Calpis’ First Ever User Generated Video Allows Malaysians To Express Their Creativity

Calpis rewards the winners of its Instagram Reels Contest by featuring them in an edgy and fun lifestyle video

Giving Malaysians the opportunity to showcase their exemplary dance talent from the safety of their homes, Calpis, Japan’s first cultured milk drink, launched an Instagram Reels Contest in August. As the contest comes to an end, Calpis has picked winners from the Instagram Reels Contest and featured their creative talent in the brand’s first user generated video, launched on 11th of October 2021.

The peppy and uplifting video created by the brand will not only get netizens to groove to the beat but also includes messaging around maintaining good digestive health set to the background music of Calpis’s classic brand tune. 

With the pandemic taking a toll on our overall well-being, the call to spread positivity and to motivate netizens to take good care of their health, including digestive health, is important. Recognising this, the Calpis Instagram Reels contest motivated Malaysians to get up and shake, be creative and acquire a chance to stardom by being a part of the Calpis feature video, all from the safety of their own homes.

“At Calpis, we are always looking for creative ways to engage with our consumers. Considering current circumstances, we needed to reinforce the messaging around good digestive health by encouraging our consumers to channel their creative goodness within through our digital contest. However, instead of just announcing the winners, we wanted to take this campaign one step further by creating the first ever user generated feature video for Calpis. This was, of course, made easy by the amazing entries we received and we thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and trust for the Calpis brand,” said Yee Pek Kuan, Vice President of Marketing at Etika Sdn. Bhd.

To participate in the Calpis Instagram Reels contest, all participants had to do was to create a short and catchy video featuring a Calpis product of any variant namely Original, Mango, Strawberry or Grape and their best dancing skills. The contest ran from 9 August to 5 September 2021.

From the contest submissions, Calpis picked 3 grand prize winners and 14 weekly winners in total. Other than being superstars in the Calpis feature video, the grand prize winners walked away with RM3,000 cash and 1 carton of Calpis 350ml while the weekly winners took home RM500 cash and 1 carton of Calpis 350ml.

Kalnish Kashna Schubert from Selangor has been a loyal customer of Calpis and when she saw the contest, she decided to join without any second thoughts. Her creative dance steps won her the honour of being crowned as one of the grand winners by Calpis.

Zack Ng Chun Ket from Sabah, another grand prize winner from Sabah said, “I am surprised and honoured to be one of the grand prize winners. I have never participated in any competition like this before and winning this award certainly shows that I can groove to the beat!”

Thong Chan Hin from Penang, another grand prize winner who randomly joined the competition to challenge himself and have some fun was also surprised to be one of the winners. He said, “I am very surprised and happy about this success. I'm grateful Calpis Malaysia enjoyed my video and pick me as one of the Grand Prize winners.” He is thankful as the contest gave him a chance to show his talents and he hopes that Calpis fans will continue to support the brand to have a healthier and energetic lifestyle.

“We hope that through this feature video, we can get Malaysians to get up and move and take good care of their health as we move towards a more hopeful future,” echoed Pek Kuan.

Discover new ways to capture moments with Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has transformed the nostalgic clamshell phone design into a true 21st-century marvel, maximizing its unique form factor to bring together style, creativity, and functionality in a modern foldable device.

If you value captured moments that are both instant and resplendent, then the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is your one-stop solution for perfect visuals. Thanks to its studio quality camera and versatile features, it’s highly capable in capturing moments from new and exciting angles without interruption, as they happen, and when they happen.

Among its areas of focus, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G introduces a unique camera experience through features like Quick Shot, enabling you to capture moments without even having to flip open your phone. When in Quick Shot mode, the 1.9-inch Cover Screen on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G instantly becomes a viewfinder, and the rear camera snaps flawless pictures for you.

Additionally, you can get creative with how you capture photos and videos when by utilizing the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s Flex Mode - just prop the screen up or tilt it right to the perfect angle anywhere, and you can proceed to film or capture anything hands-free without limiting movements. It’s time to say goodbye to the old days of stretching your arm and carrying around cumbersome selfie tools.

Be it during the day or night, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G rids the need for additional lighting apparatus to help you produce great photos. You can simply tap to turn on the Night Mode for both the front and rear camera that can automatically capture your photos with more visibility in any low-light setting.

The possibilities are endless with all these features at hand! Choose flexibility today and let the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G change your photography and videography game forever!

Ending on 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to receive a RM350 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM699 [1].

[1] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.

How to #JomBalikSekolah, and stay safe online

A nationwide study by Universiti Malaya shows that over three quarters of Malaysian students, who have been away from classrooms for almost 35 weeks, are eager for physical classes to resume this months.

The Ministry of Education announced that schools are reopening in stages for states under phase 3 and 4 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP). This means majority of the schools may only open on rotational basis, with classes split into two groups attending on alternate weeks. The ministry explained students will take turns to attend school, with attendance set at 50 percent of the classroom capacity to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

During the home-based teaching and learning (PdPR) period, Kaspersky has detected 28.9 million different internet-borne cyberthreats in the period of April till June 2021 in Malaysia. Two methods widely used by cybercriminals for web threats include exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers and their plugins and the infamous tactic of social engineering.

“As we cautiously try to revert back to face-to-face classes, it is understandable that online sessions will remain at least for a few more months. We advise the teachers, parents and students to continue their cyber resilience against threats online – from simple spam and phishing to the damaging ones like ransomware. Cybersecurity Malaysia just shared that there was 58 cases of ransomware reported as of August this year. We should keep our guards up so we can be safe physically and virtually,” says Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky has the following tips to help teachers on how to make remote learning as convenient as possible:
  • Learn about the tools you will be using. Selecting the tools you will use to conduct your online classes – the video conferencing platform, testing service, messaging app etc. You can get to know their capabilities and features as well as you can by reading through the instructions, learning the interface, and searching online for configuration guides.
  • Limit your tools. The school may have access to a very large number of services, choose only the ones you need.
  • Set a unique password for each service. If someone manages to crack your password for one of the services you are using, then you have a problem. Set unique password for every account.
  • Develop a code of conduct for your classes. Preferably set in writing.
  • Agree on backup channels. To avoid video conference apps glitch, figure out in advance which service your class will use if the default one is not working.
  • Guard your educational accounts. Besides students interested in accessing your accounts to altering grades, an attacker who gains access to your account can also obtain the personal data of the class, which could lead to legal consequences.
  • Understand how to recognize phishing e-mails. Cybercriminals are interested to steal your account credentials. It is important to know how to distinguish phishing attempts from official mailings.
  • Protect devices. Install reliable protection on every device you use to access educational resources.

