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Accelerating Innovation Between Malaysia & Japan in Business and Investment

Malaysian & Japanese start-ups pitched business ideas to accelerate innovation in healthcare and mobility

JETRO Innovation Day Panelists

Cyberview Sdn Bhd (Cyberview), the Tech Hub Developer of Cyberjaya joined forces with Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to organise a Malaysia-Japan Innovation Day to accelerate innovations in business and investment opportunities between the two countries.

The virtual session started with a panel discussion largely on the importance of collaboration within the ecosystem to accelerate business innovations using technologies like drone, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. The panellists were Dr. Mohammad Fahmi Bin Ngah, Managing Director of Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU), Muhamad Shahrul Farhan bin Abdul Wahab, Head of Product Management & Strategic Planning, DreamEDGE Sdn Bhd and Dai Tsukada, Director of Overseas Business Development from the Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL).

The Innovation Day saw eight local and Japanese start-ups pitch innovative business ideas in the areas of smart healthcare, smart mobility, cloud management, mental health as well as emerging and disruptive technologies.

The local start-ups that participated were Govicle Sdn Bhd, RunCloud Sdn Bhd and Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd while Japan was represented by Quantum Operation Inc, Actworks Inc, Amatelus Inc, Xenoma Inc and DeepScore, Inc.

Shafinaz Salim, Head of Technology Hub Development Division, Cyberview said, “Innovation goes beyond adoption of technology, it also looks into collaboration between partners, academia, and government stakeholders in understanding the gaps and challenges in today’s society and together, finding the right solutions. Today, start-ups can fast track their efforts by leveraging living labs like the one in Cyberjaya. It is a powerful vehicle that can open up opportunities for businesses and innovators to convert ideas to reality. We are proud to see some of our own Cyberjaya Living Lab Accelerator programme alumni taking part in this session to further the development and commercialisation of their innovative business ideas.”

“Start-ups are also looking for innovation-driven growth beyond their local borders, which is why sessions like the Malaysia-Japan Innovation Day enable us to work together in exploring new business models, R&D&C of emerging tech clusters like smart healthcare, smart mobility and digital creative as well as value creation opportunities between Malaysia and Japan,” said Shafinaz.

Manabu Saito, Deputy Director, JETRO Kuala Lumpur said, “In recent years, business utilising digital and innovative technology to solve various economic and social issues is rapidly expanding in ASEAN. Based on this situation, JETRO has been focusing on supporting talented start-up collaborations between Malaysia and Japan, to accelerate open innovation and create new business opportunity.

In this collaboration with Cyberview and MDEC that have strong networks with local start-ups and extensive knowledge about the ecosystem in Malaysia, we have been able to intensify the support for these start-ups who are interested in open innovation.”

“To stay ahead, we need to continuously innovate and collaborate. Today’s partnership between MDEC, JETRO and Cyberview is a perfect example as we aim to catalyse and spur business and investment opportunities between our nations. This partnership will enable tech companies from both countries to accelerate the development of the ecosystem and ensure an upward trajectory of our digital economy in line with the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL),” said Gopi Ganesalingam, Vice President, Tech Ecosystems and Globalisation, MDEC.

Continuous efforts will be in place to ensure that innovation initiatives between the two nations are further pursued and renewed. The organisers will facilitate business matching sessions for the eight start-ups to determine how they can further collaborate to realise their innovative ideas and business opportunities.

Foreign companies especially, should take advantage of Cyberjaya’s ecosystem and its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a gateway to regional markets. Cyberview has recently unveiled its new launchpad, tailor made for startups, technology companies and ecosystem partners. This soft-landing zone will be complemented with the existing smart collaborative space called CoInnov8 in Cyberjaya and aims to provide ease of entry for foreign companies into Malaysia by allowing a faster, quicker and cheaper process for businesses to enter new markets in Malaysia and the region. This platform will also benefit local companies that are looking into expansion.

AirAsia Foundation promotes shopping with East Malaysian social enterprises with free nationwide delivery

AirAsia Foundation is offering free nationwide delivery for East Malaysian products available at its online shop starting today, 15th June until 30th June 2021 in support of small businesses and social enterprises.

The campaign is in conjunction with the annual harvest season marked by the recent Kaamatan and Gawai festivals in East Malaysia. Shoppers will be able to get the free nationwide delivery with the promo code GOODHarvest.

Among items available at are cooking essentials such as premium rice, salt and spices, handicrafts such as woven baskets and tote bags and a wide range of children’s books celebrating cultural traditions of East Malaysian ethnic groups. Apart from products from Bario Asal, Langit Collective, Oyezbooks and Helping Hands Penan, also available are those from independent craft-makers.

AirAsia Foundation Executive Director Yap Mun Ching said: “Just as we support the need for movement restrictions to control the spread of the Covid-19 infections, we are also conscious of the difficulties it has caused our social enterprise partners. By offering free delivery, we want to make it as easy as possible for fans of our artisanal products to continue supporting their makers.

“These curated products are also perfect for East Malaysians unable to travel home for the festivities but are homesick and miss the taste of home. We take this opportunity to wish all East Malaysians a good harvest and good health in face of these challenging times.”

Destination GOOD is AirAsia Foundation’s flagship social enterprise shop in Kuala Lumpur which retails over 400 responsibly and ethically produced goods sourced from over 50 social enterprises in Asean. More than just a shop, Destination GOOD is a movement for mindful travelling and shopping and serves as an avenue for Asean social entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises to connect and collaborate.

Sustainable Living: Etika Increases Focus on Sustainability Efforts to Champion a Greener Lifestyle

Etika Sdn Bhd (“Etika”), one of Malaysia’s leading halal beverage manufacturers, is strengthening their sustainability commitments in a bid to promote environment conscious practices both within the FMCG industry and at the consumer level. Etika’s renewed sustainability efforts will be anchored around key pillars of reducing carbon emission, sourcing sustainable ingredients, innovation in packaging and waste reduction. Etika will also simultaneously focus on building strategies that will provide sustainable value creation in the long term for all stakeholders involved, including their consumers, employees and local communities.

