Window, you can open up to three apps at once. That means you can browse the web, take notes, and stream a video — all on one screen. With App Pair, you can also save and quickly launch your favorite combination of apps together in Multi-Active Window.

For consumers looking for even more ways to maximize their productivity, Galaxy Tab S7 FE has you covered. With Samsung DeX and a Book Cover Keyboard [2], you can use your tablet just like a laptop, transforming the UI to a PC-like experience while you power through your to-do list. And thanks to Second screen [3], you can transform your Galaxy Tab S7 FE into an additional display alongside your PC to expand your view, and get even more work done.

When inspiration strikes, Galaxy Tab S7 FE has the tools to get your creative juices flowing. Clip Studio Paint and Canva [4] work with S Pen for smooth and sharp drawings and designs. With a free 6-month trial [5] for new users of Clip Studio Paint, you can discover new talents and try your hand at digital art. For avid note-takers, Noteshelf is also included for free [6], enabling you and your S Pen to create detailed, colorful notes that accurately capture your thoughts. If you need a break from creating, sit back and relax with Youtube Premium to watch your favourite clips with the free 4-month trial. [7]

For the ones worrying about how to dispose your old device, fear not! Samsung tablets have a Multiple Device Trade-In Program where you are entitled to trade-in multiple device(s) – up to a maximum of five (5) devices in a single transaction – for every purchase of an eligible device via or participating channels.

With the same sleek and stylish metal finish of the Tab S7 line, Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes in three gorgeous colors to fit your personal style: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Pink. Even with a large display, Galaxy Tab S7 FE boasts a thin and light profile, and features a powerful battery — so you can easily stream, work, and create without the pressure to find a nearby outlet.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE (4+64GB) is available for purchase at the recommended retail price of RM1,899, whereas the (6+128GB) version is retailing at the recommended retail price of RM2,199. From now until 31st October 2021, customers will receive a FREE gift(s) [8] when they purchase a Galaxy Tab S7 FE.

For the Galaxy Tab S7 FE (4+64GB), customers will take home a free gift – one(1) Book Cover. For the Galaxy Tab S7 FE (6+128GB), customers will get two gifts – a Book Cover and a Smart Keyboard Trio 500.

[1] Measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners.
[2] Available to purchase separately.
[3] WiDi (Wireless Display)-capable Windows 10 PC models and Windows 10 v.2004 or later required to use Second Screen. Compatible with Galaxy Book series and Samsung Notebook Plus2, and Samsung Notebook Plus running Windows 10 OS.
[4] Canva is preloaded on the device as stub in select markets. Canva Pro will be available for Galaxy Tab S7 FE users for 30 days of free trial. Free trial will only be available for new subscribers to the Canva Pro service. At the end of the free trial an additional cost will be incurred to use Canva Pro.
[5] Clip Studio Paint is preloaded on the device as stub in select markets. Clip Studio Paint can be downloaded from the Galaxy store.
[6] Noteshelf is preloaded on the device as stub. Feature supports 9 languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish.
[7] Free trial will only be available for new subscribers to Youtube Premium. At the end of the free trial, an additional cost will be incurred to use Youtube Premium.
[8] Free Gift(s) are only available on a first-come, first-served basis and also subject to stock availability. Samsung reserves the right to modify the quantity or the colour of the Free Gift(s) at its sole discretion, without any prior notice.