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Home Samsung Galaxy Technology One Touch to Health and Wealth

One Touch to Health and Wealth

Forget your run-of-the-mill fitness tracker – Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3 are more than that. They are integrated with an actual Smart OS, giving them the confidence to be labeled as independent ‘smart’ devices. No doubt an empowering tool that is seamlessly integrated into the wider Galaxy ecosystem to connect you with your loved ones, give you immediate access to a wealth of information, and helps you to better manage and understand your health especially in the current climate where the role of a smartwatch in everyday lives continues to evolve.

The Smart OS in our Galaxy Watches makes the interface easy to use and beginner-friendly. There are tons of customizable widgets for your notification or home screen making it easier to navigate throughout the system. It also allows third-party developers easily add on to the bevy of apps available to the Watch ecosystem, giving you more choices according to your needs.

The Galaxy Watches give you the functionality and connectivity of a smartphone, on your wrist. It combines smartphone-level productivity and leading health technology in one device. You can check and reply to your messages, and even answer calls on your smartwatch [1],[2], and to make your calls easier, just pair up with your Galaxy Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds Live. This pairing brings a seamless device interaction experience, making access to music, podcasts, and multimedia even easier. Just sign in once to your Samsung account from either your phone or smartwatch, and easily browse through your Spotify playlist to enjoy a continuous listening experience. Your chat history is also displayed when a new text notification pops up, making it easier for you to follow up on your conversations. With the LTE version [3], you can even leave your smartphone behind and still stay connected.

Next-level health and wellbeing tracking has been built into the Galaxy Watches. You can improve your performance with the real-time Running Coach [4] and even keep track of your heart rate, and if you’re reluctant to input your own tracking settings, the smartwatch will automatically detect your workouts and track them for you. In case of a hard fall [5], the Fall Detector [6] sends an SOS to your emergency contact [7] if it doesn’t detect movement after some time. With the Galaxy Watch3, you even get oxygen saturation measurements, and the smartwatch will analyze your respiratory values to help improve your performance or stress levels [8]. Hint: filial children out there, this will be a great feature for your elders.

The Galaxy Watch3 offers you a choice between a 45mm or 41mm watch display [9], but in a thinner and lighter form. Thanks to the bigger display, the Watch3 gives you the luxury of viewing pictures from your messages or from your gallery. You also get the choice to personalize your watch face from over 40 different combinations to access your favourite apps and information right from the start. The Active2 is no slacker either, as it lets you choose between a 44mm or 40mm display [10], and it can also change its face to match your OOTD after you snap a picture of your look [11].

Galaxy Watches bring the best of Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem to a smartwatch. For those who want to do it all, systems like SmartThings are seamlessly integrated with your Watch and across your devices. That means you can turn off your TV, set your washer timings, or control your house temperature settings even when you’re outside.

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[1] Supported messaging apps may vary by country or region.
[2] Wi-Fi/LTE connection is required on Galaxy Watch3 and feature requires pairing with smartphone.
[3] Availability of LTE model may vary by carrier or country.
[4] Fitness tracking / sleep / stress management on the watch can be used as standalone, but data stored in the watch may only be partially displayed after a certain period of time. Smartphone pairing is recommended in order to keep all data stored.
[5] High impact activities that can appear to be a fall might trigger Fall Detection.
[6] Fall Detection has its limitations.
[7] Sending SOS calls and messages requires network connection and smartphone pairing.
[8] This device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Stress feature available in all countries except Angola, Cyprus, Algeria, Canada, and Thailand.
[9] Availability of colors and sizes may vary by country or region.
[10] Availability of colors, sizes, models, and straps may vary by country or region.
[11] My Style works with android smartphones paired with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

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