FULL REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE, Awesome Screen, Awecome Camera & Awesome Lifestyle

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Over the last few months, Samsung Electronics has released the next device in the Galaxy A series, the Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE, after releasing the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G in the previous weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 has a four-camera setup with the main sensor equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS). This Samsung's latest camera smartphone comes in three colour options; Violet, Mint and Black. Compared to the 5G version, its dimensions are smaller, with a thickness of 8.4mm and 186 grams. The body is made of plastic, while the fingerprint sensor is integrated with the power button on the side.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 has a superior screen. The resolution itself is still just HD +, but it supports a 90Hz refresh rate. The Infinity-U display design is reminiscent of the Galaxy A32 series, with an outer 6.4-inch display and a maximum brightness of up to 600 nits. No additional layer of protection. Samsung Galaxy A22 use the MediaTek Helio G80 octa-core 12nm, the performance of this smartphone will be more awake, considering the lower screen resolution. The RAM capacity is 6GB, with one choice of internal storage, which is 128GB. But don't worry because the triple SIM slot mechanism supports capabilities up to 1TB.

Because it is included in the entry class, the interface used is a simple version, One UI Core, already based on Android 11. At the same time, the battery capacity is classified as an average middle-class Android smartphone, which is 5,000 mAh and supports 15-watt fast charging via USB-C port.

If you want to have a gaming experience without breaking your pocket, the Samsung Galaxy A22, which uses the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset, is ready to be a mainstay. The reason is, the Helio G80 which has a 12 nm fabrication and a 5 W Thermal Design Power (TDP), is among the most powerful SoCs in the realm of entry-level phones with fairly high-power efficiency.

The chipset offers a Mali-G52 MP2 graphics processing card at a frequency of 950 MHz and an octa-core configuration that includes two ARM Cortex A74 cores at 2 GHz as performance cores, and six ARM Cortex A55 rated at 1.8 GHz as efficiency cores. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A22 is quite slick in bringing up the latest games. Even for Genshin Impact, one of the toughest mobile games globally, this cellphone can play it with a pretty good frame rate. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy A22 is not a mobile phone focused on gaming, but if you are a gamer, there is nothing wrong with using the Galaxy A22 because its performance is quite proper in its price class.


Like the Galaxy A32, A52, and A72, this time Samsung also took the same approach in terms of design. From the colours that look chic and youthful, the Galaxy A22 has the boldest and most distinctive colour design compared to other phones that tend to have flashy colours or gradient shades.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 is presented with three colour variants for Malaysia's version, namely Black, Mint (green), and Violet. The back is made of polycarbonate plastic material, as is the frame. Body dimensions are stuck at 159.3 x 73.6 x 8.4 mm, which is not so thick but also not the thinnest. However, with a weight of 186 grams, the Samsung Galaxy A22 is quite comfortable to hold and operate every day.

One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy A22 is the use of a Super AMOLED display panel. Thanks to a true black display, this panel offers a wider contrast ratio than IPS LCD and better power efficiency.

Located at 6.4 inches in HD + resolution, the Samsung Galaxy A22 also has a brightness offer of up to 600 nits when viewing HDR content. Furthermore, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which is 50% higher than normal, users can experience smoother animation movements every time the screen content moves.

What's special about the Galaxy A22 camera is the OIS hardware stabilization on the main sensor. The resolution is 48MP with an f/1.8 aperture, while the ultra-wide sensor has an 8MP resolution accompanied by two 2MP sensors for macro and depth. Yes, the number of cameras is more than the 5G variant. In addition, there is a 13MP f/2.2 sensor on the front, and both sides of the camera can record videos at up to 1080p 30fps.

The presence of OIS on the main sensor allows smartphone cameras to capture images with a longer shutter so that more light is captured, making photos brighter and more detailed. Plus, the video is more stable, especially in night conditions. Unfortunately, there is no support for 4K video recording on this cellphone. You can only get doing 1080p recording at a frame rate of 30 FPS. However, the presence of OIS is quite helpful in producing beautiful video recordings. 

You will avoid the jello effect, and the resulting video will not be too shaky, even if the recording is done while the recorder is moving. As for the front screen, there is a selfie lens with a 13 MP f/2.2 resolution with a 1/3.1-inch sensor size with a pixel size of 1.12┬Ám. Just like the rear camera, this front camera also only supports video recording up to 1080p at 30 FPS.

Of course, the battery is one of the considerations when choosing the Samsung Galaxy A22. The Samsung device was released with a capacity of 5,000 mAh in the non-removable Li-Polymer type.

This is the capacity that is most often chosen on mobile phones for Rp. 3 million. What makes it special, the Galaxy A22 uses a durable Super AMOLED panel so that this large capacity can make the phone last longer.

