Panadol, the flagship brand of GlaxoSmithKline, today launched a nationwide campaign to raise public awareness on post COVID-19 vaccination care for pain and fever. In support of the Government’s effort to combat vaccine hesitancy amongst the community and increase vaccination uptake, the Panadol Post COVID-19 Vaccination campaign will include pertinent tips and information on how to manage post COVID-19 vaccination pain and fever with Panadol.

Bryan Wong, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Malaysia, said, "The government’s pledge to vaccinate at least 80% of Malaysia’s adult population by February 2022 has our full support. It is encouraging to see a high rate of acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccines in Malaysia and the vaccination rate has been climbing steadily. To achieve the herd immunity target as soon as possible, it is not only important for us to play a part in educating the public about the importance of COVID-19 vaccination; but also provide accurate guidance, on the proper usage of Panadol as part of symptomatic treatment for post COVID-19 vaccination.”

The Panadol Post COVID-19 Vaccination campaign will roll out in phases beginning June 2021, featuring educational video, and informational guideline contents across multiple platforms including Panadol Malaysia’s digital and social channels, media platforms, and in-stores at local retailers such as Watsons, 99 Speedmart nationwide.

Educational resources about COVID-19 vaccine and the post-vaccination care for patients will also be offered to 2,000 pharmacists and pharmacy assistants nationwide. User-friendly brochures with clear, illustrative and credible information about COVID-19 vaccine, including tips on managing post COVID-19 vaccination pain and fever with Panadol, will be distributed at 700 general practice clinics and independent pharmacies.

“Through this unified effort, we hope to increase health knowledge, so that they can seek for credible and appropriate information to complete their COVID-19 vaccination journey without hesitation. We would also like to urge all Malaysians to abandon any hesitation regarding COVID-19 vaccination and enrol in the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme. Taking vaccine will benefit not only them and their loved ones, but also to the health, social, and economic well-being of the nation," Wong added.

KKLIU: 2074/2021