• Call for local artists to contribute and co-create content, setting the stage for digitally-powered economic recovery in the performing arts industry
  • Malaysian-developed digital platform to promote best of Malaysia to the world

MyPentas, Malaysia and the ASEAN region’s performing arts-focused over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform officially launches, providing digital audiences and fans across multiple performing arts genre a “culture and creative fix” unlike any other. As Southeast Asia’s first and likely the world’s pioneering digital experience of its kind, MyPentas aims to be the “+flix” for the arts scene spanning music, comedy, dance and theatre. Heading the clarion call for creative industries hard-pressed to reinvent themselves online and offline, the platform uniquely caters to artistes, content creators and fans in a borderless new world.

Conceptualised and built by Twenty30 Digital Sdn Bhd, MyPentas reflects the company’s purpose-based, borderless and sustainable approach to digitalisation.

Explains Chief Digital Officer, Muralee Pillay, “The importance of the performing arts is not lost on us, its role in shaping Malaysia’s social fabric and defining our national brand at an international level is undeniable. What is clear is that lockdowns and social distancing has come at a great price for both artists and audiences - affecting livelihoods, limiting creative expressions and to an extent, the general state of wellbeing that we have come to experience in engaging with like-minded enthusiasts.

“Digitalising the performing arts scene allows us to bring our technical expertise to the talents, at a time when it means a “make-or-break” for many who have trained and honed their skills through years of training, hard work - building a reputation and reach among fans. MyPentas also uniquely caters to the younger generation and digital natives. This includes up and coming talents whose journey in the industry is likely disrupted, and without the support or following typical of more seasoned talents, they may choose to deprioritise their creative endeavours. This will be a great loss to what is fundamentally the soul of a nation.”

Alongside Malaysia’s aspirations of Shared Prosperity, MyPentas’ remit is clear - to be a streaming platform like no other and a socioeconomically inclusive one. The platform leverages the best digital tools, creating differentiated campaigns and implementing a seamless, accessible viewing experience with on-demand content. MyPentas taps into rapidly evolving trends in entertainment content generation and consumption. For artists, the platform’s revenue-sharing monetisation model guarantees Malaysian artists a sustainable, long term revenue stream for new (original) content and an opportunity to showcase classics and evergreen productions.

Providing artists with a necessary economic lifeline, MyPentas additionally propels Malaysian talents beyond the country’s borders and empowers brand owners with a new avenue for marketing and nation-building as part of their corporate sustainable development agenda.

At its launch, MyPentas offers more than 35 on-demand, multi-lingual video content from award-winning Malaysian artists and industry pioneers including popular actress and singer-songwriter, Daiyan Trisha, renowned comedian, Andrew Netto and Malaysian Odissi dancer, January Low, expanding rapidly with more exciting content in the works.

“For the past 6 months, the team behind MyPentas has been doing the technical heavy-lifting, and collaborating across the industry in efforts to bring the best of Malaysian talents onto our platform. With the headstart, we are confident of creating some 300 videos within the next six months and hitting the milestone 500,000 users. Essentially, MyPentas is an opportunity for Malaysians to support the local arts scene, curate our cultural history, create world class creative content and protect the intellectual property of our talents,” adds Muralee.

MyPentas is calling out all local performers from any genres - music, dance, theatre and comedy to be in touch with the Twenty30 Digital team at contact@mypentas.com for collaboration opportunities.