Building on the success of HID’s Mercury HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced the HID Aero® platform featuring its next generation of open-architecture intelligent controllers that increase choices for a wide range of businesses while future-proofing access control investments as requirements change.

“HID Aero is providing a broader market with features that were generally available only in solutions for larger organizations, while eliminating the ongoing cost and complexity of designing, manufacturing and maintaining panel hardware at the same time,” said Nelson Fung, Product Marketing Manager, APAC, Physical Access Control Solutions with HID Global. “It also brings end-to-end security to everyday applications with encrypted communication and threat detection, and robust features to meet corporate compliance.”

Based on HID’s Mercury hardware used in more than four million panels shipped globally, the HID Aero platform speeds development time for access control solution providers by including all required hardware, firmware, software and development tools. Benefits for users include:

  • Easily adaptable to evolving requirements: Users can choose from a large variety of access control software providers when deploying solutions. Systems are also easy to migrate to new software and highly configurable to dynamically enhance situational awareness.
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs: HID Aero enables remote management capabilities with HID readers supporting Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), including its recently announced Signo readers with built-in support. This minimizes the need for field inspection and reconfiguration.
  • End-to-end security from credential to host: HID Aero brings to smaller businesses many features generally available only in enterprise-class solutions, including host and controller authentication, encryption to protect keys and sophisticated threat detection.
  • Trusted reliability, proven technology: Based on HID Mercury panel hardware and system technology, the durable controllers fit in the same footprint as earlier HID VertX® controllers and are backward compatible with HID VertX modules to simplify upgrades.