Home Huawei Technology Huawei's BladeAAU Pro Amplifies 5G Business for Sunrise UPC
Home Huawei Technology Huawei's BladeAAU Pro Amplifies 5G Business for Sunrise UPC

Huawei's BladeAAU Pro Amplifies 5G Business for Sunrise UPC

Sunrise UPC deployed Huawei's next-generation blade site solution BladeAAU Pro in its network in Switzerland, unlocking new possibilities for its 5G business development across a plethora of innovative scenarios.

2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage with one simple BladeAAU Pro unit for Sunrise UPC

Majority of base stations in Switzerland are deployed on a single pole. Although 5G rollout continues, Sunrise UPC retains incumbent 2G, 3G, and 4G sites, leaving major challenges in antenna space, wind resistance, and tower bearing. Site adjustment requires a build permit if antenna space differs from the original site lengthwise, and this can take months or even years. A lot of its sites have only one antenna with limited space. This means heavy adjustment for new 5G construction.

With Huawei's BladeAAU Pro, Sunrise UPC greatly accelerates the deployment of 5G Massive MIMO.
Huawei's BladeAAU Pro integrates both active and passive antennas. It enables various bands and radio access technologies to be deployed on the same antennas, drastically simplifying network deployment. This high level of integration allows one antenna to provide coverage for multiple network modes, reducing wind resistance and ensuring that 5G modules can be installed at higher positions on existing poles. With its full-band support and huge bandwidth, it helps operators shorten deployment time and is flexible enough to adapt to diverse scenarios. With this blend of powerful features, BladeAAU Pro has become a favorite among operators since its circulation in the global telecom market.

Alexander Lehrmann, Director of New Business Development and Innovation at Sunrise UPC, commented on the deployment, saying that "Sunrise UPC's goal is to continue as a front runner in the construction of high-quality 5G networks that can deliver premium experience and lead our business toward success." He said that Sunrise UPC looks forward to further innovating with Huawei to advance 5G business development across a variety of new spheres, including smart construction, smart agriculture, smart healthcare, and smart venues.

Wang Haitao, CEO of Huawei Switzerland, said: "5G development around the world is treading into unknown territory. Huawei strives to provide innovative products and solutions for global operators to address the challenges faced in 5G business and explore more scenarios for 5G innovation and application, ultimately achieving business success."

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