A test video uploaded online reveals how long the Samsung Galaxy A22 can last compared to some other Samsung phones. For example, when used to play videos for 2 hours 30 minutes, the Galaxy A22 leaves a fairly large battery of 85%. Other phones such as the Galaxy A52 leave 70%, while the Galaxy A12 and A32 leave 81%.

The Galaxy A22 and other Samsung phones were tested by recording 1080p video for 1 hour in the next activity. As a result, the Galaxy A22 is still the best because it presents the largest remaining battery, 71%.

Furthermore, they were also tested on the activity of streaming songs on Spotify for 1 hour, where this only reduced the battery of the Samsung Galaxy A22 by up to 62%. Then, continue playing Asphalt 8 on High settings for 1 hour 30 minutes, leaving the Samsung Galaxy A22 battery at 50%.

On this remaining battery, the tester tested the duration of the YouTube streaming until it ran out. As a result, the Galaxy A22 managed to come out as the longest-lasting phone with a duration of 11 hours 20 minutes after doing intense activities such as recording 1080p videos, listening to songs on Spotify, playing 3D games with high graphics settings, and watching videos.

Bottom line? The Samsung Galaxy A22 is the phone you need if you always want to depend on a power bank or power outlet. Its durability when using various applications is extraordinary and is one of the phones with the strongest battery life. We at ZulYusmar.com were impressed by the good battery life, even compared to several other Galaxy A series.

The presence of OIS as hardware also improves the photography experience so that amateur photo enthusiasts can still take videos or pictures with good quality Then what makes it very superior is the Super AMOLED display panel equipped with a 90 Hz refresh rate. However, you seem to have to be patient a lot while charging. The reason is, his 15 W fast charging can't charge the phone as fast as the majority of its competitors. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A22 LTE is really interesting if you look at its merits.

AirAsia wins World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for 12th Consecutive Year at Skytrax 2021 World Airline Awards

AirAsia today celebrates winning the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline award for 12 consecutive years, as announced at the Skytrax 2021 World Airline Awards last night. This comes hot on the heels of another top recognition it received for Business Innovation at Flight Global’s Airline Strategy Awards 2021 on Tuesday.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group said “This is truly a great honour after what has been the most turbulent period in commercial aviation history.

“Our brand has always been about the people, enabling everyone to fly and putting our own staff first. To receive this award for 12 years running is even more humbling because it’s judged by many millions of people who have chosen to fly with us, prior to the pandemic hitting in March 2020.

“We wish to thank the event organisers at Skytrax who continue to prioritise consumer’s choice as their key measure for success.

“What we have achieved in the past 18 months during the downtime in flying is incredible. We have turned one of Asia’s leading airline brands into a one stop travel and lifestyle super app, catering for much more than just air travel, which will see us return stronger and more robust in a post-Covid world.

“This award goes to my people - our incredible Allstars, who have remained resilient and committed to customer service and delivery excellence throughout the pandemic and who have never let a crisis beat them.

“As vaccination rates in all of our key markets continue to accelerate we can’t wait to paint the skies red again very soon, and deliver the very best value and guest obsessed service in all that we do.”

Commenting on the Award as the World's Best Low-Cost, Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax said: "AirAsia remains a favourite with air travellers and the airline's continued dominance in this awards category is a remarkable achievement in this very competitive market."

Over 100 customer nationalities participated in the survey, with the 2021 Awards based on 13.42 million eligible survey entries counted in the final results (88% of these were registered up to March 2020).

A Perfect Balance of Form and Function: How to Express Yourself with Your Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

With its compact form, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is designed to fit perfectly in your hand. Its various colour options and large Cover Screen enable users to express their individuality, while features like Flex mode and Multi-Active Window take multitasking to the next level.

What are some of the ways that users can customize this attention-grabbing device to make it their own? How can they take full advantage of the foldable smartphone’s ‘hands-free’ experience? After spending some time with the device, Samsung Newsroom decided to answer those questions and more by putting together this quick user guide for those who want to get 120 percent out of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

[Question 1] What’s new with the trendiest Galaxy Z Flip3 5G yet?

What stands out the most at first glance is the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s Cover Screen. The 1.9-inch Super AMOLED display is about four times larger than the previous version. The model boasts a simple exterior that incorporates the Cover Screen and camera into a single area. The exterior of the smartphone features a simple and soft two-tone look, along with a unique coating that makes the design appear even more sophisticated. The black part is glossy, while the colored part is matte. When holding the smartphone, the power button can be reached with user’s thumb, making it easy to utilize the Cover Screen and its various features, even when the device is folded.