Khalid Alvi, Chief Executive Officer of Etika Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei)

“Etika has always been driving a positive impact within the Malaysian society, whether it is through our refreshing beverages or creative campaigns. With our renewed sustainability initiatives in place, we hope that we are able to drive that impact on a larger scale, effectively addressing the environmental and social concerns that we face today,” said Khalid Alvi, Chief Executive Officer of Etika Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei).

Growing concerns about environment protection have set in motion a sustainability drive to implement measures and solutions to combat pressing challenges such as plastic pollution, increasing emissions of greenhouse gases and waste management. Contributing positively to this conversation, Etika has shaped their group sustainability plans to emerge as a greener business that focuses on better business practices, sustainable packaging and sourcing as well as waste recycling.

For instance, Etika has already embarked on its mission toward sustainable sourcing by obtaining raw ingredients such as sugar and palm oil from local producers such as Central Sugar Refinery (CSR). In fact, Etika had planned to procure 28% sugar used in their products from sustainable suppliers by 2021, a target that has already been achieved.

Etika has also steadily been working to innovate their packaging and introduce materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable. The halal beverage manufacturer has already committed to using 100% FSC certified paper for all their operational and packaging needs by 2023 to ensure that the paper products being used are sourced in an environmentally friendly manner, are socially responsible and economically viable. Simultaneously, Etika is also working on reducing plastic waste by incorporating more recyclable materials in their packaging and supporting initiatives under the Malaysia Plastic Pact, an industry driven platform for stakeholders along the plastic value chain, to achieve systemic transformation to shape a circular plastics economy by building a national plastics collaboration network.

Along with sourcing for sustainable raw ingredients and looking at innovation within packaging, Etika is also working diligently on waste management, waste reduction and recycling. Beside working on implementing the 4Rs of waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) across all everyday operations, Etika has also developed a successful waste segregation system at the production line. The implementation of this system has allowed Etika to recycle over 4 tons of beverage cans, 23 tons of paper cartons and 71 tons of plastic, amounting to over 98 tons of material that was recycled in 2020 and a cost saving on waste management.

While putting their best foot forward to build an actionable sustainability plan, Etika continues to remain committed to also building sustainable communities by championing community focused initiatives parked under Etika Cares. Over the past year, Etika Cares has run several campaigns and extended help to local groups including frontliners, small business owners, the recent flood victims and more to ensure that Etika is able to create value and drive impact for all stakeholders.

“In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of consumers respond positively to brands who are committed to environment conscious and sustainable practices. This gives FMCG players like Etika an opportunity to relook at our existing sustainability commitments and reinvent models that lead to positive outcomes throughout the value chain, whether it is creating healthier products or innovating our packaging. As such, we remain committed to enhancing our sustainability practices throughout the year” added Khalid Alvi.

airasia’s Teleport Paving Way To Become Asia’s Leading Logistics Provider

The interior of a converted AirAsia A320 passenger aircraft as a cargo-only aircraft.

Teleport, the logistics venture of airasia digital is ramping up its delivery and digital cargo capabilities to meet significant e-commerce growth that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has encouraged consumers to trust and rely on the convenience of e-commerce, boosting growth of the industry. Last year, digital e-commerce sales grew tremendously by 28% globally.

This trajectory will be further bolstered by increased speed and highest quality cross border delivery alongside enhanced convenience and the lowest rates. The trend is expected to gain further momentum as consumers continue to embrace e-commerce, which is expected to amount to over 3 billion users in Asia by 2025.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group said, “Teleport is an integral part of the digital travel and lifestyle ecosystem we are building to become the Asean super app of choice. I am extremely proud of what Teleport has achieved in just three years. Our logistics venture is going from strength to strength to match overwhelming demand with robust plans for expansion in the future. Teleport achieved an impressive triple increase in revenue in Q1 2021 versus Q4 2020, back to pre-pandemic revenue and growing faster than before. We now have a dedicated freighter aircraft and have converted two A320 passenger aircraft to provide cargo-only services to facilitate rapid forecast growth in Asean and beyond.

“The team managed to pivot their cargo business to expand to door-to-door deliveries at the start of the pandemic, utilising the vast network that AirAsia has built over the last 20 years in Southeast Asia. Importantly, Teleport is leading the way with same day deliveries and is also connecting to many of the smaller cities that are only accessible by our network, such as the recent shipments for the United Nations World Food Program from our Kuala Lumpur hub and the delivery of medical supplies to Vientiane, Laos.” he said.

24 hours delivery for logistics and e-commerce

Leveraging AirAsia's wide network in Southeast Asia is a key competitive advantage for Teleport, which has connected its ground services with the airline’s expansive air network to deliver industry leading logistics throughout the region focused on same day deliveries where possible, at the lowest cost.

Since launching door-to-door delivery services in 77 cities in five countries by the end of 2020, Teleport has successfully delivered cargo and other consumer products in under 24 hours on two-way routes between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. 24 hours delivery services will soon be expanding from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Malacca, Johor and Ipoh in Malaysia and other international and domestic routes in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

This expansion will be supported by a rapidly growing crowdsourced fleet of over 3,720 onboarded delivery partners across the region. Approximately 20% of the pool consists of AirAsia Allstars including pilots and cabin crew affected by the pandemic.

The continued growth of Teleport will be accelerated by the addition of the company’s first dedicated freighter, a Boeing 737-800F and by the conversion of two (2) AirAsia A320 passenger aircraft, with seats removed for increased capacity of freight and cargo delivery in Q3 2021.

The additional capacity of these three cargo-only planes and connection with other third party airlines, freighters, trucks and vans will strengthen Teleport’s capabilities, not only on existing short haul routes, but also in key markets like China, India and new markets throughout Southeast Asia, driving efficiency while also improving connectivity to and from Teleport’s medium to long-haul markets.

PUBG Mobile Features New Traverse-Insectoid Mode

Players can transform into a tiny insectoid and fly around on a portion of the map

PUBG MOBILE launched a new Traverse-Insectoid game mode by adding an all-new battle royale experience to the game. With unlimited homing missiles, Insectoid players will battle each other in fast-paced, with explosives and in microscopic fights while trying to avoid the dangerous pans of full-sized players. Traverse – Insectoid is a limited-time mode and will be available in PUBG Mobile until July 5.

