Especially for those who plan to subscribe to Spotify Premium, you're lucky! Spotify Premium now offers new Premium customers* more time to enjoy all of its unique features for free for the first 3 months. This offer allows users to enjoy the Premium service for two months longer than before (previously, users only get 30 free days).

For the first time, this offer is available through Spotify at Spotify aimed to give music listeners and podcasts more time and ways to access the most popular audio streaming subscription service for the first 3 months at no cost. With Spotify, users can enjoy the 50 million songs available on-demand and ad-free, as well as access to 450,000 podcast titles.

This first 3-month free offer has no time limit, and will launch across all Spotify Premium plans worldwide: Individuals starting today, as well as Family and Duo (not yet available in Malaysia) over the next few months.

“Music and podcasts play an important role in people's lives. Therefore, we want to give our customers the first 3 months for free so that they can fully enjoy the services offered by Spotify Premium. We know you need time to try out all the features provided through the Premium plan, so we give you more time to 'fall in love' with a seamless Premium experience and on-demand access to over 50 million songs, billions of playlists, and 450,000 the title of the podcast for free, ”said Spotify's Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström

Starting today, new and eligible Spotify users can join over 100 million other Premium subscribers by signing up for the first 3 months of Premium for free through