Samsung went to great lengths to refine the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s form. The result is a design that not only looks soft, but feels soft as well. The front, back and sides have all been meticulously polished. The Hideaway Hinge, which allows users to flatten or fold the smartphone at various angles they want, is even slimmer than the previous version. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is designed to protect the hinge against dust and external particles, without compromising its beautiful design [1].

Various colour options and accessories that are suited to users’ unique tastes add to the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s external charm. With a total of seven colours – Phantom Black, Green, Lavender and Cream – users have plenty of options to choose from. For those who enjoy decorating their phones, Samsung Electronics recommend taking a look at the device’s accessory lineup, which was launched in collaboration with various famous brands. Users can add various accessories for the device’s clear case, including a ring phone grip, a strap case, and various palettes [2]. Users can apply these accessories to decorate their Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in a way that’s cute and unique.

[Question 2] How can you customize and use the much larger Cover Screen?

The Cover Screen of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has evolved from a means for displaying information like the time and date into a blank slate that can be used to show off user’s unique style. By accessing the Cover Screen’s Options menu under Settings, users can choose from a variety of clock types, wallpapers and colours. They can also select a photo or GIF from their gallery to make their Cover Screen their own.

The Cover Screen features all-new features to go with its larger size. Without having to unfold the phone to use the Main Screen, users can enjoy various features using the power button, the volume button, or by simply tapping on the screen. One of the most noticeable features allows users to check their notifications. Users can use the Cover Screen to check their messages and app notifications by pressing the power button and swiping to the right. Tap the screen to view up to eight lines of messages and notifications, and tap on ‘Open Application’ at the bottom if you’d like to use the app on the Main Screen right away.

Users can also customize the frequently used widgets that appear on the Cover Screen. Swiping screen to the left allows users to view various types of widgets, including options for music, the weather, their earphones, voice recordings, and more. By setting up the Galaxy Buds2 widget on the Cover Screen, you can easily activate the earbuds’ Active Noise Canceling (ANC) or Ambient Sound modes.

The features of the Cover Screen don’t end there. Swipe down and you’ll see a pop-up window that allows you to toggle between sound modes and adjust the brightness of the Cover Screen. Swipe up to see a list of cards you’ve registered with Samsung Pay. You also have the option to make payments offline right away using the power button’s fingerprint recognition function.

The Quick Shot feature comes in handy when you have no time to unfold the smartphone and open up the camera. Quickly press on the volume button twice to trigger the shutter. You can also adjust the angle using the Cover Screen. Simply show your palm to the camera or press the volume button to take photos.

[Question 3] The foldable advantage: What’s so convenient about folding?
With its built-in hinge, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G provides a foldable experience that doesn’t come with typical smartphones. Users can use their hands freely when the device is folded, without a stand, so they can truly enjoy a hands-free experience. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s Flex Mode, in particular, offers users an even more convenient foldable experience.

Flex Mode splits the screen when the phone is folded at certain angles. For example, Flex Mode enables users to perform various other tasks while video calling using apps like Google Duo, or when watching clips on YouTube. Even if an application does not support Flex Mode, users can manually set it to be used in split screen by going to Settings → Advanced Features → Labs and accessing the Flex Mode panel.

With the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, you no longer have to worry about your hands shaking when you’re taking a selfie. Simply open the camera and fold the phone to easily take photos and videos. The Auto framing feature, which can be activated with a tap of the button in the bottom-right corner, is particularly handy when taking videos. Auto framing adjusts the format for taking photos and videos automatically according to the location and the number of people or objects in frame. If both the user and the subject of the photo want to view a preview of the video at the same time, all the user needs to do is tap the Dual Preview button at the top righthand corner of the screen.

[Question 4] What’s multitasking like with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G?

Say you’re watching a video and you find yourself wanting to look up something from the video and also reply to your friends’ messages. Multitasking support has become a must for smartphones, and this is where the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s Multi-Active Window feature truly shines. With the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, users can take part in up to three different activities at the same time using the device’s Drag & Split function. While using an application, simply activate the Edge Panel on the righthand side and drag the two other apps that you need to use. You can adjust the size of the apps’ windows using the divider.

If you have a certain combination of apps that you frequently use, use the App Pair feature to launch them faster. All you need to do is tap the three dots in the middle of the app divider, and then tap the icon on the right. Tapping on the app combinations you’ve saved in the Edge Panel will instantly activate the exact same split screen. If an application does not support multiple windows, you can activate it yourself by going to Settings → Advanced Features → Labs.

The annoying lag that users used to experience when quickly switching between screens has also been reduced. Furthermore, you can enjoy an adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hz by going to Settings → Display → Motion Smoothness, and selecting the ‘Adaptive’ option. Selecting ‘Standard’ will fix the refresh rate at 60Hz, which can help preserve battery life.

