Home Samsung Technology Samsung’s Technology and Products Bring Family Together
Home Samsung Technology Samsung’s Technology and Products Bring Family Together

Samsung’s Technology and Products Bring Family Together

Samsung “Creates Moments to Remember” With Connected Living

The stay-at-home mandate has changed the rhythms and routines of Malaysians’ everyday life. During the period of self-isolation and social-distancing measures in place, many may felt the lack of human contact. One of the challenges is finding new ways of staying connected while letting go of old expectations. Technology offers a respite from this – it offers a place to play, have fun, be creative, communicate, and create family moments that matter.

As much as Samsung understands that good family relationships and social connections play a crucial part in looking after a person’s wellbeing, we also believe that technology empowers families to create, and encourage stronger emotional connections within families.

Samsung’s vision of connected living, a world in which devices and services are transformed into seamless experiences - makes every family moment counts with heart-warming touches through its finest human-driven technology and products. Options for virtually hanging out with friends and family are now even greater. This could be something as simple as playing a quirky little app together during weekend, or having long-distance dinner together via Skype, Zoom and so on.

While Samsung’s innovative technology and products have enriched the shared family experiences and helped many to weather through such trying times together, it has painted an interesting picture of today’s modern day family with redefined family roles. In the wake of the global pandemic, we can see the evolution of family values being rediscovered to express appreciation and the importance of “getting through this together”.

Times have evolved, and Samsung is proud to be in this together with you.

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