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Home Entertainment iQiYi ‘Pengantin Satu Malam’ Is A Success On iQIYI

‘Pengantin Satu Malam’ Is A Success On iQIYI

The highly anticipated novel adaptation, ‘Pengantin Satu Malam’ that aired on TV3’s Akasia slot on 18 August, has received multi-million views on the market-leading online entertainment service, iQIYI.

The 28- episode drama series’ successful run was made available through a six (6) drama content partnership deal between Malaysia’s biggest content producer and distributor, Primeworks Studios, and iQIYI. This deal allowed all episodes to be made available exclusively for viewers on the iQIYI platform www.iQ.com and the iQIYI app for free just 1 hour after its broadcast on TV3.

‘Pengantin Satu Malam’ stars Nazim Othman, Amelia Henderson, Fizo Omar, and Afifah Nasir. It also features Mustapha Kamal, Edika Yusof, Sharifah Shahora, Farisha Irwayu, and Norish Karman. 

Here are some of the highlights from the last nine episodes of this addictive series:

Episode 1
We meet Zahred, the son of Dato Haris and Datin Roziah, who is forced to delay his engagement to Balqis as he leaves for Japan for three months when Balqis’ father requests for RM30,000 to clear his debts. The story also follows Zulaikha, who is in a dilemma after being proposed by her lover Adli. She worries that would mean having to follow Adli abroad after marriage. Zulaikha’s boss, Haji Ramli, on the other hand, has a crush on her and would do anything to gain the blessings from Sulikha’s family. This episode comes to a close when Zahred finds out that Balqis is having an affair with his father.

Episode 2
Zahred is disappointed upon his return from Japan to learn of his father’s marriage to Balqis, after which he spirals into depression. Balqis later runs away from her husband and marriage. Zulaikha misses getting raped by her boss. When Adli finds out, he attacks Haji Ramli and the truth about Adli and Zulikha’s relationship surfaces.

Episode 3
Adli ends his relationship with Zulaikha, and she is working as an engineer at Zahred’s company, one that he owns with Rasul. Zulaikha needs the job as her ailing mother requires medical treatment amounting to RM60,000. We see Zahred’s attraction towards Zulaikha blossom.

Episode 4
Zulaikha’s mother's condition worsens. Meanwhile, Zahred tries to find fault with Zulaiha, but Rasul continuously defends her. The episode peaks when Zahred sees his father flirting with Zulaikha.

Episode 5
Zahred and his father’s relationship sours as he learns that his father, once again, is trying to win Zulaikha’s heart. Zulaikha’s mother is rushed to the hospital as her sickness worsens. The episode ends with Zahred’s mother, Datin Roziah, trying to matchmake Zahred with Tengku Rihana.

Episode 6
Zulaikha is upset to think that her hard work is unappreciated and considered terrible in the eyes of Zahred, but she continues. Upon returning from a work trip in Chiang Mai, her family asks that she not return home as loan sharks shake their lives. She reluctantly decides to borrow RM120,000 from Zahred to settle her family’s debts. Zahred takes this opportunity to make a deal with her, one that includes getting married and spending just one night with him.

Episode 7
Zulaikha agrees to the offer, but Zahred becomes increasingly worried about what had happened with his father in the past. Aside from the sticky situation with Zulaikha and Zahred, Haji Ramli ( Zulaikha’s ex-boss) comes to Zakaria’s aid to help clear outstanding debts amounting to RM70,000 in hopes that he can be accepted as a son-in-law to his daughter, Zulaikha.

Episode 8
After numerous threats, Zahred refuses to divorce Zulaikha, and so the marriage is kept a secret. Uncharacteristically, Zahred starts to miss his wife and regrets his past actions and decides to tell his father not ever to contact Zulaikha ever again.

Episode 9
In this episode, we find Zulaikha stuck between saving her mother and protecting her dignity. The situation escalates when she decides to quit her job because of her boss's unacceptable attitude. What will she do next? 
Now that you are up to speed don’t forget to catch the following episodes on the iQIYI app for free just 1 hour after its broadcast on TV3.

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