Home LG Malaysia Lifestyle Do We Take Our Home Appliances for Granted? Here’s 3 Examples of How They Keep Us Healthy
Home LG Malaysia Lifestyle Do We Take Our Home Appliances for Granted? Here’s 3 Examples of How They Keep Us Healthy

Do We Take Our Home Appliances for Granted? Here’s 3 Examples of How They Keep Us Healthy

Health and hygiene for us and our family are the priority now especially with current pandemic situation. We are always looking to stay as healthy as we can while being able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” This goes without saying that healthy lifestyle at home is one of the most important aspects to lead an overall healthy life.

A dirty home can cause multiple health issues, especially for people who already have pre-existing conditions. Think about the untouched soft toys or other things that are sitting around in your home, gathering dust that can cause allergies, skin rashes or infection; or a dirty fridge with old food that need to be thrown out to avoid food contamination or food poisoning. All these contribute to the hygiene of a home. Imagine a hoarder’s dirty home with things piled up, collecting dirt, dust and bacteria that are harmful to our health – we don’t want that now, do we?

Lucky for us, product innovations today have advanced impeccably, and we have home appliances that can assist us in making sure our home hygiene stays at an optimal level. In this article, we have spelled out a few home appliances that are beneficial to one’s home (that we often take for granted) and can help keep families healthy.

Washing Machine

Washing machines nowadays are important to the hygiene of a household. Our university days have taught us that washing machines are one of the things we cannot go one day without, especially when we are living in hostels or dormitories. The convenience of having a washing machine situated in your living quarters is truly a privilege. Which is why we should all the more appreciate our washing machines at home. They don’t just clean clothes, they eliminate dirt and stains to ensure that the clothes being put on are at their cleanest and most hygienic. With the right kind of washing machine, it can even remove allergens and dust mites, which can cause allergies and respiratory issues. Just what kind of washing machine does that, you asked?

LG’s AI DD™ washing machine is a capable washing machine that removes 99.99% allergens, keeping allergies at bay and the dust away with its Steam™ feature. Plus, its TurboWash™ 360˚ thoroughly cleans clothes to keep hygiene level at its best in just 39 minutes per wash cycle. Think of a turbo in a car, this washing machine washes clothes at speed! Not only does it remove kuah kacang on your shirt, but it does it in a short time too. If you ever want to wear something that needs to be washed quick, look no further.


Something that most of us can’t live without especially living in Malaysia – almost everywhere we go, there would be air-conditioning. However, overusing air-conditioning can come with potential indoor discomfort such as indoor air pollution due to poor air circulation. Which is why, homes should be equipped with a smart and efficient air-conditioner; an air-conditioner that can help circulate and filter the air in the room to keep indoor air pollution in our home away.

With an air-conditioner such as the LG DUALCOOL, one can sleep in comfort knowing that 99.9% of adhering bacteria is removed from your surroundings and it deodorises the space too. The Plasmaster™ Ionizer+ reduces harmful microscopic particles by infusing the air passing through the air conditioner with over 3 million ions. This makes your home environment cool, comfortable, AND hygienic.


Another essential at home that most of us cannot do without is a refrigerator. Without a reliable refrigerator, our leftover rice we want to use to make delicious fried rice would be spoilt. What would Uncle Roger say? However, many should know that a clean fridge can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, which would involve a deep cleaning of your fridge to keep bad odours or bacteria away. Now, we all know that deep cleaning a fridge is time-consuming and at times, tiring. What better way to alleviate that problem with a fridge that has features to reduce the number of times we have to deep clean our fridge?

Equipped with the Hygiene FRESH+™ feature, LG’s InstaView™ Door-in-Door Refrigerator keeps food free from bacteria up to 99.999% while minimising bad odour in the refrigerator. This means food in the fridge would last longer and would not spoil easily. If you love to drink homemade fruit juice, the FRESHBalancer™ feature also keeps fruits and vegetables in their optimal condition by adjusting the right amount of humidity. Fruits and vegetables will stay fresh longer. It would definitely help with leading a healthier lifestyle for you and your family and you don’t have to worry about your fruits and vegetables going bad fast as well.

Not only do these home appliances help with a healthy lifestyle at home but they make life more convenient and comfortable, all the while being practical and efficient. With their stylish appearance, they can also serve as a home décor if need be! If you are unsure of what home appliance to get, this article can definitely give you some ideas! Now that you know how these home appliances contribute to health and hygiene for you and your family, wouldn’t you say you now appreciate them just a tad bit more?

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