[Question 5] Is the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G safe to use when you’re out and about, or when caught in unexpected weather?

Durability is a must when it comes to comfortably using smartphones regardless of location or weather. While the exterior of the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is thinner and lighter than the previous version, it is much more durable when it comes to external shocks. This is because the materials that were used to cover the smartphone, including Armor Aluminum and the tempered Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™, are not easily damaged. This makes the smartphone less susceptible to damage, including bends and dents, which allows users to comfortably use their device.

Users can enjoy peace of mind when using the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G even during unexpected weather - this is because the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G comes with an IPX8 [3] rating, allowing users to do things like replying a text or answering a call even when they’re caught in the rain.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G checks every box in terms of delivering key smartphone features, while serving as a fashion accessory at the same time. This makes the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G the optimal choice for users who want to make their lives more vibrant or add a splash of color and convenience to their lives.

Until 31st October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to receive a RM350 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM699 [4]. Plus, until 30th November 2021, be entitled to enjoy 30% OFF the recommended retail price of up to three selected accessories when you purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G!

[1] Not dust-resistant.
[2] Available accessories may vary by region
[3] IPX8 is based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use.
[4] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit www.samsung.com/my/offer/samsung-care-plus/for Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.

FlightGlobal awards AirAsia for Genuine Innovation

As a clear recognition of its successful transformation into a digital travel and lifestyle group, AirAsia has been acknowledged with an industry leading innovation award at the Airline Strategy Awards 2021. The award is organised by FlightGlobal - one of the prominent sources of online news, expertise and insight on the aviation and aerospace industries, in partnership with the civil aviation practice of Korn Ferry, the largest human-capital solutions provider in the world.

AirAsia emerged top in the category of Business Innovation, having received the highest votes from an independent panel of industry experts for accelerating efforts to transform itself into a digital travel and lifestyle company with a strategic vision spanning e-commerce, logistics and financial technology.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group said, “We wish to thank FlightGlobal for giving AirAsia this wonderful award for Business Innovation. It's an honour to receive this, as a strong testament to all of our efforts over the past 18 months of flight downtime, to run to the finish line to complete our digital transformation that kicked off in 2018. We didn’t just bury our heads in the sand, but took the opportunity to become much more than just an airline.

“It’s been an incredible year of evolution as we fast-tracked our digital businesses and airasia Super App to become the leading travel and lifestyle platform in Asean. I want to thank my team of Allstars who have worked tirelessly to get us through what has been the toughest period in aviation history. We’ve restructured our airline, thanks to a lot of support from our partners, and we're looking forward to returning to the skies stronger by the end of 2021, when we will be celebrating our 20th year anniversary.”

Lewis Harper, editor of Airline Business at FlightGlobal magazine said, “AirAsia’s story of transformation into a digital travel and lifestyle group is one of genuine innovation– potentially with important lessons for other airlines. It is made all the more impressive by the fact that it accelerated this effort during the Covid-19 crisis, during which many airlines have been solely focused on retrenching to see out the downturn.”

Graham Dunn, head of content at FlightGlobal and host of The Airline Strategy Awards said, “The best airline leaders have shown agility and flexibility to adapt operations through what is the most sustained and deepest crisis the industry has faced. … High-quality leadership matters more than ever, with airlines led by the most skillful management teams best-placed to emerge strongly from the crisis.”

Established in 2002, the Airline Strategy award has six main award categories, including the Business Innovation award which recognises true business innovation during the times of crises, such as new business model development, an agile response to rapidly changing market conditions, revenue-enhancing initiatives despite marketplace or regulatory restrictions; revenue diversification, and new application of digital or other technology.

Public Consultation for the Communications and Multimedia Content Code of Malaysia 2021

Updating best practices and guidelines for self-regulation in the content ecosystem

The Malaysian content environment relies on self-regulation to empower consumers and encourage the industry to grow. All of us are responsible for the self-regulation of content –those who create it, spread it and consume it. This includes broadcasters, content creators, advertisers, social media influencers and the like. With self-regulation, we can all continue to enjoy content while our rights and safety continue to be safeguarded.

As an industry forum established to oversee and promote self-regulation of content over the electronic networked medium, the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (Content Forum), with the support of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), is conducting a nationwide public consultation exercise. Aimed at gathering feedback from members of the public on proposed revisions to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code (Content Code), the exercise will take place from the end of September to early November 2021.

In brief, the Content Code is a key reference point for everyone; outlining best practices and standards for responsible content creation and consumption across all digital media platforms. The review of the Content Code will tackle policy gaps in content regulation and will help consumers to better practice self-regulation. Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to the new version of the Content Code, as it will continue to be a reference for the interpretation of offences under Section 211 and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. The final draft of the new Content Code will take into account the public consultation findings before it is submitted for registration by MCMC.

