Home F&B Milo Nestle Malaysia MILO® energises over 50,000 SPM students to take on the homestretch
Home F&B Milo Nestle Malaysia MILO® energises over 50,000 SPM students to take on the homestretch

MILO® energises over 50,000 SPM students to take on the homestretch

More than 50,000 students sitting for the long-awaited Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2020 examinations were treated to a week’s supply of MILO® UHT. MILO® surprised students all over the country with the energising MILO® UHT as they returned to school to embark on the first week of examinations after months of home-based learning and postponements due to the Movement Control Order. 

SMA Rawang: Students of SMA Rawang, Selangor show their excitement over the free MILO® UHT delivery to keep them going for their SPM 2020 examinations.

Students faced a tough year in 2020, having to navigate their way around online classes interspersed with very brief periods of face-to-face learning and guidance from their teachers. Form Five students particularly were not able to spend their final year in secondary school with their friends and make the most of this important time in their lives.

To cheer these students on as they take on the homestretch, MILO® has stepped in to provide its nutritious UHT beverage with a unique combination of nutrients to help deliver the energy they need to stay focused and alert during the examinations. 

SMK Bukit Indah: The principal of SMK Bukit Indah, Selangor receives the shipment of free MILO® UHT for SPM 2020 students from a MILO® field promotion officer.

According to Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, “These remarkably unprecedented times only underscore the importance of maintaining good nutrition. Thus, we continue to play our role in offering the nutritious goodness of the MILO® energy to help our students stay the course as they race towards the finishing line.”

She further remarked, “The unique situation is also proof of the perseverance and tenacity of these students in enduring the delays without ever losing the never-give-up spirit of champions. These values will undoubtedly help them go far in achieving their best in the examinations and in life.” 

SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1): Students of SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1), Putrajaya feel energised with their week’s supply of MILO® UHT at the start of the SPM 2020 examinations.

Tuan Haji Izmi bin Haji Ismail, Director of Education, Selangor State Education Department applauded MILO®’s initiative to distribute free MILO® UHT to 25,000 selected students in the state. “This is an exemplary corporate social responsibility by MILO® in providing its nutritious beverage to our SPM students to help them stay healthy and active,” he added.

Meanwhile, a recipient from SMK Seksyen 8 Kota Damansara, Adrina Sophea binti Ahmad Fadzil said, “Sitting for exams on an empty stomach is not advisable. Therefore, I drink my MILO® for breakfast as it helps me to improve focus on my papers. I really appreciate MILO®’s support.” 

SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1): Representatives of SMK Putrajaya Presint 8 (1) thank a MILO® field promotion officer for delivery of the free MILO® UHT supply for SPM students. 

Easy and convenient to pair with wholesome meals, MILO® UHT is made from the goodness of barley malt, milk and cocoa and contains a nourishing blend of essential vitamins and minerals to help release energy from the food you eat. Guided by its purpose, MILO® is committed to supporting Malaysians on leading healthy, active lifestyles through its various grassroots sport initiatives.

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