Primeworks Studios in collaboration with Motion Content Group is proud to bring audiences a five-episode series called Saranghae Ramadan Eid, The Series. These episodes will follow Korean Muslims in both Malaysia and South Korea and learn how they practice, prepare suitable food, experience, and celebrate Ramadan and Eid.

The series features a blend of Korean culture and Islam religion whilst highlighting good values, mutual respect, and cultural beliefs that will entertain viewers and K-fans alike.

The first episode titled ‘Korean Muslims in Malaysia’ will be hosted by Hani Fadzil and will tell a story of Ahmad and Emir and their love of Islam. This episode focuses on how two Muslim Koreans living in a predominantly Muslim population share their experience celebrating Ramadhan.

‘Korean Muslims In South Korea’ is the second episode of the series which follows three young Korean Muslims in Seoul named Daud Kim, Seong Yong and Bora Song. In this episode, they will share their stories and experience how Islam has changed their lifestyle living in Korea. 
Bora Song on episode 2 - ‘Korean Muslims In South Korea’
After getting to know more about Daud, Bora, and Yong, the third episode of the series, ‘Meet My Friends In Seoul’ sheds light on the perspective of their supportive friends on their religious journey. The fourth episode of the series titled ‘K-Host Meets K-Mualaf’ will be hosted by a Korean TV host, Justin Choi, and guests are Ayana Moon, Khalid & Lee Seul. This episode features a story about two Koreans as they discuss their beliefs and mutual respect towards each other.

A Ramadan & Eid story will be the series finale and it will focus on Korean Muslims preparing and celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia.
Donghyun Kim on episode 3 - ‘Meet My Friends In Seoul’

Coway Malaysia, the series sponsor, highlights a range of products such as the Air and Water Purifier which is in line with the themes of purification and cleanliness making it a perfect fit for the newly converted Muslims in Malaysia & Korea who are embracing Islam.

Saranghae Ramadan Eid, The Series is set to air from 29th April to 27th May, TV3 every Wednesday at 6:30pm.