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HUAWEI Assistant TODAY Wins World-Renowned Red Dot Award 2020

HUAWEI Assistant TODAY won the Red Dot Award Brands & Communication Design Dubbed the “Oscars” of the design industry, the Red Do...

HUAWEI Assistant TODAY won the Red Dot Award Brands & Communication Design

Dubbed the “Oscars” of the design industry, the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design was recently awarded to HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY. Based on Red Dot’s motto of “In search of good design and creativity”, this award is a testament to HUAWEI’s efforts in continuous innovation to provide a smart consumer experience. The brand was among the select few to win this year, out of the thousands of competition entries that were vying for this revered international seal of outstanding design quality.

Located at “the left most screen”, HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY is a personal assistant embedded in HUAWEI smartphone, provides quick access to various services without the need for downloading application. HUAWEI and HONOR mobile device users can simply start it by swiping right from the home screen. The smart assistant brings a new level of intelligent performance by helping users find services and information when and where they are needed. As of Q2 2020, HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY is making the lives of its 210 million MAUs in 170 countries and regions easier and more convenient every day.

From a product design perspective, HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY offers a seamless intelligent user experience. It breaks down the barriers between apps by efficiently providing services such as search and discovery, quick access, smart service dynamics and content recommendations at a single touch. It also learns users’ preferences to offer recommendations that make the overall user experience more intuitive and optimised.

With HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY, users can now effortlessly search for any apps, settings and files on their smartphones while simultaneously scanning their tailored newsfeed for items of interest. Additionally, a key feature of the HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY is the smart service cards which displays notifications and reminders based on users’ needs and specific usage scenarios. 
For instance, users can stay up to date on their favourite team with the Sports card while getting reminded of key travel details and updates in real-time with the Travel card based on their locations.

HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY will continue to work on bringing more smart services to its users to enhance their everyday lives. To do so, HUAWEI will unceasingly optimise perfect the product experience from the users’ perspective, thereby offering each user an experience akin to having a personal assistant in their day-to-day activities.