Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology Introducing the New Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A (2019) Models: Perfect for Everyone & Ready for All Your Different Needs
Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology Introducing the New Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A (2019) Models: Perfect for Everyone & Ready for All Your Different Needs

Introducing the New Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A (2019) Models: Perfect for Everyone & Ready for All Your Different Needs

A tablet is the combination of laptop and smartphone, making it a highly versatile companion that you can rely on to do a variety of tasks. Today, thanks to companies like Samsung who revolutionised the tablet technology, the tablet is an absolute power work tool. It exists in almost every household either as a note-taking machine, an entertainment centre and sometimes even as a remote control.

The tablet journey is far from over and to continue serving us in this tech-driven world, Samsung is introducing its three newest tablets – the Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab A10.1, and Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen – where each variant has been thoughtfully put together to accommodate the needs of tablet users, be it for work, leisure, or family.

“Samsung has continued to evolve together with the world and we are glad to introduce our latest tablets, the Galaxy Tab S5e and new Galaxy Tab As to support people who are increasingly mobile. Through the Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung’s flagship tablet, users are given a premium option that will cater to those looking for a “one-fits-all” device. The Galaxy Tab A10.1 and Tab A with S Pen, on the other hand, are the optimal devices for home and family entertainment, perfect for the millennial parent who is also price-savvy. With the effort put into creating these devices, we believe that you will find our new generation of tablets most rewarding,” said Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Galaxy Tab S5e
Ask around for the quality that is most appreciated among millennials in the workplace and you’d often get these two responses: efficiency and multitasking. Catered to the confident achievers in Malaysia who are always on the lookout for the absolute best, the Galaxy Tab S5e was designed to keep up with their hectic professional and personal lives, ultimately giving its users the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

Its reinvented design is further proof of that. Samsung trimmed away a significant amount of bulk while ensuring that the tablet’s power and productivity remains better than ever. This gave birth to the thinnest and lightest tablet in the world within the 10” segment: the Galaxy Tab S5e. At 5.5mm thin and weighing at about 400g, this allows users to complete their million daily tasks without feeling tied down by one bulky device. With the Galaxy Tab S5e, less is truly more.

Apart from work, the Galaxy Tab S5e boasts a gorgeous Super AMOLED display and four stereo speakers tuned by AKG. With these features, users are able to bring a portable cinematic experience with them wherever they go. Moreover, with a 7,040 mAh powerhouse battery along with up to 15 hours of video playback and up to 512GB of expandable storage via microSD card, getting through a day of heavy usage and storage of lots of heavy content will be the least of your worries.

Galaxy Tab A (2019)
Keeping millennial parents and families in mind, Samsung is also introducing two new devices in the Galaxy Tab A (2019) series. Arriving in two variants, the Galaxy Tab A10.1 and Galaxy Tab A with S Pen, these tablets will not only keep parents and their children entertained for hours at a time, but will also provide parents with a notable tool for productivity.

The Galaxy Tab A 10.1 has an enhanced design with a thin and compact sleek metal body. Its improved user interface allows for more work to be done more efficiently and its upgraded high-resolution display makes for a great immersive leisurely viewing experience. Its improved user interface also allows preview details of all browsing pages in one screen, presenting a highly-efficient tablet experience.

The Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen, like the Galaxy Tab A10.1, takes children’s modern-day education into account. Recognising that tech devices should not only be for entertainment, the tablets in the Galaxy Tab A series come pre-loaded with educational apps that may play a significant role in a child’s development. Furthermore, the Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen comes with an embedded S-Pen for added portability and productivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, Tab A10.1, and Tab A with S-Pen are now available at all Samsung Experience Stores and authorised dealers with starting prices from RM1,999, RM1,299, RM899, and RM1,099 respectively. The Galaxy Tab S5e and Tab A10.1 are available in Gold and Black, while the Tab A with S-Pen is available in Gray and Black so users are free to choose the colour that best suits their style.

For more information about the Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab A (2019) models, please visit www.samsung.com/my/tablets/galaxy-tab-s5e-t725/SM-T725NZDAXME/ and www.samsung.com/my/tablets/galaxy-tab-a/.

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