Home Huawei Malaysia Technology The Much-Awaited Huawei P40 PRO+ Arrives in Malaysia On June 26, Priced at RM4,999 and Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose It
Home Huawei Malaysia Technology The Much-Awaited Huawei P40 PRO+ Arrives in Malaysia On June 26, Priced at RM4,999 and Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose It

The Much-Awaited Huawei P40 PRO+ Arrives in Malaysia On June 26, Priced at RM4,999 and Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose It

Free gifts worth up to RM1,300 await you with every purchase [1]

The star of the flagship HUAWEI P40 series, the P40 Pro+ is finally coming to Malaysia and will arrive at our shores and stores on June 26.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ (8GB + 512GB) retails at RM4,999, and will be available in sleek but sturdy, White Ceramic. While stocks last, each purchase of the P40 Pro+ comes with freebies worth over RM1,300. The free gifts include: one pair of HUAWEI Freebuds 3, one HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 40 W), free access for up to 3 months for HUAWEI Video VIP, dimsum entertainment, Qello Concert, and The Explorers [2]. Consumers also get free 50GB storage on HUAWEI Cloud [3], as well as one-year extended warranty [4] and one-month screen crack protection.

The P40 series smartphones are a testament to HUAWEI’s engineering ingenuity and commitment to collaborative innovation, and these six features are part of an array of compelling reasons why you should not wait to get your hands on the HUAWEI P40 Pro+, as soon as it hits the stores at the end of this week.

Reason #1: Nano-tech ceramic body: resilient and beautiful
Drawing inspiration from traditional ceramics, HUAWEI has fused modern materials and processes to reshape this ancient material. Through a complex process involving kilning and polishing, the new nano-tech ceramic panel for HUAWEI P40 Pro+ is engineered to be lighter and thinner, as well as appearing clean and clear under light refractions.

A material almost as durable as sapphire, the P40 Pro+ is more scratch resistant compared to other materials like glass or metal, and because ceramic is a non-conductive material with regards to heat and electricity, the P40 Pro+ cools down much faster than other materials.

Additionally, the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ is backed by an international rating standard of IP-68, which means it can withstand dust, dirt and sand, and is resistant to freshwater submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m, for 30 minutes.

Reason #2: Ultra Vision Leica Penta Camera: Perfection in photography
The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ has not three, not four, but five rear cameras, promising the best that smartphone photography has to offer. The device’s Ultra Vision Leica Penta Camera includes a 50MP Wide Angle Ultra Vision Camera, a 40MP Ultra-Wide Angle SuperSensing Cine Camera, an 8MP SuperZoom Camera with 10x Optical Zoom, an 8MP Telephoto Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, and a 3D Depth Sensing Camera, which ensures that you capture every photo with utmost perfection.

Reason #3: 100x SuperZoom and Audio Zoom: See and hear in fine detail
An engineering marvel in and of itself, the 10x Optical Zoom Camera takes full advantage of the periscope design to fit a powerful set of optics within the confines of 1cm. With it, the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ supports up to 100x zoom with a max focal range of up to the equivalent of 240mm on a standard camera lens. The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ also leverages the HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine to improve image quality with its integrated Super Resolution (SR) algorithm.

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ also has directional audio zoom, which allows you to simultaneously zoom in on an audio source and amplify its sound. Sound localisation is determined by gauging the intensity difference of input from the three microphones located at the top, bottom and back of the device. In addition to improved audio reception, this also effectively reduces audio noise from sound emitting subjects outside of the focus using a directivity-beam forming algorithm.

Reason #4: AI Best Moment, AI Remove Passerby, AI Remove Reflection
Leaning on the best of HUAWEI’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the AI Remove Passerby and AI Remove Reflection features that come with the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ ensures that you never need to worry about unwanted interference in your images, such as photobombers, or reflection when you take photos of objects behind a glass panel. The technology collects scene information before and after the camera’s virtual shutter is closed. And then, using AI algorithms, before and after frames are compared and aligned for you to easily crop out the interfering object in your image.

