Home Lifestyle Samsung Electronics Samsung Bespoke and Family Hub Fridge – Made For Style with Practicality
Home Lifestyle Samsung Electronics Samsung Bespoke and Family Hub Fridge – Made For Style with Practicality

Samsung Bespoke and Family Hub Fridge – Made For Style with Practicality

Get More Use Out of Your Space & Lifestyle

If your decade-old refrigerator has finally decided to call it a day or the empty kitchen space in your new housing unit is looking scarce, this is the perfect time to get a new fridge. But zeroing in on the right one for your household is no easy feat! From size to door style, energy efficiency, features, and price, the variety available in the market today is enough to overwhelm anyone but making the correct purchase could transform your living experience in the next decades.

Samsung BESPOKE Modular and Stylish Refrigerator
Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerator had drawn a lot of attention since it was first announced in early 2021. Samsung BESPOKE takes modern design and personalization to the next level while offering an approachable concept to a customer who typically doesn't stop for premium appliances. Consumer can customize its stunning design with door numbers and even customize the temperatures of the freezer and refrigerated compartments.

Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator offers two choices from single-door to two-door. Pick between one-door and Bottom Freezer configurations, so you can go for a single unit or combined units for more versatility.

Made for customers with a delicate taste, BESPOKE offers extensive colour and finishing options that can be mixed and matched on the same fridge. Worry that your newly redecorated kitchen space would not match with the fridge? Look no further, the BESPOKE collection offers not only functional design but stylish selections too. BESPOKE offers glossy glass, to a combination of refrigerator doors in multiple colours. For the glossy glass material, you can choose from three colours: Glam White, Glam Pink, Glam Navy Blue.

Stay Connected & Informed with Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
Samsung's concept of putting a huge touchscreen display in the refrigerator door when it first launched its Family Hub series in 2016 may have made some wonder if modern fridges are facing an identity crisis.

Samsung saw Family Hub as a central hub that brings food, entertainment, and smart functionality all together in a single package. A winner of the CES 2021 Innovation Awards six years running, the Family Hub continues to evolve with new features that add convenience, connectivity, and delight a truly twenty-first-century living.

Family Hub™ is currently available in the Side-by-Side style that comes with modern design and seamless. What makes Family Hub™ special are the smart features and insights that keep you on a smooth cooking journey – from suggesting recipes based on the ingredients in storage, leave handwritten notes for yourself or family members to keeping you entertained and engaged while working.

Featuring inner-view camera, users can peek into the inside of their refrigerator without opening the door – even when they’re not in the kitchen! – by using the SmartThings phone app. The food management feature also tags food expiration dates and lets you create a shopping list, food memos or reminders to encourage smarter shopping experience by staying on top of the refrigerator’s contents.

Tired of the usual menu and need some inspiration? Benefit from the fridge’s artificial intelligence and food profiling features to get delicious recipes ideas with simple instructions on the handy SmartThings Cooking app and use the Weekly Meal Planner for suggestions, based on what food you like and ingredients you have in the fridge.

Family Hub’s collaborative notetaking, photo and calendar functions also allow it to serve as a touchpoint for families to share and keep in touch conveniently. Simply use the home screen or your smartphone to show photos and video clips, post stickers, draw pictures, type or hand-write notes, share schedules and website links or even add a music player. Moreover, with Family Hub’s TV mirroring function, you can quickly and easily stay updated on the latest news or events while cooking.

Through the Samsung SmartThings smart home ecosystem, Family Hub is part of Samsung’s increasingly connected smart home appliances that unify your home system. Whether you’re exploring options to automate your home or seek to have a better understanding of how to maximise your Samsung home appliances, Samsung SmartThings is the way to go.

Make Your Best Purchase with Samsung This National Day
Choosing a fridge that works for your family, style, and budget doesn’t have to be daunting. What makes it so interesting today is the extensive sea of refrigerators available, letting you factor in more than just ‘temperatures’ and ‘capacity’.

This Merdeka month, Samsung celebrates with Malaysia by bringing some of its best offers with its ‘Stay Strong Malaysia’ deals. Running from 1 August to 30 September, get your best purchase of the year with various rewards and free gifts.

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