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Home Primeworks Distribution and Amazon Prime Premieres Eight Malaysian Films to US and UK Audiences

Primeworks Distribution and Amazon Prime Premieres Eight Malaysian Films to US and UK Audiences

Primeworks Distribution Sdn Bhd (“Primeworks Distribution”), the content distribution arm of Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd, a fully-owned subsidiary of Malaysia’s largest media conglomerate, Media Prima Berhad (“Media Prima”), announced today that eight local film titles under their catalogue is now available on popular video-on-demand service, Amazon Prime, for its members in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The popular and award-winning titles which are available on Amazon Prime (US and UK) are Mukhsin, J Revolusi (J Revolution), Kampung Drift, Songlap, KIL, Chow Kit Balada Pencinta (A Lover’s Ballad), and Anak Jantan (The Son).

The release of these titles on Amazon Prime underscores Primeworks Distribution’s commitment to bring the best of Malaysian content to international audiences by expanding global distribution of these titles on popular digital platforms like Amazon Prime. The partnership was discussed and concluded at MIPCOM, the world’s largest entertainment content market held annually in Cannes, where Primeworks Distribution attended under the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (“FINAS”) umbrella.

Lyn Nasihin, General Manager of Primeworks Distribution, said: “Today’s announcement is a recognition of Malaysian storytelling. Our nation is home to so many great talents who have produced compelling dramas and films with global appeal, and we are extremely proud and excited to see them get the international attention they deserve. This is only the beginning of our relationship with Amazon Prime and we will see more Malaysian content on the platform.”

“We will continue to expand into new platforms and territories through our successful array of content. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia and FINAS for their invaluable guidance and support,” she added.

Primeworks Distribution is tireless in its efforts to showcase quality content from Malaysia. This deal not only includes its in-house productions from Primeworks Studios but also titles that Primeworks Distribution represents. Audiences can expect to see more Malaysian feature films, drama series and telemovies on Amazon Prime (US and UK) in the near future.

TITLES AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME (for US and UK territories only):

One of Yasmin Ahmad’s many gems, Mukhsin examines the most common and uncomfortable human experience. Orked is ten and her best friend, Mukhsin is twelve. The movie explores what happens when your best friend - someone with whom you've been learning to do cool things like climbing trees, flying kites and riding bicycles - starts to develop romantic feelings for you?

J Revolusi (J Revolution) 
 A box office hit co-production between Primeworks Studios and Infinitus Productions, J Revolusi tells the story of Jay Zulkarnain, an assault leader for Malaysia's elite special forces known as the UTK, every terrorist's worst nightmare. However, a mysterious terrorist has framed Jay for the murder of one of his squad members and also captures his sister Dian, an undercover agent. To save his sister, Jay is now in a race against time to unravel the reason why this terrorist is trying to destroy him.

Kampung Drift 
Combining action, comedy and sci-fi, Mico Studios’ Kampung Drift is a coming-of-age tale of Johan, a teenager in search of the meaning of life and love through drift racing. Despite his father's objection, Johan continues to find ways to unleash his passion for the sport with the help of his best friend Bojeng, his uncle Ajoi and the mad scientist Pak Idun.

Brothers Am (Shaheizy Sam) and Ad (Syafie Naswip) are involved in a baby-selling syndicate run by a woman known as Mama. As they progress, a friend's sister, Hawa (Sara Ali) gets involved too and Ad can no longer turn a blind eye. However, his moral struggle starts to shake his relationship with Am.

Akil (KIL), a quiet and depressed young man, sees suicide as a solution. A chance encounter brings him to the "Life Action Bureau" (LAB), an organization that will help him end his life. But after being bound to LAB's terms and conditions, he meets Zara and eventually falls in love. The new Akil must now race against time to undo what he has set in motion before he gets killed.

Chow Kit 
A group of abandoned teenagers living through dark times on the streets of Chow Kit make a pact to find justice after one of their own is assaulted or things will get worse and more lives are sacrificed. Meanwhile, an ex-convict wanting to start a new life is dragged back into his past to deliver one final mission. But when things become chaotic, he must choose between freedom or going back to prison.

Balada Pencinta (A Lover's Ballad) 
Balada Pencinta focuses on a forbidden love between an ex-gang member turned busker Amir and Aisyah, an art enthusiast and socialite. Their blossoming love is further complicated when Aisyah's parents have arranged for her to be married to a boy who runs several illegal businesses unbeknownst to his in-laws. Will Aisyah choose to be disowned but happy with Amir or live a loveless rich life?

Anak Jantan (The Son) 
 This action-thriller tells the story of Darin who is haunted by a past life. His negative lifestyle changes once he falls for a young lady from his village named Nara. Soon, the couple migrate to KL city to leave behind Darin's past and start a new life. They are blessed with a bright and intelligent son, Saufi. Alas, their family's happiness doesn't last long with the arrival of an old colleague.

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