The main focus for this public consultation is to ensure sustenance of good practices in the content environment, which helps increase consumer protection. Among the proposed revisions include guiding all content creators and protect consumers on the creation of content and advertisers, including those that exploit religion, children, as well as third-parties such as influencers, who do not disclose paid arrangements. The revisions also further empower and protects the rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and safeguards the general public from online abuse and gender-based violence.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide feedback on this public consultation to ensure that Content Code version 2021 takes into account consumer’s current needs and concerns. Further information on this exercise can be accessed at www.contentforum.my.

The Content Forum will continue to strive to be a proactive forum through constant engagement with the public via various approaches – dialogues, forums, workshops, polls and other immersive initiatives.

MR D.I.Y. distributes RM300 in cash via Touch ‘n Go eWallet to 15,000 UM students

Good news for close to 15,000 University Malaya [UM] undergraduates returning to campus this October - homegrown retailer MR D.I.Y. will be distributing RM300 to each student to help them purchase essential supplies to facilitate their return to campus.

Dubbed #DIY4UM, the RM4.5 million cash aid distribution programme is being implemented in partnership with Touch ‘n Go via its eWallet platform. The cash aid will be made to students on their Touch ‘n Go eWallets in three equal payments of RM100 each on 1st and 30th November, and 30th December.

Announcing the #DIY4UM aid programme, MR D.I.Y. Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Ong said the programme was aimed at helping students make the back-to-campus transition as smooth and worry-free as possible.

“The reopening of campuses is a major milestone for university students. After many months of lockdown, they will finally be able to reconvene on campus to fully benefit from the in-person learning experience and enjoy the academic social interaction with lecturers and fellow students alike. We believe it’s important that they are well equipped with protective and learning essentials to keep themselves safe while staying focused on their studies, which is why we are distributing this cash aid to undergraduates at University Malaya,” said Ong.

He said students will be able to easily equip themselves with everyday student essentials, Covid-19 protective equipment and a wide range of stationery items at MR D.I.Y. retail stores as well as its online platform using the cash credit given. In addition, the first 11,000 students who utilise the funds will be entitled to RM10 cashback when they spend a minimum of RM20 using the Touch ‘n Go eWallet. The promotion applies at MR D.I.Y. Group stores, MR D.I.Y. Online at www.mrdiy.com.my as well as the MR D.I.Y. mini programme available on Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

The programme is part of a strategic collaboration between MR D.I.Y. and Touch ‘n Go which was inked in July this year. Commenting on the aid programme, Effendy Shahul Hamid, Group Chief Executive Officer, Touch ‘n Go Group said, “We are extremely pleased that the partnership between our companies has been extended into a benefit for society, in this case, students of University Malaya. We stand ready to support this initiative and we commend MR D.I.Y. for stepping up during these challenging times.”

All active Malaysian undergraduates at University Malaya are eligible for the aid. They are required to register online via Portal Maya UM by 3rd October 2021 and ensure they have a valid Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

The #DIY4UM initiative is the latest in a series of collaborations between MR D.I.Y and University Malaysia. MR D.I.Y. has for the past four years joined hands with UM and the Ministry of Education to organise the “DIY Made Simple” competition for schools with UM’s Community and Sustainability Center (UMCares). The competition is a CSR initiative to cultivate awareness of sustainability among schoolchildren.

The initiative was lauded by Universiti Malaya’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Ir. Dr. Mohd Hamdi Abd Syukor who said, “This is a welcome and significant initiative by two iconic Malaysian brands. On behalf of our undergraduates, we thank MR D.I.Y. for the generous contribution, and Touch ‘n Go for making it convenient for students to receive and utilise the funds. We are confident this initiative will be of great help to students as they return to campus.”

Ninja Van Raises USD578M in Series E Funding

Ninja Van, a leading tech-enabled logistics company operating in Southeast Asia, today announced that it has successfully secured USD578 million in a Series E funding round. This latest round of funding involves participation from existing investors Geopost/DPDgroup, B Capital Group, Monk’s Hill Ventures, and Zamrud, an entity linked to a Southeast Asian sovereign wealth fund. Alibaba Group, parent company of Lazada, the pan-Southeast Asia e-commerce platform, is also participating in this round.

The funds from this round of investment will be allocated towards infrastructure and technology systems that will support a sustainable long-term cost structure, as well as the quality and consistency of Ninja Van’s operations. Funds will also be invested in Ninja Van’s suite of micro-supply chain solutions to help Southeast Asian businesses optimise e-commerce opportunities.

