Home PUBG Mobile Technology PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 Registration Dates Announced
Home PUBG Mobile Technology PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 Registration Dates Announced

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 Registration Dates Announced

The PMCO opens its doors to more new regions in 2021, with Malaysia & Singapore now featuring their very own semi-pro tournaments

Since January 1st, aspiring mobile esports semi-pros from across the globe are invited to sign up and compete in the new 2021 PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO), the biggest ever PUBG MOBILE semi-pro esports competition to date. With the enormous success of the PMCO in 2020 which saw tens of thousands of teams registering ,and PUBG MOBILE’s commitment to continue growing their esports ecosystem to support competitors of all levels, the PMCO 2021 will now be available across 27 regions, with registration opened until January 24th.

2020 was a standout year for PUBG MOBILE esports with over 120,000 teams from around the world applying to compete, showing outstanding skills and vying for their chance to move up into the next level of competition. The PMCO’s expansion means more players will be enabled to continue improving their skills, get a feel of competitive play, and pave their path to the highest levels of mobile esports competition, in the year when PUBG MOBILE esports announced $14,000,000 in prize money. In 2021, PMCO will expand to more regions in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, LATAM and Southeast Asia. For Southeast Asia region, countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, including Malaysia & Singapore will now have their own semi-pro tournaments. This expansion definitely will drive new talents and more competitive tournaments, foremost opening a clear-accessible path for talented players from Malaysia towards the highest level in the PUBG MOBILE esports competition.

All PUBG MOBILE Malaysia players are invited to immediately register their teams for the PMCO 2021 between January 1st to January 24th, through PUBG MOBILE esports website here. After registration is closed, players must pass the qualifying round which takes place starting from 1-7 February 2021. The top team that passes the PMCO group stage qualification later on will compete at the Regional stage on February 16-21, 2021. As the final phase, the team that has successfully passed all the qualifying rounds will go to Regional Finals on 24-28 February 2021.

As the kick-off of PUBG MOBILE esports program in 2021, PMCO Spring Split represents the entry gate to the range of PUBG MOBILE tournaments this year. The best Malaysian team from this competition will directly enter PUBG MOBILE Pro League Season 3 (PMPL S3). And PMPL teams will advance to PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC), PUBG MOBILE’s most prestigious tournament, the final fight for the greatest honor and largest prize money - and the chances are open for everyone! With a prize pool almost trebling that of this year ($5,000,000 to $14,000,000) and record breaking viewership numbers in 2020, the sky for PUBG MOBILE esports and its players in 2021 is beyond the limit. The next even bigger stages await aspiring esports professionals.

“PMCO Spring Split 2021 is an ecosystem that we designed to grow new and talented players in the world of mobile esports. Participated by more than hundreds of teams from each country, every team has the opportunity to show up their skills, win the main prize and advance to even higher competitions. This event provides access for players to realize their dream to play and compete with other professional players from all over the world and represent their country through esports,” said Gaga Li, Head of PUBG Mobile SEA Esports.

The PUBG MOBILE esports ecosystem began in 2018 with grassroots events across the world, and 2020 saw the completion of the amateur to pro circuit with the introduction of the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC), PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL), and the major expansion of the PMCO. In 2021, the PUBG MOBILE esports ecosystem will expand to more regions with more professional esports support and bigger prize pool. The program now supports competitors of all levels from amateur to semi-pro and pro across multiple countries and regions, ensuring a clear path for talented players to progress.

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