Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing and Review: The Premium Earbuds From Samsung
Home Samsung Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing and Review: The Premium Earbuds From Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing and Review: The Premium Earbuds From Samsung

We all can agree on one thing. Smartphone has become a necessity for any human being, especially during this time. Be it kids to use it for their online distance learning, teens to participate in their online Zoom or Google Meet class, seniors who use Zoom to keep in touch with their kids and grandkids, and many more. We are now communicating more often, listening to songs with a different genre, watching videos on social media for a long time, and more through our smartphones than in the past, making earbuds more necessary in this day's age.

Earlier this year, on top of launching the new S21 series, Samsung has also unleashed the new Galaxy Buds Pro, which they said is a true wireless earbud, with pro-grade technology for an immersive sound you never heard before. Earlier this month, thank you to Samsung Malaysia; we managed to get the black Galaxy Buds Pro and spend almost a month experiencing this beast. But, before that, in case you missed out on our article on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can read the unboxing article here and in-depth review here.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with its compact charging case along with the charging cable (USB-C to USB-A), Warranty Card, Quick Start Guide, and three extra ear tips (small, medium, and large) on top of the tips that already on the buds so that you can find one that suit you the best.

Upon pairing your Galaxy Buds Pro with your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the Samsung Wearables app will be automatically run and install the app for the Galaxy buds Pro. Once you successfully paired and installed the Galaxy Buds Pro app on your Samsung Wearables, you will now able to navigate and use the fantastic features that these earbuds offer, such as Noise Control, Ambient Sound Control, 360 audio, and many more. First-time pairing is effortless on Samsung devices with the Galaxy Wearable app pre-installed. You can also pair it with other Android or IOS devices via a Bluetooth connection.

Samsung's new wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds Pro, have changed from a bean type shape to a canal type and have dramatically improved noise canceling performance. It is also functionally updated features, such as supporting 360 ° audio, and many people are quite excited about this new earbud from Samsung. The earbuds body has an IPX7 grade water-resistant design. The outside is streamlined to minimize wind contact when worn.

A new feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro is the voice detection feature. If you turn this on, for example, when you start a conversation with someone, it will recognize your voice. It automatically lowers the noise-canceling level and raises the volume of the environmental sound. At first glance, it's a modest feature, but it's a huge hit. For example, even if you enter a convenience store while listening to music, if you talk to the clerk at the cash register, the earbuds will automatically lower the volume and raise the environmental sound level. You don't have to remove the earbuds or adjust the volume yourself.

The Galaxy Buds Pro itself is equipped with the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. This feature can reduce noise around the user. More specifically, these earbuds can also add the ability to raise the sound up to 20 decibels. ANC features in Galaxy Buds Pro can be considered excellent, as when we tested it, the indoor air conditioners, washing machines, PC fan noise, etc., can be almost silenced.

The earbuds consist of an 11mm woofer unit and a 6.5mm tweeter unit. Sound tuning is handled by the AKG brand of Harman International Industries, an audio equipment manufacturer under Samsung's umbrella. It also incorporates three microphones (two outside / one inside) and a VPU (Voice Pickup Unit) to provide high-quality voice even when making hands-free calls.

A touch sensor is placed on the outside of the earbuds. You can perform operations such as "play / stop the music" and "forward / backward music" with simple gestures such as tap and tap & hold to the earbuds (without using a connected smartphone).

The built-in battery capacity is 61mAh for each of the left and right earbuds, while the charging case stores up to 472mAh power. The playable music time using the earbuds is approximately 5 hours with the earbuds alone (with ANC enabled). Combined with the charging case, it can be extended for a total of 18 hours. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro supports quick charging. Charging case After about 5 minutes, you can play music for about 1 hour. The charging case itself supports wired charging using an external input/output terminal (USB Type-C). In a nutshell, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the best of the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live. The soft silicone ear tips inherited from the Galaxy Buds+ fit your ears perfectly, have high sound insulation (passive noise-canceling function) and are comfortable to wear. It's relatively lightweight but feels so firm, so you don't have to worry about it coming off your ears when jogging or exercising.

The woofer responsible for the bass is set relatively neutral so that the bass is not too heavy. So, if you want more deep bass, you can choose your favorite sound quality from the preset equalizers (bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear, and treble boost). Overall, we would say that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is one of the best kinds of earbuds that we have ever tested.

There are three colors available which are Phantom Violet, Black, and Silver. In summary, we would say that it is an entirely wireless earphone unique to Galaxy, with sufficient sound quality, powerful noise-canceling, easy-to-use external sound capture, and automatic voice detection with exceptional performance. Get yours now from here.

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