Home Fashion Oxwhite Attract Better Qi Through Fashion with Oxwhite
Home Fashion Oxwhite Attract Better Qi Through Fashion with Oxwhite

Attract Better Qi Through Fashion with Oxwhite

Collaborates with Feng Shui consultant to provide tips on how to benefit from the “renewals” and “regrowths” year of the Ox brings

Oxwhite, a popular Malaysian e-commerce lifestyle brand that offers a wide array of products for the modern Asians collaborated with Feng Shui Consultant Jane Hor to provide customers with metaphysic remedies through fashion in 2021.

Through the collaboration, Oxwhite produced a video in which Hor provided Feng Shui outlook on 2021 as well as tips on how individuals can attract better qi in the year of the Ox through fashion.

“Those who believe in Chinese metaphysics believe that 2021 is the year of regrowth and renewal. Hence, we decided to collaborate with renowned Feng Shui book author and consultant Jane Hor to provide Malaysians an avenue to turn to metaphysic remedies through fashion,” said Oxwhite founder CK Chang.

Chang elaborated that with the number of COVID-19 cases rising to six digits this month, there is a high chance of a stay-at-home Chinese New Year this year.

He said, “as a lifestyle brand in which clothing being our fastest moving products, we felt that a way to thank our customers for their support all these while is to provide them with insights on how they optimise their luck in the year of the Ox through fashion,” said Oxwhite founder CK Chang. The video can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, Feng Shui consultant Jane Hor explained, in metaphysics, it is very important to identify the date and time of beginning of spring in the lunar calendar in order to determine the Bazi outlook for the year.

“This year, the beginning of spring falls on 3 February 2021 at 11.08 pm. This will officially mark the transition from rat to ox.

“Through the comparison of Bazi chart, Annual Flying Star and Nine Palaces Flying Star Diagram, it is concluded that the year of the Ox signifies a renewal and regrowth as this year will be dominated by a star called Wu Qu, she said adding that 2020 was the year of Qi Sha (warfare).

She said that with Wu Qu being the dominating star this year, individuals will have opportunities to make small wins and take a breather as they have the potential to be unwavering and firm in whatever they want to do.

“Hence, in order to attract positive qi this year, do start the beginning of spring by wearing auspicious colours recommended for their Chinese zodiac,” she said adding that individuals should also wear their lucky colours to work when they start work on their auspicious start work dates.

Given that the year of the Ox will be a year of renewal and regrowth, Oxwhite will be expanding the offerings of its fastest moving product during pandemic season -- crew neck t-shirts and breatheasy masks -- to cover the entire family (parents and children). The products will be launched on 19 January 2021 on its website https://oxwhite.com/pages/cny-campaign-2021 and official store on Shopee https://shopee.com.my/oxwhite.os.

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