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Home QSR Brands Launches Kita Fight Covid-19 & Terangi Ramadan Campaigns

QSR Brands Launches Kita Fight Covid-19 & Terangi Ramadan Campaigns

Encouraging Malaysians To Join Hands in Supporting the Frontliners & Those in Need

QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd (QSR Brands), the leading food chain brand that operates KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia is continuing the fight against COVID-19 with an additional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This effort aims to lighten the burden of many Malaysians who are affected by this pandemic including those in underserved communities who need daily necessities as well as medical frontliners who require specialised medical equipment.

QSR Brands has set up a donation initiative through KFC and Pizza Hut with the aspiration of raising funds for those in need during these unforeseen times. This initiative is calling out to Malaysians to join raise fund for the Akaun Amanah Khas set up by the Ministry of Health, as well as NGOs; the Malaysian Red Crescent (National Committee for Community Services & Health) and MERCY Malaysia who have been active with COVID-19 relief efforts since the outbreak. By collaborating with these NGOs, the funds raised will be channeled directly to the affected communities including the underserved rakyat as well as the medical community, especially in anticipation of the holy months, Ramadan and Syawal. 

Through this initiative, both KFC and Pizza Hut are encouraging Malaysians to join in their efforts to raise funds during this unprecedented period by contributing to this donation initiative to make a difference as caring Malaysians; while they continue to enjoy fresh, hygienic and safe-to-eat food.

KFC, through its CSR campaign ‘Kita Fight COVID-19’ has introduced KFC Mix Bucket where with each purchase; RM1 will be donated to this cause. Moreover, Malaysians may donate directly to KFC’s Tabung Add Hope: Kita Fight COVID-19 with their preferred amount which KFC will then extend, by matching the total contribution 1-for-1. 

Tony Lika, Head of KFC Malaysia said, “Many Malaysians are facing extreme challenges since the outbreak. We recognise the plight of those who are affected by COVID-19 and we believe these feelings are shared widely by all Malaysians. Through Kita Fight COVID-19, we are calling the public to rally with us to be part of a change that can make a great impact during this time.”

Pizza Hut, on the other hand, has launched the Terangi Ramadan campaign that gives Malaysians the opportunity to donate RM0.50 with every Pizza Hut meal purchased via its official website and app. The collated sum will be matched 1-for-1 by Pizza Hut, as part of its commitment to pay it forward and contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

Loi Liang Tok, Head of Pizza Hut Malaysia stated, “Pizza Hut wants to ensure that we are playing our part and helping the community rise to make it through these difficult times. We launched Terangi Ramadan to stand united with all Malaysians and encourage them to join in our efforts to raise funds towards the cause. At the same time, Pizza Hut wants to increase awareness on this issue with the end goal of providing much needed relief to the affected communities.”

Since the enforcement of MCO on 18 March, QSR Brands has been actively providing over 27,000 meals to various communities including health workers, firemen, policemen, media, and public service workers at our frontline as well as university students and the underserved communities.

To further mitigate the spread of COVID-19, KFC and Pizza Hut ensures the health and safety of its employees and customers with enhancement in its already stringent health, safety, and hygiene procedures. Both brands have also introduced ‘contactless delivery’ and ‘contactless take-away’ where customers’ orders are fulfilled in a contact-free manner, in line with the government’s health, safety, and social regulations.

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