Home Long Lines Be Gone: Thai queuing app, QueQ expands to Malaysia to Help Malaysians Save Time for More Meaningful Activities
Home Long Lines Be Gone: Thai queuing app, QueQ expands to Malaysia to Help Malaysians Save Time for More Meaningful Activities

Long Lines Be Gone: Thai queuing app, QueQ expands to Malaysia to Help Malaysians Save Time for More Meaningful Activities

QueQ, a Thai-based community mobile app which optimises queuing time of customers, officially expands to Malaysia with the aim of helping urban Malaysians save time by eliminating the hassle of queueing at their favourite dining outlets.

Like Bangkok, famous restaurant chains and other dining outlets in Kuala Lumpur often face large crowds who are determined to wait for hours in line for their favourite meals. With no other viable alternative to reserving your seats and tables, customers would have no choice but to spend their time ineffectively in long queues.

Now at the touch of a button, Malaysians no longer have to stand in line or sit around the restaurant outlet waiting in a queue, saving time for busy city dwellers in Malaysia through QueQ app. Additionally, the app currently partners with popular outlets such as K Fry Urban Korean Chain, Kurin, Yut Kee Restaurant, Ho Kow Hainanese Kopitiam, Bar-B-Q Plaza, Dotty’s Pastries and Coffee and Klinik Mediviron Seksyen 22 Shah Alam.

“We are proud to officially launch in Malaysia to offer users a smarter and hassle-free method of queuing so that they can save their precious time and spend it wisely on other activities. Through this app, we aim to provide a better experience for every Malaysian who is tired of facing long queues.” said Founder and CEO of QueQ, Rungsun Joh Promprasith.

How the app works is that it enables users to get their queuing ticket at the tap of a button, within a default distance set by the dining outlets. Each outlet has the option to customize their distance access to their queuing tickets, from as near as 100 metres up to tens of kilometres ahead. Hence, for selected outlets, users may even begin joining virtual queues from the comforts of their own home or car.

Users will only be notified by the app once their queue number is near, allowing them to spend their time on other activities rather than having to wait at the outlet for their turn to arrive. Additionally, the app not only allows users to acquire virtual tickets, but provides users with access to exclusive deals and promotions on selected dining outlets.

QueQ also caters to customers who are nearby physical dining outlets. Upon arriving at the designated outlets, customers may acquire physical queueing tickets from QueQ’s own self-serving ticketing kiosk, placed conveniently at the outlets’ entrance. A bigger machine, which is QueQ’s digital kiosk will reflect the queue numbers and once it has reached the customer’s queuing number, they will be ushered to their designated tables. The digital kiosk also allows customers to view the menu of respective outlets.

Alternatively, customers who have the queueing app installed on their phones may virtualize their physical queuing tickets through a QR code scan. This saves them the time from waiting in a single spot at the outlets until their queue number arrives, freeing more time for customers to do other more meaningful activities.

“By introducing a virtual queuing concept, we are confident that it will transform the dining experience of users. Essentially, our key priority is to help Malaysians better save time to do more meaningful activities while still be able to dine at their favourite restaurants” said Shang Leong, Country Manager of Malaysia and International Business Development Director for QueQ.


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