Home F&B WONDA Coffee International WONDA Coffee Day Takes On A Spicy Malaysian Twist This Year
Home F&B WONDA Coffee International WONDA Coffee Day Takes On A Spicy Malaysian Twist This Year

International WONDA Coffee Day Takes On A Spicy Malaysian Twist This Year

  • WONDA Coffee Launches Limited Edition Spice Coffee Range
  • WONDA Coffee also embarks on initiatives to encourage Malaysians to sign up for vaccinations this International WONDA Coffee Day

Meant to be an experience like no other, WONDA Coffee, is treating coffee enthusiasts in Malaysia with a limited-edition Spice Coffee range this International WONDA Coffee Day 2021 (“IWCD”) for the 8th year in a row. WONDA Coffee’s latest range will be the first product of its kind to be introduced to the Malaysian ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage market and is set to elevate the coffee drinking experience with a spicy twist.

“Every International WONDA Coffee Day, we strive to bring something new and exciting for our consumers who have always supported the brand through all the years. With the launch of our new limited time offer range, we hope that Malaysians are able to enjoy the classic taste of WONDA Coffee infused with Asian spices,” said Yee Pek Kuan, Vice President of Marketing at Etika.

To truly reflect the taste and flavours of Malaysia, WONDA Coffee’s latest Spice Coffee range infuses spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom that play a big part in the local cuisine with the classic taste and aroma of WONDA Coffee. Available in four distinct variants, WONDA Coffee’s latest range will give coffee lovers a WONDA-ful new range of RTD coffees to elevate their coffee drinking experience.

In fact, the role of spices in beverages is not unheard of across Malaysia’s culturally rich and diverse population groups. It is not unusual to see Malaysians relaxing with a steaming cup of ginger tea after meals or catching up at a mamak over servings of masala tea. Spices like ginger and cinnamon are routinely used in Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines, both to add more flavours at mealtimes as well as for their perceived health benefits.

Taking note of the ingrained love for spices in the local cuisine and beverages, WONDA Coffee’s new Spice Coffee is carefully curated to introduce four premium variants namely – Ginger Milk Coffee, Masala Milk Coffee, Mixed Spice Milk Coffee and Cardamom Milk Coffee.

If you are looking for a spicy tinge to your coffee, you can opt for WONDA Ginger Milk Coffee. On the other hand, if a spice mix of ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamom and nutmeg tickle your taste buds, the exotic WONDA Masala Milk Coffee makes for a perfect companion as it gives an exotic coffee taste with the sweetness of cloves and cardamom. However, if you prefer a slightly milder spice mix, try the WONDA Mixed Spice Milk Coffee made with premium Arabica beans for an irresistible treat. Lastly, for those of you looking for a slight touch of citrus, mint and spice to your coffee, the WONDA Cardamom Milk Coffee is a match made in heaven that offers a fragrant milk coffee.

Each variant is limited to selected retailers such as Shell Select for WONDA Ginger Milk Coffee 240ml, 7-Eleven for WONDA Masala Milk Coffee 240ml, Kedai Mesra PETRONAS for WONDA Mixed Spice Milk Coffee 240ml and myNEWS.com for WONDA Cardamom Milk Coffee 240ml. As these variants are offered for a limited time only so WONDA Coffee fans should check-in with their nearest retailer before the products run out.

Together WONDA Coffee’s latest Spice Coffee mix is an affordable indulgence that offers perceived health benefits together with the taste of freshly brewed coffee for a much-needed boost to your day.

“At WONDA Coffee, we always strive to bring unique experiences for our loyal consumers. We hope that through our latest WONDA Spice Coffee range, Malaysians can enjoy a luxurious escapade with our exotic spiced coffees right from their homes,” added Pek Kuan.

WONDA Coffee Supports the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme
This IWCD, along with bringing a brand-new range of LTO coffees, WONDA Coffee will also join the government’s effort in driving vaccine registration in Malaysia in the battle against COVID-19.

As of 22 August 2021, 31.28 million doses have been administered and 39.9% of total population have received completed doses. In order for normalcy to return and work toward our economic revival, achieving herd immunity via vaccinations plays a critical role. As such, vaccine education and awareness is an important step in the country’s fight against COVID-19. WONDA Coffee has therefore joined hands with several other partners to educate more Malaysians about the vaccine.

To do so, every WONDA Spice Coffee can will be embedded with a QR code that will direct consumers to the vaksincovid.gov.my website, where they can get more information related to the vaccine. Through this initiative, WONDA Coffee aims to increase awareness around the National Immunisation Programme (PICK) and encourage more people to sign up for the vaccine.

“We believe that battling the pandemic is a collective effort and Malaysians from all walks of life need to join hands to halt the number of infections and curb the virus. Throughout the pandemic, WONDA Coffee has carried out many campaigns to benefit our local community and we will continue to do so. We hope that through this IWCD 2021, Malaysians will obtain more awareness about the vaccine and sign up for the same. Caring for the country and our community is part of our WONDA Coffee culture and we hope Malaysians will equally be onboard with us as we stand united in our efforts to curb the further spread of the pandemic,” added Pek Kuan.

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