Here are the essential tips for parents that never run out of fashion:
  • Talk to your children about the potential dangers that they may face online.
  • Move their computers to a common family room if possible.
  • Try to make the computer a shared family experience.
  • Encourage your children to talk to you about anything they experience online that upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Restrict the content that can accessed via the computer, Kaspersky Internet Security can help you do that.
  • Provide guidelines that let your children know what they can and can not do on the internet, such as make online purchases, download music, video, usage of chatroom etc
  • Download and install the latest security patches and updates for all your devices.
  • Install a rigorous antivirus product that is capable of defending all of your family’s computers and mobile devices against malicious programs and hackers.

AirAsia awarded Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline 2021 & Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Cabin Crew 2021 at 28th World Travel Awards

AirAsia has been awarded Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline for the fifth consecutive year and Asia’s Leading Low Cost Airline Cabin Crew for the sixth year running, at the 28th World Travel Awards 2021.

AirAsia emerged top in the category having received the highest votes from consumers, travel professionals and industry players from around the region.

Bo Lingam, Group CEO AirAsia Aviation said: “It is extremely humbling for AirAsia to receive Asia's Leading Low Cost Airline and Asia’s best Low Cost Airline Cabin Crew again for five and six years respectively, in a row.

“This is a fantastic achievement that we dedicate to our hard working team of Allstars who never let a crisis beat us and continue to put guest satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

“Finally there is light at the end of this long tunnel and we look forward to painting the skies red again in all of our key markets with the highest operational and service standards, as travel restrictions continue to ease.

“One thing Covid-19 has given us is the opportunity to review every aspect of our operations and come back even stronger delivering an enhanced customer experience through our one stop travel and lifestyle super app.

“We thank the World Travel Awards, the over 600 million guests who have flown with us and our industry partners for their support and recognition.”

AirAsia Group Head of Cabin Crew, Suhaila Hassan said the award for Asia’s Leading Low Cost Airline Cabin Crew once again, reaffirms the strong commitment AirAsia places on being guest obsessed at all times.

“The past 18 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone and particularly for all of us in the aviation and tourism industries. We are extremely grateful to receive this award again for continuing to go above and beyond to put the needs of our guests first. We look forward to welcoming everyone on board again with our warm Asean hospitality as the world continues to reopen. ”

Graham E. Cooke, Founder, World Travel Awards, said: “Congratulations to AirAsia for being voted ‘Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline 2021’ and ‘Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Cabin Crew 2021’. The entire team possesses a passion for raising service standards within budget to a new level, and I am delighted that this has been acknowledged by both the travel trade and consumers.”

The award follows a number of recent accolades for AirAsia including winning the Business Innovation Award at the 2021 World Airline Awards from the aviation experts at Flightglobal and also the Skytrax World’s Best Low-Cost Airline award for the 12th year running.

Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards, is hailed as one of the most prestigious,comprehensive and sought after awards programmes commemorating excellence across key sectors of travel, tourism and hospitality.

Award-Winning Director Joe Wright Partners With Samsung to Unveil a New Film Captured on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Aimed at inspiring budding creators to bring their own stories to life, Filmed #withGalaxy is a new content series featuring films from the world’s best directors

Samsung Electronics today announced a partnership with some of the world’s most renowned filmmakers to encourage everyone to let their creativity run free with Galaxy.

Capturing Magic #withGalaxy
To kick off the campaign, world-renowned director Joe Wright known for Pride and Prejudice and Atonement partnered with Samsung to create Princess & Peppernose, the tale of a princess in search of love who defies convention to pursue her own desires. The heartwarming musical uses puppetry and live-action choreography to tell a unique story captured entirely with a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone.

“My parents ran and founded the first dedicated puppet theater in the UK, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get back to my roots,” Wright said. “What surprised me the most throughout this process was how quick and easy it was to get right in there and be present with the characters and the story. The camera is always ready, and all you need to do is point and shoot.”

During the creation of Princess & Peppernose, Wright and his crew took full advantage of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s 13mm Ultra-Wide lens to capture the full view of every scene.

“We chose to embrace the wider lens, something we’d never done before,” a cinematographer said. “Moving in for close-ups with the same lens we used for wider shots gave the film a very specific look and feel, a kind of ghostly, hallucinatory quality and took us back to the times shooting with a Super8.”

Fans can find an official trailer below: 

Celebrating Stories From Around the World, Filmed #withGalaxy
Following Wright’s film, Samsung will release additional Filmed #withGalaxy stories from respected directors around the world, including China’s up-and-coming director Sha Mo, known for Love Will Tear Us Apart and My Huckleberry Friends.

Sha Mo used the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to capture footage for his new film Kids of Paradise, a poetic look at conflicts between children in a small school by the countryside. To capture the story, Sha Mo relied on Director’s Mode of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to record three different shots at once for an intuitive, almost professional-like filming experience.

“Working with Samsung, I discovered that anyone with a desire to express themselves or tell a story already has the equipment needed in their hand,” Sha Mo said. “The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G allowed me to capture angles and movements that I simply can’t get with a larger camera. Once I started filming, I was so excited to discover the story and the characters that I almost forgot I was shooting with a mobile device and the ideas just kept flowing.”

Princess & Peppernose and Kids of Paradise will be unveiled at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in October.

“Filming is one of the most powerful storytelling tools, and one of the best ways to connect emotionally with your audience,” said Stephanie Choi, Head of Marketing for Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business. “With this series, we want to show people that they really don’t need fancy studio equipment or big budgets to create amazing films — all they need is a little imagination and the Galaxy device in their pocket.”

Stay tuned for more exciting content from some of the world’s best filmmakers and learn how to use these same tricks to get your own story out there.

Neymar Jr’s Off-Pitch Style Gets A Wild New Look

PUMA surprises with a new style to its popular Rider franchise, the Wild Rider. Neymar Jr’s favorite new shoe off-pitch was inspired by the movement and motion of city life.

PUMA ambassador Neymar Jr. is always pushing himself forward, making the Wild Rider the perfect shoe for his first major lifestyle campaign with PUMA. Not only is he known for his accolades on the pitch, but his style off the pitch also draws a lot of interest. As someone who is changing the game, he embodies the theme of the shoe, made to celebrate youth culture and mobility.

“As someone who loves streetwear, I was thrilled when PUMA approached me about being the face of a shoe outside of football,” said Neymar Jr. “You won’t take the Wild Rider off; I’ve been wearing it non-stop. É o meu favorito!”

This Wild Rider brings a whole new dimension to the Rider family, with fresh layers of material and futuristic circles at the midsole. Its premium design is inspired by the movement and motion of city life – always going forward, further, faster, and beyond.

“We consider the Rider family to be very much a constant evolving conversation; what started the Future Rider, which was very much linked to the Easy Rider II, has progressed into something that can stand on its own without being too obvious to the original inspiration,” says Danny Taylor, Design Lead Sportstyle Footwear. “With each release we are able to push the Rider product language forward, constantly evolving it season by season.”

