Redbeat Academy has rolled out a specialised development programme for small and medium-sized local enterprises in Malaysia, in collaboration with Google.

Called BINA Digital, the programme offers online courses for SMEs to get started, build and grow their online presence, as well as enhance their ability to maintain sustainable business expansion and growth. Small-and-mid-sized local companies can find out more and join the program via the Redbeat Academy website at

RedBeat Academy is a collaboration between AirAsia Group’s corporate venture arm, RedBeat Ventures, and Google.

The programme is composed of three categories: the free Webinar beginner courses; the BINA Basic Programme whose fees will be waived for the first 240 participants for SMEs, and the BINA Advanced Programme, a five-week course of two hours each week at a nominal fee of MYR100 per participant.

Participants of BINA Digital will be learning from instructors from RedBeat Academy, Google and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

President (RedBeat Ventures) AirAsia Group, Aireen Omar said, “The current COVID-19 outbreak has changed the landscape of how business is done, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. In early April, AirAsia responded to the situation by opening up our ecosystem and making its resources available to all to help local businesses via our 'Save Our Shops' campaign. Close to 1,500 SMEs are currently selling their products on our e-commerce platform, OURSHOP.

We are pleased to be able to extend further assistance to SMEs by offering the latest specialised programme. We realise that SMEs, too, need the requisite skills to be able to digitise their business, stay relevant and be equipped with modern tech skill sets, which will help them prepare for the digital economy. The BINA digital programme will definitely strengthen the SMEs’ ability to manage sustainable business expansion and growth. We hope SMEs will take this opportunity to reskill or upskill themselves, and continue to excel in their businesses.”

Through BINA Digital, SMEs will be able to develop both their business and digital skill sets to meet the ever-changing economic environment, get certified with formal accreditation for all completed courses, as well as gain real-life e-commerce experiences by becoming a seller on through the OURSHOP Special. Participants will also have access to the BINA Community for networking opportunities.

RedBeat Academy aims to build a future proof next generation by providing a one-stop service in tech, leadership and innovation that will be a key catalyst for the digital economy in Malaysia and ASEAN.