“The quality of investors joining us in this round of investment is a clear signal that the market recognizes the emerging opportunities for e-commerce logistics in Southeast Asia and how as an entrenched player in the region, Ninja Van is positioned to take a central role in meeting the shifting demands of both businesses and consumers,” said Mr. Lai Chang Wen, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ninja Van Group. “We remain committed to the success of all our business partners as we move towards the next stages of sustainable growth and continued innovation. The support from our investors will enable us to continue to build upon the business momentum we have achieved.”

“We have been working with Ninja Van for several years, and we are very proud to support their outstanding development. By leading this new fundraising, we reinforce our ambition in this key geographical market and reiterate our trust in the management team of the company. This transaction represents a new milestone in the deployment of our Together & Beyond strategy launched last March, which is aimed at accelerating in new markets such as Southeast Asia,” commented Mr. Boris Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of GeoPost/DPDgroup.

"We strongly believe in the potential of e-commerce in Southeast Asia, in particular the power of technology-enabled logistics to fuel e-commerce growth. With Ninja Van's vast presence and extensive local insights in the region, we are confident that our partnership with Ninja Van would enable us to better serve participants in the e-commerce ecosystem across the region.” said Mr. Kenny Ho, Head of Investment for Southeast Asia, Alibaba Group.

Since its inception in 2014, Ninja Van has become a leading regional logistics player in Southeast Asia. The company’s well-established end-to-end logistics network spans Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, connecting over 1.5 million active shippers [1] with close to 100 million recipients. The company currently employs more than 61,000 staff and delivery personnel that support the delivery of around 2 million parcels a day throughout the region.

“With our dominance and expertise in Southeast Asian e-commerce logistics, we have nurtured an ecosystem that provides value-added services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as well as Direct-To-Consumer brands across Southeast Asia. To complement these solutions, we aim to redefine what makes for a delightful delivery by prioritising shipper and recipient satisfaction, and implementing enhanced and effortless issue resolution processes to provide a seamless experience for all users of Ninja Van’s service,” said Chang Wen.

[1] Refers to unique active shippers that have placed an order with Ninja Van within the last 12 months.

Are you Unstoppable Yet?

The youth of Malaysia are certainly unstoppable as demonstrated by Samsung’s current campaign, #TeamUnstoppableMY. For those who have yet to share their unstoppable story and stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, the time is now before the campaign concludes this Friday, 30 September 2021.

#TeamUnstoppableMY is part of the Samsung’s regional #TeamUnstoppable campaign, a rallying cry for Gen Z and millennials to push their boundaries and purse their passions. Participants are encouraged to share their unstoppable story on TikTok and / or Instagram and include #TeamUnstoppableMY and #DoWhatYouCant. In addition for Instagram posts, participants should tag @samsungmalaysia. Multiple entries are allowed and participants with the best entries could win one of the 10 consolation prizes or take home the grand prize, a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

So dear Gen Z and millennials, what are you waiting for? Come share your true unstoppable stories on how you have defied your barriers to get to where you are today! Let us all strive to inspire people around us to do what we can’t. Just like Imran Aqil, who stood up to haters to become the all-rounder, successful content creator, actor and social volunteer that he is today. Don’t worry if your road to success is still in progress. As long as you know what you want and keep striving towards this, you should share your unstoppable spirit towards success!

The untold story of Imran Aqil, on overcoming obstacles to becoming unstoppable, can be viewed below

Didian, Digital Marketplace for Developers And Property Agents

Extraordinary reach, extraordinary results

Didian; Malaysia’s first B2B marketplace for primary residential properties from developers, is a modern real estate platform that accelerates and grows property sales. With its technology, industry know-how, and a nationwide database of more than 3,000 agents, the property technology company helps developers and agencies by providing an easier, faster, and more efficient way to help buyers secure their dream homes.

With proven track records with Malaysia’s most reputable developers and an eye on market trends, Didian’s platform automatically pairs the most qualified agents from its national network of over 3000 experienced agents from over 400 agencies to make selling and marketing projects fast, intelligent and seamless. Since 2018, Didian has transacted RM2.2 Billion worth of bookings, and reputable developers who have leveraged on Didian have seen 100% take-up rates on projects listed on the platform.

