Home Lifestyle Shopee Protected from durian scams with Durian e-Fiesta and Shopee Guarantee
Home Lifestyle Shopee Protected from durian scams with Durian e-Fiesta and Shopee Guarantee

Protected from durian scams with Durian e-Fiesta and Shopee Guarantee

With durian sellers taking their sales online in anticipation for the peak season in mid-July, scams involving the King of Fruits have popped up. In response, Shopee said Malaysians buying from their platform need not worry as the e-commerce platform will be working with the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) to empower legitimate durian farmers and sellers via a Durian e-Fiesta campaign. Further, all transactions on the platform are protected by the Shopee Guarantee policy.

Shopee Guarantee is a policy that will cover all transactions made on the platform to protect users at all times. The policy sees Shopee withholding payment in escrow until buyers confirm that the goods received are genuine and in good condition before money is released to sellers. This enables users to go through a return and refund which can be as quick as 15 minutes once approved and if paid via ShopeePay, enabling a worry-free shopping experience on the platform.

Meanwhile, FAMA stated that in their process to normalise the selling and buying of agricultural goods online due to the current pandemic, it has teamed up with Shopee to continue their Durian e-Fiesta for the second year. The campaign will run from 10 to 31 July with attractive discount vouchers of up to 50%, RM15 off with a minimum spend of RM60 and RM30 off with a minimum spend of RM100 that are claimable via the eFAMAPLACE microsite.

FAMA Deputy Director-General (Operations) Abdul Rashid Bahri said, “We are assisting durian farmers to avoid a glut during this peak season. As such, teaming up with Shopee to offer vouchers that can be claimed and used will be of benefit to both sellers and users alike. We have also ensured a good mix of assortment such as the popular Musang King, Udang Merah, XO, D101, durian kampung and others.”

He added that as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Malaysia, Shopee is primed to realise FAMA’s dream in helping agrofood entrepreneurs in marketing online.

“Based on the track record of our joint campaigns before this, the collaboration between FAMA and Shopee recorded up to 8 times Return on Investment that has directly benefited the durian farmers and sellers. The current economic situation has made online selling a business survival strategy that our entrepreneurs must embrace. As such, FAMA is always working towards transforming the marketing methods of our entrepreneurs, aligning to the current needs and situations,” Abdul Rashid said.

At the same time, Kenneth Soh, Senior Manager (Marketing), Shopee Malaysia said “We thank FAMA for including us in their programme and allowing us to support their cause. Together we have digitised 211 durian sellers and have readied them for the Durian e-Fiesta campaign. We understand that there have been a lot of durian-related scams on social media and we are here to assure consumers not to be afraid as all transactions on Shopee are protected by our Shopee Guarantee policy. As such, we hope this campaign and partnership with FAMA will help quash all your fears and allow you to enjoy your favourite durian with peace of mind.”

eFAMAPLACE sellers on Shopee will be having daily Shocking Sales from 4 - 31 July, which will see limited quantities of Musang King, D24 and Kampung durians up for grabs from as low as RM0.77 at 12 AM daily.

Look for the eFAMAPLACE microsite via the Shop Malaysia in-app portal on Shopee or visit - https://shopee.com.my/m/efama

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