Home Fashion Modanisa Modanisa Women Worldwide Band Together to help Palestine Victims
Home Fashion Modanisa Modanisa Women Worldwide Band Together to help Palestine Victims

Modanisa Women Worldwide Band Together to help Palestine Victims

Over 10,000 specially designed Keffiyeh Patterened shawls have been sold online globally in aid of the thousands of Palestinian citizens who have been left homeless and injured. Modanisa, Turkey’s first international e-commerce platform for modest fashion, has recently launched a fundraiser campaign for Palestine and is calling on all of its customers to do their bit to help.

All profits from the sales of the shawls will be donated to the Palestine cause, which will be used to provide medical care, treatment, food, water, basic necessities as well as Covid-19 hygiene products for the victims.

This will be done through a collaboration with Wafaa International Group in Palestine, which is also a member of the UN ECOSOC committee. Wafaa has teams in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem to mobilise the necessary help.

“The response has been overwhelming since we started on June 3 and it is still building. We have seen support from 140 countries in five continents and I am so thankful to all our customers for supporting us and for making this fundraiser cause a success so far.”

“Modanisa women near and far have definitely lent a helping hand by standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are in dire need of help now. Our brand also strives to encourage women to support movements of kindness in a bid to create a more peaceful and loving community worldwide,” said Samim Sürel, Modanisa’s Marketing and Brand Director.

This campaign, which is still ongoing, is targeted to raise an estimated RM415,000 to help those affected to rebuild their lives one step at a time.

Modanisa kicked off this campaign by being the first to make a donation of approximately RM41,000 and will now be making another donation of RM124,000. This is in addition to the overwhelming support from the public who purchased the Keffiyeh Patterned shawls worldwide.

This initiative is part of Modanisa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, aimed at empowering women of all backgrounds and nationalities to help those in need. Meanwhile, separate donations can also be made through LaunchGood, a charity platform which is also working together with Modanisa to raise more funds for Palestine.

To purchase the Keffiyeh Patterened shawl, head on over to www.modanisa.com.

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