The Traverse-Insectoid mode allows players to use the shrinking technology in order to transform down to the size of an insect. By selecting Erangel’s new themed mode, players will find five strange labs to explore. Each one will hold a mysterious Quantum Transformation Device. Players who interact with this device will be transformed into a miniature insect-sized player. In this state, players can’t use any equipment in their backpack, but instead will be armed with a homing missile launcher with unlimited ammunition! They will also be able to fly around the lab, but watch out, players that stray too far from the labs will be transformed back to full size. Insectoid players can’t be harmed with normal weapons, however they can be knocked out of the air with pan attacks.

In order to travel around the map while an Insectoid, players can gather Energy Light Points which will allow them to use wormholes. Each light grants five Light Points – once a player gathers 40 Light Points they can activate a Wormhole Device and teleport to one of the other four labs. Light Points can only be earned in Insectoid form; normal sized players can use the Energy Store to exchange their Light Points for Combat Supplies. Remember, the ultimate objective of the Traverse-Insectoid mode is the same as a regular match; make sure you are the last player standing!

“Through the Traverse-Insectoid mode we wanted to create a different way of enjoying the game with a brand new gameplay experience for worldwide fans of PUBG MOBILE,” said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG MOBILE Marketing Manager SEA. “In this mode, players can shrink down and explore the battlegrounds like never before, offering a unique microcosm experience and exciting way to play. The new mode also drives players to rework their strategy to win the match either in insect-sized or full-sized.”

Apart from the Traverse-Insectoid game mode, PUBG MOBILE also recently launched a Royale Pass Season 19 with the same theme, offering an exclusive insect-themed outfit which has entered its 4th week mission. Players are expected to be able to complete their missions in order to raise the rank of Royale Pass to the maximum level.

Rainforest World Music Festival 2021 goes virtual, Sarawak Tourism Board names Shopee as the Official E-Commerce Partner

The Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) is back for a three-day filled excitement from 18 to 20 June 2021, this time virtually and free of charge! With Shopee named as the Official E-commerce Partner, the shows will be streamed via Shopee Live from 6PM onwards, giving access to millions of households across the country to enjoy the festival from the comforts of their own homes.

Since 1998, the RWMF has grown to become a highly anticipated event annually that celebrates culture and heritage through wonderfully composed music. Every year, festival goers around the globe would flock to the foothill of Mt. Santubong in Sarawak to indulge the diversity of world music through workshops, cultural and craft displays, food, and concerts. The festival was cancelled last year due to the pandemic.

The Rainforest World Music Festival 2021 Virtual Experience will see an exciting line-up of artistes: Borneo-born Dayak-European Alena Murang who recently released her new album titled Sky Songs; KEMADA, Sang Rawi, Mathew Ngau, At Adau, Suk Binie’, Nading Rhapsody and World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) champion Tuku’ Kame’.

Sharzede Datu Hj Salleh Askor, Chief Executive Officer of Sarawak Tourism Board said, “The RWMF is a prestigious event that brings people together through music and culture whilst introducing them to the beauty and hidden gems of Sarawak. Our partnership with Shopee allows us to continue to showcase the musical event, but in a different way. There will also be interview sessions with the musicians, prize giveaways, a past performance showcase and more. While we cannot replicate the experience and atmosphere of a live performance, we hope that fans and Malaysians will still get to enjoy this fun-packed showcase with their families at home.”

In addition to RWMF, this year’s Borneo Jazz Festival (BJF) which takes place the following weekend will also be streamed on Shopee Live. Viewers will be serenaded by a string of jazz musicians including Clinton Jerome Chua, O-Ha Soul Band, Nisa Addina, Ta’Dan and the “Prince of Borneo” himself - Pete Kallang from 25 to 27 June at 6PM.

For an immersive virtual experience, the Sarawak Tourism Board has opened an official store on Shopee to feature merchandise from both RWMF and BJF. This includes RWMF and BJF Limited Edition T-shirts, Limited Edition Batik Linut Face Mask, Limited Edition Printed Batik Face Mask, and other attractive products from the Land of the Hornbill. Fans can also enjoy in-store vouchers with up to RM8 off, shipping subsidy of up to RM13 and Coins Cashback capped at RM5 when they buy from the store.

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee said, “We understand that the much anticipated, iconic RWMF and BJF will be held virtually for the first-time ever and are very

excited to be streaming these musical events on Shopee Live for Malaysians across the country to catch. Not only do we get to use our technology to show our support for local talent, we will also put the spotlight on the state’s amazing offerings. As both musical events coincide with our 7.7 Mid Year Sale, we will take the opportunity to drive sales for Sarawakian sellers during this period where everyone can have a good time tuning in to the RWMF and BJF virtual experiences while enjoying a fix of home-cooked Sarawak Laksa, kolo mee and 3 layer tea. Just type ‘Sarawak’ on the Shopee search bar to discover more. We wish Sarawak Tourism Board, and all musicians the best of luck with the virtual experiences.”

While Malaysians catch the festivals, they can also take the opportunity to enjoy free shipping with RM0 minimum spend, 120% Coins Cashback, 7.7 million vouchers with savings up to 77%, as well as earn from a pool of 27 million Shopee Coins and win a PlayStation 5 during the 7.7 Mid Year Sale from 18 June to 7 July.

On Jun 25 Payday Sale and 7.7 Mid Year Sale, users will be able to enjoy special Limited Time Deals, Limited Time Vouchers, and Super Brands Spotlight from over thousands of brands and sellers starting 12AM.

Tune in to Shopee Live on weekdays at 8PM to catch Shopee Guess The Price game show for a chance to take home RM5,000 cash. Double your chances of winning on 18 and 25 June as well as 7 July as there will be an additional episode at 12PM on these dates. The audience too will not go home empty handed. They can join the participants in guessing the product price correctly and win from a pool of more than 100,000 Shopee Coins!

