Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Fall In Love with Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Here Are Reasons It’ll Make You Swoon
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Fall In Love with Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Here Are Reasons It’ll Make You Swoon

Fall In Love with Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Here Are Reasons It’ll Make You Swoon

Remember the moment when you’re falling in love, the entire world seems to open up and unfold into a wonderful spring with sunshine and rainbows, and you want to dance and sing all day? That’s similar to how the team at Samsung felt when they got their hands on the new Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. It totally swooned their hearts and brought them to cloud nine. It is undeniably what an extraordinary smartphone can evoke in you with its unique design and experiences that cannot be found in one piece smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is the most beautiful and modern smartphone available as yet, with a hint of nostalgia. Offering the 2000s flip phones experience, but with technology advancements from the 21st century. It is packed with a plethora of heart-fluttering aesthetics and premium features, all at a reasonable price.

Below are some reasons why the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is so swoon-worthy. By only reading the points, we are confident that it will sway your heart and you’ll fall head over heels for it.

Chic Colours For A Fashionable You
It comes in four contemporary stylish colour options, each of which will fit into one of your favourite colour list. They are Cream, Lavender, Green and Phantom Black. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G empowers its consumers by allowing them to select from a wide range of colours to best match their personalities or preferred fashion style. Colours like Lavender and Green are perfect for a cheerful and bubbly individual who loves colours. If you appreciate minimalism, then Cream and Phantom Black are the colours for you!

Y2K Foldable Phone Aesthetics
Y2K fashion style is here, roaring back and so is Galaxy Z Flip3 5G with its bold iconic design that will sure turn heads. It is formed like a clamshell, cute and compact enough to fit perfectly in one hand and your pocket. Flipping the phone is a cathartic experience that offers you a level of satisfaction that ordinary smartphones cannot provide. The folding aesthetics can definitely complement fashionistas who goes for the trending Y2K outfit style. To keep it hip, add additional accessories like the new bold cases featuring a fashionable strap or ring grip design, would be ideal to complete your trendy style. With that said, you will most likely fall in love with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G if you are fashionable person who enjoys the foldable form factor.

Capturing Photos & Videos Are More Fun Now
Taking #OOTDs yourself has never been so fun and easy. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is like its own tripod. Simply unfold it in Flex mode and put on any platform, you’ll be able to capture a studio-quality selfie hands-free without others’ help. Plus thanks for its tight hinge, it can be angled to your preference and stay there firmly [1]. This is especially useful for people who likes to purposely angle their phone position just to look tall in #OOTD images or group photos. With the Quick Shot feature, its cover display can also act as a viewfinder, so you can see how you look at that time and snap high-quality stunning selfies with its main camera.

Sleek & Customizable Cover Screen
Samsung has expanded the size of the cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to 1.9 inches, allowing you to do a lot without having to flip it open. From checking information at a glance to making payments with Samsung Pay with just a swipe. You can even conveniently answer a phone call with it being at its square compact size. As self-expression is a key for Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s user experience, the cover screen background can be personalized with up to 15 display images or unique background designs and themes. You can also attach stickers on the cover and fit it to your personal style and preference. This self-customizing experience surely swoon you if you experience it yourself in real life.

Bonus Point: Propose To Loved Ones Creatively
As the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is unfolded just like how you open a ring box. It immediately came to our mind that it can be used as a proposal prop too. Try to up your proposal game by using our Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Whether it’s a proposal or a wedding proposal, you can use it to display a huge digital diamond ring or a lovely love letter when you propose your love, or even play a sweet short clip of your happiest moments together. How sweet it is to show love and compassion the new-fashioned way. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G can certainly assist in swooning others’ hearts to you in the same way you fell in love with it.

From now until 21st September 2021, pre-order the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G now to receive an e-voucher worth RM600 to spend on Samsung Malaysia Online Store and stay worry-free beyond the standard warranty with Samsung Care+ protection worth RM699, free for a year [2],[3]!

[1] Flex mode supported at angles between 75° and 115°. For your convenience, it may be difficult to maintain Flex mode while moving due to shaking or other movement. It is recommended to keep the phone stationary while in Flex mode.
[2] While stocks last. Additional fee maybe payable for repair requests, visit www.samsung.com/my/offer/samsung-care-plus/for Samsung Care+ for full terms and conditions.
[3] Pre-order gifts are on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last. The e-voucher can only be used on Samsung Malaysia Online Store. Other terms and conditions may apply. Please visit http://www.samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/galaxy-preorder-2021/ for full terms and conditions.

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