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Home Taiwan Bubble Tea And Halal Products Have Landed In Malaysia

Taiwan Bubble Tea And Halal Products Have Landed In Malaysia

Halal bubble tea? That's right! The ever-popular bubble tea from Taiwan is made using halal raw material which makes it the ideal beverage for the Muslim community in Malaysia and beyond.

The Taiwan Expo 2019, held on the 5th and 6th of July at Penang's Setia SPICE Convention Centre, features the best halal products from Taiwan at the Taiwan Halal & Bubble Tea Pavilion. With the Penang government actively developing its halal industry, there are plenty of business opportunities between Taiwanese halal products manufacturers and Malaysian businesses waiting to be explored. 

Taiwanese halal products are highly regarded for the high-quality production and attractive packaging, and the products on display at this year's expo include many halal food & beverage items, halal beauty products and halal agricultural products.

The main exhibitors at the halal pavilion include five of the most iconic halal products and bubble tea makers in Taiwan, including Shih Chen Foods, Yilan Anyong LOHAS, FuFann Enterprise, Kuojer Enterpreise and Yung Soon Lih Food Machine. The companies will be showcasing their instant milk tea, premium fish essence, coconut paste, bubble tea raw ingredient, and multifunctional bubble tea cooker respectively.

The Taiwan Halal Products & Bubble Tea Sharing Session scheduled for the second day (6 July) is not to be missed. Amongst the activities lined up include halal cosmetic products feature by local social influencers as well as a special cooking demonstration by Penang's own celebrity chef Nurilkarim who will be whipping up delectable Nyonya Asam Fish Curry, Pineapple and Cucumber Acar (salad) using Taiwanese halal products. The media and halal industry players are welcome to join for this culinary delight.

As of today, Taiwan has more than 1,000 halal-certified manufacturers and eateries compared to the 500 each in Japan and South Korea. Taiwan has put significant effort and resources in developing its halal industry, and Malaysia, with more than 20 million Muslims as well as being the most advanced Muslim market in Southeast Asia, is one of Taiwan's most important target markets. In addition, the long-standing friendly relationship between Malaysia and Taiwan provide considerable room for further cooperation in the halal sphere.

Taiwan Halal organised by Taitra.

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