The fun and games continue with the 7.7 Mid Year Sale Show on 6 July from 9PM to 11PM on Shopee Live and TV3. The show offers a jam-packed programme with attractive prizes worth up to RM70,000 as well as 7,777,777 coins to be won through Shopee Shake - Battle Mode and Shopee Lucky Code. Catch performances by local celebrities and claim exclusive vouchers during dedicated Mega Voucher Drops sessions.

For more info on RWMF and BJF on Shopee Live, and the limited edition merchandise, visit

BOXO Pledges to Donate 10% of Profit to SPCA Selangor SFS Efforts

Calling all animal lovers, Malaysian homegrown e-commerce boxer shorts brand, BOXO, is calling upon animal lovers to support its Stray-Free Selangor efforts.

In order to play its part in the campaign, BOXO will be donating 10% of profits from sales of its newly developed boxer shorts, the Yellow Charity Boney to Society’s Prevention of Cruelty towards Animal Selangor (SPCA Selangor).

The donations will be used to fund SPCA Selangor’s Stray-Free Selangor (SFS) programme in which owned, community animals, stray cats and dogs will be spayed/neutered by a qualified veterinarian.

According to SPCA, the SFS application is part of a humane and effective method in preventing stray’s population growth.

[Left] Billy Pang and [Right] Alvin Ting

“A 2019 Euromonitor report indicated that the population of cats and dogs were at about 795,000 and 402,500 respectively in 2019. There should be more now.

“A stray female cat can give birth to a litter of five kittens three times a year and a stray female dog can give birth to a litter of six puppies twice a year.

“Assuming that 10% of the population were matured female strays and that is a very conservative breakdown, they could have possibly given birth to another 7,155,000 kittens and 4,347,000 puppies by now. We are glad that private organisations such as BOXO are supporting the effort,” said SPCA Selangor, chairperson Christine Chin-Radford, adding that SFS is a humane stray management method as given the number of strays it would be unsustainable for the animal shelters to home if the number is uncontrolled.

Runned by animal lovers themselves, BOXO hopes to contribute towards prevention of the unnecessary birth of strays in Malaysia.

“Stray cats and dogs are increasingly becoming an issue in Malaysia. The number of animal abuses is also becoming more rampant. We hope that our effort can contribute positively towards combating overpopulation of stray cats and dogs.” said BOXO’s co-founder Alvin Ting.

WCT Group, Associates Set to Vaccinate 2400 Staff This Weekend Via the Ministry of Federal Territories Mobile Vaccination MYMedic@Wilayah Pilot Program

WCT Holdings Berhad (“the WCT Group”), an investment holding company with businesses in engineering and construction, property development and investment, management of retail malls and hotels, together with its associates are set to vaccinate 2,400 of their workforce via the Mobile Vaccination MYMedic@Wilayah Pilot Program administered under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Federal Territories (“FT Ministry”) this weekend.

The activation of MYMedic@Wilayah mobile vaccine trucks in the federal capital is to protect the workforce from the heightened risk of the Covid-19 virus within the working construction areas.

The two days vaccination programme, starting from 12 June 2021 to 13 June 2021 will see its engineering and construction division project site staff getting their first dose of the Sinovac vaccine. This initiative is part of WCT Group’s effort to protect its workforce from the heightened risk of the Covid-19 virus and prevent the spread of the virus within the working construction areas.

“We are starting with the workforce from our construction projects in Kuala Lumpur to ensure continuity of the projects in a safer working environment. The intent is to enable our staff to work with ease and peace of mind knowing they have been vaccinated, albeit continuing to work within the Group’s strict scope and compliance of the Standard Operating Procedures set by the relevant government authorities,” said Dato’ Lee Tuck Fook, Group Managing Director, WCT Holdings Berhad.

(From left to right) Tan Sri TPr. HJ Annuar Musa, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan attended the Mobile Vaccination MYMedic@Wilayah Pilot Program at Pavillion Bukit Jalil Mall together with Peter Chow Ying Choon, Deputy Managing Director WCT Holdings Berhad.

The vaccination will take place at Pavilion Bukit Jalil Mall over the weekend. Project site staff are encouraged to participate in the vaccination programme.

The FT Ministry has set a target to achieve herd immunity of 80% in Kuala Lumpur by October 2021 especially in high population density areas and construction sites in operation.

Smooth vaccination process administered by MYMedic@Wilayah team to WCT staffs who attended the mobile vaccination programme today.

“We have plans to intensify and extend the vaccination programme to as much of our workforce as possible and will continue to work closely with the FT Ministry to achieve the set goal. We are grateful to the FT Ministry for including WCT Group in this initiative,” added Dato’ Lee.

The activation of mobile vaccine trucks in the federal capital is an add-on to the National Vaccination Programme.

A moment of relief for WCT construction project staff upon receiving their first dose of the Sinovac Vaccine earlier today at Pavilion Bukit Jalil Mall.

“We are utmost concerned with the increase of COVID-19 clusters. We have been actively pursuing opportunities to speed up the vaccination of all our employees and this scheme is timely and acts as a preventive measure to safeguard the health of our workforce.”

A total of 2,400 construction workforces under WCT Group and its associates set to receive their first Covid-19 vaccine shots via Mobile Vaccination MYMedic@Wilayah Pilot Program.

“As the vaccine becomes available and economic activities, including construction works can operate normally, we are confident the productivity, financial stability and economic recovery of our nation will be imminent,” enthused Dato’ Lee.

#SkuadKebaikanMILO energises Hari Raya celebrations for communities in-need

430 MILO® bundle packs distributed to seven organisations nationwide in conjunction with the Ramadan and Hari Raya festivities.

Skuad Kebaikan MILO - The Lost Food Project

From Selayang to Kuching, communities in-need around the country welcomed the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities with #ParcelKebaikan (food parcel donations), thanks to the generosity of Malaysians who made their contributions to #SkuadKebaikanMILO during the fasting month of Ramadan.

#SkuadKebaikanMILO, the online giving platform established by MILO® via Shopee, returned for the second year in early April to continue spreading goodness and helping communities in-need stay nourished and energised during these challenging times.

