Thanks to Anmum™ Essential, Malaysian mothers can now provide their children with dairy goodness and real dates in a new and delicious way. Anmum™ Essential with Dates is a formulated milk powder for children aged one and above and three and above with real dates.

Together with real dates, this unique formulation with Mind-Q Connect™ contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and 2x more GA® (Gangliosides), as well as prebiotic, Inulin. Inulin helps to maintain a good intestinal environment to support a good digestive system. A good intestinal environment is important for absorption of nutrients.

“It is every mother’s wish to nurture and nourish her child so that they may live a healthy and blessed life.” said Karen Ong, Marketing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia, the dairy giant behind the brand Anmum™ Essential. “As a brand, Anmum™ Essential believes in supporting mums through their motherhood journey in nurturing their child by instilling good values, so that their child becomes the best that they can be. We also believe that mums can nourish their children by providing good nutrition, so that they are able to develop well mentally and physically. These are the two priorities in parenting that we aim to support Malaysian mothers with Anmum™ Essential with Dates.”

Dates are amongst the longest-cultivated fruit in the world, and is well-known and prized for their health benefits for centuries. Irene Cheah, Marketing Manager at Fonterra Brands Malaysia, said, “Dates are known to provide dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and energy.”

Anmum™ Essential with Dates is now available at all major retailers such as Tesco, Mydin, Aeon, Aeon Big, and other key baby centres and Chinese Medical Halls. With a well-rounded and delicious formulation to help them grow happy and healthy, this new formulated milk powder for children is going to become a daily enjoyment for many Malaysian children.