The Wild Rider continues to play with PUMA’s futro design language. Taking archive inspiration from the Rider OG and elements from a 90’s track spike, the design is a ‘collage’ of past and future melted together. The progressive design language of the Wild Rider includes unique design finishes like a formstrip that flows into a heel pull, “Designed by PUMA” emblazoned across the back, and the back of heel also juts out from a futro inspired accent, further playing on the idea of motion that serves as inspiration for the shoe. This drop features a nylon upper with suede overlays and a leather formstrip, along with TPU details on eyelet and heel and the signature Rider foam.

The Wild Rider is now available at, PUMA stores, JD Sports and Lazada, retailing from RM509 to RM 599. However, for a limited time only from 25th October to 10th November, a special 30% off will be happening exclusively on and Lazada for selected Wild Rider Collection items – so keep an eye out for it!

TOP Contributes Detergent Care Packs To Uplift MOH COVID-19 Patient-Facing Frontliners and Encourage Teen Vaccination

TOP Care Packs for staff at six Anjung Singgah social intervention centres received care packs from TOP

Malaysia is in recovery mode with vaccination rates at over 90%, and fewer new cases. Teenagers between 12 to 17 years will be the next group to be vaccinated. Businesses, schools and colleges are reopening, domestic travel is picking up with more holiday destination. There is hope; but there is still much to be done with the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 patient-facing frontliners continuing to serve despite the risk of being infected.

TOP detergent aims to create a virtuous circle of uplift and support that includes hard-pressed MOH COVID-19 patient-facing frontliners, vaccinators and NGO staff, while motivating more people to sign up for, and receive their vaccination.

TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech Liquid Detergent comes in six variants

TOP detergent is contributing 17,000 Advanced Micro-Clean Tech detergent care packs to MOH COVID-19 patient facing frontliners, vaccinators from 17 KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ Healthcare) Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPVs) and front line staff at six Anjung Singgah social intervention centres for the homeless.

Approximately 96,000 TOP detergent packs have and continue to be given to the vaccinated, including 6,000 packs earmarked for 12 to 17 year olds who will be receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

The total contribution value is more than RM424,000.

YB Khairy Jamaluddin
“The success of vaccination especially in the Klang Valley has resulted in a decrease of critical patient capacity in hospitals here, reducing the stress on health workers. All of us will need to form new mindful habits and practices to learn to live with the Covid-19 virus. Make the standard operating procedures part of your lifestyle to protect communities, and to give our frontliners some respite from the physical, mental and emotional toll of the past 19 months. Please take COVID-19 self-test or the saliva test more regularly especially if you are in frequent contact with people. Our thanks to Southern Lion and TOP for this timely contribution,” said Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.

TOP, the No 1 [1] detergent brand in Total Malaysia, is manufactured by Southern Lion Sdn Bhd for Lion Corporation of Japan.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Managing Director, Kazuo Mabuchi said, “We recognise the sacrifice and courage of frontline personnel, and want to appreciate them with this functional gift because TOP cares for you. The TOP Advanced Micro-Clean Tech anti-virus detergent care pack will last a family of four for more than a month. We have worked with KPJ Healthcare to distribute TOP powder detergent to those get vaccinated. It is a positive way to reward people for doing the right thing to protect self, to protect all. We will also be working with JKJAV to appreciate 12 to 17 year olds who receive their vaccination. It is a massive exercise for us, but we believe that it can help,” Southern Lion’s Mabuchi explained.

Staff at Anjung Singgah’s six transit centres for the homeless in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, Johor and Sarawak are at daily risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus as they are on the front line of serving the homeless.

Mr Kazuo Mabuchi
“Staff at all our centers have come into contact with people who are COVID-19 positive, or lost someone they know to this disease. We are at risk every day, with only full vaccination and adherence to the SOPs keeping us safe. It feels good to be seen, recognised and appreciated by TOP. The 99.9% virus removing capability of TOP detergent, including COVID-19 virus, Influenza A is extremely important to us now,” explained Amir Rudin Abdul Rahman, Operations Officer, Anjung Singgah, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara.

“We are proud to be empowering Malaysians from the community level to be aware and to care through TOP’s breakthrough innovation. Each of us can play an important part by taking necessary steps such as getting vaccinated and getting the booster shot, double masking, sanitising hands, and washing our clothes with a detergent that is proven to remove the COVID-19 virus. In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, we are making it through this difficult time together,” Mabuchi said in closing.

TOP has debuted Bebas Melangkah (Freedom), an uplifting and upbeat music video to shine a light on front liners, vaccinators and those who are stepping up to be vaccinated to stay strong and united in the face of COVID-19. The uplifting song was written and composed by Amy Bong, with soaring vocals by Amira Othman and Irfan Harris. Catch the music video below and share it to show your support for our frontliners.

[1] *Based on Retail Index Service for Detergent category for the 12 months ending March 2021 in Total Malaysia (Copyright ©️ 2021, The Nielsen Company (M) Sdn Bhd)

HUAWEI Is Launching A Range Of New Products In Malaysia Soon – HUAWEI MateBook 14s, HUAWEI nova 9 and HUAWEI Watch GT 3

Don't miss the livestream launch at 7pm, this 28 October!

HUAWEI today announced the upcoming APAC Autumn Product Launch, happening this 28 October 2021. To continue provide consumers an intelligent lifestyle and elevate their productivity, health and fitness experience, HUAWEI is bringing in Malaysians a range of new products, including the HUAWEI MateBook 14s, HUAWEI nova 9 and HUAWEI WATCH GT 3. Stay tuned to the exciting livestream launch at 7pm, 28 October 2021!

HUAWEI MateBook 14s – A Sleek Laptop with High Performance
The HUAWEI MateBook 14s features a sleek body design with sharpened edges. It comes with a 2.5K HUAWEI FullView Display and a productivity-friendly aspect ratio of 3:2, supporting 90 Hz Refresh Rate to create an engaging visual experience. The HUAWEI MateBook 14s runs with the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series Processor at standard voltage for fast and smooth performance. To deliver a whole new working experience, the laptop is supported by Mobile App Engine, the beta version of PC AppGallery for users to access and browse apps at ease.

Equipped with a high capacity 60Wh battery (rated value) and a pocketable 90W power adapter, this new laptop supports fast charging and allows user to work up to 3 hours [1] with just 15 minutes of charging time. The newly Super Device fuction enables Multi-device Connectivity – users can transfer or project files by connecting HUAWEI smartphone, tablet, monitor with just a simple tap.

The HUAWEI MateBook 14s is open for pre-order from 28 October onwards with amazing free gifts.

HUAWEI nova 9 – A Smartphone with Impressive Camera Technology
The HUAWEI nova series has been known as one of the most favorable smartphone among Malaysians. HUAWEI nova 9 supports 50MP Ultra Vision camera and flagship-grade XD Fusion Engine to improve its photography quality. Wrapped with a new breath-taking design, this smartphone features a 6.57-inch 1.07 billion original colour display that supports up to 120Hz Refresh Rate. Coming in wih 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge, it is aim to level-up user’s entertainment and gaming experience.