Skuad Kebaikan MILO - Food Aid Foundation

Bringing the online community together for a good cause, #SkuadKebaikanMILO provided a safe, convenient way for Malaysians to contribute by purchasing any one of the four #ParcelKebaikan bundle packs offering the goodness of MILO® and other Nestlé products priced between RM25 and RM155.

The campaign, which ended on May 17, 2021, saw a total of 430 units of #ParcelKebaikan sold, all of which are now being donated to and distributed equally among seven charity organisations – Human Aid Selangor, Kuching Food Aid, The Lost Food Project, Malaysian Relief Aid, Food Aid Foundation and Yayasan Pesona, as well as selected B40 families in Selangor identified through a partnership with ASTRO.

In addition to the #ParcelKebaikan, MILO® also pledged to donate RM1 worth of selected Nestlé products for every participating MILO® product purchased from the Nestlé Online Store on Shopee Malaysia during the campaign period.

Contributions via sales of #ParcelKebaikan and the matching donation came up to a total of RM120,000 worth of Nestlé products.

Skuad Kebaikan MILO - Pak Nil

Maria Murni Nur Azmi, Consumer Marketing Manager – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad thanked her fellow Malaysians for joining #SkuadKebaikanMILO and helping the communities energise their Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. “Malaysians have once again shown that, despite having to continue to stay apart, goodness will always bring us closer together. Our special thanks to Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi or Pak Nil for sharing his personal platform to spread goodness and helping us ensure the goodness reaches those in need. We hope the #ParcelKebaikan contributions go a long way in providing relief to our communities and offering them nourishment for everyday energy, while spreading some much-needed festive cheer along the way.”

Kuching Food Aid
Pak Nil extended his support for #SkuadKebaikanMILO for the second year, having seen for himself the positive impact it had on the communities. “What many may not realise is the happiness that an everyday pantry essential such as MILO® can bring. Sometimes, it is the smallest thing that makes all the difference. That is all they are asking for. Together with #SkuadKebaikanMILO, I’m glad I was able to be part of this meaningful endeavour during this especially difficult time.”

Meanwhile, over in Kuching where Kuching Food Aid serves as an initiative to collect funds for food for the many poor and underserved local communities, the #ParcelKebaikan will benefit particularly those in areas hardest hit by COVID-19. “Whenever we distribute food aid to our beneficiaries, the one thing that never fails to delight them is MILO®️. To the people of Sarawak, a pack of MILO®️ represents a moment of joy. The goodness that #SkuadKebaikanMILO brings certainly is essential in keeping our communities fed and nourished,” said its representative, Shentel Lee.

AirAsia Allstars volunteer at mega vaccine centres to help get Malaysia vaccinated

Over 300 AirAsia Allstars (staff) are rolling up their sleeves to help out at mega Covid-19 vaccine centres as facility volunteers this week, assisting with non medical duties at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and the Setia City Convention Centre.

AirAsia Allstars rolling up their sleeves to help out at the Covid-19 vaccine centre at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

More than 1,000 Allstars are expected to play a role in the nationwide vaccination programme as it kicks into high gear in the coming months.

To ensure a smooth experience for everyone taking the shot, AirAsia cabin crew, ground staff, engineers, office staff as well as top management will be carrying out the non medical duties, including greeting and assisting people with the registration, making announcements, and briefing on any possible symptoms.

As part of the vaccine campaign, AirAsia has also donated its Pendang bottled water throughout the day for volunteers and those getting vaccinated.

“I’m proud that our cabin crew, who are well trained in caregiving and handling medical situations, are doing their part. I’m sure they are thrilled to be back in uniform, doing what they do best, serving people in the air and on the ground. Many of our management team and CEOs from different businesses like airasia farm, airasia money, Teleport and e-commerce are also dedicating their time to help get Malaysia vaccinated,” said Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, AirAsia Group CEO.

“AirAsia has always been about the people. We are proud to help the Government accelerate the vaccination rate and achieve its target of 80% of the population vaccinated by the end of the year,” he added.

“We are committed to giving back to the society and to be in service to the people in any way possible, and to encourage more people to also join hands to help achieve the nation’s vaccination target.”

AirAsia has also been instrumental in transporting vaccines from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kuching in East Malaysia and to Vientiane in Laos.

“Taking the shot is a key way to get Malaysia back on its feet and I would like to commend and congratulate our own Allstars who are doing the right thing by getting vaccinated as soon as possible. All of our operating flight crew in Indonesia are already vaccinated and we expect the majority of our Allstars in the region will have taken their shots in the next few months.

“Tourism and air travel are critical to our economic recovery. The combination of vaccines being aggressively and efficiently rolled out, better education vaccination and a standardised digital health passport among countries are key to a strong air travel recovery.

“Ultimately, we need just around 50% of the population to be vaccinated in order for cross border travels to take off. I have full confidence that we will get there soon, thanks to the hard work and strong commitment of governments and health authorities in putting an end to this devastating pandemic.”

Improved Insurance Scheme for All foodpanda Delivery Partners

As a mark of its continued commitment to the health, safety and well-being of riders, foodpanda Malaysia together with PolicyStreet today announced an all new and improved insurance scheme that offers double the protection for delivery partners in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Partnering once again with PolicyStreet, a leading insurance technology company, this newly introduced insurance scheme was specially curated to enable all active riders to be covered automatically for free. This method of pay first and claim later will provide riders with protection throughout their working hours and is a significant upgrade from the previous insurance protection plan.

Sayantan Das, Managing Director, foodpanda said that the riders are the backbone of the company and deserve the best protection for all the sacrifices they make day to day in delivering joy to the nation at a time where the nation depends on it.

“foodpanda is always looking for new ways and opportunities to ensure the health, safety and well-being of riders are well taken care of. Our riders are constantly facing unpredictable weather and road conditions, hence we would like to remind them that they are a priority to us and we are committed to providing them with the best insurance scheme so they have peace of mind when on duty,” he said, adding that the company emphasizes on an environment that is safe and secure.