“Developed in response to issues such as finding the right project to sell, cashflow problems and paperwork, which have been identified as the reasons for agents and negotiators leaving the industry, we developed our platform to make it easier and convenient for them to work. We are focused on empowering agents to sell more and be more productive. We design products and services to help the agents on our platform to grow and succeed. For developers, our platform allows them to reach out to more agents which will enable them to have better sales velocity,” said Chow Nam Kit, Co-founder and Director of Didian

Selling a property can be a very difficult, complex, time-consuming, and, most importantly a costly process. Here is what Didian offers for a seamless and a pleasant experience to our partners; agencies and agents:

  • At Didian, every agent that signs up gets a mobile app, designed with a level of functionality and intuitiveness to help them reduce time and friction in selling property.
  • Didian features digital booking, real-time data access and commissions status tracking, and supports back-end administrative processes.
  • 7-Day Express Commission; Didian pays fast commission to your agency upon SPA & LA signing. With Didian, you never have to worry about cashflow issues again!
  • Agent Cooperation Network (ACN); maximise your conversion and let a Didian partner assist you to close a sale.
  • Sales Management Support; Get live updates on the booking made on the Didian App.

As for the property developers these are some of what Didian offers an all-in-one platform to market, launch, and sell projects:

  • Enjoy either in-person or virtual balloting events for your new projects that will be organised by Didian.
  • Developers can accelerate sales by leveraging on Didian's wide network of agencies and agents immediately. Didian’s platform recommends agencies to developers’ projects based on our proprietary algorithm.
  • Didian is able to offer market research, sales and marketing strategies based on market trends.
  • Stay up-to-date on sales statuses from appointments and loan outcomes to SPA signings on the Didian Dashboard.
  • Didian’s end-to-end platform is designed to support developers at any stage of the project marketing lifecycle — pre-launch / post-launch / completion.

Didian is the preferable marketplace you go to ensure your real estate business runs smoothly. It is convenient, smart and provides you with the real estate sales and marketing services that you need.

Empower Your Life with the Iconic and Stylish Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

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The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 was a hallmark moment in the history of smartphones for its sleek and iconic look at a time when innovative mobile designs were beginning to stagnate. The trendsetting Galaxy Z Flip3 set the pace for future mobile phones with its versatile function, bold seven-color variations, top-class design, and fashionable accessories for users to fully express their lifestyles in the way they wish to.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 offers a myriad of creatively functioning parts such as Flex Mode, which can be coupled with its studio-quality camera to shake up the way you take photos for good. Moreover, the phone’s main screen comes with a steady 120Hz adaptive refresh rate on top of a Dynamic AMOLED display to show vibrance and luminosity like you’ve never experienced.

Above all, its eye-catching build makes it stand out even when it’s unflipped on a surface, showcasing its expanded and customizable cover screen that allows more functions compared to the previous generation, allowing for easier ways to express, play, and see all incoming notifications without having to flip the smartphone open. Regardless of how you plan to use it, the Galaxy Z Flip3 was designed to be a seamless fit for all with its adaptable features to give you nothing short of the best.

For many, choosing the Galaxy Z Flip3 is more than owning peak function and style. It’s a statement, and a daring one. Samsung managed to speak to a few customers who’ve tried and pre-ordered their very own Galaxy Z Flip3. Let’s hear their testimonies and find out what the Galaxy Z Flip3 really means to them:

Samantha Annie, 27, HR Executive, Selangor

“I am switching from my Vivo V7 to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 because of its irresistible design. Flip phones are novel in aesthetic because of their nostalgia, but Samsung has completely reinvented flip phones for the future with the Galaxy Z Flip3’s functions and features. The foldable’s slim design fits perfectly in my hands and is easier to carry in my pockets without being awkwardly bulky. Overall, the phone left a good first impression when I tried it at the store and proved that it was so much more than just another flip phone. Loved that!”

Kyle Wan, 30, Sales Associate, Johor Bahru

“I want to replace my iPhone 12 Pro Max and Huawei Mate 40 for the Galaxy Z Flip3 because of its unique form factor. The bold design is not something you see every day and it pulled my interest when I first laid eyes on the Galaxy Z Flip3 during its global launch event. The Cover Screen is what I am most excited for, especially how much I can personalise it to suit my own style on top of adding widgets and using it to preview messages. Most importantly, I can just swipe up on the Cover Screen to quickly pay for my lunch-time coffees through Samsung Pay!”


Chai Sook Foon, 35, Stay-at-Home Mom, Selangor

“My loving husband replaced my Huawei Mate 20 Pro with the Galaxy Z Flip3 for our recent anniversary mainly because he knows I love taking pictures, but also because he’s terrible at angling my ootd’s! Beyond that, I spend plenty of time with my son as a stay-at-home mom and the Galaxy Z Flip3 is quickly becoming our stylish companion for capturing cute moments, making short videos, and various learning activities that tighten our bond during these developmental years.”

It is without a doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 pushes us into the future of mobile experiences with its tailored design, powerful specs, and emphasis on elevating personal lifestyles. Make a move to empower your lifestyle today with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, where style meets function and more, all within a single compact device.

