Home Huawei Malaysia Technology HUAWEI Unveils Developer Technology Upgrades for Enhanced User Experience
Home Huawei Malaysia Technology HUAWEI Unveils Developer Technology Upgrades for Enhanced User Experience

HUAWEI Unveils Developer Technology Upgrades for Enhanced User Experience

HUAWEI Developer Day (HDD) Malaysia 2021 Introduces Brand-New Open Capabilities for an Intelligent Ecosystem in Malaysia

More than 300 local app developers have come together virtually for the annual HUAWEI Developer Day Malaysia, in partnership with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), CyberSecurity Malaysia, TusStar, SYOK and Doc2Us. During the two-day virtual livestream event, HUAWEI announced comprehensive upgrades to its existing capabilities, developer tools and developer incentives, as well as presented best practices from selected content providers. The brand also unveiled the HMS (HUAWEI Mobile Services) Ecosystem update with brand-new open capabilities in HMS Core 6.0, which comes supported by HarmonyOS2; along with a feature of the HUAWEI Certified Developer Program.

Malaysia poses as an alluring market for app developers with the acceleration of digital transformation in the nation over the past two years. The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) revealed that an impressive 98.6% of Malaysians now have access and is an active user of mobile phones. These users have catapulted the advancements of app-related services in the region including e-commerce, e-learning, e-government, e-health and e-entertainment. Malaysians are stepping into a new era of intelligence and interconnectivity thanks to the widespread adoption of 5G and AI technologies.

“Malaysians are more connected than ever before and as a brand that has continuously pushed our boundaries, HUAWEI has stepped up to play a role in empowering developers, providing them with the necessary capabilities in building the nation’s smart ecosystem,” said Johnson Ma, Vice President, Asia Pacific Area of HUAWEI Consumer Business Group. “At this year’s HUAWEI Developer Day, we have reinforced existing partnerships and formed new alliances, working towards our vision of redefining the country’s digital journey by bringing connectivity and computing to every Malaysian home and organisation.”

As a brand with the developed capabilities to build a smart ecosystem, HUAWEI aims to empower and equip app developers to tap into the expanding pool of opportunities in the nation. This cannot be achieved alone as HUAWEI builds a strong relationship with local partners including receiving recognition from CyberSecurity Malaysia where the HUAWEI AppGallery has been certified as the secure application distribution platform. In addition, MAMPU has actively collaborated with HUAWEI in promoting more developers from various government agencies to venture into HMS through the Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Application (GAMMA) initiative. As a recognised industry partner, MAMPU enthuses HMS Ecosystem as the innovative solution to enhance the Government’s mobile services and conferred HMS Ecosystem with the Outstanding Partner Award 2020.

HMS Core 6.0: Stepping into The New Decade with Upgrades
Since its inception, HMS has helped developers foster innovation by building high-quality applications at low cost, implementing one-point access and enabling intelligent global distribution for all terminals. HMS through its highly developed distribution ecosystem has enhanced users' experience through tailor-made content. Today, the HMS ecosystem is the third largest worldwide, with more than 550 million active users, 4.5 million registered developers, and more than 141k HMS Integration Apps.

In Malaysia, a vast majority of local apps also fall in line with 3.1 million monthly active users and 26 thousand registered developers. During the event, HUAWEI announced its brand-new HMS Core 6.0 with capabilities in seven (7) domains namely App Services, Graphics, AI, Media, System, Security and Smart Device. Upgrades in the HMS Core 6.0 fully open kits and development tools include:

  • 3D Modelling Kit to perform high-precision object modelling, equipped with one-click material generation. All it takes is an RGB camera to capture various angles of an object, resulting in an automatic generation of a 3D model with the object’s texture.
  • AV Pipeline Kit to simplify audio and video development for improved development efficiency. The kit provides a lightweight development framework and high-performance processing plug-ins such as video super-resolution and sound event detection.
  • Audio Editor Kit to provide convenient audio processing capabilities paired with enhanced music effects. Developers are furnished with multi-track audio processing experience, AI-based audio capabilities and live-stream processing improvements.
  • Video Editor Kit to quicken video editing capabilities by introducing features such as multiple format HD video importing and exporting, smooth multiple track video editing along with a wide range of media resources.
  • 5G Modem Kit to bolster apps with cutting-edge 5G communications ability through exclusive 5G cell information services for versatile parameters and accurate measurements.

At the event, HMS also introduced HarmonyOS2, bringing a comprehensive upgrade to its existing distributed capabilities, including software bus, data management, and security. With the latest update, HarmonyOS2 will officially be open-source and developers will be able to gain access to emulators, SDK packages, and IDE tools. Users will be equipped with the ultimate experience through improved personalisation, refined displays, seamless connectivity, enhanced security and much more with the new and improved HarmonyOS2.

HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS): Connecting Your Everyday Life
As the third-largest global app marketplace, HMS continues to see continuous and consistent growth in enabling users to explore thoughtfully curated apps, hidden gems and well-loved essentials on HUAWEI AppGallery that span categories such as games, education, lifestyle, fashion and more.

  • Petal Search: An AI-powered mobile search engine that makes it easy to find virtually anything online, from news and nearby services to great shopping outlets. Users can access information from a variety of local services across different categories, for a comprehensive and unique search experience. To date, Petal Search’s Voice Search currently supports eight (8) languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian.
  • HUAWEI Browser: Dedicated to providing users with high-speed Internet browsing, convenient searching and comprehensive privacy protection, HUAWEI Browser covers over 230 countries and regions and provides over 140 million of daily news that users can consume.
  • HUAWEI Petal Maps: Covering over 140 countries and regions, over 180 million POI data and currently supporting over 26 languages, HUAWEI Petal Maps is the new way for users to explore the world. As if that isn’t enough, agoda also integrated their data through the APIs and aggregate the real-time price and redirection services to improve the map experience.
  • HUAWEI Assistant: Get weather forecasts and sports scores, track one’s daily schedule, stay on top of stock trades, and stay informed about your world – all in one place! Users can also customise the layout by adding, dragging and combining cards, to meet their every need! On top of that, users can expand their horizons without shifting their gaze, by searching from the comfort of phone! Find exactly what you're looking for – whether it's on your device, on a webpage, or on a whim!

HUAWEI Certified Developers Program
In line with HUAWEI’s vision in building a fully connected, intelligent world, HUAWEI presented the HUAWEI Certified Developer Program, a platform where developers can collaborate and tap into its “1+8+N” ecosystem. This year, as part of the Certified Developer Program, HUAWEI announced during the event that developers stand a chance to win attractive prizes where winners will be evaluated through a list of factors such as the number of app downloads, app ratings via the HUAWEI AppGallery and more.

Upon achieving specific program milestones, winners will be awarded an HMS Promotion Fund of up to MYR 400k, HUAWEI Cloud Coupons worth up to MYR 400k and cash prizes up to MYR 40k per winner.

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