“We are grateful to have PolicyStreet on board with us as our insurance partners. Rest assured we have a very reliable process and procedure in place, should the need for claims arise. Together, we are ready to ensure a safe and successful ride for all,” added Sayantan.

Claims of up to RM100,000 could be made in the event of one’s untimely demise or permanent loss of ability. Besides that, riders would also be entitled to claims of up to RM2,500 for any medical cost and hospital income of RM40 a day for a maximum of 30 days.

Commenting on this improved insurance plan, Yen Ming, Chief Executive Officer of PolicyStreet said, “We are excited and honoured to be the official insurance partner for foodpanda Malaysia and look forward to providing all their riders with this new and improved insurance plan. We strive to continuously innovate and curate insurance policies that provide the absolute best protection for foodpanda and its riders.”

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, riders are encouraged to have all the relevant and necessary documents for insurance claims. Some of the documents required include official medical records and receipts as well as the official police report and a copy of the rider’s IC for identification purposes.

On a separate note, foodpanda riders are also entitled to a special insurance scheme for COVID-19. Claims of up to RM300 can be made for those who are required to undergo quarantine and up to RM5,000 in the event of an untimely demise. Together, we are all about #RideSafePandas

LG and Highbrow Deliver Expertly-Curated Educational TV Content to Young Learners

Popular Videos from Highbrow Expand Education Options for Children on LG TVs

LG Electronics (LG) and Highbrow, the popular ad-free video-on-demand education platform for children, is coming to LG TV customers in 145 countries via the LG Content Store. LG’s Smart TVs running webOS versions 4.0 and higher will be the first to provide children up to 11 years of age, parents and educators with Highbrow’s wide selection of age-appropriate educational content to suit the needs of every young learner.

The Highbrow app delivers an engaging assortment of educational videos that have been carefully hand-curated and matched to each learner’s age and interest using proprietary technology for a personalized viewing experience. Highbrow makes recommendations from its library of more than 10,000 videos covering topics ranging from science, humanities, mathematics, music, art, languages and more. To deliver its fresh and engaging content, Highbrow works with over 200 global creators including Pinkfong, best known for its megahit Baby Shark song and video. As a globally trusted online learning platform, Highbrow is already being used in more than a hundred schools around the world.

With distance learning still dominating students’ lives, TVs have become the go-to education tool in many countries. With already more than a dozen education apps, LG TVs with webOS gives young learners access to a wide selection of educational content while the improved web browser delivers a convenient user experience for all ages.

With the screen mirroring features of LG TVs, content from compatible smartphones, tablets and PCs can be replicated on the TV screen using LG Magic Tap on Android or Airplay for Apple devices. Magic Tap also allows compatible smartphones to connect via NFC to LG’s Magic Remote on 2021 LG TVs, enabling learners to hear the TV’s audio through headphones or earbuds for more privacy and immersiveness.

Because protecting the eyes of viewers during learning is just as important as delivering outstanding picture quality, the displays in all 2021 LG OLED TVs are certified as flicker-free and discomfort glare-free by UL. * And because LG OLED TVs are TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® certified, parents can be assured that the health of their little ones’ eyes is not at risk.

* Flicker-free feature optimized with default setting.

airasia food serves signature meals* for only 1 sen!

airasia food, the online food delivery service that currently operates in the Klang Valley and Penang is offering a special, limited time 1 sen meal promotion for its signature meals of selected restaurants.

Customers will be able to redeem their 1 sen meals by using the promo code 1SENKL for those based in the Klang Valley, and 1SENPG for customers based in Penang on the selected dates and locations throughout the promotion period. To top it off, customers will also enjoy Unlimited Free Delivery within a 15km distance from the featured restaurant-of-the-day. Redemptions are limited and will be on a first-come first-served basis.

The first redemption for this 1 sen meal promotion will be Pisco’s signature dish Croquetas for the Klang Valley, and Loo Kee’s Chicken Rice for redemption in Penang on 10 June. Many more exciting restaurants and their delectable signature offerings are lined up over the coming days. To purchase, customers may click on the ‘Food’ icon on airasia super app, or visit

Lim Ben-Jie, Head of e-commerce for airasia super app said, “This is a special treat for our loyal customers who’ve been very supportive towards airasia food and we’re thrilled to share our signature meals from top restaurants on airasia food with them. We are confident that this limited time promotion will be a big hit so we strongly encourage customers to download the airasia super app now to be ready to order a 1 sen meal to your selected location."

“As we evolve from just an airline into a super app with something for everyone’s daily lives, we want to bring airasia’s signature Free Seats campaign which we are well known for, to other parts of the business especially for our e-commerce offerings. This is also our way to give back to the communities that have been supporting us since our launch in May 2020. We are very pleased that airasia food has been able to provide great support to restaurants and merchants listed with us, while offering a compelling food delivery service for our customers.”

Stay tuned to @airasiadelivers on Instagram for the full schedule throughout the promotion, as well as the featured restaurants and dishes in the various locations. To see other great deals on airasia food, select the ‘Food’ icon on airasia super app, or visit

Apart from the 1 sen limited time meals promotion, airasia food customers can still enjoy the best value by making BIG Point redemptions using their stored BIG Points or those they just earned from airasia food and other purchases via the airasia super app. Customers can earn 10X more BIG Points when making purchases on airasia food on Thursdays.

Airasia food is continuously expanding and interested restaurants and F&B merchants nationwide can register their interest by filling up this form, and they will be contacted within 48 hours for further details.

*signature meals from selected merchants / restaurants

Get A Boost Of Productivity With The HUAWEI MatePad Pro, Now Available At Only RM3,999!

From 10 – 17 June, consumers can pre-order the HUAWEI MatePad Pro and receive freebies worth RM 1,747

The latest member of the HUAWEI MatePad family – HUAWEI MatePad Pro 12.6-inch will be available in Malaysia on 18 June onwards in Matte Grey, price starting from RM 3,999.00. Dubbed as the ultimate productivity booster, the latest HUAWEI MatePad Pro is set to expand consumers’ productivity and creativity with the powerful Kirin 9000E and a 12.6-inch OLED FullView Display, upgraded HUAWEI Share feature and the new HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation).

