Home Lifestyle PUBG Mobile Alan Walker Releases New Single ‘Don’t You Hold Me Down’ For PUBG Mobile
Home Lifestyle PUBG Mobile Alan Walker Releases New Single ‘Don’t You Hold Me Down’ For PUBG Mobile

Alan Walker Releases New Single ‘Don’t You Hold Me Down’ For PUBG Mobile

Exciting new collaboration to captivate fans and community

Norwegian-British music producer and DJ, Alan Walker has released a new single 'Don't You Hold Me Down’, being the fifth single to be released in 2021. The latest single by DJ Walkzz is not only dedicated to his fans but also dedicated to the most phenomenal battle royale mobile game in the world, PUBG MOBILE. The song Don't You Hold Me Down is already available and can be listened to on various music streaming applications, along with the music video which can be watched on Alan Walker's YouTube channel here.

Don't You Hold Me Down can also be enjoyed by Walkers and PUBG MOBILE fans in the in-game lobby room. The PUBG MOBILE x Alan Walker collaboration, once again proves that mobile games are able to transcend boundaries by collaborating with various genres such as: fashion, automotive, film, music and many other elements. This song also marks the third time PUBG MOBILE has collaborated with Alan Walker: Don't You Hold Me Down, Live Fast and On My Way.

Don’t You Hold Me Down ft. Georgia Ku
In this latest single, Alan Walker collaborates with British singer and songwriter, Georgia Ku, creating EDM genre music with catchy lyrics and uplifting beats. The music video of Don't You Hold Me Down features Alan Walker's signature style with his smoke bomb combined with PUBG MOBILE battle scenes. The video also features non-stop action filled with adrenaline through explosions and speeding race scenes that describe the mobile game.

Live Fast ft. ASAP Rocky
Collaboration with American rapper ASAP Rocky, Live Fast was launched to coincide with the PMCO Global Final 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the official presence of PUBG MOBILE on the Tiktok platform.

On My Way ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko
Released on 21 March 2019, in collaboration with musicians Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko, On My Way was used as the background music for the PUBG MOBILE game. The music video has been watched by nearly 3 million people, in just 22 hours on Alan Walker's YouTube channel.

“Since the last collaboration in 2019, many of our loyal fans and digital creators have been looking forward to the continuation of PUBG MOBILE collaboration with favorite DJ Alan Walker. We present the latest collaboration to answer those hopes and expectations. With the success of the previous collaboration, we believe Don't Hold Me Down will also be the perfect song to accompany and inspire PUBG MOBILE players," said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG MOBILE Marketing Manager SEA.

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