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 – A Smartwatch with Private Trainer Powered by HarmonyOS
Premium yet intelligent, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 is a professional private trainer on wrist. It features AI Running Coach and more than 100 Workout Modes to help users with their workour routine. This smarwatch also built with the new generation Heart Rate Monitoring Technology, to detect and monitor user’s heart rate [2] all-day long with its powerful battery life last up to 2 weeks [3].

With all these new additions to the HUAWEI product family, be sure to get ready for the upcoming livestream launch this 28 October 2021, happening on HUAWEI Malaysia Official Facebook Page!

[1] Data from Huawei labs. Product tested was placed on sleep mode and charged for 15 minutes with the stock 65W power adapter from 2% battery. Use time data is based the PCMark 10 Modern Office test. Actual experience may vary by manufacturing tolerance, user habits and environmental factors. For reference only.
[2] This is a non-medical device
[3] Data comes from HUAWEI’s Lab, actual data depends on the actual products.

Fast and Efficient with Galaxy A52s 5G for Any Busy Bees

Whether you’re a busy college student or earning a living, owning a smartphone that you know you can rely on at any time of the day – and night! – is crucial. Without wasting any time, here’s why the Galaxy A52s 5G is your trustworthy partner for any busy bees out there.

At a recommended retail price of RM1,899, this device is packed with a 4,500mAh battery [1] – powerful enough to last up to two days [2]. The adaptive Power Saving Mode also analyses your routine and optimises CPU resources and disables background data to conserve battery. If you are running low on power, this device supports 25W fast charging [3] that will get you up to 50% in just 30 minutes so you can quickly get back to work in no time. With its 5G capability, you can quickly download large files once 5G is available in Malaysia. Thanks to its ultra-speed and low latency, attending online classes or meetings and multitasking between different apps will be smooth and seamless with the 8GB RAM. In case you need to store private documents in your phone, you can also save it in an encrypted space called Secure Folder that can only be accessed with your fingerprint or password.

The Galaxy A52s 5G is now available in four stylish colours – Awesome White, Awesome Black, Awesome Violet and Awesome Mint. Trade in up to five devices [4] or get it at just RM79.13/month with 0% instalment plan on Samsung Online Store [5]. Make your purchase from today to 31st October 2021, you will also receive free clear standing cover worth RM109 for free [6]. If you’re interested to get Samsung Care+ 1 Year Accidental & Liquid Breakage Plan or Samsung Care+ 2 Years Accidental & Liquid Breakage and Breakdown Plan at any Samsung Experience Store, receive 20% off until 31st December 2021.

[1] Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4,370mAh.
[2] Actual battery life varies by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, numbers of times charged and many other factors.
[3] 25W charger sold separately. (In-box charger: 15W).
[4] Terms and conditions apply.
[5] Terms and conditions apply.
[6] While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

PUBG MOBILE Brings Back Vikendi Snow Map

Reunion: Classics Encore, the return of seven fan-favorite modes for a limited time

PUBG MOBILE brings back Vikendi, the first snow map in this battle royale game that most fans and community are longing for. Apart from Vikendi, a total of seven favorite and best game modes will make its comeback into the game, including the Metro Royale: Reunion, Titans: Last Stand, Survive Till Dawn, Payload 2.0, Runic Power, and Infection Mode. Vikendi was removed from PUBG MOBILE on April 7, 2021, with the release of Karakin map.

PUBG MOBILE players can now reminisce the following seven classic modes that will be brought back into the game:

After a long absence, the snow-covered battlefield has returned. The Vikendi map was first launched in 2018, offering a snowy map measuring 6 km X 6 km. Known as an isolated northern resort island in the Adriatic sea, Vikendi has a fairly high level hazard with extreme weather and heavy snow where blizzards can hit at any time.

Vikendi also introduced an exclusive snow vehicle, the Snowmobile, which players can use to dodge bullets or even race and drift for fun, as well as a weapon finish upgrade system, from looks to special effects that cope with Vikendi's temperature and atmosphere.

As for battle strategy, players will need to remember to cover their footprint so that the enemy can’t track their location. Players will also need to equip themselves with tools that guarantee an adequate level of concealment. Such as, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Designated Marksman Rifles would be the most suitable choices in the Vikendi terrain. On the other hand, Goroka, Dobro Mesto, Castle, Cosmodrome, Volnova, Villa, and Dino Park are player's most favorite loot areas, so players will need to prepare themselves if they want to jump in those areas.

Metro Royale: Reunion
Experience tense battles in dangerous underground tunnels against bandits to ferocious mutants hiding in the shadows of darkness. To support intense battles, PUBG MOBILE has added a variety of tactical equipment in this mode, ranging from a thermal radar that can track body heat, goggles and night scopes to target enemies in the dark, various kinds of customizable armor attachments, grenade launchers that can be used to attack enemies in the dark, thick armor up to the Tikhar Rifle, a unique and silent air rifle.

Titans: Last Stand
PUBG MOBILE's collaboration with the phenomenal box office film, Godzilla Vs Kong, is back. PUBG MOBILE invites players to join hands with the Monarch expedition team to defeat Mechagodzilla. Search for the godzilla Crates available on board and find the M249 and RPG-7 heavy guns with unlimited ammo to knock out Titans over 10-meters in size. Players will not be alone, Godzilla and Kong will appear to help.

Survive Till Dawn
One of the most unique gameplay, Survive Till Dawn, is brought back this time. In this game mode, a swarm of zombies will start to appear and players will need to be ready to attack when the sun no longer sets. Players will experience survival until the allotted time by killing as many zombies as possible to get useful items and survive.

Payload 2.0
Get ready to "Rock and Load”, with the return of Payload 2.0 mode from 15 October 2021. Payload 2.0 provides a more intense, challenging, and exciting combat experience. Introduced two years ago, payload has become one of the most popular modes among PUBG MOBILE players. The game mode offers a new way of fighting, where players can use various kinds of powerful vehicles equipped with super weapons that have tremendous destructive power.

Runic Power
Runic Power mode brings back a unique experience of combat in Erangel. Players can pick one between three rune energies that will give players an elemental power as well as active and passive abilities. Firstly, the Flame Rune where players can summon a wheel of flame that rolls forward slowly, dealing burn damage to enemy players it touches. Meanwhile, with Arctic Rune, players can summon 3x3 ice walls for protection in the middle of battle. Finally, the Wind Rune, where players get the power of wind, can create a semi-transparent wind shield that reduces bullet damage from weapons fired from outside.

Infection Mode
In this mode, players will be divided into two teams that are randomly divided to 5 players each, whether they will be a Zombies team or a Defenders team. In order to win this match, the Zombies team must be able to infect the entire Defenders team before the time limit runs out. On the other hand, for the Defenders team who can survive not being infected, even if only one person lives until the time limit runs out, they will be granted with a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Play your favourite game mode now and stay tuned for other classic modes that will return to PUBG MOBILE.