From now until 17 June, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is available for pre-order on HUAWEI Store Online, HUAWEI Experience Store, Lazada and Shopee. Every purchase of the tablet will receive amazing free gifts worth up to RM 1,747. The free gifts include the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation), HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard, HUAWEI Classic Backpack, 3 months 50GB HUAWEI Cloud Storage and 1 month HUAWEI Video VIP access.

Customers will also stand a chance to win one unit of the HUAWEI MatePad Pro and one unit of the HUAWEI M Pencil (2nd Generation) with every pre-order! Every purchase of the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is entitled to a “Buy and Win” contest by simply submitting an entry for the Lucky Draw Event by 17 June 2021, 11:59 PM. One lucky winner will be announced on the HUAWEI Mobile MY Facebook on 21 June 2021, 2 PM.

Visit HUAWEI Store Online and complete the following steps:

  • Answer the question correctly;
  • Fill up the order number of the MatePad Pro purchased;
  • Insert your correct information as required; and
  • Click “Submit” to submit an entry for the Lucky Draw Event on the Campaign Site.

Robust Performance

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro is equipped with Kirin 9000E processor at the core, the device is more than capable in handling mobile productivity of entertainment apps. It is also supported by up to 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM to ensure smooth multitasking and a massive 10,050mAh battery [1] for all-day battery life with 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge [2]. Working seamlessly with Wi-Fi 6 + supported routers, consumers are assured wider signal coverage [3], stronger signal penetration and more stable connections.

Redefined Viewing Experience
Expertly crafted to represent the future of tablets, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro sports a 12.6-inch and OLED display with a resolution of 2560

x 1600 pixels in an ultra slim body. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro also features the highest tablet screen-to-body ratio [4], at 90.1% with ultra-narrow 5.6mm bezels surrounding its symmetrical, FullView Display – guaranteed to be fully immersed. Furthermore, HUAWEI MatePad Pro has a colour accuracy [5] rating of ∆E < 0.5, a level of accuracy that is only attained by some pro-grade monitors, making it a great portable second monitor for professional photographers.

The HUAWEI ClariVu Display Enhancement technology also makes a return, optimised for video playback, image browsing and gaming scenarios along with an Eye Comfort Mode for the consumers’ preference. Consumers can also expect an audio experience that rivals those of home theatre setups with eight Harman Kardon-tuned speakers and four microphones.

Exceptional and Seamless Connection Experience
The upgraded HUAWEI Share also take device connectivity to the next level, allowing seamless collaboration through new Tablet-PC Multi-screen Collaboration capabilities: Mirror Mode, Extend Mode and Collaborate Mode. This feature not only allows you to mirror your HUAWEI smartphones onto your tablet, but it also eases your life to transfer and share files across your devices includes laptops, simply by dragging and dropping the file. Tearing down the boundaries that separate tablets, smartphones and PCs, Multi-screen Collaboration elevates what users can do with the HUAWEI MatePad Pro and other connected devices, empowering them to be more productive and creative than before.

Creativity Unleashed with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation) and HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard
The upgraded HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation) has an almost imperceptible lag that is as low as 9 ms and has 4,096 pressure sensitivity [6] and tilt sensitivity. It is designed to give you natural writing experience just like a real pen for a flawless writing and drawing experience, reminiscent of the feel of a pencil on paper. The HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd Generation) supports a breadth of innovative interaction features including HUAWEI FreeScript, which transforms handwritten content into machine-encoded text in real time as well as double-tap to switch between different modes such as Instant Shape, Instant Table and more.

The HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard is a full-sized keyboard that features a key travel of 1.3mm to deliver satisfying typing experiences. Supporting Bluetooth and wireless charging, the magnetically paired keyboard synergises with the HUAWEI MatePad Pro to boost the productivity of any office user.

[1] Data from Huawei labs and may vary depending on the product, volume, audio source, product settings, environment interference, and usage habits.
[2] Maximum wired charging power is 40W. Tablet must be charged with the original Huawei Super Fast Charger. Actual charging power varies intelligently depending on scenarios.
[3] This feature is supported by self-developed Huawei Wi-Fi 6 + chipset and requires Huawei routers (purchased separately) that supports Wi-Fi 6 +
[4] Data comes from Huawei labs. The screen-to-body ratio is calculated by comparing the screen active area to the front panel area of the device. Actual measurements may vary.
[5] ΔE < 0.5 is the typical value obtained from Huawei labs. The colour accuracy may vary slightly depending on the screen usage duration and testing conditions.
[6] Actual effect may vary according to different handwriting apps.

SHEBA®, a Mars, Incorporated petfood brand unveils World's Largest Coral Restoration Program: Hope Reef

SHEBA®, a Mars, Incorporated petfood brand joins forces with the island community of Bontosua in Sulawesi to present the world's largest coral restoration program, known as Hope Reef
Be a part of this program by watching "The Film That Grows Coral" on YouTube, where every view will help raise money for reef restoration

Hope Reef, part of the world's largest coral reef restoration program, has been unveiled off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Sitting on Salisi' Besar reef platform near the island of Bontosua, the reef is built to spell the word 'HOPE'. Visible on Google Earth, the 45x15m installation symbolizes that positive change can happen within our lifetime and that hope can grow.

Coral reef systems are the tropical rainforests of the ocean and home to a quarter of marine life. But they are critically threatened by overexploitation, destructive fishing practices, pollution and climate change. Scientists estimate that if the world does nothing, 90% of the world's tropical reefs will be gone by 2043, impacting nearly 500 million people who depend on them for food, income and coastal protection [1].

In response to the loss of reefs worldwide, Hope Reef was created to kick-start an even larger restoration effort and create a movement to restore reefs at a large, ecologically relevant scale. With the help of governments, universities, businesses and NGOs, Mars, Incorporated started the Hope Reef coral restoration program in 2019.

The program utilizes handmade reef star structures known as the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System (MARRS). The reef star's materials are locally sourced and handmade by the local people of Bontosua. By the end of 2029, SHEBA® and its parent company, Mars, Incorporated’s ambition is to restore more than 185,000 square meters of coral reef around the world – roughly the size of 148 Olympic Swimming Pools.

