Home Huawei Technology Huawei And PIKOM Extend a Helping Hand To Vaccination Centres in Fight Against COVID-19
Home Huawei Technology Huawei And PIKOM Extend a Helping Hand To Vaccination Centres in Fight Against COVID-19

Huawei And PIKOM Extend a Helping Hand To Vaccination Centres in Fight Against COVID-19

Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Huawei Malaysia) is continuing to play its part in the nation’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by donating laptops to PIKOM, the National Tech Association of Malaysia, for use at Malaysia’s Vaccination Centres (PPV).

PIKOM Chairman Danny Lee and Huawei VP of Public Affair and Communications Rita Irina Abd Wahab at the PIKOM-Huawei CSR event.

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, Huawei Malaysia provided a total of 15 laptops in order to meet the shortage of technology devices for the PPVs.

PIKOM will loan the laptops to the PPVs until the vaccination programme is completed.

The laptops, which will aid in achieving Malaysia’s goal of increasing the number of vaccinated citizens to reach herd immunity, will be distributed to the PPVs that have the most urgent need for such devices.

The laptops, which are used in parallel with the MySejahtera mobile application, are useful for volunteers and other on-ground staff at the PPVs to systematically record critical information of those who visit the centres at every stage of the vaccination process – from registration to completion of the second vaccination dose.

“We are very thankful that Huawei has come forward to be part of this CSR project. This is one of the contributions by the industry association to help ease and support the registration process at the PPVs.

“To this end, we hope more tech industry representatives will come forward to help in any way possible. It goes without saying that combating COVID-19 is a shared responsibility and together, we will be able to emerge from this pandemic stronger,” said PIKOM Chairman Danny Lee.

Meanwhile, Pn. Rita Irina Abd. Wahab, Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Huawei Malaysia, said that Huawei, as a technology leader, was honoured to exercise its moral obligation to support Malaysia’s vaccination programme and assist the country in its battle against the pandemic.

“While we acknowledge that vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic, it is so important for the PPVs to be able to collect data systematically to facilitate the smooth rollout and completion of the vaccination programme.

“At Huawei, we believe that technology improves lives in all aspects. Therefore, it is our privilege to be able to lend our technology to support Malaysia’s fight against COVID-19 by helping to ensure that as many people as possible are fully vaccinated,” she said.

Last month, Huawei Malaysia donated laptops to the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support the latter’s COVID-19 vaccination programme through its PPVs and house-to-house vaccination for severely ill, bed-bound patients and specially-abled people, including those with cancer and other chronic diseases.

In April 2020, Huawei Malaysia donated four technology solutions to the Ministry of Health to support Malaysia’s efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The solutions enabled healthcare experts to work with frontline medical professionals to conduct remote online consultations with patients and enhance the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment.

The solutions also assisted in the continuous real-time communication between the government and public hospitals via its video conferencing and wireless connectivity capabilities.

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