Bridging your Long-Distance Connections with Galaxy Buds2

It’s the start of the fall semester where many people, especially university students, will be embarking on a new adventure, travelling abroad for studies or work. To keep your relationship active, communication is essential. And the communication tools and technologies you leverage on plays an important part in staying connected. With the Galaxy Buds2, you can experience rich, premium sound quality in all your virtual interactions, which are so lightweight and comfortable that you can wear all day every day.

When you’re in a whole new environment, your loved ones would be curious to know what it is like on the other side of the globe. Thanks to the wonders of the Galaxy ecosystem, Galaxy Buds2 makes the perfect companion to other Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy smartphones and tablets. When you use your Galaxy Buds2 to dial into a video call with your loved ones, you can comfortably share your world with them without noise disruptions, anywhere you like. The Galaxy Buds2 filters out distracting background noises and make call crisp and crystal-clear with the machine-learning based solution, 3 microphone system and built-in Voice Pickup Unit. So, fret not! No matter where you are or how busy your area is, with this incredible innovation, the person you’re calling will be able to hear you clearly.

Thanks to Galaxy Buds2’s dynamic two-way speakers, which include a tweeter for crisp high notes and a woofer to cover deep bass that produce rich and balanced sound, phone calls with your loved ones will definitely flutter your heart away! The audio quality is so satisfying that it almost feels as if they’re speaking right next to you. Plus, being able to clearly hear their reactions and vocal tones will undoubtedly help you better understand them.

Besides using phone or video calls to bridge your distance, try bonding with music. Music has a way of enlivening relationships, bringing love into the air. Perhaps you and your partner can create a collaborative playlist with music you both enjoy or music that describes your relationship. When you’re missing each other the most, listen to the playlist with the Galaxy Buds2. Its Active Noise Cancellation [1] which blocks out up to 98% [2] external noise, fine-tuning to your preferred level, will allow you to immerse yourself into the lyrics and feel mentally closer to your loved ones, wherever you are.

The Galaxy Buds2 is priced at the recommended retail price of RM499, and available in stunning colours – Lavender, Olive, Graphite and White. From now to 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Buds2 to enjoy a free Galaxy Buds Water Resistant Cover worth RM99![3]

[1] Features including Active noise canceling and Ambient sound require a Bluetooth® connection. Advanced settings and features including Ambient sound volume are enabled through the Galaxy Wearable app on Android and Galaxy Buds PC app on Windows. Galaxy Wearable app on Android requires Android 7.0 or above and 1.5GB RAM or above, available through the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. Galaxy Buds PC app requires Windows 10 or above, available through Microsoft Store.
[2] Active noise canceling on Galaxy Buds2 received UL Verification for cutting external background noise by up to 98 percent.
[3] While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply.

Here’s Why You Need to Add Steam Cleaning to Your Laundry Routine

The importance of home appliances has progressed over the years with increasing consumer spending on clothing [1]. Nowadays, we are looking for a more convenient alternative to using compact garment steamers that will help us with pollutant-free clothes.

Silk, cotton, batik - the yards of fabrics to choose from is overwhelming these days. The afterthought of splurging on clothes would be to think of ways to care for each article of garment especially when it comes to gentle care for the clothes you love. There is a way to gently care for your laundry and sanitise clothing efficiently while removing bacteria and allergen. How? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Laundry care has not been the most talked about topic among Malaysians and yet it is one of the essential things we do at home — but how does being able to dry-clean your clothes at home sound? From virtually working to socially meeting online — people are beginning to dress up for any virtual sessions and wear all the clothes they missed out on wearing in the last year, even if it is just at home.

With the conventional wisdom that we all have, we would send our clothes to the dry-cleaners when we are allowed to and make sure our clothes look spiffy. However, with constant technological advancement, there's a new breed of high-tech smart wardrobe on the market. One that does not only stores, but dry cleans clothing. Who knew we could now own such a capable, advanced wardrobe?

Not going to lie, we’ve never imagined that we would see a wardrobe like this. But with where technology is now, almost anything is possible. The brand-new LG Styler™ is the smart wardrobe helps with steam cleaning. Here’s why:

Hygienic Without Chemicals
Adequate sanitisation for our clothes and surrounding has become a necessity in every Malaysian household to maintain optimal hygiene. The demand for hygienic solutions has also increased. Keeping in mind that clothing is something we wear daily, it is also important to make sure that it isn’t exposed any possible microscopic airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses. But we are wary of the chemicals we use to achieve that as they may not be good for overall health and the environment too.

In comes the LG Styler™. Its TrueSteam™ technology sanitises clothing and fabrics with 100% water and eliminates 99.9% allergens, bacteria, and viruses. This innovative smart wardrobe can also help sanitise bedding and children’s soft toys. For some of us who don’t have the time for laundry, the LG Styler™ also offers a “refresh cycle” option that spruces and gives a makeover to any of your favourite suits or gowns in just 20 minutes.

Prolongs Clothes’ Lifespan
Want a wardrobe even Bernard Chandran himself would envy? We sometimes hold sentimental value to our clothes and cherish them for various reasons. We would pay extra attention to laundry care, which results in higher spending on dry-cleaning. Having something that can both keep our clothes hygienic, clean and prolonging their lifespan while fitting in perfectly with our home interior is a difficult task. What if there’s a solution that kills two birds with one stone?

The LG Styler™ would not only give you a 21st century modern design and finish, but it also allows professional-level care for your clothes at home. The added bonus would be that you can now wear whichever outfit you want at any time without having to drop by the dry cleaners. Its sleek and stylish design truly enhances your home interior while its practical functions deliver a dry-cleaning session at home.

Quality Clothing Care
The general move away from fast fashion has been a catalyst of the “quality over quantity” school of thought when it comes to style. Malaysians are shifting towards shopping cautiously for better quality clothing, and these items may need better care.

With the heat pump system, the LG Styler™ has a low-temperature drying system that dries clothing faster than air drying. Clothes and fashion lover can now gently dry clothes that require special care without worrying about shrinkage or damage caused by heat with regular dryers. Care for suits, dresses, sweaters, and other delicate pieces of clothing becomes easier and more convenient. The LG Styler™ is also equipped with the Special Care mode that has tailor-made cycles for your clothing and customises every step of the laundry process to make sure your clothing stays new and prolong their lifespan.

Perfect for a Family
Every appliance in the home of a family has a singular goal of catering to the needs of each family member. When purchasing home appliances, our parents often look at the practicality of things. For the LG Styler™, practicality works like a charm because it is not only catered to fashion lovers, but working adults, children, athletes or pet owners. If your family members are one or all of the mentioned, the LG Styler™ has got you.

The smart wardrobe is built to fit in up to three pieces of clothing and 1 pair of pants; it comes with the Moving Hanger that removes fine dust particles and allergens, wrinkles as well as odour in clothes with low noise operation at 41dB and 200 vibrations per minute, leaving them fresh as daisies! The LG Styler™ also dehumidifies closets and indoor spaces to keep the surrounding atmosphere refreshed. What’s more, it has an anti-wrinkle pants press hanger by the door, and a versatile rack for a variety of clothing. Whether it's a suit, school uniform, baju kurung, towel, pillow, or a favourite stuffed toy, rest assured that the LG Styler™ will give you and your family the ultimate clothing or any fabric sanitisation and cleaning experience.

