As the Islam world celebrates the holy month of Ramadan, Airfunding will feature projects around the world that helps celebrate the spirit of giving.

As 1.8 billion people around the world observe the holiest month of Ramadan, Kiheitai Inc., a Tokyo-based digital company that owns the crowdfunding site called Airfunding is committed to spreading the essence of this season by fostering volunteerism and charity amongst our brothers in the Islamic faith. Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims that began on April 12, is traditionally associated with fasting, reflection, and increased focus on charities. Airfunding has started its extensive efforts to promote, Ramadan, giving this month-long event by featuring charities and projects that are related to Ramadan and Muslim giving.

Spirit of Ramadan Amidst Pandemic
This year will be a more difficult Ramadan for most families in the world, given the current situation where access to necessities is very limited. Most of them were able to celebrate the Iftar meal with their family in the past but because millions lost their jobs and means of livelihood, they might not be able to do it this time around. More and more Muslim brothers in the third world and other countries need help, that is why Airfunding decided to use this special season to bring help through its global donation type crowdfunding platform.

A very special project that has caught our attention is from Kikubi Muslim Community Centre who is currently seeking help to raise funds to provide Iftar or Suhur food packs to the widows and poor families this Ramadan. The raised donation will be used to distribute food packs to families and help them get through this period and make them feel the blessing of this holy season.

We encourage everyone to support any projects you care about, especially those who are penurious, they may not have the means to feed their families but through your help especially during this season, you can help ease their suffering by donating to their cause.