Home Business HONOR Who HONOR is right now?
Home Business HONOR Who HONOR is right now?

Who HONOR is right now?

We’ve heard stories about HONOR, so what’s the real deal with them?

With the increasing needs of gadgets with the lifestyle we have today, the birth of various brands for smart devices is on the rise. This is the story of HONOR, from the original source. Born in 2013, HONOR always has the aim for the top – being a lead provider for smart devices globally. With high commitments to be a global and iconic tech brand in the minds of people, HONOR has dedicated in developing technologies around the globe for people to enjoy its innovative capabilities and forward-looking technology.

By November 2020, HONOR has grown apart from its comfort shell to be an independent brand. Today HONOR has become one of the largest start-up companies. The process has developed into the high number of employments, with above 50% of the team are R&D professionals, as they devote to develop groundbreaking technology across the four R&D centres and over 100 laboratories worldwide.

HONOR now proudly declare of their growing more than 3,000 numbers of service centres, with 2,000 service representatives, giving premium and efficient services to fans across 100 markets. The numbers get better with 10,000 sales representatives placed in over 30,000 retail and experience stores across the world. With the focus on enabling a reliable user experience across HONOR’s products, services and purchase for fans, the Net Promoter Score is valued highly to ensure qualities are met – to give fans a sense of belief in HONOR.

HONOR strives to provide the best experience across product, service, and purchase for all consumers. We value Net Promoter Score and believe good products speak for themselves.

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