Home IMPIAN Program Paves the Path to Address Income Equality for Malaysia’s Underprivileged Youth
Home IMPIAN Program Paves the Path to Address Income Equality for Malaysia’s Underprivileged Youth

IMPIAN Program Paves the Path to Address Income Equality for Malaysia’s Underprivileged Youth

Gearing at-risk youth for growth, IMPIAN Program by 3M and V2T demonstrates a possible model for income generation for underprivileged youth
A representative from Sekolah Tahfiz Anak Yatim Alkitab (right) receiving a token of appreciation from 3M and V2T for their participation in the IMPIAN Program.

Known to be a progressive and mature market in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is home to several leading multinationals, hotel chains, and top brands offering a great lifestyle and affordability. However, as the country continues to grow, a sector of the country’s underprivileged youth often get overlooked. Growing up in institutionalised homes, these young adults often fail to develop social or life skills that are essential for them to transition into adulthood. This often leads to a lack of opportunities to showcase their skills and talents, making them prone to high-risk behaviour that causes them to fall back into the poverty cycle.

The latest figures show that, while there is an increase in household income in Malaysia, the income equality gap continues to widen [1] even today. According to the World Economic Forum, education and entrepreneurship are key in overcoming the income inequality gap in the country. As more entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds are given resources to succeed, it increases their opportunities to compete for and secure high paying jobs. 
Youth from Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera posing with their token of appreciation and certificate from 3M and V2T for their participation in the IMPIAN Program.

Recognising the need to empower the nation’s underprivileged youth with tools and training to build their future dreams, 3M, the global science company launched the IMPIAN program early this year [2]. IMPIAN was supported by a grant worth RM 197,075.00 from 3Mgives – the primary social investment arm of 3M Company – and targeted youths aged between the ages of 16-18, from multiple orphanages and non-profit organisations. Conducted in partnership with non-profit organisation Vision 2 Transform (V2T), the IMPIAN program has provided entrepreneurship training and mentoring opportunities to over 40 young adults from 5 non-profit organisations to enable them to get up on their feet and work toward financial independence.

IMPIAN is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals no.1, 4, and 8 that aim to reduce the population living in poverty, provide quality education and learning opportunities for all, as well as reducing youth unemployment, respectively.

Conducted over a period of six months, the IMPIAN program has trained participants in various topics revolving around financial planning, budgeting, property investment, customer analysis, digital marketing, sales strategy, and operations. Simultaneously, the participants were also put through a mentorship program to work on improving their interpersonal skills. The programs for IMPIAN were designed with the end goal to empower and equip our society’s underprivileged youth with the right mindset and skills to eventually bridge the income inequality gap and integrate them into society. 

Youth from Rumah Kasih Harmoni Paya Jaras proud to receive their certificate of participation in the IMPIAN Program and a token of appreciation from 3M and V2T.

Culminating in a successful 100% participation rate (zero dropouts), the program recorded the following positive feedback:

  • Increase in confidence – 97.5% of participants are more confident to start their own business upon finishing their training with the IMPIAN program.
  • New business ideas and future planning – 75% of participants admit that they have more clarity on their future goals and visions after attending the training program.
  • Improvements in financial literacy – 92.5% of participants acquired practical steps to better exercise their finances and admit to already using the concepts that were shared during the mentoring sessions.

“Our vision in devising the IMPIAN program was to create a model that imparted practical skills and a growth mindset to the nation’s underprivileged youth. This would enable them to be confident and have hope to take the first step in starting their entrepreneurship journey,” said Raymond Gabriel, Vice President of V2T. “We are happy to learn that our participants feel confident and motivated upon completing the training program. Even if they were to use these skills to develop a side business while looking for full-time work, it would provide means for financial relief and give them an opportunity to grow their skills as well. Therefore, we are very grateful to partner with 3M for this meaningful program,” he added.

According to 3M Malaysia’s Country Leader, GT Lim, a program like IMPIAN can open doors to financial success for those who need it the most. “Training and mentorship programs that instil practical skills as such are important links to providing equal growth opportunities for all.” 
Anmol Begam, one of Best Student of the IMPIAN Program by 3M and V2T from Rumah Kasih Harmoni Paya Jaras posing with her award and certificate of excellence.

“My heartiest congratulations to all the participants for successfully completing the training. We are happy to see the overwhelming response that IMPIAN Program has received thus far. As a science-based company, we are all about innovation. It drives our business, fuels our passions, and allows us to improve our lives. That’s why so many of our community outreach activities like the IMPIAN Program, focus especially, on aspects like empowerment, financial literacy, and skill-building to support a diverse workforce for generations to come,” GT further commented. 

[1] Income inequality in Malaysia widens
[2] Do refer to attached infographic about the IMPIAN program for more

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