Home LG Malaysia Technology Jazz Up Your Next Party with These Video Games!
Home LG Malaysia Technology Jazz Up Your Next Party with These Video Games!

Jazz Up Your Next Party with These Video Games!

Planning your next get together? Forget card games and stuff your board games back in the cupboard. Amp up your hangout sessions by kicking off on a virtual adventure right from the comfort of your home – grab your favourite video game and enjoy it on an ultra-modern TV that boasts a high dynamic range palette of over one billion colours.

Gaming is unhealthy, you say? Think again! Contrary to popular belief, you’d be surprised to hear that gaming brings many positive effects. According to Video Games and Well-being: Press Start [1], gamers enjoy a rich variety of psychological benefits such as better mental health, flexible thinking, persistence, and a growth mindset. So, what are you waiting for? Bring a breath of fresh air to parties and gatherings now by playing some games on the amazing LG NanoCell TV!

When you hook your games to TVs like the NanoCell, your gaming experience will not only be different but enhanced by multiple folds. What else? Incredible gaming-level picture quality, no matter the angle? Check. Next level content with enhanced colour purity? Check. And most incredibly, the invaluable opportunity to bond with your loved ones over much laughter, friendly competition, and not to forget, snacks.

We have even got a list of video games that you and your buddies can immerse in with the LG NanoCell TV! Give some of these a go today:

Mario Kart
A whimsical yet competitive game, Mario Kart is a classic game that will have you at the edge of your seat as your virtual car drifts, speeds, and—indeed—fly. Nothing beats some friendly rivalry at gatherings and hangouts than this game. With the LG NanoCell TV’s Pure Colours feature, players can now indulge in the kart racing game in a vividly exciting way – slipstreaming in Mario’s world with a truly Very Impressive Picture (VIP) experience at wide viewing angles, brilliantly coloured and crystal clear. It will be a truly elevated experience as you can explore different out-of-this world tracks filled with euphoric colours.

Mario Kart’s rich variety of power-ups will never be the same again with the LG NanoCell TV’s Pure Colours feature, whether it is collecting magic mushrooms for a burst of speed, flinging colourful Koopa Shells to halt rivals in their winning tracks, or giving your opponents an unexpected spin-out with Banana Peels to clinch 1st place. With the Pure Colours feature, this classic game comes to live with perfection in every single detail, bursting out of your screen and providing an experience of exceptional quality without compromise.

Alternatively, what about trying out a chaotic, co-op cooking game with your friends, for a night of energising teamwork? Overcooked is not just your regular cooking game, because it is a cooking game that requires close teamwork to emerge victorious. Put on your chef’s hat, sharpen your knives and race against time with your fellow chefs to prepare, cook and serve a wide variety of tasty dishes before your customers storm out of your restaurant in a huff. A word of caution: be ready for a truly disorderly cooking session and unbelievable pandemonium as you streamline your kitchen duties. But it’s all part of the fun process!

This fast-paced, topsy-turvy game will certainly be complemented with LG NanoCell TV’s Low Input Lag, enabling you and your teammates to react quicker. Seize this chance to manage the number of chefs in your virtual kitchen of improved graphics – made all the more realistically chaotic with annoying obstacles and hazards that truly test your team’s ability to whip up dishes according to specific orders, under severe time pressure. Coupled with the HDMI 2.1 feature, this epic game can be played at its fullest potential and players will never miss an order. Simply resist the urge to argue with your other cooks as your ability to cooperate with one another is truly put to the test, this time with a smoother, more synchronised gaming experience.

Just Dance
Why settle for just gaming on the couch, if you can turn the session into an action-filled dance party? Invite your friends over to start the ultimate dance party with Just Dance, a motion-based dancing game that allows multiple players to cha cha the night away. Pick your favourite song and start dancing as each game features a vibrant collection of songs with their own dance choreographies.

Strive to emerge victorious by mirroring a dance performed by actors on the screen, testing your abilities to be highly accurate when following commands that appear on the screen. With a competitive dance game like this, players can have fun as well as observe just how well their friends can dance to a beat. Above all, fret not about image tearing and stuttering, as the LG NanoCell TV’s AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology support will give you and your friends a smooth and seamless dance game.

And of course, LG NanoCell TV’s Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) which allows fast-moving content in higher resolution and smooth, synchronised graphics means that you and your fellow players can dance the night away, never missing a beat.

So, there you go! Gaming has never been so fun nor realistic until now. Turn any gaming session that you have into an unforgettable party, made all the more exciting with the VIP experience, giving your guests amazing colour purity and outstanding lifelike quality content. Prepare your Super Rings, Twisties and other yummy snacks for a fun and laughter-filled gaming session today as you and your teammates (or opponents) gear up for an experience like never before!

[1] Kowert, R., 2020. Video Games and Well-Being: Press Start. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

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