Home F&B Milo MILO® Malaysia Encourages Breakfast Eating Habit on First Day of School
Home F&B Milo MILO® Malaysia Encourages Breakfast Eating Habit on First Day of School

MILO® Malaysia Encourages Breakfast Eating Habit on First Day of School

The 2018 school year has just begun. Every year MILO® Malaysia visits schools with its iconic MILO® van nationwide to jump start the school year, and to inculcate a breakfast eating habit among Malaysians. This year, MILO® Malaysia celebrated the first day of school at 35 schools nationwide.

According to a study on breakfast consumption amongst schoolchildren, one out of four children go to school without breakfast. A child is likely to expend around 1500 kcal, which is the equivalent amount of energy to climb a mountain, to swim 50 laps in an Olympic-sized pool. These means that children that forgo breakfast are deprived of the high amount of energy needed for an entire school day. Unfortunately, not many parents are aware of this.

The annual school visit this year is also part of a larger initiative that aims to help parents understand that it is important to provide their children with nutritionally balanced breakfast to give them the energy to take on the day.

“In 2017, MILO® Malaysia conducted a social experiment aptly called “Back to school mums” that involved four mothers who took their child’s place at school for a day and to live through the exact schedule that they packed their child with. The objective of the experiment was to help parents visualise the reality of their child’s everyday activities. A child’s day is bigger than we think,” said Philomena Tan, Business Executive Officer, MILO Business Unit Malaysia and Singapore, Nestlé Malaysia.

“Imagine a new standard one student goes to school without breakfast. The kid, unlike his pre-school days, gets up between 5 and 6 in the morning and follows a fixed schedule including his meal time. He is required to be actively engaged in classes on an empty stomach. And recess is at 10am, which is four hours away from the time they woke up,” Tan illustrated.

MILO® Malaysia urges parents to rethink the importance of preparing a balanced and nutritious breakfast for their children for without which their physical and mental development at this critical stage of growth will undoubtedly be compromised.

To truly understand what a child’s day is like, MILO® Malaysia also encourages parents to watch the “Back to school mums” social experiment videos at www.milo.com.my. Unlike the parent’s own primary school days, which was mostly fun and play, a child’s day today is truly bigger than we think.

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