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Home Samsung Galaxy Technology #TeamGalaxy Making the Advantageous Choice with Samsung

#TeamGalaxy Making the Advantageous Choice with Samsung

Imagine you could remove some of the hassle and inconveniences from your daily routine. This may seem like a big ask, especially now when many of us are facing unusual challenges, but with Samsung, you have an advantage.

And this advantage is best demonstrated by #TeamGalaxy. Nine Malaysian influencers who feature in a series of films that explore how your smartphone experience is supported in its entirety; from before you make a purchase, when you use it and up until you are ready for an upgrade. This week, Wafiy of @wafiy_aan, Jovane of @jovanepjy and Yaya of @yayazahir will star in three films.

What makes a smartphone great? One that won’t let you down; has long battery life, large storage capacity, fast processer and awesome camera. But with many of us feeling the pinch, or wanting to be more mindful with our wallets, these decisions can be put on hold when we view the price tag.

Influencer, Wafiy understands that buying a phone should not been this hard. With Samsung’s Easy Payment Plan, he gets the Galaxy phone he wants while managing his finances flexibly with 0% interest [1]. He can even save money with his purchase when he trades in his old phone with Samsung’s Trade In Programme [2], bringing home a higher quality phone.

Don’t want to make the decision to buy immediately? The upcoming Galaxy Free Trial programme allows you to explore a new Samsung Galaxy device, so you can give its features a good-flex. Once you decide to own it for good, you will enjoy exclusive rewards.

Jovane has a busy life. Like most of us, her day is spent completing work tasks and getting chores done. At times, major purchases can slip her mind. So when she has that opportunity to relax, she also has the added convenience of knowing that she can receive the latest Galaxy device within the same day, with door-to-door delivery when she makes a purchase online [3]. Giving her more time to do what she loves best not to mention, staying safe at home.

Remember that time when you had to take everything out of your bag to find your phone and send a message? With Galaxy Watch Active, Yaya can leave her phone in the bag and send messages right from her wrist. With seamless connectivity between her Galaxy smartphone, tablets, watch and bud devices, she can get the most out of her music, videos, and apps in one seamless experience. Which means fewer interruptions and more ways to connect to what she loves.

These three films only explore a fraction of what Samsung offers. Over the next few weeks, #TeamGalaxy will show how your smartphone journey is essential to ensuring your success and removing the stress and concerns related to your smartphone experience.

You will see how you need not worry about transferring your content, data and photos from your old device. Smart Switch lets you seamlessly and easily transfer data to your new Galaxy in three steps through wireless device-to-device connection or with a USB cable [4].

When you face an issue with your Galaxy device and need immediate help, Samsung’s 24/7 support and care line; Samsung Customer Care Services will work with you remotely to troubleshoot the issue [5]. If your device requires further attention, you can easily arrange for a pickup and delivery repair service [6]. Samsung also offers free device health checks when you visit Samsung’s Service Centre, to keep your smartphone working perfectly.

Samsung Care+ coverage plans removes the pain when your device is damaged. From cracked screens to coffee spills, you can receive multiple repairs up to the cost of your device at an authorised Samsung Service Centre using genuine Samsung parts.

To view Wafiy and Jovane’s experience, do click on the links below:

[1] Customers can use credit card from participating banks (Public Bank, Maybank, HSBC and Hong Leong Bank) to make a transaction then repay the amount in instalments over the course of 12 to 36 months. Terms and conditions apply.
[2] Trade-ins are subjected to customer’s diagnosis test results by InstaCash. Should the selected phone model not meet the requirement, the trade-in may be deemed unsuccessful. Terms and conditions apply, see: https://shop.samsung.com/my/trade-in/
[3] Free same day delivery for online purchases made before 11.00AM. Valid on weekdays only for purchases on Samsung’s Online Store. Promo applicable for selected mobiles and tablets. Terms and conditions apply.
[4] Smart Switch transfers data from current device to new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, via wire or wirelessly. For Samsung / Android: https://www.samsung.com/us/apps/smart-switch/ for IOS: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/switch-to-galaxy/iphone/
[5] Samsung Customer Care Service can be reached on 1 800 22 889 or via chat at https://livechat.support.samsung.com/Customer_new/My. For more details, see: https://www.samsung.com/my/support/remoteservice/ for remote service or website: https://www.samsung.com/my/support/contact/
[6] Pickup and delivery service is available in selected areas and is free of charge and valid for in-warranty repair. Terms and conditions apply. See: https://www.samsung.com/my/support/mobile-devices/how-to-request-pick-up-delivery-repair-service-for-samsung-devices/

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