Mooncake lovers can rejoice, it’s that time of year again! The culinary ode to the Moon has been present for ages but has only recently seen a Millennial spin. With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner. Bakeries have been crafting unique varieties of mooncake recipes. Aside from the classic ones that are a common sight at this time of year, there’s a whole lot of other styles out there too, which you might have come across at some point.

These merchants on Fave have put their own unique perspective on the classic delicacy. With cashback and deals galore, it's a great opportunity to gather around with loved ones to bond and reminisce about old times over a box of delectable and affordable mooncakes. Bound to “wow” everyone at the table!  And they are Halal too!

Here are a few of the Mooncakes that we believe deserve special mention for being truly unique and interesting. Not only do these take the cake, but they are a steal too!

MILKY WAY (Offer Valid Till: 30th September 2019)
Chewy, soft, and tender, the delectable soft skin mooncakes are a treat to enjoy. With four flavours of Red Ruby, Divine Durian, Tasty Cocoa, and Molly Pearl. Tantalize your taste buds to an array of sweet, savoury and creamy flavours of this traditional baked good with friends and family this lunar new year. Enjoy Milky Way’s premium soft skin mooncakes for 34RM,  with savings of 53% - you’d be crazy not to! Click Here to get yours today!

MYKELO MOONCAKE (Offer Valid Till: 30th September 2019)
Greet your guests or treat yourself with some delectable mooncakes from Mykelo Mooncake. These sweet and dense delicacies can be served or gifted and come in a variety of four different flavours such as lotus, durian, red bean, and pandan. Enjoy this box of four for a steal of just 21RM, that's savings of 48%, which is almost half off! Click Here to get yours today!

WONDERFUL CAKE HOUSE (Offer Valid Till: 13th September 2019)
Satiate your cravings for a sweet treat with this delectable pastry set of 6 single-yolk yam mooncakes! Sweet, savoury, and flaky, The pastries make for a great snack or dessert. Those waiting patiently to gorge on their favourite mooncakes won't be left disappointed with Fave stocking these at 20% off! Click Here to get yours today!