Remote Monitoring
Busy at work and you need to make sure you have something to wear the next day? As we work longer hours at home, it would be an added advantage to be able to have a smart wardrobe that we can keep track of remotely.

The LG ThinQ™ technology is embedded in the LG Styler™ that helps to operate or monitor your precious garments from anywhere, anytime. Through Wi-Fi connectivity and the LG ThinQ™ app, you can control, track energy consumption, or use Cycle Download to add newly developed care cycles. The app will also alert you when your garments are clean and ready to wear. One click of a button on your smart and all these can be done! Technology, am I right?

If we were to tell our parents or grandparents 10 years back that we now have smart wardrobes like this, they would call us crazy. As we pay more and more attention to the care and hygiene of the clothes we wear, the bed sheets we sleep on and even the bantal busuk that we absolutely have to hug to sleep every night, we also need a versatile appliance that could help sanitise them. Having a home appliance that does that is most definitely an investment. Just think about how much it adds value to you and your family!

[1] Does Anyone Really Need an Iron Anymore? -

Defining A Whole New Working Experience for Business Elite - HUAWEI MateBook 14s Is Coming Soon!

Stay tuned to the livestream launch this 28 October

HUAWEI today announced the upcoming launch of their new member in the HUAWEI MateBook family — HUAWEI MateBook 14s, which will be launching in Malaysia very soon! Powered by the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series Processor, the HUAWEI MateBook 14s is designed to be lightweight and aesthetically pleasing to cater uses at all-scenario. The MateBook 14s is also packed with a 2.5K HUAWEI FullView touchscreen Display with an aspect ratio of 3:2, delivering an immersive visual experience while allowing the conveniency and flexibility at work.

Aside from the visual improvement, the MateBook 14s is the very first laptop to be featured with the HUAWEI SOUND® support and quad speakers with tweeters and woofers. As part of the HUAWEI ecosystem, the MateBook 14s is also equipped to perform Multi-Screen Collaboration [1] with a wide-range of HUAWEI devices, from smartphones to tablets - defining a new way to work for business elite.

High Definition and High Refresh Rate Touch Screen
Experience viewing pleasure like never before with HUAWEI MateBook 14s. Featuring a 2.5K HUAWEI FullView Display and 90% screen to body ratio with 3:2 screen proportion, it stretches the limits of what users can see. With pixel density at 213 ppi and 100% of the sRGB colour space [2], 1500:1 contrast ratio and a peak brightness of 400 nits, users can enjoy hight-resolution images or videos in detail while the Touch Screen Support lets you handle tasks more efficiently. The laptop also features up to 90Hz display Refresh Rate that enables a smoother and faster browsing journey.

HUAWEI MateBook 14s offers Smart Brightness Adjustment for dual eye comfort. In addition to showing content in high clarity and vibrancy, the laptop provides TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) Certification [3] to reduce blue light which is harmful to eyes. The display has also obtained the TÜV Rheinland Flicker Free Certification [4], helping you alleviate eye fatigue and protect your eyes [5], especially over a long session.

High Performance Processor with Supercharge Battery
HUAWEI MateBook 14s is a performance powerhouse. Powered by the new 11th Generation Intel® Core™ H series processors running at standard voltage, HUAWEI MateBook 14s offers up to i7-11370H15 [6]. Users will be able to handle multiple tasks without lagging problems, even with graphic design work such as using Adobe Photoshop.

Enjoy fast charging and long battery life while you work without disruption. HUAWEI MateBook 14s comes with a high capacity 60Wh battery (rated value). The pocketable 90W power adapter supports fast charging for the laptop and provides enough battery for up to 3 hours [7] of productivity with just 15 minutes of charging time.

Seamless Connection and Efficient Multitasking
Seamless connection between devices is among of the core factors that enhance user experience. With just a single tap, the HUAWEI MateBook 14s can be connected with HUAWEI smartphones to enable cross-platform collaboration for real-time interaction.

HUAWEI MateBook 14s supports HUAWEI Share [8] on HUAWEI smartphone with up to three windows that can be launched on the laptop display, with one primary and two secondary windows. This allows users to handle multiple tasks on one display, greatly improving efficiency and productivity. You can attend an online class on one app and taking notes on the second, while discussing with classmates on the third one. The laptop also supports tablet-PC multiscreen collaboration that comes with 3 modes: Mirror Mode, Extend Mode, and Collaborate Mode [9]. Files can also be sent across different HUAWEI devices without a data cable. Whether its for study or work purpose, the Multi-screen Collaboration feature will absolutely makes multitasking a breeze.

[1] Huawei Multi-Screen Collaboration is only supported with HUAWEI phones that support NFC and run EMUI 11 (or a later version) and HUAWEI tablets that run on Harmony OS 2 (or a later version)
[2] To display 1.07 billion colours (8+2bit FRC), 10-bit visual content is required.
[3] The display has passed the TÜV Rheinland TÜV Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) Certification. The product is not a medical device and is not intended for medical use.
[4] The display has passed the TÜV Rheinland Flicker Free Certification. The product is not a medical device and is not intended for medical use.
[5] The product is not intended for medical use.
[6] May also be configured with Intel® Core™ i5-11300H
[7] Data from Huawei labs. Product tested was placed on sleep mode and charged for 15 minutes with the stock 65W power adapter from 2% battery. Use time data is based the PCMark 10 Modern Office test. Actual experience may vary by manufacturing tolerance, user habits and environmental factors. For reference only.
[8] Huawei Share is only supported on HUAWEI MateBook laptops that run PC Manager 11.0 (or a later version) with the corresponding drivers installed, and on HUAWEI phones that support NFC and run EMUI 11 (or a later version).
[9] Huawei Multi-Screen Collaboration is only supported with HUAWEI phones that support NFC and run EMUI 11 (or a later version) and HUAWEI tablets that run on Harmony OS 2 (or a later version)

Flex Like a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in the #FlipItAndWinIt Challenge

We all have our own ways of seeing things and having the ability to view things from a different perspective helps to expand our world. From iconic design to immersive entertainment, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G was made to empower you, to reflect your personality and unique way of life – it was created not only for communication but to inspire you to live more openly.

With that, Samsung Malaysia is inviting you to participate in the #FlipItAndWinIt TikTok challenge happening from 20 October – 3 November 2021. Show us your best or funniest impression of folding like a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G or with the POV of ‘Me as a Galaxy Flip’, and hashtag #FlipItAndWinIt in the caption. The top three winners will stand a chance to take home the all-new and stylish Galaxy Z Flip3 5G worth RM4,199!


