Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology Hear Them Out: Undoubtedly A Powerphone to Maximize Productivity and Creativity
Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology Hear Them Out: Undoubtedly A Powerphone to Maximize Productivity and Creativity

Hear Them Out: Undoubtedly A Powerphone to Maximize Productivity and Creativity

Last month, in August 2020, Samsung introduced its latest smartphone in the Note series yet – the Galaxy Note20. While there are some out there with the misconception that this is “just another smartphone”, there are many who have recognized the Note20 for what it is – a feature-packed smartphone, ready to be your go-to associate for every aspect of your enhanced lifestyle.

To let fellow Malaysians know about the power of the Galaxy Note20; Dato’ Azril Mohd Radzi (Founder of V’Asia Cosmetic and Healthcare), Nini Marini (creative entrepreneur) and Zahir Kelvin Ong Abdullah (host of Money Matters) share their experiences with the productivity device and how it has enhanced their lifestyles in both their professional and personal hours.

Dato’ Azril Mohd Radzi’s No.1 All-Round Partner for Both Work and Leisure
“The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a new premium design and highly-attractive colors. But it doesn’t just look good! It’s an amazing tool for work as well. The S Pen helps me work much more flexibly, and the Wireless DeX feature helps me get work done quickly too.”

This is what Dato Azril Mohd Radzi, Founder of V’Asia Cosmetic and Healthcare, had to say about the Galaxy Note20. Firstly, the phone’s timeless design helps him maintain a level of style and class, allowing him to show up and work with a confidence that no other smartphone has provided before. But beyond its design are the strong features that help him power through his work day. Features such as the improved S Pen, Wireless DeX, auto synchronization across multiple devices, and Link to Windows are a few of the things help him with furthering his cosmetics and healthcare brand – all from one device that fits into your pocket!

But outside work? Dato’ Azril Mohd Radzi adds that there is so much more the Galaxy Note20 has to offer apart from productivity. “Leading a company isn’t easy. I strive to lead an active and healthy life overall, mainly through regular cycling sessions. While I’ve always enjoyed them, I’ve never enjoyed cycling this much, as my Galaxy Note20 Ultra helps me take pictures and record videos of my views when I’m out cycling a route, and allows me to upload them with just one action” he added.

Moreover, the Galaxy Note20 pairs perfectly with other Galaxy devices as well, and when combined, will deliver a fuller and more satisfying Galaxy experience. When the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Watch3 join in on Dato’ Azril Mohd Radzi’s cycling sessions, tracking his health and getting total music freedom are taken to the next level.

Check out this video below to know how easy life can be with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra – controlling everything from the palm of your hand. 

Nini Marini’s Great Source of Artistic Inspiration
“Imagination is extremely important in producing a creative art piece. Often times, coming up with a brand new idea is the most difficult part of the process. The new Galaxy Note20’s S Pen makes that process much easier for me. Put that together with the large, ultra-high definition screen; and this has become one of my greatest sources of artistic inspiration,” said Nini Marini, an artist, self-taught painter, and creative entrepreneur based in Kuala Lumpur.

What Nini loves most about her Galaxy Note20 Ultra is that it is always by her side, as inspiration and ideas aren’t always there to refer to. With this new device, gone are the days when she had to carry a bulky sketchbook with her at all times, just in case an awesome idea for a new piece of art pops into her head while she’s between destinations.

“I still need a proper canvas to work on for my final artworks, but the Note20 Ultra really helps me during the initial stages. All artists usually do up a quick sketch on a sketchbook before working on the real thing. For me, my Note20 Ultra does exactly that and more. Another important thing is the gorgeous display, which accurately highlights every single detail no matter how small,” she added.

Follow Nini’s experiments with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and how it complements her inspiration anytime, anywhere below.

Zahir Kelvin Ong Abdullah’s Reminder to Appreciate the Finer Things in Life
“In my daily life, efficiency matters. Everything I do must be efficient and precise. Thanks to Samsung, I can get that with the Galaxy Note20, which makes multi-tasking a breeze,” said Zahir Kelvin Ong Abdullah, host of the popular TV program Money Matters.

As host of the program, it is crucial that he is kept up-to-date by the minute of all matters regarding finance and economics, both locally and internationally. The task is monumentally daunting, but he highlights that the Note20 takes significant burden off his shoulders. With super-fast processing speeds and capabilities for multi-tasking, the Note20 helps him with daily updates, being aware of economic progressions. And as a person who plans his days almost by the minute, the Galaxy Note20 keeps him in check.

However, Kelvin added that the Galaxy Note20 has helped him realize the importance of letting loose and at the end of a long and productive day, and savoring the moment through pictures. Moments such as preparing a meal, enjoying quality time with your family, or watching the sunset.

That’s when you whip out your Galaxy Note20 to take a gorgeous picture with its professional-grade camera! Because moments like these are in fact, beautiful, and deserve to be documented and savored in all its glory.

Learn more about how Kelvin takes his trusty Galaxy Note20 Ultra with him wherever he goes, empowering both his work and life below.

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