Home Lifestyle Samsung Galaxy #TeamUnstoppable Not Letting the Haters Win
Home Lifestyle Samsung Galaxy #TeamUnstoppable Not Letting the Haters Win

#TeamUnstoppable Not Letting the Haters Win

How far would you go to pursue your goals if you had to face negative comments on your physique while having a stutter that made you an easy target for haters?

Imran Aqil could have easily avoided the taunts and hurtful comments by not pursuing his dreams; instead he took it upon himself to ignore the haters and looked to building his confidence by working on his stutter and improving his communication and leadership skills. Today, he’s a successful content creator, actor and social volunteer and he wants his peers to know that they too can defy the odds and find their voice.

As a member of Samsung’s #TeamUnstoppable - a group of young individuals across Southeast Asia who have defied all odds in pursuing their passions - Imran seeks to inspire his peers to make a positive impact on themselves and their communities.

#TeamUnstoppable is Samsung’s latest regional brand campaign to rally Gen Zs and millennials in Southeast Asia to push their boundaries and pursue their passions. Besides Imran, #TeamUnstoppable includes four other inspiring personalities who embody the ‘Do What You Can’t’ spirit. They are:
  • Margielyn Didal from the Philippines, who is overcoming social conventions to succeed as a professional skateboarder and has won a gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games.
  • Jacob Julian Lau from Singapore, who overcame introversion and self-doubt after choosing dance as his career.
  • Sarnt Sunbeary from Thailand, a content creator and entrepreneur who is undaunted by the challenges associated with managing her popular milk and tea shop business.
  • Truong Mỹ Anh in Vietnam, who embraced self-love and confidence to become a recognized singer who made her debut at 18.

Imran is leading the call in Malaysia for #TeamUnstoppableMY to encourage local youths to share their unstoppable story on TikTok and / or Instagram until 30 September 2021. Participants can share their stories on these two social media platforms and should include #TeamUnstoppableMY and #DoWhatYouCant – and for Instagram posts, tag @samsungmalaysia. Multiple entries are allowed and participants with the best entries could win one of the 10 consolation prizes or take home the grand prize, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. More importantly, they will empower their peers to let their voices be heard.

Imran’s untold story, on overcoming obstacles to becoming unstoppable, can be viewed below

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