UNIQLO LifeWear magazine 2021 Fall/Winter Issue

“Neighborhood Living” is theme of latest issue

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO announces the launch of the 2021 Fall/Winter issue of LifeWear magazine. LifeWear magazine is a free publication that conveys the UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy of making the everyday lives of people richer and more comfortable. The theme of Issue 05 for Fall/Winter is “Neighborhood Living.” Through features and interviews, the issue focuses on our relationships with the local, familiar neighborhoods that shape our everyday lives, and how that reflects the positive relationship between comfortable living and LifeWear.

“Is a world where movement is restricted inconvenient, or a new opportunity to expand our horizons?” said Takahiro Kinoshita, Fast Retailing Group Executive Vice President and Creative Director. “While it’s still difficult to get on a plane and visit other countries, the armchair traveler can journey anywhere in the world with ease. We still need to be patient a little longer when it comes to meeting friends who are far away, but now is the time to revisit the places we live, and enjoy time with nearby friends and family. The special features in this issue of LifeWear magazine showcase the life and wear of various countries, and the people who call them home.”

Main Contents of the 2021 Fall/Winter Issue

Local Focus, Global Vision
The architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron has consistently been at the forefront of modern architecture. The founders are childhood friends from the small Swiss city of Basel, known as a city of art. They have said that becoming an architect was totally unexpected, and in this article share the untold story of how they got together, and their philosophy of architecture.

Hello, Jonathan - Interview with Jonathan Anderson

This interview comprises 12 questions posed to Jonathan Anderson, the designer behind the UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collection. He discusses design and lifestyle while wandering through the notable places of London’s Soho district, an area that has enticed him since his university days. Jonathan also shares his thoughts on this season’s UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON collection.

Barbican Neighbors
Barbican Estate is a modern residential complex in London, completed in 1976. Many of its residents work in creative professions, and together form an engaging community. This feature visits the editors, writers, photographers, and others who live there to ask them about the appealing aspects of the area.

UNIQLO & White Mountaineering
This fall UNIQLO releases its first collaboration with the Japanese brand White Mountaineering. The theme for the UNIQLO & White Mountaineering collection is “Outerwear as a common language for all people.” The intentions behind that idea are revealed through an interview with the designer Yosuke Aizawa.

Haruka Ayase - As Time Goes By

Actress Haruka Ayase is featured wearing items from the UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE collection. In an interview, this woman who has become ever more charming over the years, talks about her outlook on life, revealing the secrets to growing older in your own way.

Make the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Your Top Smartphone Choice for Capturing and Sharing Best Moments

Capturing photos of everyday life and sharing them online is now a trending social activity that is said to be able to improve one’s well-being. It encourages people to indulge in every moment and appreciate the little things in life. Little moments are just as precious as the big ones. So, if you would like to join the fun bandwagon and capture meaningful moments easily, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is your best bet!

Tailored to complement the creative use of smartphone cameras to capture unique digital content for social media, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G makes the whole process more streamlined than ever before. Packed with an array of functionalities, the device allows you to capture and share dynamic content hassle free. The Flex Mode [1], in particular, offers you a more convenient foldable experience, allowing you capture unique perspectives hands free. Taking goofy group shots to celebrate the moment with your friends and family is a must. Which is why the Auto Framing feature on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G helps you capture videos and photos of all members in your group, in a frame and at the perfect angle.

Thanks to AI-powered machine learning capabilities, the Auto Framing feature is able to detect the body and faces of the subjects in front of the camera and will automatically adjust the angle of view. And with the rear’s camera AI Face Restoration and AI Face Retouch abilities, you and your peeps can stay flawless without having to spend time retouching the photos captured! Not forgetting how easy and quick it is to share those photos directly to your favourite social apps using the Multi Active Window [2] feature – all you need to do is to open your social app and the Gallery, at the same time, using the Drag & Split function. Say farewell to the constant switching between apps and the confusion of which photos you have selected to upload!

With the ease of capturing and sharing daily events using Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, you’ll discover a million of joyful moments sandwiched between the tedium of everyday life to cherish. Check out the infographic to learn more about the fun features of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G!

From 22 September to 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to receive a RM350 e-voucher and a one year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM699 [3]. Plus, until 30th November 2021, be entitled to enjoy 30% OFF the recommended retail price of up to three selected accessories when you purchase the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G! [4]

[1] Flex mode supported at angles between 75° and 115°. For your convenience, it may be difficult to maintain Flex mode while moving due to shaking or other movement. It is recommended to keep the phone stationary while in Flex mode.
[2] Multi Active Window works with select applications; compatible apps growing through third party developers.
[3] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit www.samsung.com/my/offer/samsung-care-plus/for Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.
[4] Please visit http://www.samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/galaxy-launch-2021/ for more information and the full terms and conditions.
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