With many Malaysians facing significant challenges at this moment, it can be hard to inspire each other and remind ourselves of what this country has managed to achieve over the decades. In a bid to bring back the ‘Malaysia Boleh’ spirit and feeling of goodwill among the community, Samsung Malaysia Electronics has launched the #MalaysiaDiHatiku Campaign.

To kick-start the campaign, Samsung in partnership with Universal Music Malaysia, has launched the Malaysia Di Hatiku song to remind all Malaysians on the love we have for the country. The song features the musical talents of hip-hop artist Yonnyboii, Tabby from rising girl group Dolla and duo-rappers Kmy Kmo and Luca Sikta.

With the aim of sharing this goodwill, from now until 2 September 2021, Samsung is calling on Malaysians to take part in #MalaysiaDiHatiku campaign on TikTok. Participants just need to record themselves singing alongside the artists in this duet singing hashtag challenge. When ready, they can caption their video with words of encouragement to other fellow Malaysians, include the hashtags #MalaysiaDiHatiku and #SamsungMalaysia and submit their video on TikTok.

The top three creative content that captures the spirit of Malaysia Di Hatiku will win one brand new Samsung Galaxy A32 each. The winners will be announced at the end of the campaign, which falls on Malaysia Day, 16 September 2021. The Malaysia Di Hatiku song is now on all digital streaming platforms.