Updating best practices and guidelines for self-regulation in the content ecosystem

The Malaysian content environment relies on self-regulation to empower consumers and encourage the industry to grow. All of us are responsible for the self-regulation of content –those who create it, spread it and consume it. This includes broadcasters, content creators, advertisers, social media influencers and the like. With self-regulation, we can all continue to enjoy content while our rights and safety continue to be safeguarded.

As an industry forum established to oversee and promote self-regulation of content over the electronic networked medium, the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (Content Forum), with the support of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), is conducting a nationwide public consultation exercise. Aimed at gathering feedback from members of the public on proposed revisions to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code (Content Code), the exercise will take place from the end of September to early November 2021.

In brief, the Content Code is a key reference point for everyone; outlining best practices and standards for responsible content creation and consumption across all digital media platforms. The review of the Content Code will tackle policy gaps in content regulation and will help consumers to better practice self-regulation. Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to the new version of the Content Code, as it will continue to be a reference for the interpretation of offences under Section 211 and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. The final draft of the new Content Code will take into account the public consultation findings before it is submitted for registration by MCMC.

The main focus for this public consultation is to ensure sustenance of good practices in the content environment, which helps increase consumer protection. Among the proposed revisions include guiding all content creators and protect consumers on the creation of content and advertisers, including those that exploit religion, children, as well as third-parties such as influencers, who do not disclose paid arrangements. The revisions also further empower and protects the rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and safeguards the general public from online abuse and gender-based violence.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide feedback on this public consultation to ensure that Content Code version 2021 takes into account consumer’s current needs and concerns. Further information on this exercise can be accessed at www.contentforum.my.

The Content Forum will continue to strive to be a proactive forum through constant engagement with the public via various approaches – dialogues, forums, workshops, polls and other immersive initiatives.