Wee Li Ying, Country Director, Mars Pet Nutrition Malaysia, said: "Through our investment in restoration initiatives like Hope Reef, we hope to inspire others and demonstrate that habitat and biodiversity loss can be reversed. As the oceans' most diverse ecosystem, coral reefs are at the heart of our efforts. We are delighted to report that since the Hope Reef project started, coral cover around the island of Bontosua has increased from 5% to 55%. Fish abundance has increased by 300%. Other species, such as sharks and turtles, are also returning."

"Hope Reef is a symbol of hope for the future of our oceans and the start of a movement to restore these vital ecosystems. We know that our consumers expect great quality food for their pets but they also want a brand that makes a positive difference. With that, we encourage pet parents to watch and share The Film That Grows Coral on YouTube where every view helps to raise money for reef restoration through our campaign partner, The Nature Conservancy. And in conjunction with World Ocean's Day, SHEBA® has unveiled its first iOS app – SHEBA Hope Grows which generates a 3D experience; making the reef accessible to anyone, from any location! Just download the app and restore your own reef by installing virtual Reef Stars and watch the space transform from a barren rubble-bed into a diverse and thriving marine environment,” she said.

To play a role in reef restoration, so that we have more coral today and more fish tomorrow, watch and share this video #hopegrows: The Film That Grows Coral which can be found on the SHEBA® Brand YouTube page.

[1] IPPC. 2018. Global Warming of 1.5°C. Retrieved from, accessed on 5 May 2021.

Blind Couple Found New Livelihood on Shopee Following Closure of a Restaurant They Worked At

A blind couple who lost their source of income following the closure of a restaurant they worked at two months ago found new hope selling food and fitness products on Shopee.

Yusri Azis and his wife Nur Jannah Tan Jia Hui set up their Shopee store, Yus Bisnes, with the help of fellow Universiti Malaya coursemate Fa Phong in the first week of June 2021.

Upon setting up the Shopee store, the couple took to Facebook to promote their store.

A kind netizen on Twitter @NizamArif_ then stumbled upon the post shared by Yusri and put out a tweet of his own rallying for Malaysians to support the couple by purchasing from Yusri’ Shopee store.

The tweet was reshared over 11,000 times and he sold close to RM600 worth of products within 24 hours.

A check on Yus Bisnes Shopee store on 8 June 2021 revealed that the couple had since sold 82 bottles of their Sambal Hitam Pahang, three units of portion control plates, one bottle of sugar-free sambal and one bottle of stevia sweetener amounting to RM2,591.48 in less than a week.

Malaysians who had bought the Sambal Hitam Pahang from the blind couple said that the product was delicious and urged fellow Malaysians to support the business.

Twitter user @dzxrrxh said, “Sambal hitam brand ni memang sedap gila tak tipuuuuu!!!!” (Translation: This brand of sambal hitam is crazy good. Not lying!!!!).

Another Twitter user @hakeemhaikal123 said “Allah sedih nya...kta ramai2 lh membantu aamiin” (Translation: Sad. Let's help them together).

Thankful for the support he had received thus far, Yusri also made a video tutorial on how the blind can sell on Shopee using an Android phone supported by an app called TalkBack.

The video tutorial was shared on Shopee’s Sellers Facebook Group, Shopee Uni.

“We created the Shopee Uni Facebook Page all those years back to encourage a community of sellers to learn from and share their knowledge with each other. It is amazing to witness other sellers stepping forward and guiding Yusri on how to improve his sales and to see Yusri immediately sharing his knowledge on how he goes about utilising Shopee to salvage his loss of income despite his physical challenges. Yusri’s story is an example of how we are making e-commerce accessible to everyone,” said Zed Li, Shopee Malaysia’s Head of Seller Management.

He added that Shopee also organises an average of 50 online classes per month to train sellers on topics such as basic online selling techniques, marketing, handling logistics and customer service online etc through its free Shopee University seller workshop to enable sellers to optimise their sales on the platform.

PUBG Mobile Drops The Legendary Supercar McLaren 570S On The Game

The fastest car in PUBG MOBILE that offers speed sensation like never before

The world's most popular mobile game, PUBG MOBILE, brings an iconic surprise for its players and fans by collaborating with McLaren, the leading British automotive manufacturer. The McLaren 570S supercar is now ready to accelerate in a thrilling and intense battlefield arena through the PUBG MOBILE 1.4 update.

A collaboration event called “McLaren Drift” has now started. The event offers players a chance to earn brand new cars, McLaren 570S introduced in the game along with a bunch of other rewards, including gun skins, backpacks, and more. The colors and interiors of the McLaren 570S can be adjusted according to players preferences. The supercar also comes in 6 different colors, which includes: Zenith Black, Lunar White, Raspberry, Glory White, Royal Black, and Pearlescent.

The McLaren Drift event will go on till 30th June, and players will need to spend UC in order to get McLaren (UTC +0). Players can now participate in a lucky draw for each speed level starting with 90 UC to join the event or try getting a McLaren 570S at a discounted price when using a voucher which can be earned by sharing the excitement of this event on players' social media. When progressing to a higher speed level, players can get more exciting and bigger prizes! Prizes include lucky vouchers, weapon skins, permanent outfits, and lucky medals that can be redeemed for the extremely cool McLaren 570S!

Players who have succeeded in getting a McLaren 570S, can celebrate by showing off their supercar to friends or other players in the Cheer Park arena via Airdrop. Players don’t need to worry when driving their McLaren in battle as other players can't drive or even take their supercar. Also, for only the Pearlescent color option, players can feel the sensation of free fall from the plane using their supercar.

“The opportunity to bring a McLaren supercar to PUBG MOBILE is really an exciting moment. This collaboration through the version 1.4 is truly a perfect timing for us to introduce the McLaren 570S that is capable of accelerating up to 150 KM/hour. Apart from that, we are excited to include new gameplay and mechanisms, all of which are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience for all communities and players,” said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG MOBILE Marketing Manager.