##ad Join the ##FlipItAndWinIt challenge now to stand a chance to win a ##GalaxyZFlip3 worth RM4,199! ##ad

♬ Fold like a Galaxy Flip - Samsung


Join the ##FlipItAndWinIt challenge now to stand a chance to win a ##GalaxyZFlip3 worth RM4,199! ##ad

♬ Fold like a Galaxy Flip - Samsung

For inspiration, check out some of Malaysia’s top TikTok creative creators’ such as Alex HKF (@alexhkf), Lucas Lau (@lucaseelwk) and Siti Khadijah (@oishiramen) as they take on the challenge and flip to inspire you!


##ad Join the ##FlipItAndWinIt challenge now to stand a chance to win a ##GalaxyZFlip3 worth RM4,199! ##ad

♬ Fold like a Galaxy Flip - Samsung

As quoted by Frank Zappa, “A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it is not open.” So let loose, get creative and flip yourself onto TikTok's For You Page!

For more information about the #FlipItAndWinIt campaign, kindly stay tuned to:[1]

[1] Terms and conditions apply. To view full terms and conditions, please visit:

9 out of 10 middle-aged Malaysians concerned about bone health and how it may affect strength and mobility in their silver years

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Anlene to educate Malaysians on bone care in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day

In a recent survey conducted among Malaysians aged 40 to 59 years, it was found that 95% of respondents are concerned about their bone health and how it may affect their strength and mobility when they are older. The top three contributing factors they cited for their concerns are lack of exercise, insufficient exposure to sunlight (for production of vitamin D in the body to aid calcium absorption), and avoiding dairy products (which are daily sources of calcium) in their diet.

Findings from the survey also indicated, while middle-aged Malaysians understand the importance of having strong bones, 42% say their current focus is to protect themselves from getting COVID-19; and 33% say they are already doing their best for their health including bone health.

The survey was initiated by Anlene, Malaysia’s No. 1 Adult Milk Powder* and an advocate of strong bones, joints and muscles through good nutrition coupled with an active lifestyle. It was conducted blindly earlier in August among 320 middle-aged respondents to gain insights into their awareness of and viewpoint towards bone care and health in general.

“From their responses, we found there are still gaps in their understanding of bone health, especially when it comes to areas of bone care and whether they are doing enough to support their bones, which work together with joints and muscles to help us move and live our daily lives,” said Puan Megawati Suzari, Director of New Product Development, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

To help Malaysians understand bone health better and to encourage them to pay more attention to care for their bones, Anlene is launching an educational campaign in conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day 2021, which falls on 20 October annually. The campaign will highlight how our bones may start to deteriorate after they reach peak bone mass at about the age of 30 [1], which makes it necessary for everyone to make lifestyle interventions to help slow down this process, so our bones can continue to support an active lifestyle with good mobility into the silver years [2].

Megawati advised: “Malaysian adults can take care of their bone health by doing regular exercises to help build muscles and maintain strong bones; and eating a balanced diet that contains important nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D and protein. Maintaining body weight within a normal range of body mass index is also important, as being underweight (Body Mass Index of less than 19kg/m2) may affect our bones.

Interestingly, Anlene’s survey also found that 30% of the respondents do not know how much calcium and vitamin D to take daily; and only 30% of the respondents drink milk every day.

To this, Megawati further explained: “Adults are advised to consume 1000 – 1200mg of calcium and 15 – 20mcg of vitamin D in a day, as part of their daily bone care routine. However, many are not aware that, in a typical diet that is lacking in calcium rich foods, it may be difficult for us to meet our daily calcium needs. For example, we may need to consume 200 – 240 bowls of cooked rice to get all the daily calcium we need.

Hence, identifying and consuming calcium rich food sources are important part of a balanced diet. In fact, calcium can be found in food sources such as milk, leafy green vegetables, anchovies, soy products or other calcium fortified products. While vitamin D can be found in fatty fish (e.g. salmon, sardine), egg yolk and vitamin D fortified products including milk.”

She added: “As such, we encourage all adults to make smart food choices and consume a balanced diet which consist of milk. Milk products that contains key nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein can help to meet their daily nutritional needs”.

For example, each glass of Anlene™ milk comes with key nutrients that are important to support adults’ daily nutritional needs. The ACTIFIT 3X™ range comes with high calcium, high protein, collagen, and vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E. While Anlene™ GOLD 5X™ is scientifically formulated for adults aged 45 years and above, with key nutrients as above, plus MFGM Active™, that provides milk fat globule membrane. It also has no added sugars.

Recent study [3] shows that participants who consumed 2 glasses of milk added with MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) and important nutrients plus regular exercises everyday, had 2 times the improvement in flexibility, 3 times the improvement in balance and 40% more improvement in muscle mass compared to control.

Speaking in a TV talk show as part of Anlene’s World Osteoporosis Day campaign, Associate Professor Dr Nor Faissal Yasin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, University Malaya Medical Centre and UM Specialist Centre, advised Malaysian adults to look at risks of developing bone related diseases, such as osteoporosis which may affect nearly 1 in 4 Malaysian adults (mostly women) aged 50 years and above [4].

“Osteoporosis is a silent disease which is often diagnosed when a fragility fracture occurs, commonly in the wrist, hip or back bones. Its risk factors include a diet low in calcium and vitamin D, lack of physical activity, underweight, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, advanced age, as well as family history,” said Dr Nor Faissal.

“Middle-aged adults should take bone care seriously. Prevention of getting osteoporosis is a lifelong journey, which can be started by adopting good lifestyle habits including good dietary practices and stay physically active by moving more throughout the day. Besides, Malaysians 60 years and above are also recommended to consult a healthcare professional to assess their bone health annually,” he advised.

As strong bones are one of the foundations to support mobility, find out what is your Move Age by assessing your posture, strength, flexibility and balance with the Anlene Move Check online quiz

[1] Benjamin, R. (2010). Bone Health: Preventing Osteoporosis. Public Health Reports, 125(3), 368-370, doi: 10.1177/003335491012500302
[2] MP Schwellnus, DN Patel, C Nossel, M Dreyer, S Whitesman, L Micklesfield & EW Derman (2011) Healthy lifestyle interventions in general practice Part 13: Lifestyle and osteoporosis, South African Family Practice, 53:1, 31-39, DOI: 10.1080/20786204.2011.10874056
[3] Daly RM et al. (2020) Effects of a multinutrient-fortified milk drink combined with exercise on functional performance, muscle strength, body composition, inflammation, and oxidative stress in middle-aged women: a 4-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 112(2), 427–446.
[4] Lim et al. (2005) Osteoporos Int. 16: 2069–2079

Say Hello to SKIDOO Malaysia, the newly launched delivery service offering competitive pricing and top-notch customer service!

First stop: Kuala Lumpur

[L-R] Asokan Raveindaran, Chief Executive Officer and (R) Noor Habiba Mohamed Sirajudeen, Chief Financial Officer of SKIDOO Malaysia

On-demand delivery has been a staple for Malaysians for a long time, and the pandemic in its many forms has accelerated the growing need of better, more efficient delivery services in the country. Enter SKIDOO, a budding delivery service providing a plethora of transfers for business, moving, food and personal parcels - all within affordable price points and the best interest of customers in mind.

