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KL Hip Hop Festival 2019

Join the ultimate Hip Hop party of the year.

BSync Live, an entertainment production company, in partnership with NICO G Entertainment, a company owned by NICO G, announced today that they will be hosting a Hip Hop festival called ‘KL HIP HOP FESTIVAL 2019' (KLHHF 2019) on December 14, 2019 at UDG KL @ Ruang by Think City, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur, opposite the Central Market, from 2PM (door opens, performances starts at 4pm) til late. The show features Hip Hop legends and rising stars such as NICO G, Ruffneck Clique, Lawalah Familia, Balan Kash, The Great San, Sxph, Delaflare and Budak Belakang. The KLHHF 2019 performance will open with the performances by newcomers Chico & TAC Gang, FK Blunt and 81 Agenda Records, and the event will have non-stop music by GOLDSOUNDS DJS, Kuala Lumpur.

According to Managing Director Bsync Live, Adam Sofian Mazlan, KLHHF 2019 is a project that will be hosted annually, another event for the local Hip Hop community supporters. He believes with Bsync Live’s technical expertise in the production and management of concerts combined with NICO G’s experience and influence of nearly thirty years in the entertainment industry, the strategic partnership is timely. KLHHF 2019 targets youth aged 15 to 20 years old and families with children between the ages of 7 and 15. In addition to the live performances by local Hip Hop artists, there are various activities planned for every segment of the community, including zumba exercises, Hip Hop dance classes, skateboarding ramp, live grafitti painting, sales of fusion, art and music-themed food, clothing and other peripherals by local traders at Dataran Jam located in front of UDG KL.  

KLHHF 2019 also gives platform for teenagers who have interest and passion to be the next Hip Hop stars to showcase their talents on the Open Mic stage, performing solo or duet for 10 minutes. Entries are open to the first 30 participants who register with NICO G Entertainment via email nicog.entertainment@gmail.com, and each participant is required to purchase a KLHHF 2019 ticket as the performance fee. KLHHF 2019 tickets are already on sale through the TicketApps, a mobile application that can be downloaded on Google Play or the Apple Store. KLHHF 2019 offers promotion of as low as RM45 and buyers will receive a Nano Stix starting kit worth RM148. The promotion is limited to the first 300 tickets and buyers must be at least 18 years to enjoy it. For those who miss out the promotion, fret not, tickets are selling at RM60 and are also available at the door on the event day.

As the pioneer of Hip Hop music in Malaysia, NICO G believes events like KLHHF 2019 are capable of uncovering new talents among the members of the Hip Hop community. NICO G is confident that with the growing public acceptance and exposure surrounding the local Hip Hop scene, good quality music produced by these young talents can be brought to a wider market. Previously, NICO G has organised the 'Hip Hop Showcase by NICO G' twice and through these gigs, NICO G has discovered a lot of new talents including a new and promising rapper named DelaFlare, who jointly wrote ‘KGB’ with NICO G, one of the song that will be included in their upcoming album, Black Edition.

For more information and latest updates about KLHHF 2019, follow the following social media accounts by NICO G: 
  • www.facebook.com/nicogentertainment 
  • www.instagram.com/nico_group 
  • www.twitter.com/@nico_group 

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