Meanwhile, AI Best Moment picks the best of a series of moving shots and recommends the picture that perfectly encapsulates the moment for you.

Reason #5: Dual 40W Supercharge: Ready to go in a flash
The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ supports 40W Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge [5] – the industry-leading power input – bringing you one step closer to a fully wireless reality. With TÜV Rheinland safety certification, you can enjoy super-fast wireless charging without worry.

Just like the P40 and P40 Pro, the P40 Pro+ also supports super-fast 40W Wired HUAWEI SuperCharge, which allows you to go from zero to 70% charged in just 30 minutes. As well as using the power adapter, you can take advantage of the 40W charging support with accessories such as HUAWEI 12000 40W SuperCharge PowerBank and HUAWEI SuperCharge Car Charger 2.

Reason #6: Kirin 990 5G SOC: Ready for the future of 5G
The HUAWEI P40 Series is powered by Kirin 990 5G, which is manufactured with the industry leading 7nm+ EUV process, challenging what is physically possible from silicon with 10.3 billion transistors packed onto a space no larger than a fingernail.

The advanced manufacturing process makes it possible for HUAWEI to integrate a 5G modem alongside the CPU, GPU, NPU and other SoC components in a single chip, allowing the SoC to support industry-leading 5G connectivity at a greater power efficiency.

As HUAWEI’s most powerful SoC yet, the Kirin 990 5G SoC includes an octa-core CPU, 16-core GPU and triple-core NPU built on HUAWEI’s proprietary Da Vinci architecture. The three processing units work in tandem to support best-in-class performance and efficiency across productivity, gaming and AI computing scenarios.

For 5G connectivity, the HUAWEI P40 Series supports both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) networking modes, as well as comprehensive support for 5G frequency bands. What this means is, wherever you are in the world that has 5G, you’ll have it too.

You can have it all with HUAWEI Share
HUAWEI Share lets you connect the HUAWEI P40 Series with other HUAWEI devices, such as HUAWEI MateBook and HUAWEI MatePad. Through HUAWEI Share, you can transfer photos, videos, documents and more between devices.

AppGallery: More secure, more storage and more rewards
HUAWEI’s AppGallery now contains most frequently used apps by Malaysians such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, HereWeGo, AirAsia, TikTok, Lazada, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Foodpanda, Maybank2u and more.

The AppGallery is also safe, as it is fortified with four layers of protection that have been certified by the highest industry standards. Users can save more storage by just using the Quick Apps to open the specific apps you want without installing them.

Moreover, P40 series and MatePad Pro users can redeem rewards at HUAWEI Member Center and also get free 50GB of HUAWEI Cloud storage for 12 months.

HUAWEI users can also now install an app called “Petal Search” using which they can find apps that are not currently available on HUAWEI AppGallery, and install them directly into their device.

Amazing deals up for grabs at the HUAWEI AppGallery Carnival
On top of buying the HUAWEI P40 Pro+, if you’ve had your eyes on other HUAWEI intelligent products, now is the time to make that purchase at the on-going HUAWEI AppGallery Carnival that will be in town (virtually) from 19-30 June.

The HUAWEI AppGallery Carnival is one of HUAWEI’s biggest event of the year and has spectacular deals on offer. Additionally, those who make purchases during the Carnival period stand a chance to win from a pool of lucky draw prizes worth up to RM2 million. The prize pool includes three Proton X 70s and 500 electric scooters. Click on this link to be in the running to win any of these amazing lucky draw prizes.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the HUAWEI AppGallery Carnival now and buy your HUAWEI P40 Pro+, and the other HUAWEI products you’ve been longing for!

[1] While stocks last
[2] Valid from 26 June until 30 November
[3] Valid for 12 months, can be redeemed until 31 December 2020
[4] Valid throughout lifecycle of the product
[5] Wireless charging is only available using the HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charger

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