SKIDOO Malaysia was officially launched by Yang Berhormat Tuan Ahmad Fahmi Fadzil, Member of Parliament (MP) of Lembah Pantai. “As we move towards returning to normalcy, one thing is clear; delivery services will continue to be sought-after by Malaysians and I am happy to see such a service born here in the area. We need more local entrepreneurs and businesses to grow, especially with the surge in online shopping in Malaysia. SKIDOO not only addresses the needs of the market today, but also opens the door for job opportunities to people looking to rebuild their lives,” he said at the launch event.

SKIDOO takes pride in their elevated service and care for customer’s goods, high standards for customer service as well as competitive pricing. SKIDOO’s services are 40% cheaper than most of the courier services in the country with no hidden charges and ensures that customers do not feel burdened by heavy delivery costs. The team at SKIDOO also assure customers of their quality customer service. By simply texting the WhatsApp number or through a direct call to SKIDOO for any queries or issues, the team will be able to offer on-the-spot solutions.

Asokan Raveindaran, Chief Executive Officer of SKIDOO Malaysia said, “We started this delivery service company as we realised there is a gap in affordable, good point-to-point delivery service. SKIDOO operates on the human business model, where customers get the best in pricing, experience and overall service. We’re born out of the need of the community, and it is also where the community delivers back.”

[L-R] Asokan Raveindaran, CEO of SKIDOO with YB Fahmi Fadzil, MP of Lembah Pantai

At the moment, customers can choose their preferred delivery vehicles ranging from motorcycles, cars, vans, 4x4 pickup, 1-ton lorry, 3-ton lorry and 5-ton lorry. SKIDOO is based in Kuala Lumpur, with plans for expansion to Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) in the coming months.

Aligned with its goal to grow, SKIDOO invites Malaysians to join them as deliverers. Those who are looking to earn additional income are welcomed to sign-up with SKIDOO via the website, where there will be additional monthly incentives, weekly pays, along with other incentives and benefits.

Asokan added, “The rise of e-commerce means higher volume of deliveries and bigger expectations from customers for their parcels or goods to be delivered. Some customers are willing to compromise with the price just to have their items delivered in the best way possible. Moreover, we realize the demand for Business to Business and Business to Consumer is surging. Although SKIDOO is relatively new in the delivery and logistics industry, we’re already anticipating these demands and are agile enough to provide our best services to both B2B and B2C customers.”

[L-R] YB Fahmi Fadzil, MP of Lembah Pantai with Asokan Raveindaran, CEO of SKIDOO

In conjunction with the launch, SKIDOO is offering a 21% off delivery charge to all their customers, capped at 20 users each day. The promotion runs for one month and customers will be able to redeem by using the promo code SKIDOO2021 from 16 October 2021 to 15 November 2021.

Coolblog Opens Its 263rd New Outlet In Ampang Point

Coolblog, a local halal desserts and beverages brand, opened its 263rd outlet at Ampang Point Shopping Centre last week. This marks its 16th new outlet of 2021, with another 16 additional outlets slated for opening by year end.

Coolblog’s CEO, Sueli Lew, said, “As always, Coolblog is commited to provide the great tasting, high-quality and affordable desserts and beverages in your neighbourhood. With a new look and feel as part of Coolblog’s brand refresh initiative to increase brand visibility, the Ampang Point outlet is ergonomically designed to improve customer experience and satisfaction, making every trip to Coolblog a fun, delicious experience.”

The grand opening ceremony at Ampang Point was officiated by Y.A.M. Tunku Ali Redhauddin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz, Chairman, Coolblog Dessert Sdn. Bhd. this morning. Also present at the opening were Datuk Dr. Radzali Hassan, Chairman, Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA), Dato’ Zahriah Abdul Kadir, Vice Chairman, MFA and Encik Ahmad Faizal Mohamed Noor, CEO, MFA.

Tunku Ali said, “As a homegrown company, we are very proud to see how loyal our customers are to our brand and products. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Coolblog has weathered through due to the dedication of our customers, the commitment of our team, and the continued support from our franchisees, the majority of whom have been with us for more than 8 years.”

Lew added, “In addition, Coolblog, a multi award-winning franchise brand with an affordable and accessible franchise programme, is committed to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to realise their goal of starting their own businesses by becoming Coolblog franchisees. Some franchisees had grown over the years to be owners of multiple Coolblog outlets.”

Serving as a local halal desserts and beverages brand for the past 15 years, Coolblog continues to focus on its products and customer experience, whilst ensuring that its outlets operate safely with strict SOP compliance, and remaining accessible via e-hailing deliveries to stay within reach of all customers.

Coolblog is known to produce an innovative spread of local and internationally inspired desserts and beverages for their customers. For example, its collaboration with FarmFresh for its Kathira and Dates Milk Smoothie last Ramadan, and its Durian and Cendol flavoured smoothie for Malaysia Day. This coming November, Coolblog will be launching its first ever high-energy fruit smoothie in collaboration with Red Bull.

To celebrate the grand opening at Ampang Point and other upcoming outlets, customers will stand a chance to win prizes from the opening day “Prize Spinner’ lucky draw including Coolblog vouchers, free drinks and attractive merchandise.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Gets Mind-Blowing Postpaid Plans!

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Mobile technology has given us new ways to express ourselves. Just like our favorite clothes and accessories, the way we decorate and personalize our smartphones helps us tell the world who we are.

Featuring a chic, stylish design, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a device that is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality. From its unique colour options to its refined finish, every aspect of the smartphone is crafted to match the taste of fashion-forward users. Together with a redesigned Cover Screen that’s both sleek looking and offers more usability, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G gives everyone multiple ways to create a mobile experience that’s truly their own.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is priced at the recommended retail price of RM3999 (128GB) and RM4199 (256GB). As we aim to make Foldables mainstream, we have made the prices of these latest devices extremely attractive so that more people can enjoy the technologies and innovations the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has to offer. We also teamed up with Malaysia’s top service providers to offer you amazing deals listed below that you can’t resist.

Mobile Service Provider




Own the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G from RM122/month with Digi Postpaid 150


Own the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G from RM1 with Maxis Postpaid


Own the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and save up to RM1,800 with Celcom MegaTM

U Mobile

Own the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G from RM129/month with Upackage instalment

It doesn’t just stop there – when you’ve made your Galaxy Z Flip3 5G purchase with your favourite service provider, you will get up to 4 months of YouTube Premium for free [1]! Enjoy watching YouTube uninterrupted with an ad-free, offline and background play experience, and YouTube Music Premium.

So own the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G today and unfold your world with revolutionary ways of watching, playing, working, capturing and connecting.

[1] Only for new subscribers of YouTube Premium. Terms and Conditions apply